His favorite 2 final episode

(He owns her)
Episode 25
Written By Kebby NG

Mabel’s POV
I held onto the iron to support myself.
I’m I seeing clearly or what?
“Kelvin?” I called again still in the same position and he walked up to me in the staircase.
He took my hand and starred at my tummy.
“You gave birth?” He asked more like a statement and I nodded.
“How..how..”I made to ask but he pu-ll-ed me into a warm hvg.
“I’ve missed you so much” he cooed.
I could feel his breath fan my face and tears clouded my tears.
He pu-ll-ed out of the hvg and starred into my face.
“Mabel” he called and held my two hands and fondled them.
“Kelvin” I called as tears started dropping from my eyes bit by bit.
He left one of my hands and cleaned my face with his thumb.
“plea-se don’t cry” said softly.
_I’ve really missed you but now I’ve got to see Alex. Can you take me to him?” He asked calmly and I nodded and turned back going up while he followed me.
I got to my room and pushed the door open.
Alex has woken up and crystal was pla-ying with him.
She st©pped and turned to look at us as we entered.
I took little Alex from his baby be-d and handed him to Kelvin who carried him.
He kept starring at Alex and I smiled at em both.
Kelvin’s POV
I carried my son and stared at him for the first time since he was born.
Oh my! How come his this handsome? I thought as my face lit up in happiness.
“Big sis, is he Alex father?” I heard the little girl who has been in the room the whole time ask.
“Yes baby, can you go get him some jui-ce?” Mabel replied her and she nodded and left.
“Kelvin” Mabel called beckoning on me to come sit on the be-d with her and I agreed and sat down beside her.
My eyes were fixed on Alex.
I’m a father really? I thought and smiled more broadly.
“He looks like you a lot, he is your carbon copy” I heard Mabel say and I nodded in agreement.
He started moving his tiny hands and I took it and shook his hand.
Mabel laughed when I did that.
“Come on, bring him here, I just finished feeding him a while ago, he nee-ds to sleep while you explain things to me” she cooed and I reluctantly gave Alex to her.
She carried him and kept him on his be-d and turned to me.
“So Kelvin, I don’t how you’re here. Did you perhaps escape from prison?” She asked curiously and I chuckled.
“Why on earth will I escape from prison? Do you recall that I willingly went there to pay for my crimes?”
“You know I could have easily come out of that $h!t if I wasn’t planning on changing.”
“I had made plans alre-ady in case I got caught. There were evidence to nullify any evidence against me but I kept them all because I was truly guilty.”
“Well, how I got out of prison is a miracle I must say. Its a national pardon, I was granted one.”
“I know dad tried to get me out on bail but I realized it didn’t work out because I was gonna be granted a pardon which was way better. So here am I, I got re-leased the day before yesterday and I c@m£ to look my you and my son” I explained.
She smiled out tears and held my cheek.
“Thank goodness you c@m£ out. I was planning on coming to leave with you there in prison” she said and I laughed.
“You know that’s impossible” I laughed ha-rder.
“It is possible kel. I’m serious” she pouted.
“Then who could take care of Alex if you had done that, huh!?” I questioned.
“Well, there are a lot of people that can” she replied.
“I wouldn’t allow that and you know it” I cooed and also held her cheek.
The door opened and a woman accompanied with a guy showed up.
“Mom” Mabel called standing up immediately.
Mabel’s POV
“Mom, you guys are back..em..meet Kelvin, Alex’s father” I said pointing at Kelvin who was alre-ady on his feet.
“Oh! So you’re Alex’s father, gosh he looks like his father a lot” Bobby retorted immediately and mom glared at him ma-king him shut up.
“You..” mom started with a harsh tone.
“I don’t like you for what you did but I gat no choose but to accept you because of Mabel and my grandson” mom told him immediately.
I bent my head starring at the floor as she continued.
“Since everything alre-ady happened I hope you take care of them, if you mistreat any of them I won’t hesitate to throw you into jail” she added.
“Um..thanks ma’am. I appreciate” Kelvin cooed and mom turned back and left.
“Nice meeting you man, I thought I was gonna punch you but i unfortunately can’t, Alex might start crying which we all don’t want” Bobby said extending his hand for a handshake which Kelvin took.
“Nice meeting you too” Kelvin replied and Bobby smiled and left.
“Hey” he called immediately they left.
“Have I ever told you how I started trafficking?” He asked surprising me and I shook my head negatively.
“Um..no” I replied sitting down. He also sat down beside me.
‘I made up my mind to tell you everything once I get out so don’t be surprised. I want you to know every tiny little details about me” he added and I shook my head.
“OK since that incident happened when I was 14, I hated dad a lot. I waited till I was 18 and old enough to leave and immediately left.”
“With the little money with me I c@m£ here, to Chicago. I was on the streets roaming about and a man in black suite c@m£ down from a jeep and walked up to me. He spoke nicely to me and I followed him.”
“It was when I got to his mansion that I realized he was a trafficker, but I had no choice to stay with him cause I got no other option for survival, then.”
“The man c@m£ to like me because of my smartness which helped in growing his illegal business. His likeness for me turned into love and he eventually made me the heir to everything he has cause he got no family.”
“He went out on a mission and killed another illegal business man and took control of all his wealth adding to his. But unfortunately he died of poison after a month of returning from the mission so all his wealth went to me.”
“Well, I didn’t traffic a lot of ladies before giving up on it. I was like, with all this wealth why continue doing it so I made up my mind and c@m£ back to Paris with you so that’s how it all happened till d@t£.”
“I’ve re-leased all those people I sold and all the wealth from trafficking got distributed to the church, orphanage, charity home and so many other places. Now the only wealth I have is that of dad’s which I’ve decided to own.”
“Mabel, the only good thing i got from trafficking is you and my son.”
“You don’t know how much I love and adore you.”
“So, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” He asked going on one knee.
I was expecting it anyways but not today.
I smiled and gave me my hand. He wore me the ring and got up.
We stood facing each other as I continued smiling not just because of the ring but because he is a changed man.
“Thanks for coming into my life mab” he cooed and I shook my head, then we k!$$£d.
💖Epilogue 💖

Writer’s POV
Three years later.
Things has been moving on perfectly for Kelvin and Mabel tho it was ha-rd for Kelvin before.
He left for Paris with Mabel and their son after getting married to her there.
Being an ex prisoner its was ha-rd for people to trust him with his father’s companies but being who he is and having a smart mind it wasn’t long before people started singing his praises as he prospered in all aspect.
About Jessica? Hmm immediately Kelvin got arrested she left and went back to her formal master.
Bella and Dennis on the other hand have gotten really close. Dennis has alre-ady proposed to her and they are getting prepared to be wedded in the church.
Mabel achieved her dreams of being a model and Bella a fashionista. Tho it was ha-rd for Kelvin to support Mabel because being model requires ex-posing p@rt of the b©dy and Kelvin didn’t want other guys to see his wife’s b©dy.
But he had no other option because Mabel insisted on it.
Alex who was now three is becoming a traveller as he travels from his God mother’s house to his grandfather’s house to his grandmother’s house.
He doesn’t stay with his parents for a full month. He’ll be like ” mom, dad, I want to see my aunty crystal cause I’ve missed her a lot” and they’ll let him leave with heavy securities.
Hmm at just three years of age.
Mabel followed Kelvin to the main company and they stepped out of the white limo they c@m£ with.
All eyes started dancing around them as usual and Mabel frowned.
“I hate it that you’re handsome Kelvin” she said saddened.
“Huh! Why is that?” Kelvin asked in full confusion.
“Look at all those female workersfu-ck*ng you with their eyes, I don’t like it one bit” she pouted.
Kelvin laughed which made Mabel more angry and she decided to leave him but he held her back.
“No honey, I’ll solve it for ya” he as-sured her.
“Listen up everyone” he shouted ma-king all attention turn to him as they all walked closer to know what he wanted to say.
“From today, immediately I step into this company I don’t want anyone starring at me especially the female workers. I’ve got a wife and a son yunno so plea-se st©p starring at me.”
“If any one of you continues in that act then you’ll get fired immediately” he announced and left with Mabel.
The workers shocked at his announcement started mumbling amongst each other.
“So, do you like what I did back there?” Kelvin asked Mabel and she smiled.
“That helped a lot” she coed and pe-cked him.
“Yea crazy jealous freak” Kelvin tea-sed and Mabel frowned.
“You..I’m gonna show you tonight. You’ll knee for two straight hours before I’ll allow you do anything” she said in a threatening tone and left.
“Oh my! You can’t do that to me baby. plea-se you can’t, I’m sorry alright. I’m the only one jealous here” he ran after her pleading but she folded her arms with sm-irk plastered on her face as she ignored his plea-s.
And that is how their love story continued.
Who will miss Kelvin and Mabel?
I’ll miss them a lot.
Thanks for staying here y’all all.

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