His favorite Episode 31 & 32

(He owns her)
Episode 31
Written By Kebby NG

Mabel’s POV
She pushed the door open and made her way in.
She stood at the center of the room starring at every corner.
“What do you want?” I asked again.
She cat walked to the only couch and sat down.
“I heard I’ll have to guard a lazy bone like you.”
“I c@m£ to warn you not to give me a ha-rd time because I’ll deal with you if you try $h!t with me” she rasped and I rolled my eyes.
“Did I beg you to come here? Bit*h” I asked with my hands at akimbo.
“What did you just call me?” She asked walking up to me.
“I called you a bit*h or isn’t that your name?”
“Oh am sorry if its isn’t your name, its just that, that’s the name Kelvin referred to you as” I said simply and walked pas-s her and went to lie down.
She glared at me angrily and chuckled.
“Oh because you’re his chick you think you’ll remain in that position for long.”
“But, am so sorry to inform you sweetheart that, that position is only temporary.”
“Once his tired of your wi-de pu-ssy, then he’ll look for another pu-ssy tofu-ck” she said with so much pride.
“And, you think that your pu-ssy is better than mine? You think yours will be the next he’ll scre-w?”
“Come on, spare me that. You and I know…”
“Oops sorry, you no your pu-ssy is as wi-de as a well so you can st©p day dreaming and shut the door behind you” I replied less concerned.
I heard her gr0@nangrily.
“We shall see. I bet you’ll leave this house this before next month.”
“I’ll make sure of that and before you leave I’ll also make sure you’ll watch him scre-w me real ha-rd ” she said with so much anger and stormed out.
I shook my head as she left.
She doesn’t even no a thing.
Stupid bit*h.
Gosh she’s so annoying.
Kelvin’s POV
I turned going back to my room when I boomed into Jessica.
She st©pped immediately she saw me.
“Follow me” I mouthed coldly and walked pas-s her to my study.
I got to my study and waited for her to come in.
She c@m£ in and I shut the door and gr@bb£d her n£¢k chocking her in the process.
“Didn’t I warn you to leave?” I gro-an ed angrily and she struggled to free herself from me.
That’s it.
“No matter how ha-rd you were trained you can’t still beat me you no that” I said.
I held her n£¢k more ti-ghtly but recalled how much I paid to get her and I re-leased her.
She fell on the floor and I held her by the hair and pu-ll-ed her up ma-king sure she stares into my eyes.
“Any other day you dare disobey me Jessica, that is the day you’ll breath your last.”
I re-leased her again and she fell down holding her n£¢k.
She started coughing ha-rd but I ignored her and walked to my desk.
“Tomorrow you’ll be taking her to the mall. I nee-d her to change her clothes.”
“When you are back you’ll take her around the lake. Make sure no one speaks to her while you are away.”
“Don’t even allow her to be t©uçhed.”
“And if you think you can get me with those looks then you’re wrong.”
“No matter how beautiful or sweet your pu-ssy is you still won’t get me.”
“Now get out!” I commanded starring at some files that nee-ded my approval.
I don’t no what to do with that old man that Is my father.
Can’t he just donate the company’s money to people that nee-ds it.
Must I run his foolish company?
I heard the door open and close after a while and I looked up to see that she is gone.
Rick’s POV
I paced up and down in my room thinking about Mabel.
Gosh I can’t believe she rejected that offer.
She doesn’t even like him yet she isn’t leaving him.
What to do?
What do I do to get her?
I really like her a lot.
Her beautiful set of eyes.
Long hair.
She’s tall and has a perfect b©dy.
Even her voice is like a music.
Gosh what doesn’t she have?
She’s too perfect for Kelvin.
I mean his too selfish to have her all to himself.
I really nee-d to talk to her.
I can’t bear not seeing her for a whole day.
And am sure Kelvin won’t let me into her room, he even planted a guard in front of her door.
He doesn’t let her go out because he doesn’t want others to have a taste of her.
But, I’ll find a way as long as am in his house.
I’ll find a way to talk to her so I’ll have her all to myself.
But first I nee-d that guard to go away from her door post so I can talk to her.
I think I no what to do
Episode 32

Mabel’s POV
Next day.
I dressed up real good after breakfast and c@m£ out to the sitting room.
Kelvin walked up to me and starred at me from up till down.
“Follow me” he said in his usual voice and headed out.
I followed him till we got to a car.
He opened the back side and beckoned on me to get in and I did.
“Make sure you don’t act foolishly like you did the last time” he said and shut the door close.
The Jessica girl got in at the front sit and the driver took off.
We drove for a long time and finally got to the big mall.
I smiled as we drove to the mall’s garage.
Gosh I love this feeling.
We got down and went into the mall.
Kelvin instructed me to only choose the best and the most expensive items.
Jessica stood angrily a bit far from me as I picked out things I wanted.
I haven’t even used half of the ones we bought the previous time and he’s ma-king me buy another one.
Maybe his trying to act nice or I don’t know.
I went round the ladies side picking out everything I nee-ded and few hours later I was satisfied with everything I picked.
Jessica who had Kelvin’s card paid for everything we bought and the driver helped in carrying them down to the car.
As I was about to get into the car I heard a familiar voice call me.
I turned and it was Dennis.
“Hey Dennis” I called in surprise.
“Wow! Wow!!”
“What a surprise” he smiled and walked up to me but Jessica blocked him from coming closer to me.
“Why are you blocking him idiot? His Kelvin’s friend” I said to her.
“Well, Kelvin doesn’t want anyone to t©uçh you” she replied rolling her eyes.
“Come on, Kelvin is my friend. I won’t hurt her” Dennis said to her.
“Come on pretty lady” he added and she blu-shed and moved out of the way.
I shook my head pathetically.
She’s happy cause she’s called pretty.
“What a monkey” I muttered only to her hearing and she eyed me.
Dennis and I stood facing each other.
“So you’re done shopping?” He asked smiling.
“Yes, you just arrived?” I asked.
“Um….kinda, mind if we gr-ab lunch together?” He asked.
“Oh no. Kelvin won’t allow that” I replied and he chuckled.
“I see Kelvin is really taking care of you but come on. Its just for a few minutes.”
“I really wanna get to no you” he said.
“I want to but I can’t Dennis, Kelvin won’t like it” I replied bitterly.
“Um..okay, lemme inform him” he cooed and went to a distance and made a call.
He c@m£ back few minutes later.
“We can go” he smiled and led the way.
I reluctantly followed him to his car and got in.
He reversed his car and drove out of the mall while Jessica and the driver followed us behind.
Its kinda of weird that Kelvin agreed.
Or didn’t Dennis tell me?
“Um..Den” I called.
“Yes” he replied.
“Did you really inform Kelvin” I asked a bit nervous about the whole thing.
“Of course I did, I just didn’t give him a chance to object” he cooed and smiled.
We drove for a long time and he arrived a restaurant shortly.
He pu-ll-ed over in their garage and we got in.
Hmm the restaurant looks beautiful.
Damn I haven’t been to a restaurant as beautiful as this before.
I smiled and looked around.
Funny enough, everyone kept starring at us as we got in.
As if we are celebrity or maybe Paris people like starring too much.
The attendant showed us a sit and we sat down.
“So, what are your orders? Sir, ma’am” a waiter asked showing us the menu.
“You pick” Dennis said handing the menu to me and I looked at it confusingly.
“Well, most of the food here are foreign to me so you pick” I said returning the menu to him.
“I insist, just choose anything you think is good” he said returning the menu to me.
I collected it and pointed at a dish I found palatable.
“Okay ma’am” the waiter said collecting the menu from me.
“So what did you choose?” Dennis asked.
“I don’t no, I just did” I replied and he busted out laughing.
He st©pped after a while and looked at me.
“You no you’re full of life mab. I wonder how you ended up with Kelvin – cold Kelvin” he said.
I f0rç£d a smile and adjusted on my sit properly.
“So tell me how you guys met” he cooed and I gulped nervously.
I should have known he wanted to interrogate me.
Geez this people.
What should I tell him now?
“Um..can we talk after lunch?” I asked looking elsewhere.
“I’m kinda hungry right now” I replied even tho I wasn’t that hungry.
“Alright then” he smiled.
The waiter c@m£ back and served us the meal.
“You ordered kimchi?” Dennis asked and I nodded.
I took out my fork and started eating the kimchi or what’s the name.
“Uhmm..its delicious” I mouthed and Dennis smiled again.
His the opposite of Kelvin. I’m sure he has smiled more than a hundred times today.
We continued eating in silence and I prayed in my mind he doesn’t remember to ask me anymore even tho I know its impossible for him to remember.
Kelvin’s POV
Dad’s business p@rtner called me to meet him up in a popular restaurant called foodNSnack or whatever name.
I didn’t wanna go but the old man kept insisting I meet up with him.
I dressed up real quic-k and got into one of my cars and drove off to the restaurant.
Mabel’s POV
We continued eating in silence and after a while we were done.
The waiters cleared the plates and I wiped my mouth clean with a tissue.
“So, how was it?” He asked sipping from the champagne he ordered few minutes ago.
“Its really delicious” I replied with smiles.
“Thanks” I added.
“So, back to our question” he said and I bec@m£ nervous again.
Should I lie to him or what?
I really can’t tell him Kelvin abducted me and made me his girlfriend or se-x slave.
Will he even believe that?
“Mabel” he called when I wasn’t talking and I looked up at him.
“You aren’t talking” he said.
“Um…we..”I was about saying when someone that looked like Kelvin stepped into the restaurant.
He c@m£ closer and it bec@m£ clear that his the one.
I stood up on my feet a bit scared and his eyes caught mine.
He pu-ll-ed a surprised look and starred down at Dennis.
His eyes c@m£ back to mine and he asked.
“What the hell are you doing here?”
Seems like Dennis lied.