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His favorite Episode 1 & 2

Favorite 🔞
(He owns her)
Episode 1
Mabel’s POV
I glanced at the time and it was almost time to go.
I went into my closet and dressed up. Applied makeup and wore my expensive heels.
I breathed out in relief and took the stairs down.
“Where to?” I heard mom ask from the kitchen.
“To Bella’s house mom, I replied her.”
“Dressed up like that?” She asked as she approached me.
“We’ll be going somewhere together mom, I replied and placed two k!sses on her cheeks.”
“Alright be careful honey, she warned as I made for the door handle.”
“Of course, I replied and went out.”
I took a cab to Bella’s house and got there after some minutes.
I paid off the cabby and got into her gate. I knocked severely before she opened up.
“Damn! What were you doing?” I asked feigning annoyance.
“Sorry sweetie, I was up in my room, she replied and I took my eyes to her b©dy.”
She was also well dressed.
“Alright wait here babe, lemme go get my bag from the room, she said and ran off.”
She [email protected]£ down few minutes later with her hand bag hanging on her arm.
Hold on Bella; “Where the hell are we going?”
“Which type of [email protected] is it?” I asked curiously.
“Come on babe, you’ll love it, she urged dragging me with her out of the house.”
We got out to the road side and saw a cab. We boarded it and she told the cabby man the location of wherever.
We got down from the cab and she paid the cabby off.
Loud music was booming out of a building at out front.
“Huh, this is a club Bella?” This is a club, isn’t it? I asked with my eyes fixed at the building.
“Let’s go, come on” she urged pu-lling me with her to the building.
We got in and the securities or whatever scanned us.
Bella even showed the securities tickets before we got in.
We stepped into the club and saw people dancing. More like str!ppers dancing.
Bella continued pu-lling me till we got to the bartender side.
We sat down and she ordered drinks for us.
“Why the hell are we in a club Bella?” I asked raising my voice for her to hear.
“Just enjoy the [email protected] babe, she replied instead and poured herself a drink.”
I also took a [email protected] and poured myself a drink from the red wine she bought.
She suddenly stood up and started dancing and twisting her [email protected]!st.
Aw crazy girl!
“I wanna dance Mabel, you wanna join me?” She yelled.
I shook my head telling her to leave and she did.
Geez! The high pitch of the music could make someone go deaf.
I continued sipping from my drink as I watched em.
Kelvin’s POV
“Sir, where are you off to?” Fred one of my boys asked me as I approached my Benz.
“Its non of your business Fred, I can take care of myself” I replied without emotions and got in.
I ignited the engine of my car and zoomed off.
I arrived the club few minutes and got in.
The securities didn’t bother to disturb me cause they no me well and they no what am capable of doing.
I got inside and str!ppers rushed towards me but I raised my right hand up signifying to them that am not in the mood for them today.
I walked towards the bartender side and ordered my usual which of cause is Jacqueline.
The bartender opened the drink and decanted large quantity into a [email protected] cup and gave it to me.
I collected it, took a sip from it and exhaled in satisfaction.
I took a sip again and wanted to keep the drink when I noticed a lady sitting few steps away from me.
She’s really beautiful. She was engrossed in watching people dance that she didn’t even give me a spare.
Hmm she looks h0t.
Lemme try her out.
Mable’s POV
I continued watching the whole dance and was smiling to myself until a guy showed up.
Hey! He said almost yelling.
His handsome tho but I don’t like him.
I think I saw str!ppers hover around him when he [email protected]£ in.
Hey! I replied flatly and took a sip from my red wine.
I don’t no if you’re new here and don’t no me.
“Anyways my name is Kelvin and I think I like you, he said and i raised my head to look at him.”
“Thanks” I replied simply and took my eyes to the dance.
“Um..I want you to be my girl tonight, he said after some minutes but I pretended not to hear.”
Its like his dumb to think I’ll jump on him because his handsome.
Hello lady!! He half yelled and I raised my head to look at him.
“Let’s have a night stand, just for tonight” he added and I felt like [email protected] his head off his n£¢k.
He must be kidding me. A one night stand?
Gross not me.
I looked at him irritated and took my eyes away again.
“Hey! Didn’t you hear me lady??” He asked sounding annoyed.
“I’m not interested” I replied un-der my breathe not caring if he heard it.
“What did you say?” He asked moving closer to me and I re-leased the drink on him.
His eyes wi-de-ned as tiny drops of drink fall from his face like sweats.
He stood like a stature starring at me.
The loud music st©pped as everyone turned to look at us.
Some of the ladies there covered their mouth with their palm and some rushed to him.
“Oh, my gosh!” I heard one say as she used a hanky to clean his dress.
His eyes didn’t leave me all this while.
His probably still shocked but who cares?
Kelvin’s POV
All my life I’ve never been treated like this by a lady.
Damn! What gave her the guts?
She spilled her drink on me?
I bet she doesn’t no me. If she does she will be on her knees apologizing to me.
I took my eyes off her after some minutes and started walking out of the club annoyed and some of the people there rushed after me.
Mr kelvin!!
Mr Kelvin!!!
They kept calling but I didn’t bother to spare them a glance.
Episode 2

Mabel’s POV
Bella rushed up to me immediately with wi-de eyes.
Everyone was now glaring daggers at me.
I wonder why tho.
“Mabel what have you done?” She asked almost whispering and [email protected]£d her things.
“Let’s go” she added and pu-ll-ed me with her out of the club.
“Oh my goodness Mabel! Babe what happened back there?” She asked as we waited for a cab.
“That guy was asking to have a night stand with me. Its irritated me that’s why I did it, I replied rolling my eyes.”
“Oh gosh! I heard that [email protected] guy is really powerful girl. I heard one person whispering that his boys couldn’t have left you if they were there.”
“We’re so lucky Mabel plea-se don’t do such again. Just simply tell him that you aren’t interested to avoid this again, she scolded and soon we sp©tted a cab.”
We got into the cab and we arrived at my place minute later.
I [email protected]£ down from the cab and waved at her as the cabby drove off.
I sighed tiredly.
Maybe I shouldn’t have spill drink on him. I think I was too harsh.
I exhaled again and walked into our gate.
It was alre-ady 12:23 in the morning so everyone should be asleep by now.
I unlocked the door with my spare key and got in.
I looked around and didn’t see anyone. I started ti-ptoeing in order not to make much noise.
I got to the dinning area and noticed a tray of meal there.
Mom must have prepared it thinking I’ll come back early.
I walked [email protected] the dinning and headed upstairs to my room.
I got to my room and went in.
Aha! Thank goodness I didn’t wake anyone up.
I dropped my bag on my be-d and loos£n my hair.
I str!pped and walked into the bathroom to have a quic-k bath.
I [email protected]£ out few minutes later and a message popped into my phone.
Huh, who’s texting so late!?
I took my phone and slid it open.
Oh! Its from Bella.
Hey babe see you tomorrow at Tommy’s. I forgot to inform you. Morning!
Alright, I replied and dropped my phone.
I dried my hair and wore my nightie and sle-pt off afterwards.
Kelvin’s POV.
I walked into the mansion still annoyed.
Gosh! That lady.
“Boss” I heard one of the boys call but I ignored him and headed to my room.
I got in and locked the door then took a quic-k bath and lie on my be-d trying to forget everything that happened.
How that lady [email protected] me.
Today is sure her lucky day.
Next morning.
A knock at the door woke me up.
I sat up and rubbe-d my palm on my face.
“Who’s there?” I asked.
“Sir, it’s the cook, I heard.”
“When am re-ady I’ll s£nd for you, I said and heard him leave.”
I stood up and entered into the bathroom.
Today is another day of our business.
You might be wondering what type of business I do.
Well its an illegal business which fetches me billions and it involves human trafficking or should I say girls, lady’s trafficking.
We sell them for different purposes and get our pay.
I am the boss around here tho. I give orders and my orders are carried out.
Everyone knows the implication of not doing what I want – death.
I got out from the bathroom after freshening up.
Called the cook to bring my food to my room and he brou-ght it.
I have no female worker here. Even the cooks and the cleaners are all male.
“Sir, the boys are on the move, they will be working all night even till tomorrow” Fred narrated and I shook my head.
“That’s good.” Make sure you deliver a hvge amount to the cops so there will be no problems, I said.
“Of course sir, he replied and left.”
Mabel’s POV
“Mom, I will be coming home tomorrow so that means I won’t be coming home tonight but the next one, I explained picking a few things into my bag.”
“Hmm just be careful dear.” You are old enough I won’t st©p you from going anywhere but just be careful, she replied and I smiled.
“Thanks mom. Tell my siblings alright?”
“Yes, of course, she replied and I pe-cked her.”
I got outside and took a cabby to Bella’s place.
“Here girl, I cooed as she let me in into her house.”
“Hello sweetie, she replied and k!$$£d my cheeks.”
“So are you re-ady?” I told my mom I won’t be coming home tonight, I inquired.
“Oh yea? Lemme gr-ab something upstairs, she smiled and left.”
She [email protected]£ back few minutes later and we left for Tommy’s birthday [email protected]
Tommy is our [email protected] back in high school and he invited us all to [email protected] with him.
That’s cool cause I’ll get to see so many of my formal [email protected]
We got out and boarded a cab to the venue.
Wow! I exclaimed as my eyes meet with the giant building before me.
It was damn beautiful and hvge.
Tommy picked a good venue.
We got in and I saw our formal [email protected]
“Oh my gosh! Mabel, Bella you’re here, I heard Ricky Tommy’s little brother say.”
“Hey Ricky, I greeted warmly.”
“Hello cutie, Bella replied him and he win-ked at her.”
They started talking and I left for my other [email protected]
Hey Jude!
“What’s up Richy?”
“Hey Angel” I continued greeting them warmly.
I’ve missed them a lot and seeing them now is ma-king my heart jump up.
A waiter [email protected] by and I [email protected]£d a cup of wine from him.
Where the hell is Tommy? I thought as I eye searched him.
We used to be very close.
“Hello princess” I heard someone say from behind and I turned immediately to see Tommy.
“Tommy!!” I yelled happily and jumped on him.
“Its been a while Tom, I said.”
“Yea its been a while so if not for my birthday we wouldn’t have met, he said sounding annoyed.”
“I’m so sorry Tommy I’ve been quite busy” I apologized and he pouted and t©uçhed his cheeks.
“Alright, I smiled and pe-cked his cheeks.”
“Yea its okay now, he said after I had done it and we laughed.”
I opened my eyes and looked around.
Oh! Am at Bella’s place.
I drank too much at the [email protected] and can’t recall how I got here.
Rays of light were alre-ady coming in throu-gh the window. Bella was lying beside me.
Hey! I called tapping her.
“Hmm what?” She asked turning around.
“Wake up Bella, I half yelled into her ears and she sat up immediately.”
“What’s happening?” She asked scratching her ears.
“Is rain falling? My ear drum is ma-king weird noise, she said stretching her b©dy.”
“No, I replied headed for the bathroom to wash up.”
I cams out and looked at the time.
Its 11am.
“How did we get home last night?” I asked Bella as she headed for the bathroom.
“Tommy brou-ght us home after you had too much to drink” she replied and I nodded.
So he brou-ght us home.
Few hours later.
I carried my bag and walked out with Bella beside me.
We were going to get a cab.
We stood by the lonely road waiting for a cab and sighted a black van approaching.
The van surprisedly st©pped at our front and the next thing I knew we were blindfolded and taken into the van.
I tried to scream but couldn’t.
We arrived somewhere and they dragged us to a room.
We met other ladies there.
Huh! What is happening? I wondered as my heart kept beating fast.
Bella and I sat down together.
“Oh my Mabel! We have just been abducted, Bella whispered into my ears.”
The door opened after some minutes and three guys walked in.
I raised my eyes to look at them and I recognized one.
What?? That guy at the club??
I [email protected] in shock and he turned his head towards my direction.
Our eyes met and he also wi-de-ned his in shock.
What the hell just happening??
Hmm. The story just started.

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