His favorite Episode 23 & 24

(He owns her)
Episode 23
Mabel’s POV
I st©pped following him and he turned to look at me.
“Any problem miss?” He asked facing.
“Where is the doctor that treated me? I nee-d to see him plea-se” I said.
“Um..this way” he said and took a corner and I followed him.
He took me to the doctor’s office but the doctor wasn’t in.
We saw a nurse pas-sing by and st©pped her.
“plea-se where is the doctor occu-pying this office?” I asked the nurse.
“Oh doctor Seth? His shift is over and he won’t be coming to work tomorrow either so if you want to still see him you’ll have to wait till next tomorrow” she explained and left.
I exhaled bitterly and leaned on the wall.
I really nee-d to no what is wrong with me.
And the worst is that I can’t ask Kelvin.
I mean I don’t have the guts to ask him.
What do I do now? I no I won’t stay long.
I’ll be probably discharged tomorrow morning since I’m better now.
But its a bit strange tho. I do stay in the hospital for a week or two whenever I get admitted.
Well maybe the doctors here are better.
“Miss, we nee-d to head to your ward now” I heard the guards say.
“Oh yea” I replied and followed him to my ward.
A table which was filled with different meals were alre-ady served on the table.
I sat down starring at the meals I’ve never taken before.
They are very expensive.
I got hold of the spoon and started eating after a while.
Kelvin’s POV
“So what are you saying now Dennis?” I asked frustrated.
“He Willed all his properties to you Kelvin” he replied.
“Why is he insisting on giving me his properties?”
“Didn’t I tell him that I don’t nee-d them” I said more like a statement.
“Mm Kelvin you and your father’s case is weird. Since I bec@m£ a lawyer I’ve never seen a son reject his own father’s properties.”
“I’ve never even heard of it before. Sons kill themselves to get hold of their father’s wealth but you and your father’s case is different” he narrated and I scoffed.
“I no am not as wealthy as he is but I’m also wealthy so why will I nee-d his money?” I asked.
“Well Kelvin, you’ll nee-d to take over the companies because they nee-d a head” he replied standing up.
“Since he Willed everything to you, you should be grateful” he added and I scoffed and also stood up.
“I’ll nee-d to talk to him myself again.”
“Come on Kelvin, you’ll be the second riche-st in Paris when you join your current wealth with his. You’ll be unst©ppable so I advice you as a long time friend to accept it.”
“As the Kelvin I used to know” he said and extended his hand for a hand shake and I took it.
He got to the door and st©pped.
“I’ll be visiting you pretty soon. You no we have a lot of things to catch up on and I can’t wait to see your first girlfriend in person” he smiled and left.
I scoffed for the third time and sat down back.
“If its Mabel you’re coming to see then you’ll be disappointed” I thought as I poured myself a drink that we were formally drinking.
Next day.
Mabel’s POV
I flu-shed my eyes open and sat down.
Oh I’m feeling much better than yesterday.
I stretched my arms and tried getting out of the be-d when the door suddenly opened with the guard coming in.
“Miss, we nee-d to leave now. You’ve been discharged and sir Kelvin wants you home” he said in one breathe and I nodded and looked around.
“Do I nee-d to change this clothes?” I asked referring to the patient clothe.
“No nee-d for that miss, follow me” he said and led the way while I followed him.
He took me to a waiting jeep and I got in.
A driver was alre-ady sitted at the front and he sat down beside him and they speed off.
My eyes was fixed outside throu-ghout the ride.
The view of Paris is one of a kind.
Paris is damn beautiful.
I wish am actually here with mom and siblings, I thought and sighed pathetically.
I think I should st©p thinking about you mom.
I feel so sick when I do – so helpless. Can’t imagine what you are going throu-gh right now that your eldest daughter is no where to be found.
If I think too much my head might actually explode so for now mom I’ll reduce the way I think about you and adapt to my new fate.
We got to Kelvin’s lake house and I got down from the car.
I saw him waiting at the entrance of his house with his two hands behind him.
Huh! Is he waiting for me? I wondered as I walked closer to him.
I got to where he was and st©pped and stared at the floor.
“You should freshen up, eat and get some rest. We’ll be going somewhere soon” he said in a normal tone and went into the house.
I watched him as he went further into the house.
Something is really up?
He won’t act like this without a reason.
Something is definitely up.
I wonder what it is.
Episode 24
Mabel’s POV
A maid took me to my room and I went straight into the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth.
I c@m£ out few minutes later wearing a simple house go-wn.
I got out and told the guard that has been with me to take me to the dinning but he said that Kelvin ordered them to bring my food to me.
I got back inside and not long after the door opened and two maids c@m£ in carrying different trays.
They dropped the trays and left and I started eating.
I’m feeling really hungry.
The maids c@m£ to get the trays after I was done and I la-id down to sleep.
I don’t no when and where he is even taking me to but i guess I’ll just have to wait and see.
I’m still wondering why his doing all this tho.
I rolled on the be-d severally and finally fell asleep.
“Miss. Miss” I heard the guard standing at the front of my door call and I flu-shed my eyes open.
Huh! I looked around and notice it was becoming dark.
I sat up on the be-d and ru-bbe-d my face with my hands.
“What..what is it?” I asked yawning.
“Miss, sir Kelvin said you should get re-ady” he said from outside.
“Oh OK” I replied and c@m£ down from the be-d and went into the bathroom to have a quic-k bath.
I brushed my teeth again and c@m£ out to dress up.
He should have at least tell me where we’re going so I’ll no what dress to put in.
I stood starring at the closet.
What should I wear?
A knock c@m£ at the door.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Miss, you can put on something flashy but simple” he said from outside.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Um..sir Kelvin said you should put on a simple dress” he replied.
Wait, how does he no that am about to wear my dress or…
I g@sped and looked up.
Is there a c@m£ra in this room? I wondered and eye searched every corner but couldn’t find anything.
I exhaled in relieve as I went into the closet to pick a dress.
Everything here looks really expensive.
I don’t have any simple dress here, I thought turning clothes from left to right.
Maybe I should just put on matching shi-t and trou-ser.
Yea lemme put that on even tho it looks like a dress that’s meant to welcome the president.
I stood in front of the mirror checking out the dress.
Yea I think am okay or pretty.
I put on a red five inches high heel since the dress was red and took a small red bag that looks like a purse.
Now am clothed in red.
I sat down and packed my hair ti-ghtly to the back and wore white earrings.
I applied makeup to match it all and a knock c@m£ at the door immediately.
“Yes” I replied standing up.
“Sir Kelvin, is waiting for you in the car” I heard the guard say and hurriedly left the room. He took me outside to a waiting car.
The drive wasn’t that long as I kept wondering where he was taking me to.
The car finally st©pped and the door was opened for us both.
I c@m£ down immediately and followed him as he got into a large building.
What fashion house?
fuc-k I love fashion a lot.
The building was booming with live and I saw different people dressed in their best wears.
Thank goodness I’m wearing something that is outstanding.
They took us further into the building and gave us a sit.
I think a fashion show will be showcasing soon.
Kelvin hasn’t said a word to me other than when he talked to me in the morning.
I noticed people glaring at us especially the ladies.
A lot of ladies were pres£nt since its involves fashion and they were eating Kelvin with their eyes but Kelvin didn’t seems to notice this as his eyes were focused on his phone.
I took my eyes back to the runway as models started coming out.
Oh my!
Oh my!!
I almost stood up in excitement but controlled myself before Kelvin eats me.
My dream.
I’ve also dreamt to be a model.
Gosh I can’t believe this.
This is the first time since I’m held captive by Kelvin that am actually really happy.
People kept starring at the models as they showcased different dress and styles.
I didn’t notice that my my mouth and eyes were wi-dely open until Kelvin turned to look at me weirdly.
I closed my mouth and looked around to notice people still starring at me.
Can’t they just focus?
I think that Is the reason Kelvin looked at me that way.
We continued watching until few minutes later I felt like peeing.
Oh gosh!
I gulped down nervously as I starred at Kelvin for a long time expecting him to stare back but he didn’t.
“Um..kel..Kelvin” I called.
I can’t hold myself in this situation.
He looked at me and I gulped down.
“I..I…want to use the ladies” I cooed and heard him sigh.
He turned back and signalled the guard that has been with me to follow me and i got up immediately.
I was showed the toilet and I immediately went in and peed.
I was washing my hands when an idea struck me.
Why don’t I use this chance to escape?
Kelvin’s POV
I checked the time and realized its been long Mabel left.
I opened my phone and was about texting Luke but received a text from him.
‘I’m so sorry sir, miss Mabel escaped. ‘
I sprang up immediately and headed outside as I dialed Luke’s line.
He picked up at the second ring.
📱Find her!! I gro-an ed.
I ended the call and threw the phone on the wall.
I’ll find you I swear and once I do you’ll regret ever trying to escape.
Mabel escaped.
Do you think he’ll find her?