His daughter’s nanny Episode 20 & 21

🦋 His
🌸 Daughter’s
🍁 Nanny
[^A mother for his daughter^]
______Jenny writes^
💋 Episode2️⃣0️⃣💋
{Found }
“Dad!” Scott heard and his heart fluttered.
“Pumpkin!” He called and ran towards them.
He lifted her up and walked to the car with Zoe trailing behind them.
They got into the car and jammed the door.
“So how did it go?” Mrs Smith was the first to ask.
They were still on their way and Zoe had narrated all that happened.
“Thank God, you’re all hale and hearty!” Maureen said and cu-mddled Alexa who was shivering alre-ady.
Scott faced back to check on Alexa when they heard a loud scream.
He had just hit someone.
“What?” Alexa shouted and sat upright.
Scott got down and there was a young lady lying on the floor in a pool of blood.
He carried her and took her to the car and put her on the last seat at the back.
“I just hit someone!” He said to them as soon as he entered.
Maureen looked back to see the person but she couldn’t see her b’cos of the darkness in the car.
He changed direction and drove to their family hospital.
They got there and due to the light in the hospital environs, she checked the person again and her jaw dropped.
Scott got down and carried her into the hospital premises.
She was taken into the intensive Care center because she had lost a lot of blood.
They tarried at the lobby with Alexa slee-ping on Maureen’s back.
After about thirty minutes, the doctor cane out of the room.
“Congratulations, we were able to st©p the blood but she nee-ds some pints of blood.” He said while Scott breathed out.
He thought about if she had died, his name and integrity would be tarnished.
“How much for the blood?” He asked and reached for his pocket.
“Well, the nurses will attend to you about that!” With that he left.
Scott heaved a sigh of relief.
“So what’s next now?” Mrs Smith asked and Zoe nodded.
“They say she nee-ds blood and that nurses will upd@t£ us about that!” He said and sat in the lobby’s steel chair.
A nurse walked up to them and she was busy wi-nking at Scott but that was the least of his problems now.
“Well Mr Scott, the patient is B negative ( a very scarce blood bank), so there’s no donor now, but before dawn a donor would have been found.” She said se-ductively
“Okay no prob!” He said as he rested back on the chair.
They had all sle-pt in the lobby till morning.
Maureen was the first to wake up. She scru-bbe-d her eyes and sat up.
Alexa was still asleep in her l@ps.
She noticed she was still in her transparent nightwear.
She carefully placed Alexa on the chair and patted her gently.
She remembered who she had saw yesterday. But probably her eyes were deceiving her. She trodded towards the ward she was in and there she was lying peacefully but she was way far than peaceful.
💋 Episode2️⃣1️⃣💋
{Hatching new plans}
Maureen explained all she had pas-sed throu-gh to Scott.
He only knew about her dead parents properties and that they had been muggled by her deceptive aunt but he didn’t knew that the person he had hit was her cousin.
He stared at her blankly and he was taken abacked by the situation.
They had gone home to prepare some light meal for her but the situation had changed position.
He looked up at Mrs Smith but she was just looking normal.
“You knew?” He asked her looking up at Mrs Smith
“Yeah, the very day she c@m£!” She replied as she patted Maureen.
“Yeah, I told her. I felt a motherly care the very moment I saw her.” Maureen said as tears rushed down her cheeks.
“It’s okay!” Scott cooed her as he pe-cked her hair.
“Lemme get you some cold water to cool your nerves!” Mrs Smith said as she trodded into the kitchen.
She c@m£ back with a bottle of water and found Maureen in Scott’s arms almost slee-ping.
“Here!” She said and offered the bottle to her.
“Thanks Mrs Smith!” She said and f0rç£d open her dizzy eyelids.
She tried opening the lid but her hands keep failing her.
Scott noticed it and collected it from her and opened it.
“Here!” He said and handed it over to her.
She just nodded and gulped it down.
“Scott, let’s see!” She said and walked towards the mini living room.
“Okay!” He answered and gently placed her head on the couch arm.
He stood up and wore his white fluffy sli-ppers. He wore it halfly in a way that only half of his leg was in the sli-ppers.
He followed her and they were walked out not before checking her one more time.
She had fallen asleep alre-ady.
They got the mini living room that was facing the pool.
They say down while Mrs Smith talked first.
“Erm, Scott, I noticed something…” She said and took a piece of gr@p£ from the fruit bowl.
“Like? He asked
“Well, do you like Maureen?” She asked taking Scott by surprise.
“I don’t know!” He stuttered scratching the crook his n£¢k
“You do.” She said poking his arms.
“Is it obvious?”
“Yes, it is and she loves you too.” She said and picked another fruit.
“Really?” He asked as his eyes beamed at the mention of that.
“Yeah, but what do we do about Andrew?” She said bringing up the most dre-aded issue ever.
“I don’t know but my FBI agent are on it. They’ve tracked down the location where Alexa and Zoe were kept hostage!” He said as he took the fruit for the first time.
“Okay, but don’t you think Marcia is behind all these?”
“I don’t think so cus she wouldn’t wanna hurt her daughter but it seems she’s working hand in hand with Marshall since he’s her godforsaken husband!” He said and chewed ha-rd on the fruit.
Well, Alexa had un-dergone thorou-gh check-up and had been diagnosed with a little shock and should attend some thera-py.
While Zoe, being strong, he’s just receiving some drip to clear his system of the harmful substance the fake doctor had infused into his system.
They continued eating the fruits from the bowl and they just stared at the pool with different thought flooding throu-gh their minds.
It was evening alre-ady. Maureen had woken up and they had given Gina some cereals and though Maureen acted like a stranger, she still felt the family bond.
They sat on the yellow couch in the ward as Gina sat up with a drip stra-pped into her vein.
“So why did you do it?” A voice asked and she looked up to see Mrs Smith talking.
“Do what?” She asked feigning ignorance of what she was saying.
“I mean, why did you almost kill yourself for revenge, hatred, or whatever you term it?” Mrs Smith asked her voice getting loud obviously getting angry.
“She caused it!” She yelled pointing at Maureen.
“What did I do?” Maureen screamed back
“Did I ever get the opportunity to do anything good, did I ever had the privilege to even talk back to you even though am older, did I have to remind you of the numerous sl@ps I get from you everyday, do I have to talk of the scars I get from talking back, do I?” Maureen yelled hurt that the blame had to be placed on her again.
“Why did you have to be so fortunate, why did you happen to have good luck, why do you still survive after so much tortures?” Gina yelled back as Scott and Mrs Smith just watched stupified.
“Is it my fault? Tell me is it my fault?” Maureen asked as tears streamed down her face as well as Gina.
She was obviously hurt.
“When, your mother got married to your father, that was when things turned out this way. Do you know why? Because your father first love my mother, before knowing her slutty ways and then breaking up with her and then getting married to your mother. Why does it have to be your mother? I would have been in your position if not for that little mistake my mother did. And they wouldn’t have died, because my mom caused the plane crash!” She ranted and bur-sted into tears.
“Thanks to your promiscuous mother, I got the best family even if they are late but the time I spent with them was the best!” Maureen said and the next thing was a sl@p on her face.
“How dare you call my mom promiscuous?” She yelled and a bunch of nurses had rallied around them.
Scott st©pped them from fighting and he calmed Maureen down while Mrs Smith calmed Gina down.
They calmed down after some minutes and the nurses dispersed after warning them to keep it low.
Gina got discharged as well as Zoe and they all drove home in silence.
They got home and they as-signed a room to Gina.
She just walked into it and closed the door behind her.
She fell to the tiled floor and cried de-eply.
A knock c@m£ to the door and Maureen awaited her reply.
Maureen felt she should pacify her but no reply c@m£.
She gently walked away and went into her room.
Mrs Sandra wandered around the compound and awaits the arrival of Gina.
She didn’t have any idea of her second plan if the one they depatched go wrong but she hadn’t seen her since yesterday now and her mind was not at rest.
She decided to carry out another plan on her one without anyone knowing.
Marcia walked into Marshall’s inner chambers and saw him smoking.
She smiled inwardly to herself.
She can’t allow him destroy the home Scott own after taking her away from him.
It’s better to die together because Scott can never accept her again, so what use is her life again?
She filled two cu-ps of champagne from the bar stand and walked into the chamber.
“Heyyo, you’re enjoying yourself?” She asked as she placed the time before him. The two drinks had been poisoned so even if he ask her to drink it first , they are still both gonna die.
“Yeah, you brou-ght this? He asked and she nodded
“Why don’t you have some?” He said as he swirl the glas-s between his f!ngers.
“Yeah!” She said and sipped it.
It was still gonna take about 45 minutes before it starts working.
“Good!” He said and drank it too while she drank hers too.
Till we meet in the afterlife…
E remain Mrs Sandra and Mr Rodney la-idis ooo.