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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His favorite Episode 11 & 12

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(He owns her)

Episode 11



Few minutes later.

Mabel’s POV
I got into the opened car and sat next to Kelvin.

I don’t really no what’s going on in his mind.

Why is behaving like this?
We arrived at a big shopping mall in Paris.

Wow! Paris is damn beautiful.

The door was opened for me as I stepped out.

Kelvin has asked me to behave properly and stay glued beside him.

The securities opened the glass door for us and we got in.

He took me to the ladies side and asked me to pick out as many dress as possible.

Without hesitation I started picking out everything fancy.

I picked out a lot of expensive clothes,bags,shoes, jewelries,make up kits, perfume and lots more.

Don’t blame me he asked me to do all that. I don’t wanna get slapped anytime soon.

I spent approximately 2hours picking out things I needed and he waited calmly without uttering a word.

Few minutes later after I was done with it we headed down.

We got to the glass down and I wanted to open it myself and mistakenly touched a guy’s hand.

He was about to enter the mall too.

Immediately our hands touched our eyes ran into each others.

I quickly removed my hand from his not sparing him another glance cause I knew Kelvin saw what happened.

He didn’t say a

word and we got out and was about to get into the waiting vehicles before we noticed paparazzi.

Good number of them rushed towards our direction taking pictures of us.

“Sir Kelvin, we’ll really like an interview with you” one reporter said but Kelvin only smiled.

“Sir Kelvin, we heard that you arrived Paris with the lady beside you. Is she perhaps your girlfriend?” Another reporter asked.

But wait, how come his popular here?

He grew up in Chicago or didn’t he?

Well I don’t no a thing about him.

He smiled widely like a warm person and faced the clicking camera’s properly.

“I no you must be wondering who she is and why she is with me.”

“Well she is my girlfriend as of now” he said smiling and my eyes widened but I had to put on a perfect look before he kills me.

“Sir Kelvin, are you planning on taking over your father’s company since you’ve returned?” I heard another report ask him.

“No, and that will be all for now” he said and bowed a little then got into the car.

I also got into the car from the other side.

Different thoughts were flowing through my head.

They no him here.

Is he from Paris?

Father’s company?


I exhaled softly as they drove out of the mall and hit the road.

Kelvin didn’t say a word to me but concentrated on his cell phone.

“Sir, are we heading to your father’s mansion?” The guy sitting beside the driver asked.

“No, just take me to the lake house” he replied.

“Yes sir” the guy replied from the

front sit.

I looked out through the window enjoying the beautiful sites in Paris.

I wonder how mom is doing.

What of my siblings?

What is Bella doing now?

Are they maltreating her?

Hope she won’t be a s*x slave like me.

I rested my head on the window and soon slept off.

I opened my eyes hours later to realize we were still on the way.

It was getting dark.

How long have we being on the road? I wondered and turned my phone on.



When are we getting there?

Gosh I feel pressed already.

I held myself as they continued driving and tried falling asleep again but couldn’t.

About thirty minutes later I noticed we entered a place that looks abandoned.

There were tress everywhere.

They continued driving and soon got to a gate.

The gate opened ultimately and we got in.

They continued driving and after a while packed.

We got down and I looked around.

Hmm this place looks like heaven even tho I didn’t see houses around here.

Kelvin led the way into the house and I followed him.

The door opened as I saw servants lined up there.

“Welcome back sir” they greeted in simultaneously and he nodded.

And next they took their eyes to me.

The ladies were starring at me in a way that is disgusting.

Why are they starring at me like that when they don’t no me?

Kelvin ordered a servant there to take me to a room and a lady led me to a very big and beautiful room.

I got in and shut the door then ran to the restroom to release my bowels.

I signed when I had done that and decided to take a bath.

I got out and found all the things we bought in the room.

I checked and picked out one of the simple house clothe I took out and wore it.

A short and yellow top.

A knock came at the door and a voice followed.

“Ma’am, sir Kelvin is requesting for you” a lady’s voice spoke and I quickly got out and followed her.

She led me to the dinning and there I sat and eat with him.

After I was done I decided to find my way back to the room but he stopped me.

“Follow me” he said and took a corridor.

I followed him until we got to a big door and he opened it and got in.

I also got in and looked around.

This seems like his room but what am I doing here?

Why does he want me here?

Please let it not be what am thinking I’m truly exhausted from today’s ride.

And beside am just getting over from the pains of the first forced s*x.

I stood watching him as he undressed himself.

He finished unbuckling his shirt and turned to look at me.

“What are you still doing there Mabel?”

“F**k do I have to tell you what to do again!?”




Episode 12

Written By Kebby NG

Mabel’s POV
The word “strip” resounded in my head.

I took my eyes to the floor.

“But I’m really tired” I mumbled and didn’t no he heard.

“What? What did you just say?” I heard him shriek and before I could look at him two heavy slaps visited my cheeks.

I gasped as I held my cheeks. Tears were already running down from my eyes as usual.

“You still don’t get it do you? You’re nothing now and your opinion doesn’t can’t at all. You’re nothing but my property get it?” He snarled as he made me look at him.

“So whatever and whenever I need you to do something you’ll obey without complaining. In your next life pray you don’t get to be rude to me again” he said finally let me go.

I started pulling off my top immediately as I couldn’t bare to receive another slap.

My life is a mess now.

I pulled the top off and made for my short immediately.

He was already sitted in the bed looking at me.

I pulled down the short as quickly as I can leaving me with only bra and pant.

“What are you still waiting for?” He asked seeing that I didn’t move after that.

“Do I have to rip that off for you?” He asked and I quickly took my hand to my bra and unhooked it.

My bra fell down on the floor and my tears increased as I pulled down my pant and stood stark naked in front of him.

I hate it.

I really hate it.

I hate my life.

He placed his hand on the bed beckoning me to climb on it and I did.

He climbed on top of me and removed his remaining dress.

I was trying hard not to cry but I still whimpered.

“Will you stop that?” He asked in a hard tone and I held my lips with my hand.

I closed my eyes awaiting Penetration but didn’t get any.

“Open your eyes” he commanded and I did.

“I don’t want you closing your eyes Mabel.”

“I want you to look at me in the eyes while I screw you” he hushed.

My heart beat increased multiple times and I thought at some point that my heart will fall off.

I gulped down saliva and starred at him as he commanded but not for long.

When I felt his d**k in my V area, I couldn’t control my fears again.

I had to close my eyes.

“F**k! your eyes” I heard him groan and open it again.

Immediately I did he pushed himself forcefully into me and I gasped.

I think his finally gonna kill me here with the way things are.

He kept pushing himself into me till he couldn’t.

I tried not to scream and grabbed onto the bedsheets for support.

Then he started.

He started thrusting into me and with the way he had difficulties in doing it I knew that if he continues he’ll end up damaging my V.

I shut my eyes again as he increased his pace.

I tightened my mouth trying so hard not to scream but couldn’t help it.

“Please forgive me and stop” I cried but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

He continued thrusting into me and my whole body became sweaty as I gasped for air.

I’m loosing my energy and all.

I might as well pass out anything soon.

“Kelvin I beg you” I pleaded again after a while but still nothing.

“I won’t be rude to you anymore, please have mercy” I cried out.

I’m very sure my eyes has turned pure red from crying by now.

About an hour later I couldn’t take it again and I found myself blacking out.




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