His favorite Episode 15 & 16

(He owns her)
Episode 15

Mabel’s POV
I got into my room and sat down on the be-d thinking about what just happened with the maid.
Did Kelvin really fire her because of me?
I no she is really annoying and all but did he have to?
The noise on the door jo-lted me back to reality.
“Who…who is it?” I asked standing up.
“Ma’am, sir Kelvin is calling for you” I heard a lady’s voice and opened the door.
“Lunch” she added and I nodded and closed the door and followed her to the table.
Kelvin wasn’t there but the meals were alre-ady set.
“Should I eat without him?” I wondered starring at the meals.
He c@m£ out almost immediately and starred at me.
“You can eat without me” he said and left immediately going out of the house.
I took the spoon and started eating.
Kelvin’s POV
I got a call from my dad asking me to come see him.
I really don’t wanna see him but I no his gonna keep insisting if I don’t agree to it.
I got into the opened car and soon arrived at one his companies.
The main quarter.
Every worker kept greeting me as I walked upstairs to his office.
I didn’t wait for his secretary to announce my arrival, I just opened the door and got in.
I saw him handling some files and I sat down on his office couch.
“I’m here now” I said sitting down.
He dropped the files and c@m£ to sit with me.
“So if I don’t s£nd for you you won’t bother to come see me Kelvin?” He asked.
“Is that why you’re calling for me dad. Just go straight to the point. Why do you want me here?” I asked ignoring his previous his question.
“OK do you want coffee? Should I ask them to bring coffee for you?” He asked.
“No, am okay thanks” I replied flatly.
“Hmm Kelvin I nee-d you in this company and that’s the main reason I’m calling for you” he said.
“And I’ve told you countless times dad, I don’t nee-d your company” I replied with a straight face.
“Kelvin.. I don’t have other children. You’re the only one I have so who could possible take over if not you?” He asked but I didn’t reply him.
“Kelvin you have to start working here since you’re back here. I really nee-d you here Kelvin” he said almost pleading.
“And like I’ve always replied dad, I don’t nee-d your companies. You can sell your companies and donate the money to the orphanage homes, hospitals and homeless people, I don’t nee-d it” I replied.
He sighed and after a while spoke again.
“Kelvin you’re turning to something else. Is it because of your dead mother? You still blame me for her death?” He asked but I didn’t bother to reply him.
“Kelvin plea-se un-derstand me. We have moved pas-s all those moments alre-ady” he said calmly.
“You..you dad. You moved pas-s it but I can’t and won’t alright” I replied getting angry.
“Alright I’ve apologized countless times alre-ady. That won’t happen again” he said calmly.
“Of course, it can’t. How will it happen again after I lost my mother and brother all because of you and your silly concubine” I half yelled.
“But you killed her alre-ady didn’t you? I don’t un-derstand why you’re turning to something else each day” he replied in a calm voice.
“And if I get the chance I’ll kill her again and again” I hushed.
“I no its all my fault but plea-se accept this company. You have to take over it, am not getting younger again” he said.
“And if you can’t, then marry and give me a grandson that will take over the companies before I die but you don’t wanna do any” he said sadly.
“Wait, but what is the news saying about you? I heard you now have a girlfriend, is that right?” He asked.
“No, she’s just a source of distraction from desperate ladies” I replied him.
“So don’t bother getting your hopes up cause I won’t marry anyone.”
“Why Kelvin?”
“Okay if you can’t marry then get someone pregnant so I can…”
“Dad” I called cutting him off.
“Even if I have kids I won’t allow them to spend your money. I have a lot of money to spend on them so do what I suggested and give your money to the orphanage” I said and stood up.
“Kelvin” he called also standing up.
“What I’m I to do to gain your forgiveness?” He asked coming closer to me.
“Bring mom and Charles back to life and I’ll forgive you” I replied and left his office.
Episode 16

Mabel’s POV
When I was done eating I got into my room to stay.
I sat down on the only couch there and turned on the television.
There is a movie showing on Netflix.
A knock c@m£ at the door as I was about to concentrate on it.
“Who is it?” I asked standing up to open the door.
“Who is it?” I asked again as I opened the door but couldn’t find anyone.
I made to close the door before he showed up.
“Surprise!!” He said almost shouting.
“Hey!” I called looking at him surprised.
He got into my room and shut the door.
“Rick right?” I asked as I approached him.
“Yes” he replied and dropped the wine he brou-ght alongside the cu-ps.
“But..but what is this?” I asked as he opened the wine.
“Beginning of friendsh!p” he replied and decanted little quantity into both cu-ps.
He stood up and offered me one and I reluctantly collected it.
“Friendsh!p? But why do you wanna be friends with me?” I asked.
“Well, isn’t it obvious” he replied and sipped from his drink.
“You’re pretty and I love being friends with pretty people” he said ma-king me laugh a little.
He sat down on the couch I was sitting on and looked at the television.
“So you’re actually watching a movie?” He asked concentrating on it.
“Yes, as you can see” I replied and sat down on the be-d.
“But how did you no my name cause I no I didn’t tell you” he asked.
“Um..I just found out” I replied with a shrug as I sipped from the drink.
Its been a while I drink wine.
“So where are you from Mabel and how did Kelvin meet such beauty before me?” He asked and I smiled.
“Um..Chicago” I replied and he wooed.
“Well, that’s nice. So did Kelvin meet you?” He asked again.
“Um..I don’t wanna talk about it” I replied and he nodded.
“Alright then, I un-derstand” he said.
“So tell me something Rick. I’ve been really curious to no why you use to be a chef” I said.
He sipped from his drink and li-cked his pinkl-ips.
“My parents own restaurants so that’s what attra-cted me to it.”
“My parents actually loved it and s£nt me to America to learn how to cook” he replied.
“And more so I’ll be taking over their restaurants so its only right I learn how to cook” he said.
“Yea, I really love it that you choose what you like” I said and sipped from my drink.
“So what about you? What do you love doing? What are your dreams?” He asked and I signed and replied after a while.
“Modelling” I replied and he nodded.
“Its suite you actually. Your b©dy is perfect for it” he said and I smiled.
“Yea” I cooed.
“So did your parents support you on that?” He asked.
“Well, my mom loved it but my dad is late so…”
“Oh! Am so sorry, didn’t no” he cut in.
“Yea, we have gotten over it alre-ady its okay” I replied and sipped from my drink again.
We both remained silent and after some time he spoke up.
“You’re really lucky you no. Everyone thought Kelvin isn’t interested in having a girlfriend but then he showed up with you.”
“You have no idea how ladies are dying to be in his arms” he said and I chuckled.
If they no the real him I’m sure they will hate him, I thought to myself.
“Well, you’re beautiful anyways. A g@y could give up on being g@y just to spend a night with you” he said and we both laughed.
“Gosh, you’re one funny guy Rick” I said after we had st©pped laughing.
“Yea that’s what my friends told me” he said and we both laughed again.
We heard car hones and he stood up.
“That must be Kelvin.”
“Lemme get going before he catches me with his girlfriend” he said and stood up with the bottle.
“Bye” I cooed as he left and shut the door.
Next day.
I dressed up beautifully as ordered by Kelvin and went to meet him in the sitting room.
He told me that we’ll be having lunch together with his formal clients since everyone believes that am his girlfriend.
He sat down in one of the couch and beckoned on me the sit and I did.
We soon heard car hones and I suppose his visitors are here.
He sat comfortably drinking Jacqueline and didn’t bother to stand and welcome them.
I mean since they were visitors.
I heard foot steps and turned to see a man in his middle forties accompanied by three ladies approaching.
“Kelvin!” The man called getting close to us.
I just kept starring as Kelvin finally stood up and faced the guy and my eyes caught one of the ladies accompanying him.
What? Bella??
I sprang up and turned to face them properly and it was real.
I wasn’t hallucinating.
Its really her.
“Bella” I called un-der my breathe.