His favorite 2 Episode 23 & 24

(He owns her)
Episode 23
Written By Kebby NG

Mabel’s POV
Bella rushed to me and held me up.
“Oh Mabel, we have to leave” she urged dragging me with her.
We bombe-d into Rick and I st©pped.
“Bastard!” I cussed and st©p.
“You..you did this to him right? Bastard!!” I yelled attra-cting attention.
“Hey Babe, I’m just freeing you from a criminal” he scoffed and I recalled what Kelvin told me days ago.
Kelvin had explained to me about him I when I asked if he got fired.
Kelvin had told me that he poisoned me and ran away, immediately I recalled that I held his shi-t.
“You, you are going to jail with him.”
“You murder!!” I yelled attra-cting the attention of everyone that c@m£ to court.
“You poisoned me idiot. You planned everything, to kill me” I screamed holding his shi-t ti-ghtly.
Bella was trying to separate me from him but I held him.
Dennis appeared and held me.
“Hey, calm down mab” he said but I wasn’t letting go.
“His a murder, I aren’t letting go because he deserves to be thrown into jail. This bastard poisoned me” I continued screaming.
By now everyone’s attention were alre-ady dancing around us even the cops are alre-ady at alert.
The idiot was just standing dumbfounded. Yea he didn’t expect to be attacked this way.
“Officers, can you do something about this?” Dennis asked the cops and they started cuffing him.
He was just looking at me. He never believed I could do it, even I can’t believe myself but he was the reason Kelvin is being taken to prison.
Kelvin has been s£nt to prison because of him.
“You’ll have to follow us to the station” the cops told him dragging him away.
“You too miss” the other cops there revealed and I nodded and followed them.
The only evidence I have on him is the doctor that treated me. His reports are my evidence and I hope its solid enough to also put him in jail.
I finished my statement to them and the doctor in charge of my case was called. He also c@m£ to court so it wasn’t ha-rd for him to get here from the court and fortunately to testified to it.
When Rick was asked to defend himself he couldn’t utter a word so he was thrown into jail to await trial and we left for Kelvin’s lake house afterwards.
I felt a bit better knowing that that idiot isn’t a free man too.
I went straight to my room and la-id down after revea-ling that we’ll be travelling back to Chicago the next day.
I got into the room Kelvin and I shared and fresh tears screamed down my eyes.
I miss him alre-ady. I can’t believe his not here with me right now.
How I wish I was allowed to hvg or at least hold him.
After freshening up I ate a little quantity of food and sle-pt off afterwards.
The next day
Dennis esc-rted to the airport and we got into the air plane conveying us to Chicago.
I stayed curled up to myself until we finally got to Chicago.
I felt really worn out because of the journey.
Bella asked to take me back to my mom’s house before going to hers and I agreed.
Immediately we got to our gate and I imputed the pin to unlock it and it opened.
Mom didn’t change the pin code.
We got to the door and I pressed the door bell.
There was some movement from inside and finally the door opened revea-ling my little kid sister.
Her eyes wi-de-ned immediately she saw me.
“Hey crystal” I called advancing towards her but she didn’t make a move.
I got to her and bent to her level.
“Don’t you recognize me anymore kiddo?” I asked tou-ching her hair.
“Mom said that you died, how are you still alive?” She asked in her tiny little voice.
“I’m still alive baby, mom was mistakenly” I coed trying my best to hide my sad feelings because of my family.
“Crystal? Who is at the door? Why aren’t you letting the person in?” I heard mom’s voice and I took a step into the sitting room.
Seems like she was coming out from the kitchen?
“Mom” I called with tears clouding my eyes.
The knife she was holding fell off her hand.
“Mabelle?” She called and I dropped the bag I was holding and ran to her hvgging her ti-ghtly.
“Mabelle?” She asked as drop of tears fell from her eyes.
“Where have you been? You told me you’ll only spend a night at your friend’s house so…”
She st©pped immediately Bella also walked in with crystal.
“Bella? Where have you been? Your sister has been looking for you too.”
“Where the hell were you guys for the past fours months huh!?”
“You, I thought you die” she kept saying and I hvgged her again.
‘I’m sorry mom” I cried and I heard foot steps, i looked up the stairs to see Bobby coming down.
He was ru-bbing his eyes but st©pped when he saw me.
“Mabel? Is that you or someone else?” He asked in shock and I left mom and went to hvg him.
“Where the hell have you been? If you were going on vacation you should at least let your family know. We all thought you died or worst” he rushed his word.
“I’m so sorry alright. I’m here now so we can be happy again” I said turning look at mom.
“Um..I have to go see my sis alright” Bella said and left crystal.
“Thanks babe” I thanked and she nodded and left.
Bobby and I held each other as we descended down the stairs.
“Mom, I’m so hungry, I’ve missed Chicago and there meals” especially the ones cooked by you so plea-se can you get me something to eat?” I asked.
“I can, but you have to explain to me what happened. You have to tell me where you’ve been” she said in a commanding tone and left.
Crystal sat down looking at me like I was some alien.
“So? You look more beautiful and you’ve gotten fat. I bet you were on a vacation” Bobby tea-sed and I f0rç£d myself not to laugh.
Mom c@m£ out from the kitchen and pushed a tray to me which I collected and started eating the meals she served.
I continued eating and they watched me till I was done.
Suddenly I felt like vomiting but swallowed it down.
The urge c@m£ again and this time around it was more than the first time and I stood up and rushed into the guest room downstairs to use the toilet.
I got into the toilet and re-leased everything inside my mouth.
I washed my mouth clean and dried my hands. I turned back to walk out from the bathroom and saw mom behind me.
“What was that?” She asked suspiciously.
“Where have you been? You look more fat and heavy” she said and took her eyes to my tummy.
She starred at it for a while and looked up at me.
“Mabelle, tell me, are you pregnant?” She questioned and I nodded.
“Yes mom, I’m pregnant” I revealed and she g@sped.
Episode 24

Mabel’s POV
“You…you are pregnant?” She asked as if doubting it and I nodded.
“Who the hell is responsible? Who impregnated you?” She half yelled and Bobby rushed in also starring at me.
“Mom, did I hear your question well? You asked her if she is pregnant?” He asked looking at mom then back to me.
“Yes, your sister just revealed to be pregnant” mom replied starring at me.
“Mom, hold on, I’m not a kid and I’m happily pregnant for the man I’ve fallen in love with. Its not an unwanted pregnancy, this baby here” I cooed and held my tummy.
“This baby here is very promise to me, I love the baby so much so its wanted mom, its wanted” I explained and she kept starring at me as if I was speaking a Spanish.
“Who and where is the father then?” She questioned.
“Mom, I’ll explain everything to you in the sitting room but right now I’m tired of standing” I mumbled the last p@rt and walked pas-s them to the sitting room.
Crystal has alre-ady fallen asleep on the couch she was sitting on. Her character hasn’t left her, falling asleep everywhere.
I sat on the couch, stretched my legs out and placed them on the transparence glas-s table there.
Mom c@m£ and also sat facing me while Bobby sat beside me.
“I nee-d explanations Mabelle, so be fast about it” she said curiosity written all over her face.
“Alright” I replied and cleared my throat.
“What?” Mom screamed standing up.
Its took me about an hour and half to explain things to them.
“You’re pregnant for a criminal and you say you love him? The person that abducted and took you f0rç£fully away from me? He also took you pride and turned you into his pet?”
“You say you are in love with that kind of man?” She barked almost waking crystal up cause crystal kept turning uncomfortably.
“Mom plea-se, you’ll wake crystal up, lower your voice” Bobby ch!pped in calmly.
She huffed and sat down back burning in rage.
“Mom, plea-se un-derstand me. He has changed alre-ady, no one is above mistakes alright? plea-se don’t hate him without knowing him personally.”
“If you hate him now your hatred may extend to your grand child plea-se? Can you not hate him?” I pleaded but she kept frowning.
I stood up from the couch i was sitting on and went to her, sitting behind her.
I placed my one hand on her back and the other I held her hand with it.
“Mom. Moomm..”
“Mommmmy.. plea-se” I continued pleading.
I could feel her b©dy heat as she continued fuming.
“Mom, do this for me okay? He was gonna come apologize but he couldn’t because the cops arrived that day.”
“I’m sorry you had to look for me. I’m sorry you thought I was dead. I’m really sorry for everything and I know he’s also sorry so plea-se mom” I continued begging c@r£ss!ngher back.
“Mom, just forgive the guy alright. Don’t worry I’ll help you give me a punch if he gets out and comes here so plea-se” Bobby added.
“Do you even know if his coming out anytime soon? You told me he was given 35 years imprisonment, how are we sure his gonna come out?”
“Will you wait all your life for him? I seriously don’t want that kind of life for you” she said tearfully and I hvgged her.
“I’m sorry mom. Just accept him first, you’re free to be angry at him for a while plea-se don’t let it last” I mouthed and k!$$£d her n£¢k and she hvgged me back.
8 months later.
” Push, you can do this Mabel, you gat to push” the female nurse amongst the people helping me to deliver pressed and I folded myl-ips inside and pushed with all my might.
Oh my! Kelvin, why aren’t you here with me?” I thought as tears screamed down my cheek.
Its so so ha-rd and very painful. Its as painful as hell it self.
“Mabel” the male doctor called.
“I’m sure you don’t want your baby to die, just push at the count of three.”
“Three… Push!!” He screamed for me to push and I shut my eyes and screamed pushing with everything I’ve got.
I surely don’t want my baby to die.
I started hearing a baby’s cry after the last mighty push and sh0t my eyes open.
Hah! Finally, I thought as boils of sweat continued running down my face.
The doctor gave my baby to the nurse and the nurse wiped him in a white cover.
“Its a boy” she announced giving my baby to me.
I collected him p@n-ting ha-rd .
Oh my! His really small.
I smiled at my baby as tears and sweat continued rushing down my face. Yea tears of joy.
I can’t believe I brou-ght a new life to earth.
I continued starring at him and the door opened. Mom and Bella rushed in and mom collected him from me.
“Wow! His so beautiful” Bella complemented also starring at him.
“I thought we won’t be able to leave the hospital today but you did it. You proved yourself babe” Bella smiled and I smiled back at her.
I rested back on the be-d as mom held him.
“So, what is his name?” Mom asked removing her eyes from him for the first time since she carried him.
“Alex, Kelvin said to name him that” I announced.
“Oh my Alex, welcome to earth” Bella beamed spre-ading her arms ap@rt and I laughed.
Crazy girl.
Three months later.
I was in my room with little Axel. I just finished br£@st feeding him and put him to sleep.
He eats a whole lot.
Mom and Bobby are out and crystal is in the sitting room watching her favorite cartoon.
The door suddenly busted open and crystal rushed in.
“There is a man out there. He is asking for you” Crystal announced immediately.
“A man?” I asked doubtfully and she nodded.
“Alright, I’ll go down now. Help me sit and watch Alex” I told her and left.
I was still standing on the stair case when I sighted him and my lim-bs went numb.
“Kel…Kelvin?” I called unbelievably.
“Yes honey, its me” he smiled and my heart st©pped beating immediately.
What? How..how in the world is he standing there?
“Kelvin?” I whispered again and almost fell off the stairs.
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