His favorite 2 Episode 9 & 10

(He owns her)
Episode 9
Written By Kebby NG
Dennison’s POV
This is strange.
I just finished having a talk with the travel agent but nothing.
Kelvin didn’t leave Paris neither did Mabel leave.
Where could he have gone with his boys?
Or did he go to his main house? He hasn’t been there for ages.
I think I’ll go check him there.
He couldn’t have disappeared into the thin air.
I’ll have to report to his father after checking out for him there.
I got to the gate of his main house and honed for the gate man to let me in.
I honed and honed for a long time but nothing.
I don’t really get all this.
Lemme check for myself, I thought and got down from the car and went to peep inside throu-gh the gate openings.
It looks deserted.
So, where the hell is he? Or does he have a secret hide out?
Or has something happened to him?
Ah no. Its can’t be.
Even if he got into an accident the news will be all over the city.
Lemme just go inform his father about this.
“Sir, I’ve searched for him in every possible place he could be but can’t find him nor his girlfriend” I reported.
“You mean there is no trace of him?”
“Yes, its as if he disappeared. I heard he left with his boys but didn’t return sir” I replied and he sighed.
“I’ll have to inform the cops then. I don’t no what happened but I’ll inform them” he said and I nodded in support.
Jessica’s POV
I traced the $h!t bag to his hide out.
I have to warn him or better still shut him up so he won’t involve me.
I can’t have Kelvin hating me.
And by the way where the hell has he been?
I’ve been waiting for his return or at least call but nothing.
Well, maybe his current mission requires time to complete it.
I wonder how his going to react if he comes back and doesn’t find the bit*h here.
Well, I alre-ady have a good excuse to give him.
I got to Rick’s and st©pped.
“Rick!! Open your damn gate and let me in.”
“I have something to tell you” I yelled but didn’t get any reply.
“If you don’t open the gate I’ll have to break the damn gate down” I threatened kicking the gate repeatedly not minding the pas-sably.
********* Next day
Mabel’s POV
I was done with the duty of always cleaning the floors and the toilet and I’m currently back here in the room we all shared.
I leaned on the wall trying to catch some sleep but someone entered interrupting me.
Its a guard.
“You’re Mabel right?” The guard asked and I nodded.
“Stand up, the boss is calling for you” he announced ma-king my eyes wi-de-ned.
Oh no, not again.
What thefu-ck is wrong with this pot bellied old again? I thought almost crying.
“Stand” the guard hushed and I stood up on my feet.
“Let’s go” he said beckoning on me to go ahead.
I did and he followed me from behind.
We were still on our way when I sighted Bella.
“Mab” she called but I bent my head in sadness.
I couldn’t answer her.
I can’t imagine what will happen to me over there.
What if his phone doesn’t ring again this time?
What if nothing distract him and he finally has his way with me?
Oh gosh. No!
We soon got to the big giant door and the guard pushed it open.
I walked in reluctantly and sighted the old man.
What? He was only on towel.
He smiled wickedly walking towards me.
“I’ve been waiting for you.”
“What took you so long?” He asked looking like he was gonna devour me anytime soon.
“S..sir, what is it?” I found myself asking.
“You don’t no what it is?” He gro-an ed.
“Come on, put away those rags and bend properly for me.”
“Do I nee-d an announcer to announce it to you?”
“I’m damn hor-nyand angry at the same time so put off those wears.”
“I won’t tolerate your stupid attitude today” he gro-an ed.
“Now, start str!pping if you don’t want the guards to str!p you f0rç£fully.”
“And not only that, after they have str!pped you and am done with you they’ll continue” he said wickedly.
“But, I didn’t do anything wrong”I tried to protest.
“I’ll call them in a three seconds if you don’t…”
He didn’t complete his statement before I took my hand to my shi-t and pu-ll-ed it over.
His face broke into a wi-de grin as he starred at my b00bs tho I’m still putting on a br@.
He took a step closer about to t©uçh me when he suddenly g@sps.
Blood splashed all over my b©dy.
Blood was also pouring down from his mouth and nostril.
A knife was inside his stomach.
“What??” I g@sped in horror and moved back.
The knife left his stomach and he fell down flat- dead.
That was when I saw the person that did it.
Someone had actually stabbe-d him from behind and the person was putting on a face mask.
I continued moving back afraid the person might also stab me but surprisedly the person pu-ll-ed away the face mask and I saw the person’s face.
“What the hell?” I skrie-ked in shock.
Episode 10

Mabel’s POV
“What?? Ho..how..are you..still..still alive?” I asked unbelievably.
“Kelvin??” I called.
“Hey” he called warmly as if nothing happened.
“Kelvin” I called again as tears gathered up my eyes.
He dropped the sword with him and c@m£ closer to me.
His hands were also stained with blood alongside his face.
“How have you been?” He asked now standing real close to me.
“Yo…you” I cried and embr@ced him.
“Gosh. You’re still a human being, I thought it was your spirit speaking” I cried happily.
I can’t believe I’m talking to Kelvin. I mean he is alive?
But, how come? “You…you..”I was about saying before the door bur-sted opened with a lot of guards coming in.
They were all armed with guns.
Immediately they saw us they st©pped at the door.
And surprisedly Kelvin walked to them.
“I’ve killed your master, aren’t you supposed to be paying your respects to me as your new lord?” He inquired confusing the $h!t out of me.
Isn’t he supposed to be fighting with them? He just killed this old man who is their boss.
They all went down on their knees with their heads bowed the the floor.
“Forgive us master, we pay our respects to you” they all chorused leaving me dumbfounded.
What it going on?
“Now take his b©dy and throw it into the sea, let sharks feed it on” he ordered coldly and they went to carry his b©dy immediately.
Bella showed up Immediately looking so excited.
“Oh thank goodness, you arrived on time Kelvin. I was scared the old man has had his way with her” Bella p@n-ted ma-king my head turn.
Did she just call him like as if they are friends?
And what the hell is talking about? I thought looking from Kelvin to Bella.
“What is going on? Do you two no each other?” I asked in complete confusion.
My head wasn’t working properly again.
“Baby” Kelvin suddenly called and cu-mpped my face.
“Its a long story. Its a story for later, but right now, you nee-d to shower, change clothes, and eat to your satisfaction” he said in the sweetest voice ever.
His eyes was sparkling with happiness as he starred into mine.
“Why? Why did you let me stay here this long? You are so evil” I half yelled moving away from him.
“Mab..” he made to t©uçh me but I sl@pped his hand off.
And the next thing I gave him a heavy sl@p and without waiting for another second another sl@p landed on his face followed by the third and the fourth.
By the time I st©pped he was starring at me like a ghost, even Bella was starring at me with her mouth wi-de open.
But, he deserved it. How could he let me suffer here? How could he let me cry every night thinking about the horror of the next day.
“Mabel” he finally called after getting over the shock.
“I’m sorry” he apologized for the first time to me.
And who could have expected after receiving sl@ps from me. Well maybe the sl@ps helped reset his br@in for him.
He pu-ll-ed closer again and hvgged me to himself.
“Things really didn’t go as planned. The bastard had more men hidden.”
“I’m really sorry you had to spend a week and two days here” he said calmly patting my back and I bur-sted into another round of tears.
But, seriously?
“Well, thank goodness you’re alive, if not for me at least for your kid” I mumbled holding him ti-ght.
We stayed like that for a few secs before Bella started coughing.
“Hello guys, I’m still alive and well. I’m still visible you no” she said ma-king me chuckle as I dis£ngaged from the hvg.
“Let’s go” Kelvin cooed holding my hand and pu-lling me out.
“But, how the hell did all this happen?”
“So, Bella you knew Kelvin was alive but didn’t tell me. I wonder if you’re my friend or Kelvin’s friend looking at the way you spoke to him to him. Its seems you guys have gotten along well” I kept talking and talking but neither of them were replying me.
It was as if I was talking to myself.
We got outside and he opened the car door for me and I got in.
I was still putting on only br@ but who cares?
The driver ignited the engine and Mabel got in sitting with the driver as he drove us home.
“So, can someone explain to me all that happened because my head is turning side ways in confusion.”
“Even the baby is unstable” i cooed and both Kelvin and Bella laughed.
“What is funny? plea-se talk to me”I pleaded.
“Let’s get home first, the baby nee-ds to relax in order to listen too” Kelvin replied and snickered.
We got home and Kelvin helped me down from the car and we went in.
In case you’re wondering where we are, we are currently at his lake house.
All the maids welcomed us and Kelvin helped me to my room.
“Okay Mab, go on, take your bath” he said turning to leave but I st©pped him.
“I don’t have the energy to bath Kel. Help me bath” I said to him and he smiled.
“Of course” he replied and un-hooked my br@ alongside the baggie trou-ser and next we went into the bathroom.
We c@m£ out and he helped me dry my b©dy.
He spent most time k!ss!ngme in the bathroom instead of bathing me as requested but I had to push him away.
After drying my b©dy he went into my closet to look for dress and he brou-ght out one of the most expensive dress there and wore it on me.
“Here, you look better now” he smiled and brushed my hair.
“Let’s go to the dinning, lunch is re-ady” he cooed leading me out.
I’ve just realized it but I think I’m in love this this dangerous man. I thought he’ll be the last person on earth I’ll fall for but, no. I’m tripping ha-rd for him.
We got to the dinning room and sat down.
Bella was alre-ady sitted there.
Many dishes were on the table starring at me to devour them.
Enough vegetables, but I pushed the vegetable aside because it felt like poison to me now. I don’t no why tho but starring at it irritates me and I’m even surprised at it.
“Why are you pushing the vegetables away? I had them specially prepared it for you since its your favorite and the doctor…”
“I don’t want it!” I half yelled cutting him off.
I started eating white rice with beef on it and I was even smiling at it.
“Are you okay?” Bella suddenly asked starring at me.
“Yes, what is it?” I asked back.
“You don’t really like rice, I asked for rice but you’re the one eating it” she said sounding so confused.
“Well, go get another one and beside you guys haven’t explained what happened?”
“Or I’m I perhaps dreaming about it?” I asked wi-de eyes.
“No, when you’re done eating. I’ll explain it to you” Kelvin cooed and I nodded and started eating fast.
I can’t wait to hear it.
Kelvin is alive?
E shock you??