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His daughter’s nanny finale

[^A mother for his daughter^]
______Jenny writes^
{Korean woman’s arrival}
It was morning already and they had all gathered round the dining table-Maureen, Scott, Alexa, Mrs Smith and Gina.
Maureen had had a terrible night. She couldn’t sleep a wink and the thought of what had happened flooded her mind.
“Maureen, didn’t you get to sleep well? There are dark eyebags under your eyes.” Alexa said and touched her eyes gently.
“It’s nothing!” She assured as they all continued eating.
“You aren’t going to work today?” Maureen asked Scott.
“Yep!” He said with a mouthful of macaroni grill.
“I thought you always go to work even on Saturday. She said lowly and chew on her jam.
“And you claim you’ve been working with them for about three months!” Gina mocked.
“It’s okay. I just chose to stay home today!” Scott said to calm down the heating atmosphere and with that they all shut up.
Maureen laid down on her bed as she pressed her phone but she wasn’t concentrating.
She got down from the bed and wore her slippers and walked out of the room with her phone in her hand.
She stopped before Gina’s door and knocked before entering. She saw her on the bed looking out of the window.
“Who is it?” She asked
“It’s me!” Maureen answered and sat beside her
“See Gina, I’m sorry if me being your cousin angers you but I want you to know that I never see you as a liability but as a sister I never had. Think of the past things that happened as mistake of our parents, let’s forget it alongside our past!” Maureen cooed and patted her back.
“Do you think it’s easy? I lost my womb because I wasn’t born into a prestigious family like yours!” She jibed.
“What??” Maureen yelled astonished.
“Yeah, had it been my mom married your dad won’t I be more than what I am? But no, look at me, a bastard with no father born by a slutty mom.” She screamed
“I hate my life, I hate my family, I hate the freaking woman who birthed me!” She added as she bursted into a loud cry.
“Shussh! Don’t blame yourself.” Maureen cooed and patted her thick brown, wavy short hair.
She hugged her back and cried silently in her arms
“It’s okay!” Maureen pacified and cooed her.
They all gathered around the pool after Maureen had succeeded in pacifying Gina.
They just sat round it: legs in it and glass of wine betwixt their fingers.
“Ma, you can’t go in!” They heard and they all turned to the rendezvousing side.
“But it’s urgent!” The woman said and instantly Scott recognized the person. It was the Korean woman.
Mrs Sandra picked up the bomb regent and locked the gate. She flagged down a cab and got in.
“Madievalle lane, please!” She said as she clinged tight to the polythene bag hung in her left arm.
She grinned evilly as she stared out of the window. She’s gonna end it all today.
“We’re here ma’am!’ the driver said as the taxi came to an halt.
“Ohh! Thanks!” She said and offered the money to the driver.
“But ma’am, it’s remaining $70 USD” the driver said grudgingly.
“Take that or return me to the stop you took me!” She jibed.
The driver scrunched his nose and murmured a curse beneath his breath while Mrs Sandra just hissed. She got down and examined the house, looking for a perfect hideout. She walked to the fence and looked sideways.
The coast is clear. Perfect timing for a perfect jab.
She sprinted on her toes and threw the explosive into the compound.
Satisfied, she dusted her palms and turned to go.
Korean woman has arrived to
Do y’all think spilling the yoghurt was a coincidence?
{The victory}
“Let her in!” Scott said as he stood up.
The gatekeeper left her and bowed and then went back.
“What brings you here?” Scott asked as the woman approached them.
“Ana syeong (Good day)!” She said in Korean while they just bowed slightly.
“Have a seat!” Scott said and she sat on one of the sunshades chairs in the pool area.
“Well, I just came to confess everything to you!” She uttered as soon as she sat down.
“Confess?” They all said at the same time.
“Yeah, I’m here for confession!” She said and nodded.
“Go on then!” Alexa said sharply when she noticed the hesitation in the woman’s voice.
“Shush!” Maureen scolded her by placing a finger on her lips while Mrs Smith glared at her.
“I was Rodney’s girlfriend before we broke up. But because of my skill in detecting, he sustained me and paid me well monthly. It was first hard to comply but I had to do it for my survival.” She said and gulped down into nothing.
Scott nudged her to continue.
“I might look old but trust me am just thirty three. I help Rodney in trailing you but when I observed your countenance and character, I couldn’t bring myself to hurt you. The day I spilt your yogurt, it wasn’t accidentally, it was intentional. The yoghurt was poisoned by Rodney. He wants to kill you and take your wife to himself. I knew all these and it kinda hurt me seeing the man I love turning into a dreaded being. He was once cute and harmless but I don’t know what happened, he just changed.” She said as she cleaned her tears with a handkerchief she was holding. She seems hurt obviously.
” So what you are tryna say is that this so called Rodney is Mr Scott’s secretary and he’s still planning his death?” Mrs Smith questioned her.
Maureen just watched amazed at the drama that was unfolding before her.
Alexa just seem unconcerned as she drank from her glass while she was tweeting.
Gina too seems lost as she just stared abacked.
“Yes, and right now, he’s about to be on his way to Mr Marshall’s mansion. He’s going to kill him and take his properties and I don’t know what’s next!” She squirred.
“Then let’s go!” Gina said and everyone turned to look at her.
“Go where?” Alexa queried. She’s clearly lost.
“Yeah, I think we should meet him first and later capture him. He has done more harm than good to me and I trusted him!” Scott lamented bitterly and picked up his clothes that was hung somewhere beside the shades.
They all stood up and wore their clothes while the Korean woman just continued wiping the tears that struggled down her cheeks.
[7/16, 2:24 PM] Golden13: “Erm, John! Zoe!!” Scott called out to them.
They scurried out of their apartment and bowed slightly.
“Do you care to follow or you’ll wait?” Scott asked as he wriggled the keys in his fingers.
“We’ll tag along!” Zoe said as he helped Alexa with her sandal’s buckle.
“Alright then.” Scott said and walked towards a wine coloured Ferrari. They all hopped in and got to go.
They arrived at Mr Rodney’s quarters and the first thing they saw was a burnt house. Burnt to the last brim. They walked into the compound and they met the firefighters there. Some neighbors were present also.
An average, plump woman narrated what happened to them that an explosive has been disrupted into the building.
Shocked, Scott ran to the CCTV footage office and asked for the recent footage.
They all watched keenly as the peaceful environs continued its daily activities but then a woman alighted from a cab and a loud gasp came from Gina.
“That’s my mom!” She whispered as she pointed to the camera.
“The latest male secretary to the nation’s pride – Mandy Scott has been found dead today in his burnt house. He was said to be in his house when a bomb exploded
Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
___” The reporter announced in the TV.
“What?” Mrs Sandra yelled as she threw the plate of brownies in her to the TV which came shattering to the floor.
“I need to leave here. This place is not safe!” She said as she sauntered back into the room. She packed a few clothes and picked a scarf and tied it round her hair. She picked one of Gina’s shades and picked up the bag she kept her clothes.
“I don’t care if Gina is dead or not but I need to survive first!” She said and walked out.
She walked out to the front porch and locked the door, keeping the keys in her bag.
“Ready for a new life!” She got down the short stairs and held her bag tightly.
“Stop there!”
She turned around and the bag in her arm dropped to the floor.
Polices have surrounded her with Scott between them.
“Well done on your escape plan, but you’re going nowhere!” The head of the police said and handcuffed her while she just stare blankly.
She was dragged to the police’s mini van.
Scott sighed as he slumped to the couch.
All enemies in his life have been dealt with and now he could live a happy life.
Maureen walked out of the kitchen and handed him a full glass of milk.
“Thank you!” He said and drank it all in one gulp.
“You’re welcome sir!” She said and turned to leave but a firm hand held her back.
“Maureen, please the very first time I set my eyes on you, you opened my long closed heart. Will you please be the love of my life? Will you please be the mother for my daughter?” He asked as he knelt on a kneel.
“Yes I will!” Maureen shouted as she drew him into a hug.
Scott hugged her and kissed her passionately.
“Good job, good job!” They heard a voice and they unlocked instantly.
It was Mrs Smith and Alexa who wore a wide smile on her face.
“So, you’re my new momma right?” She giggled childishly.
“Yes!” Scott replied as he hugged Maureen sideways.
“Let’s celebrate this union!” Mrs Smith said as she rushed to the kitchen.
“Do you Maureen Montes take Scott Mandy as your lawfully wedded groom?”
“Yes, I do!”
“Do you Scott Mandy take Maureen Montes as your lawfully wedded bride?
“Yes yes, I do!”
“The groom seems desperate!” The priest joked.
“By the power invested in me by man and God, I hereby announce you *husband and wife*” The priest said
“You may now kiss your bride.” The priest added and Scott moved closer to Maureen and lifted up her veil. He held her cheeks and kissed her deeply while the invitees cheered them and clapped happily.
Maureen walked out of the bathroom and met Scott on the bed operating his laptop.
He looked up from his laptop and his jaw dropped.
She was dressed in a black net lingerie. Gina had given her as a wedding gift and had given her the instructions to follow.
Scott got down from the bed and held her waist. He kissed her deeply while their tongues entwined in a rhythmical manner. They kissed for a few seconds and Scott sent kisses to her cleavages making a slight moan escape Maureen’s lips.
He unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor.
He fondled with her breasts and gave each equal justice. He sucked ’em equally while Maureen tilted her head to the back.
She’s gonna lose her innocence to the man she loves and she’s not gonna regret it.
Her thoughts were disrupted by Scott when he lifted her and placed her on the bed in a way she was beneath him.
He sent kisses down her tummy and licked her belly button.
He grabbed the pant and tossed it away.
He inserted one finger into her V***** and a loud moan came from her.
He flickered his finger and teased her cl*t with his thumb.
She squirted on his hands as he fondled it.
She helped him in removing his shorts and his singlet.

style="text-align: left;">They both lay stark naked.

“Am sorry but it’s gonna hurt a little!” He said and Maureen nodded.
He inserted the tip of his p**** in her v****** entrance and a light gasp escaped her mouth as she saw his size.
“No, let’s wait for another day!” She shivered and immediately she screamed. She felt a cut in her v****** and blood oozing out.
“Shit!” She cursed as the pain hit her.
“I’ll go soft and gentle!” He said and went fully into her.
He thrusted into her and she digged her nails into his skin.
He started thrusting gently into her.
The pain reduced and pleasure gave way in.
The lapping of their thigh filled the whole room.
They both reached climax and he fell vigorously beside her.
“I’ll forever cherish you. I promise to be with you till the end if time!” Scott assured and hugged her while she only nodded and drifted off to sleep.
•••THE END•••
Finally!!! It’s over.

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