His favorite 2 Episode 11 & 12

(He owns her)
Episode 11
Written By Kebby NG

Kelvin’s POV
I watched her eat real fast and a smile crept up my face.
Damn! I’ve missed her like hell.
All this while I couldn’t wait to see her again.
“So, tell me I’m curious” she said facing me.
I let out another smile as her face peered into mine.
She must’ve been dying to know what happened.
I coughed and cleared my throat properly to narrate what had happened on that day.
“On that day you were guys were attacked while you were been taken to my secret hideout.”
“Nickolas men actually plated a tracker on the vehicle meaning they weren’t planning to abduct you that night but want to know your whereabouts so it’ll be easy to find you.”
“Tho I didn’t really know all these. I didn’t know that bastard wanted to use you as a bait so ignored it.”
“Fred was actually the one that died not me. I didn’t go with them.”
“I stayed back but I watched everything that took place that night.”
“But how come he had your face?” She cut in asking.
“Well, he was on a mask actually.”
“And he had some kind of technology that made him have my voice tho he didn’t act like me properly.”
“I suspected things could go side ways so that’s why it happened like that.”
“Well, I’m still sad that Fred died and I could have gotten you out of there but it so happened that I lost most of my boys to the fight so I planned on killing Nickolas straight without shedding another blood.”
“I didn’t want to loss any more of my men.”
“Well, before all this happened I alre-ady asked your friend for help.”
“She was handed a cell phone to communicate with us. I told her to sh0t if she was been commanded to and that’s why she acted according to plan.”
“Thank goodness she acted without listening to you if not who could have taken care of you and informed me about that bastard move.”
“Well, I’ve dethroned him from his throne ma-king him feel pains I felt before finally killing him.”
“And lastly you no I’m into illegal or should I say was into illegal business. Our laws and politics are a bit different.”
“When a lord kills another lord, he automatically becomes in charge of everything that, that lord had before he died” I explained.
“So you’re saying that now you’ve killed that old man you now own everything that man has?” she asked.
“Exactly” I replied and she nodded.
“Hmm so Bella you could actually keep such secrets from me?” She asked turning to her friend who was still eating.
“Yea, I had to” she replied and Mabel pu-ll-ed her hair.
“You’re not a good friend, you watched me cry over someone else b©dy and you pretended not to know a thing?” She asked feeling disappointed.
“Of course not, I didn’t no that Kelvin was an imposter too. I didn’t no but I had to sh0t because they alre-ady instructed to do what they want” She replied.
“So, what are you saying because you’re confusing me Bella?” Mabel asked her again.
“I’m saying that I had no idea that, that person wasn’t Kelvin too?”
“I recently found out” she cooed.
“Hmm you’re so confusing the $h!t outta me” Mabel gro-an ed.
“That was why you have been as-suring me that we would get out of there, huh!? Well I think I un-derstand a bit” she said and drank a little quantity of water.
“Well, thank goodness neither of us ended up dying. It could have been really bad, I actually thought I was gonna deliver in that hellhole” Mabel lamented.
“Come on mab, you’re out of there alre-ady and I promise nothing of such will happen again okay?”
“Yea I guess” she mumbled.
Mabel’s POV
I don’t really un-derstand everything but as long as everyone is alive and well its great.
You can’t imagine my happiness now.
Thank goodness that bad nightmare has finally ended,I thought to myself.
“But, you couldn’t have been abducted easily if Jessica, that bit-ch didn’t let it.”
“She saw you been taken but she hide and did nothing. I don’t no where she is right now but once I get her death will definitely be her reward” Kelvin said sounding really angry.
And yea, that’s true, I didn’t think about that bit*h until now. So she actually let them take me?
Oh, she’s so cruel and evil to have done that. And here she’s calling herself my b©dyguard.
“So, you nee-d some rest, let go” I heard Kelvin say standing up.
I stood up also and he led me to his room instead.
“Why are we heading to your room? Why not mine?” I asked as we were about to enter.
“Cause I want you to sleep here with me from today” he replied ma-king me surprised.
“I don’t want a reoccurrence of that $h!t so you’ll have to stay with me. I don’t want any harm for my unborn baby and you, I’m just trying to protect you guys alright?” He cooed and went into the bathroom.
“You can sleep, just want to freshen up” he said from the bathroom.
I sat down on the be-d looking around the room.
Its quite spacious and orderly, just like a man’s room, I thought and la-id down on the be-d and closed my eyes.
Soon, I felt someone beside me and I opened my eyes to see Kelvin.
“You want to sleep too?” I asked and he chuckled.
“Yea, let’s sleep beside each other, I’ve been dying to try that out” he cooed holding me around my w@!st side while I smiled and rested my head on his che-st.
Episode 12

Next day.
Mabel’s POV
I opened my eyes to see his hand wra-pped around me.
Can’t believe I sle-pt from yesterday’s noon till this morning.
I yearned and unwra-pped myself from him, then got down from the be-d headed straight to the bathroom.
I eased myself and brushed my teeth with the spare brush there and later took my bath afterwards.
I c@m£ out on towel and noticed that he was still asleep. I smiled and left for my room to change my dress.
I got to my closet and took out a free long dress and wore it.
I brushed my hair down and hunger c@m£ in striking me like its been a year since I’ve last eaten.
I gro-an ed and left for Kelvin’s room to check on him.
I got to his room and opened the door but couldn’t find him on the be-d.
Huh. Where is he? I thought to myself walking in fully.
I paused when I saw him coming out of the bathroom with water dripping down his che-st.
“Hi good morning” he greeted surprising me.
Guess his really changing for good.
“Hi” I replied shyly walking closer to him.
He gr@bb£d me by the w@!st and slammed hisl-ips on mine and I reciprocated but not for long.
Hunger flashed itself again and I remembered that I had to eat.
“what?” He asked when he noticed my expression.
“I’m hungry, guess the baby nee-ds to eat” I pouted like a baby and he snickered.
“Yea, I guess its the baby and not you” he tea-sed walking away to his closet.
“Go on to the dinning. Go eat before the baby starts crying” he tea-sed again and I almost bur-sted out in laughter but frowned instead.
“Yea whatever” I waved and started going and heard him laughing.
I got to the dinning and Bella was alre-ady sitted there.
Geez I totally forgot about her.
“Hey girlfriend” I greeted.
“Hey babe, guess you are no longer mad at me” she said ma-king me raise my brows.
“Mad? I’m not mad at you” I retorted.
“Then why did you totally forget about me? Why didn’t you come check up on me and see if I’m comfortable leaving in your house” she said sounding disappointed.
“Oh babe, I’m so sorry. You see the baby nee-ded a lot of rest so…”
“I know, its the baby” she cut in digging into her food.
“I’m sorry” I apologized again.
“Its alright sweetheart. I’ve gotten over it” she smiled and I nodded and took plate full of beef and started eating.
“Hey” I heard Kelvin’s voice.
“Hi, morning” Bella greeted him as he took a sit beside me.
“How was ya night?” He asked still.
“Fine, I guess” Bella replied.
Hmm but its seems so weird. They look so relaxed with each other, something I’ve been learning to do for a while now.
But its good anyways.
Kelvin helped himself with some meal and we ate in silence until someone interrupted the meal.
The person was Jessica – that bit*h.
What? She still has the guts to show up here after letting them take me away?
Kelvin’s mood changed instantly and he dropped his cutleries.
“What thefu-ck is your worthless a*s doing here?”
“You c@m£ to die, didn’t you?” Kelvin gro-an ed standing up.
“I’m…here to apologize for not saving Mabel. I….I..wasn’t around the time…”
“Luke!!” Kelvin growled interrupting her.
What? She’s still lying? I thought and shook my head.
“Sir” Luke answered rushing in to the dinning.
“Take her away to the torture room and make sure you deal with her in anyway that plea-ses you. If she proves stubborn then let me know” he ordered coldly and Luke started dragging her away.
“I can explain plea-se Kelvin. Have mercy plea-se” Jessica pleaded and I recalled when I used to say all those words to him.
“plea-se Kelvin have mercy”
My expression changed and I sighed bitterly.
“What is wrong?” He asked noticing my mood.
“Can you just leave Jessica without punishing her?” I asked before I could hold myself.
I don’t no but those words t©uçhed me. They made me recall the bad memories with him.
He pu-ll-ed a surprise look and immediately asked Luke to st©p dragging her away.
“Why do you say so?” He inquired.
“Nothing, just leave her plea-se” I cooed and continued eating.
“Um..yea” he said after a while.
“Let her go” he said to Luke and Luke freed her.
“Thank you so much Kelvin” Jessica said.
“No, you should no me by now. Thank Mabel instead. You wanted her dead but she’s saving your bit**y as-s, you should thank her” Kelvin said to her but she kept mute for a while.
“Thanks Mabel” she mumbled and left.
“You really should have let Luke deal with her a little. She’s not even grateful” Kelvin mumbled angrily.
“Its okay Kelvin so what’s next?” I asked standing up.
“Um..I no what’s next” he smiled standing up with me.
“So what’s next then?” I asked giving him an eye.
“You’ll see” he win-ked and led me away.
“Yea, forgot me again. Don’t worry I’ll soon get my own man” I heard Bella yell and i laughed a little.
“Yea, you should” I replied even if she couldn’t hear it
We got to his be-droom and without wasting of time he pu-ll-ed off his shi-t.
He did it real fast, like he was in a hurry or something.
Now with only bo-xers he c@m£ to me and made pu-lling off my dress but I moved back.
“Easy there. Geez Kelvin where are you rushing to?” I questioned.
“I’ve been dying for this so plea-se don’t no this to me” he said almost pleading.
“Well, you’ll have to beg for it” I replied looking else where.
“What? Beg for it?” He asked in shock.