His favorite Episode 3 & 4

(He owns her)
Episode 3

Kelvin’s POV
Fred had informed me earlier about the new ladies that were captured and I decided to see them myself.
I got inside the room they were kept and looked around.
Hmm pretty much.
I turned to another direction and caught one looking at me.
They were all looking at me but this one seems familiar.
My eyes wi-de-ned when I finally recognized her.
She was that lady that spilled drink on me.
That same lady.
I guess she’s not lucky today.
I chuckled as we continued starring at each other. She’s really shocked.
Well if she had been more nice maybe she couldn’t have ended up here.
I took my eyes away from her and left the room with the two other boys that followed me in.
Mabel’s POV
“Oh my lord! Mabel did you recognize that guy?” Bella asked tapping me.
“Do you recognize him?” She asked again when I didn’t reply immediately.
“Yea I did” I replied and turned to look at her.
“Could they have abducted us because of what you did Mabel?” She asked wi-de eyes.
“No way, he was shocked to also see me, I replied.”
“Then why, what’s he doing here?” He seems to be the big boss, she said holding her chin.
“So this was it. His really dangerous Mabel, you should have been more nicer than maybe he could have let us go.”
“How are we gonna get out of here now?” She asked fearfully.
I looked around to notice the ladies were all looking tired.
Is there no escape route here?
“What do they wanna do with us?” I asked turning my head around.
“We can’t just give up Bella, we nee-d to find a way out” I said in a whisper.
I stood up and went to the only window in the room. It was really small and could ba-rely contain someone’s head.
I placed my face on it to see whether there is any way of escape.
I looked out and saw mostly tress.
Huh, are we in a forest? I wondered and tried to look down but couldn’t because of how the window was positioned.
Oh $h!t!
“Forget it lady” I heard a lady say and turned to look at her.
“They are human traffickers. I’ve been here for a week now and I’ve tried everything possible to leave here but can’t.”
“Do you think they are dumb. They no most of us will try to escape so they kept us where its impossible to do that.”
“That door is always locked from outside, how do you unlock it if you wanna leave?”
“Let’s say you find a way to unlock it what will you do about the men?”
About four stands at the entrance of this door.
Two the whole night. Another two in the morning, so dear st©p bothering yourself or you’ll get tired soon, she narrated.
I sighed tiredly and went to sit down beside Bella who was looking like a ghost.
We really nee-d to leave here.
Kelvin’s POV
I got to my room and looked out from the window.
That Lady.
I kind of liked her cause she’s pretty but she ruined everything by embarras-sing.
Hmm I have an idea.
I walked towards the telephone and dialed 112 on it.
“Mark bring in the newest Lady” I ordered.
The door opened revea-ling mark.
“I told you to bring the newest lady” I gro-an ed at him.
“I’m sorry sir but they are two so I was wondering….
I picked my telephone again and called Fred this time.
He rushed in few minutes later.
“He disobeyed me, you no what to do with him, I hushed and Mark’s eyes wi-de-ned.”
“I’m so sorry sir” he started pleading as Fred dragged me away.
“Fred” I called before he disappeared.
“Sir” he answered.
“The newest girl, I said and he nodded.”
Mabel’s POV
The door opened and two guys c@m£ in. They looked at our direction and ordered us to stand up.
Bella and I stood up immediately.
“Come with me” one of em hushed as they started going.
They lead us throu-gh different corridors and damn the house is big and beautiful.
They st©pped by a hvge door and opened it.
They pushed us in and there he was. He was backing us while facing the window.
That guy at the bar.
He turned to look at us and signalled the boys to do something.
They took Bella leaving only the both of us.
He walked up to me with a sm-irk plastered on his face.
We meet again.
Episode 4

Mabel’s POV
I continued starring at him as he turned and backed me again.
He walked towards the desk there and lean on it.
He folded his arms as he eyes roam my b©dy.
“I’m Kelvin. I no you remember me.”
“But just in case you don’t, am the guy you spilled drink on day before yesterday at a club” he said starring keenly at me.
I lowered my gaze to the floor not knowing what to say.
Should I apologize and ask him to let us go since his the big boss around here? I thought.
Yes that’s what I’ll do.
I raised my gaze and fixed it on him.
“I’m… I’m sorry” I apologized and he chuckled.
“You’re sorry?” He asked in a mockery tone.
“I didn’t no you no how to apologize. You should have done this right at that moment but you didn’t and now am gonna teach you a lesson.”
“Its will be your first lesson for been really rude and embarras-sing me” he said.
I kept looking at him in confusion.
What type of lesson is that? Is he going to harm me in anyway? I wondered.
He took the telephone up called someone to come take me.
Two guys appeared immediately and started pu-lling me away from the room.
I quic-kly re-moved their hands and fell on my knees.
“plea-se forgive me and let me and my friend go” I pleaded hoping he’ll agree.
I heard him chuckle again as he approached me.
He bent to my level and raised my chin.
He cli-cked his ton-gue repeatedly and smiled.
“That’s not possible dear. Every of our captives are sold out to different people from different p@rt of the world for different purpose.”
“I’m afraid you won’t be a freeborn again” he said left me and stood properly.
“Take her” he commanded and they started pu-lling me again but I gr-ab his legs.
I gr@bb£d his legs as they pu-ll-ed me off.
They struggled to make me leave him but I didn’t.
“Do you have a death wish?” He asked coldly as he turned to look at me again.
“plea-se… plea-se sir” I whimpered and before I no it a sl@p landed across my face.
I let go of his legs immediately as I held my cheek which was alre-ady burning h0t.
“You’ll do what I say” he hushed and left for his desk while they pu-ll-ed me out.
They started taking me to a different turn and soon we got to a room.
Its wasn’t small or big but a be-d was la-id on it.
They pushed me in and locked the door.
I started hitting the door yelling on t©p of my voice for them to re-lease me.
If I get sold how am I gonna see mom and my other siblings.
Mom will be worried to death.
I continued hitting the door not minding the fact that my hands has turned red tho to the ha-rd door.
“You should be lucky” I heard a voice say from outside.
“Our boss doesn’t give a captive a room to herself or maybe he wants to use you as his se-x slave” the voice said and chuckled alongside with another.
I fell on the floor and buried my head in my palm.
What am I gonna do now? What have I gotten into? I wondered as I cried.
Are they really gonna sell me or is he planning on using me as his se-x slave. It could make s-en-se right? Since he asked me for se-x and I rejected he might want to use me as his se-x slave.
Oh no! Am still a v!rg!nand didn’t plan on loosing my vir-ginity like this.
I might be a bit wayward but it doesn’t mean I don’t have plans for myself.
What about Bella?
Are they gonna sell her too?
So I’m never gonna meet her again.
Oh plea-se this should be a nightmare.
This can’t be happening right now or ever.
I cried heavily.
Few hours later.
I heard a little crack on the door and sat up on the be-d.
My eyes has become red from crying.
The door opened and that guy c@m£ in.
I sprang up my feet immediately I saw him.
He starred at me for a while without saying anything.
“str!p” he finally said after the long pause.
I raised my eyes to look at him hoping I heard him wrongly.
“I won’t repeat myself” he said coldly as he continued starring at me.
What is happening???