His favorite 2 Episode 5 & 6

(He owns her)
Episode 5
Few days later.
Mabel’s POV
I have been here for close to a week and life here is really tough.
Imagine eating once a day in my condition, and its not even a very healthy meal but cereal.
I wasn’t allow to be among their trainers because of my condition so I was as-signed to clean floor and dirty toilet.
Gosh if not for my baby I think I could have given up on living.
Its just too ha-rd for me.
I heard the man Kelvin sh0t survived, the man that bought Bella.
I wonder what caused their conflict that led to Kelvin’s death.
But Kelvin is really cruel, how could he die leaving me here with his baby?
How could he die when I’m just beginning to get comfortable with him? How could he die when I haven’t repaid him for all he’s done to me?
How could he bring me here and suddenly die?
His really heartless.
“Hey bit*h, clean up well” a guard yelled into my ear almost bur-sting my ear drums.
Huh! I looked around and notice that I’m originally cleaning up but loss focus tho to too much thinking.
I resumed cleaning up again and soon I was done with that p@rt of the corridor and moved to another side.
I really really hate it here.
I was done with the cleaning and I’mfu-ck*ng hungry.
I bent up and started walking to the room we shared with my left hand on my w@!st.
We don’t get to eat until its 5:00pm and its still 11:45am. I got to the room and kept my cleaning stuff at a corner and went to lie down on the cold floor.
I’ve got no choice tho. I lied down at a corner and closed my eyes to sleep.
“Kelvin!! Kelvin!!!” I yelled running to catch up with him and I did.
I jumped on him immediately and we engaged in a h0t r0m@nç£.
He k!$$£d me down my ear lobe and to my n£¢k line leaving hitches behind.
He got to my br£@st side and k!$$£d the line separating them while I closed my eyes and m0@n ed in great plea-sure.
He re-moved my br@ completely and took one of my b00bs in his mouth and I took my head back unable to control myself.
He su-cked on my b00bs for a while and together we walked to a couch nearby.
He made me lie on the couch while he un-buckled his trou-sers and c@m£ to lie on me talking myl-ips in his.
We resumed k!ss!ngand he unlocked and moved his ton-gue down to my V area.
Immediately his ton-gue t©uçhed my V I m0@n ed out louder than before.
My hand kept ruffing his hair as I felt on t©p of the world.
He kept eating me out while I m0@n ed.
After a while he st©pped and positioned himself to pene-trateinside me.
He took two of my legs and hung them on his shoulder each and knelt properly.
As he was about to pene-trateI felt water socked my b©dy and I g@sped and sat up.
“What the hell are you doing here bit*h!?” A b©dy guard gro-an ed.
“You were busy gettingfu-ck*d that you didn’t hear the bell, huh!!?” He snarled and I got up immediately.
“Come on, match to the pl@yground the boss has arrived home” he added and I nodded and walked pas-s him.
Geez I can’t believe I had such dreams.
So, I’ve been dreaming of ma-king out with Kelvin in my dream?
The pl@yground as Bella explained to me is the place all servants gather to listen to announcement and all.
I got to the pl@yground after much walking and joined them in the line.
I don’t even no where Bella is, its been long I saw her today.
Everyone was saying one thing or the other ma-king everywhere become noisy.
“Silences!!” A guard yelled loudly from the podium he was standing on and everywhere bec@m£ quite.
I heard he was the head guard and also that man right hand man.
Minutes later that man c@m£ into view.
That man that bought Bella. He was the one that also ordered Kelvin to be sh0t.
If I have my way I’d definitely kill him for doing this to me.
He was putting on bandage around the place he was sh0t.
“Everyone you no what happened few days ago and how I defeated the almighty Kelvin the trafficker in our little fight.”
“Tho he also bruised my arm but this is nothing compared to what I did to him.”
“I made sure his head was cut off and hung on the hallway while his b©dy was burned to ashes.”
“I’m afraid the devil himself won’t welcome him after God rejects him” he said and laughed with all his power.
“And this will serve as a lesson to those who disobeys or plot against me here. If I can do that the Kelvin you’ll no what will happen to you.”
“I even have Kelvin’s favourite here.”
“I’m so happy so from today you’ll have two meals a day” he announced and a lot of people hollered.
His a fool. A really big one, so killing someone is a source of joy to him??
Gosh I feel like cutting his eyes and handing it over to him to feed on.
His eyes suddenly drifted to my direction and his eyes caught mine.
He raised his hand and signalled me to come forward and my heart skipped.
What does the bastard wants now?
Episode 6

Mabel’s POV
I made to walk to him but figured out he was referring to a guard behind me and st©pped.
Oh thank goodness.
I stood back and immediately heard my name.
“Mabel” I heard a familiar voice and turned towards the direction.
“Bella” I called un-der my breathe as he struggled to meet me.
She got to me and stood.
“How’re you doing? You look out of shape” she asked and I bent my head and sighed.
“Oh Mabel, I’m so sorry you ended up here but I promise that you’ll get out of here before you no it. I won’t let you stay here for long” she whispered and I nodded like a little kid.
“So let the guards lead you guys to the hall where you have your meal” that old man added and left.
The guards started leading us out of the pl@yground to the hall.
We lined up with our plates for food and we were served.
After that Bella and I found an empty table and sat down together.
I started eating immediately but she didn’t eat hers.
I was too hungry to ask her why so I ignored and continued eating.
After a short while I was done but as always its was as if I haven’t taken a thing.
“Here” she offered taking my plates and replacing it with hers.
“Huh! Why? You also nee-d it” I said to her.
“I know but the baby nee-ds it more and beside we’ll be served a second meal remember? I will eat that one” she pressed.
“Thanks” I mumbled and started eating hers while she watched.
Seriously I was in no situation to refuses meal cause I was still damn hungry.
“So how is the baby?” She asked and I paused and looked at her.
“I don’t no, its just three weeks old” I replied and she chuckled.
“Mabel I promise you won’t deliver here. You’ll be out as soon as possible” she cooed after a while.
“Wait, how are you sure about that? You’ve been here way longer than me and I can’t fight my way out either so how’s that possible?” I scoffed in disbelief.
“You’ll see Mabel, you no me. I’m sure of what am saying” she retorted.
“Alright, I can’t wait” I mouthed and continued eating.
After a long while we were back inside the small room we shared.
Bella left to take her bath while I stayed with three other ladies I met in the room.
One of them turned to take something beside me.
“Hey move your a*s” she gro-an ed.
“Be gentle on the little bit*h, Betty did you forget that she’s pregnant?” One of them turned and said to the girl that was about taking something beside me.
She scoffed and folded her arms.
“Does it concern me? She enjoyed it and asked for more while she was being scre-wed so why should I feel pity for her?” The Betty girl retorted.
“Um..isn’t she Kelvin’s favourite? His girlfriend?” The last girl turned and asked as well.
“Yea she is” the Betty girl replied.
“Haha, its such a pity your Kelvin left you behind,” she added and all three of them laughed.
“What thefu-ck are you guys doing?” Bella asked showing up.
She was on towel.
“Non of your business bit*h” they replied in union and left.
“Don’t mind them babe, they’re just jealous that Kelvin fall for you” she smiled and started dressing up.
“Thanks” I mumbled.
“Come on girl, we’re best friends. We protect each other remember?”
“Yea thanks” I thanked again and she dressed up.
“Come let’s walk around while waiting for the last meal to be served.”
“Oh OK” I cooed and she helped me stand on my feet.
She supported me and we left the room.
She took me to a lot of hidden places.
She even took me to the room they call torture him.
All kinds of torturing weapons are there.
A wow escaped my mouth as I’ve never heard of that in my life.
Hmm this old man is a real bad a*s.
“By the way Mabel” Bella suddenly called me and I took my eyes to hers.
“What really happened between you two? You seems to like him much more than before” she asked starring intensely at me.
“Well, why won’t I like him? His the father of my unborn child” I coed.
“I know you well babe, you’ve fallen for him” she smiled.
“Well, does it matter now Bella? His dead.fu-ck*ng dead” I gritted in anger.
“Calm down babe, you never know” she mumbled the last p@rt.
“Lemme take you to another room” she said leading me out before two guards suddenly approached us.
“You’re Mabel right?” One of them asked in a ha-rd tone pointing at me and I gulped down nervously unable to reply them.
“Yes, what is it?” Bella replied instead.
“The boss, s£nds for her” the one talking replied and Bella and I looked at ourselves.
Oh my!
I think its really happening.
His s£nding for me?
“Wh..why?” I found myself asking.
“I don’t no why bit*h” the one who hasn’t spoken said and they took me with them.