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March 2, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His favorite Episode 17 & 18

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(He owns her)

Episode 17




Mabel’s POV
“Bella?” I called again with my eyes wide open.

She was also starring at me in shock.

Oh my! I never thought I was going to see her again.

“Let’s talk about business a little before the lunch is ready” I heard Kelvin say to the man and they sat down together talking totally ignoring us.

Yes. I think this is the chance to talk to her.

I went to her and pulled her away with me.

“Mable?” She called as we got to a corner.

“Oh my gosh I’ve missed you Bella” I said and pulled her into a hug.

“But what are you doing here?” She asked as soon as we have disengaged from the hug.

“I should be asking you that Bella. How did you get here?” I asked back.

“You have to answer me Mabel, weren’t you sold alongside us?” She asked curiously.

“No Mabel, he didn’t sell me” I replied.

“He kept you with him?” She asked.

“Yes” I replied.

“Wow! You’re really lucky, he really likes you” she said.

“No Bella, I’m the most unfortunate being on earth. He…he maltreats me and use me as he likes” i said almost whispering.

“Come on, quit lying. Don’t you see how beautiful and fresh you look. You look like a wealthy lady” she said.

“Bella, that’s what he wants people to think alright. He makes sure I fed well and buy expensive things but the real truth is…I’m…just his s*x machine” I replied sadly.

She covered her mouth immediately.

“Tell me you’re lying. You..you’ve seriously loss your virginity to him?” She asked and I nodded positively.

“Whenever he feels like having s*x he’ll do it without a second thought” I replied and cleaned the tears that formed in my eyes.

“Oh my! I can’t believe you’re a s*x slave. I thought I was the most unfortunate one but you’re actually the worse” she said sadly.

“No one will even notice.”

“Geez look at your dress, this dress alone could buy a whole house” she exclaimed looking at the clothe I’m putting on.

‘So what about you?” I asked after a while.

“Well, me?”

“I’m just like a guard” she replied.

“A guard? Why are you dressing like a slut then?” I asked starring at the short dress she was putting on.

It was way too short.

“Um..its like a secret thing. That man is a Mafia lord and needs people to protect him wherever his going to and sometimes in a business deal the guards won’t be allowed in while the deal is going on but they’ll allow us in thinking we’re bitch*s so whenever the deal goes wrongly and the opposite party wants to kill our master then we will surprise them. I’m actually undergoing training and this is the first time am coming out with him. We eat only once a day and sleep in the same room.”

“We even wait in line for food most times” she explained bitterly.

“Well, am so sorry for that Bella” I cooed and touched her shoulder, i felt something there like a pin.

“Huh! What is that?” I asked robbing her shoulder.

“Well, its a pin” she replied and brought it out.

“Its actually contains poison in it”she replied.

“Hmm” I hummed.

“But have you thought of escaping?” I asked.

“Well, yes of course but the guards there are uncountable. I’ll need to train more and we need partners cause they’ll be much” she replied starring at the floor.

“What of now? Can’t you escape now?” I asked.

“Of course not, guards are patrolling outside and they no my face, how am I gonna deal with them when I can’t fight” she replied and I signed.

“But you…haven’t you thought of escaping?” She asked.

“Well, he has a lot of guards and I don’t plan on getting slapped or beaten by him so I’ll just have to stay calm for now. When I see an opportunity I’ll surely escape” I replied.

“Have you contacted your mom and siblings through any means?” She asked.

“No, I haven’t been able to. I mean I tried but Kelvin made sure I won’t be able to get in touch with them” I replied.

“Have you?” I asked and she sighed.

“Since you’ve tried getting in touch with them that means you have a phone. We aren’t given a phone there.”

“We only have this walkie talkie for communication” she replied.

“Hah! I see” I replied.

“But how come you’re in Paris?” I asked after a while.

“Well, frank is having a deal with someone here and that’s why am here right now. I heard we are moving to America next so I won’t be here for long” she answered.

Girlfriend, am so sorry you had to loss your virginity this way. We really planned our future but now we are people’s mere properties” she said pathetically.

“Yea, I guess we’ll just take it this way.”

We started hearing foot steps and I immediately turned to see Kelvin.

He was wearing a stern look on.

“What the hell are you two doing?” He asked and I opened my mouth to talk but closed them back.

I just don’t wanna say anything that will make him slap me so I kept starring at him speechlessly.



Episode 18

Mabel’s POV
I starred in fear as he came closer.

“I don’t repeat myself” he said in his usual tone.

“I..I just wanna show her the toilet” I replied hoping he believes me.

“Do you two no each other?” He asked starring at Bella.

“No..no Sir” she replied.

“Weren’t you the one I saw her with at the club in Chicago?” He asked and my heart skipped.

Please don’t tell me he recognize her.

Oh shit!

Now what’s he gonna do to me?

“Um..no..yes” Bella stuttered and looked at me.

“I’m sorry” I suddenly said starring at the floor.

“To your room” he said and made way for me to pass.

Oh no!

What is he going to do? I thought as I walked pass him.

I turned and starred at Bella for the final time and disappeared along the corridor.

Kelvin’s POV
“Bella you think I won’t recognize you right?” I asked moving behind her.

“Um..I’m so sorry Sir, is just…just that I was scared” she stuttered.

“What did you two talk about?” I asked now standing behind her.


“Tell me the truth. Did you talk about escaping?” I asked and noticed that her legs started shaking.

I touched her shoulder and signed.

“I don’t repeat myself” I hushed.

“Em..we..we…did…didn’t” she replied.

“Are you sure?” I asked and she nodded immediately.

I came to stand in front of her and slightly raised her chin.

She was already in tears.

Just like Mabel.

“You’re just like your friend” I said and smiled.

“Maybe I should also keep you here with me” I said and left her chin.

“Do you want that? Do you want to stay beside your friend?” I asked but her lips kept shaking.

“You must be really scared.”

“Mabel must have told you scary things about me right?” I asked and she shook her head negatively.

My two hands rested on her shoulder.

“Look at me” I said in a commanding tone and she did.

“What will happen if I watch the CCTV up there and discovered that you guys talked about escaping?” I asked and she gasped and looked up.

Her fears increased and she started sweating profusely.

She went on her knees immediately.

“I’m… I’m so sorry sir” she pleaded.

“Um.. You can stand” I said and she reluctantly stood.

“You no I kill people that dare to lie to me.”

“You lied thrice.”,

“Well, since you’re Mabel’s friend I’ll let it pass” I said in a more friendly tone.

“Now to your master” I added and she nodded and left.

I smiled and looked up at the CCTV.

They are not that smart anyways.

I’ve always been cold since I turned 14 and I don’t care what anyone says about me.

I turned and took the turn to my room.

I need to find out everything they talked about.

I can’t afford losing her to anyone, not even death.

I got to my room and turned on my computer.

I connected it to the CCTV along that side they were talking and it played.

I finished listening to it and held my temples.

At least she isn’t planning escape now.

I shut down the computer and stood up headed to the sitting room to dismiss Frank.

I don’t have appetite anymore so he’ll have to go.

I got to the sitting room and saw him waiting impatiently.

I smiled and sat down.

“What has been delaying you Kelvin?” He asked in annoyance.

“I came to dismiss you” I replied instead and he pulled a confused look on.

“You can leave” I added and started leaving.

I got to where Bella is and stopped.

“You’ll need to train for 2 years and no all the routes of escape before trying to escaping” I muttered to her hearing and left headed to Mabel’s room.




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