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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His favorite Episode 27 & 28

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(He owns her)

Episode 27

Written By Kebby NG.



Mabel’s POV
A knock came at the door the next day and I forced my eyes open.

“Wh..who is it?” I asked still scared that Kelvin might do something worse to me.

“Freshen up and come out for breakfast miss” I heard the guard’s voice.

“No, am not hungry” I replied even tho I was.

“Sir Kelvin already ordered us to force you out if you don’t come out willingly” I heard him reply.

“But, am not hungry” I argued.

“His waiting for you miss” he said and I sighed.

Who knows what is gonna happen now?

I came down from the bed and went into the bathroom to shower. I brushed my teeth and came out afterwards.

In few minutes I was done and ready to go out.

I stood by the door thinking about what is gonna happen once I go out.

After a while I decided to go out since am really hungry.

But with his anger he still feeds me?


I unlocked the door and opened it slowly.

“This way” the guard said and led me to the dinning where Kelvin was already sitted eating.

He looked up at me the moment he saw me and dropped his cutleries.

“What was holding you in there?”

“Sit” he said in his usual hard tone and I took a sit far from


“Here” he said pointing to a chair beside him.

Huh! Does he expect me to sit beside him?

I stood up from where I was sitting and moved closer to him but couldn’t sit exactly where he pointed.

He might get angry and stab me with that knife with him.

A chair was separating the both of us as I sat down and my breakfast was served to me.

Hmm I wonder if Rick is here. Or did he get fired?

Or did Kelvin kill him? I thought and imagined Kelvin stabbing Rick repeatedly.

I shook my head to remove all negative thoughts and it seemed he noticed it.

“Eat fast, you’re gonna serve me today” he said making me wonder what he means.

The maids cleared the table and I got up immediately to leave but his voice stopped me.

“Stand there” I heard him hushed and I stopped and turned to look at him.

What is it now?

He cleaned his mouth with a hanky and drank water from the jug on the table.

“You didn’t understand what I meant earlier, did you?”

“You are yet to be punished Mabel. I’ll punish you for what you did” he said making me really scared as he walked up to me.

I made to run but he was quick to grab my hand.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him.

I was putting on a yellow free gown and he took his other hand to my back and zipped down the zipper.

The dress fell freely from my body and I whimpered.

“Come on, stop

that shit” he snarled and I folded my mouth to prevent me crying out.

I was now left with my matching bra and pa*t.

He took my hand in his and started pulling me through the corridors.

We passed a lot of guards but they didn’t even look at me but instead took their eyes to the floor the moment they sighted us.

He got to his office and pulled me in then closed the door.

He loosen his belt immediately and I felt shivers run down my spine.

Is he?

This is what he meant..?

His trouser came down and he dragged me to his desk and make me hold it.

What? This guy is unbelievable!!

He made me bend properly and ripped off my pant and bra, without warnings he inserted his d**k into my a**hole.

My eyes widened immediately he did that.

Christ! I’m going to die soon.

He started thrusting into me real quick and I held the table tightly to avoid collapsing.

He continued doing that and I found myself moaning.

It was kinda of pleasurable but of course painful.

Sweats covered my body as he did that.

Even my middle sized breast were dancing along to this thrusts.

He was still screwing me when the door bursted open and he turned to look at the door.

I also turned to look and there was a lady dressed in black nylon clothes.

Slim, tall and beautiful.

A smirk played at the corner of her face as she walked closer to us.

Kelvin pulled out from me and wore his trouser back.

“Hi Kelvin” the lady said with her eyes fixed on mine.

“Jessica?” I heard him call.

“Yes Kelvin” she replied still starring at me.

My eyes were also fixed on her.

“You’re here already? Let’s go out and talk elsewhere” Kelvin said walking out.

“But this is your room” the lady replied.

“I know”he said and looked at me.

“I don’t repeat myself you no that” I heard him say to her and she glared at me and followed him out of the room.

Oh gosh!

I can’t believe this.

I’m not even a slut yet am naked like one.

My pant and bra are ruined already and I can’t think of wearing them on.

My dress is in the sitting room.

The door opened and Kelvin walked in and handed the dress over to me.

It put it on and wanted to leave but he stopped me.

“I’ll continue some other time because I’m not yet satisfied.”

“That bit*h you saw is gonna be your body guard.”

“She’ll follow you anywhere you go to even to the restroom.”

“She’s really trained and I don’t think she likes you one bit.”

“Don’t give her a hard time trying to run away cause she might kill you before informing me.”

“I’ll allow you go anywhere you wanna go from now but with her” he explained and touched my hair downwards.

He took his hand to my chin and raised it up a bit.

Then he kissed my forehead and left the room.


Episode 28

Mabel’s POV
I starred at him as he disappeared and i sighed.

Why do I feel bad about this?

This Jessica or what’s her name looks like she’s gonna be a pain in my a*s.

She just arrived and yet she’s starring at me like am a bit*h.

I slowly walked out of his room headed to mine.

Kelvin’s POV
I walked into my study but couldn’t find her.

“Jessica” I called and felt someone grab me from the back.

What guts?

“Are you nuts?” I asked turning to face her and she freed her hands from me.

“Listen, I don’t want to kill you here because I paid billions to get you so don’t try shit with me” I hushed and went ahead to sit on my desk.

I grabbed a bottle of vertigo that I haven’t finished consuming and gulped all of them down from the bottle.

Hah! I love this drink.

“So, Jessica you’ve seen Mabel. You’ll be guarding her from now on.”

“Make sure she doesn’t run away or get into danger of any form or I’ll kill you and send your head to Sebastian” I said not looking at her.

I stood up to get another bottle of drink and was surprised by what I saw.

Jessica was already standing narked in front of me.

She’s a real bit*h.

I shook my head and made to pass her but she hugged me from behind.

“Please f**k me Kelvin. I got really horny when I saw you screwing her please f**k me” she said in a pleading tone but I freed her hand from my body and walked out on her to the bar.

I went to my bar and got another bottle of vertigo and went back to my study.

I was expecting her to be dressed already but the bit*h wasn’t still dressed.

“Get out!” I hushed and she wore her clothes and left.

I sat down back and checked the time.

“When will Dennis be arriving? Gosh that idiot is making me wait for him.”

I continued drinking thinking about some things and got drunk in the process.

Vertigo is a strong one.

Its hasn’t been up to ten minutes and my eyes are dizzy already.

I stood up to go wash my face but couldn’t walk properly so I leaned on my desk to calm down a bit.

The door opened and Jessica came in back.

“I thought…I thought I sent you out? What the f**k are you doing here again?” I groaned but she didn’t answer me.

She pulled off her dress and walked up to me.

“I told you that I’m horny, didn’t I?”

“You can kill me after this but I want you now” she whispered into my ear and grabbed my d**k.

I groaned immediately she did that.

“Oh f**k you bit*h!”

She was turning me damn on.

She kept stroking my d**k through my trouser but I couldn’t stop her.

I mean I wanted it too since she has already turned me on.

She finally pulled down my trouser and took my d**k in her mouth.

I closed my eyes as she did wonders down there.

My breathing was becoming so tense and i didn’t allow her continue.

I removed her mouth from my d**k and turned her forcefully making her a*s face me.

She bent and immediately I inserted my d**k into her and started thrusting into her fast.

She kept moaning loudly as I did that.

After a while I cupped her breast in my hands still thrusting into her on a fast pace.

The sound of my ringing tone woke me up and I staggered up to get the phone which was on my desk.

I faced palmed myself as I picked the call.


📱sorry I couldn’t make it Kelvin. I’ll come tomorrow, got hooked up.

I cut the call and kept the phone immediately.

I looked up at the time and it was already 10:45 pm.

Damn! What the hell happened?

I looked at the couch I woke up from and saw Jessica lying there.

Oh this bit*h!

“Get the f**k up!!” I yelled and slapped her back.

“Ouch” she winched and got up.

“Out!!” I half yelled and she picked her clothes and ran out.

I sat down on the couch recalling what happened.

Vertigo is a real bastard.

Wait, where is Mabel?

I stood up and went to my room hastily.

I sat down in front of my computer and saw her in her room.

She was cuddling herself on the bed.

“Luke!!” I yelled hoping he’ll hear it and the door busted open minutes later with him coming in.

“Has she eaten?” I asked and he understood immediately.

“No sir” he replied.

“No what??” I asked standing up.

“Are you crazy or what? Do you want me to send your old father to prison?” I snarled.

“No sir” he replied shaking.

“Then why hasn’t she eaten?” I asked wide eyes.

“We are waiting for your orders sir” he replied.

“My orders? What orders?”

“Didn’t I give instruction that she must be taken care of or you all what to die??” I yelled.

“No, no sir” he replied.

“Go get her for me” I ordered and sat down.




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