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💋Episode 17/18💋

{Sweet sensation }


Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

Gina knocked heavily on the black huge gate.

She had just arrived at Scott’s house in her skimpy red gown and tightened her grip on the clutch.

The gatekeeper nudged out his head from the gate and scanned her dressing.

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“Yes, what do you want?” He asked her thinking she was some of the prostitutes that normally come to seduce Scott.

“Erm, well am Maureen’s sister and I came to ask her some thing!” She said and swayed her hips hoping the gate keeper will grant her entrance.

He shook his head from the temptation and thought of the fact that Maureen wouldn’t dress like this so she might not be a relative to her but an imposter.

“Okay. Do you have a pass?” He asked and the smile on her face disappeared.

“Yeah, I mean No.” She stammered.

“Then you can’t enter. You have to have an appointment pass before you can be granted opportunity to enter!” He cautioned and with that he jammed the door.


Solified about what just happened, Gina bursted into an hysterical laugh.

Plan A is not going through, then plan B should work.

She catwalked away from the gate and walked down the street.

She flagged down a cab and got in.

“Maidevalle Lane please!” She said to the driver as she looked out of the window.

“Maureen, you can’t succeed than me!” She mumbled to her self and smirked.

“Ma’am, you’re talking to me?” The driver asked thinking she was talking to him, but instead of answering the question, she just hissed loudly.

And the rest of the drive remained silent.


“You’ve got an hairpin there? Zoe asked Alexa

Confused, Alexa replied


“Hand it over!” He said and stretched his palm towards her.

“Here!” She said and dipped her hand into her thick hair and brought out a gold hairpin.

“Good!” Zoe said and stood up, Alexa followed him.

“This should be of help!” He said and bent towards the door knob.

He put the pin in the lock and tilted it sideways. The pin broke into two and frustrated he threw it away.


“Do you need another one?” Alexa asked looking intently into his face.

“Yeah, do you have another?” He asked as he slumped to the floor.

“Yep, I have like two more!” She said and brought out one.

Zoe’s eyes beamed and he collected it from her.

He plundered it into the lock one more time and this time, the door gave ways.

It opened with a break and Alexa watched stupified.

So, their survival and escape was with her all this while.

They tiptoed outta the room and walked quietly down the long dark passage.

“Stop right there!” They heard a voice and they stood frozen on their spot..



Scott roamed round the room, it was past midnight but he couldn’t sleep. His eyes were wide open.

He had checked on Mrs Smith and she was fast asleep.

He couldn’t bring himself to check on Maureen. What if the thing that happened the other day repeats itself?


He’s sure he might not be able to control himself the second time.

He jerked off the stupid thought that was displaying in his head, he should be thinking of his daughter’s whereabouts not some stupid stuffs.

He wore his red slippers and tied his red robe perfectly.

He opened his door gently and marched out.

He need to have something refreshing to cool his brain.

He got to the kitchen and put on the light sockets. He walked towards the fridge and brought out a vanilla extract ice cream. He took the spoon and closed the fridge.

“Arghhh!” He yelled and Maureen screamed also.


The ice cream in his hands fell due to the shock.

She couldn’t sleep too so she had come to have a chilled water.

“Am sorry sir!” She said and bowed.

Still shocked, he just nodded and stared at the ice cream that had spluttered on the kitchen tiled floor.

“Awwwn! My sweet ice cream is gone.” He said and pouted as if he was about to cry.

“Am sorry!” She apologized once again.

They bent down together and as they were scooping it off the ground, their hands touched. A sweet sensation drove through their spines and they looked up together.




💋 Episode 1️⃣9️⃣💋



Zoe and Alexa stood transfixed on their spot.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The voice came again.

The person moved forward and stood in front of them but due to the dark passage, Zoe couldn’t see the person’s face clearly.

“Answer me, where do you think you’re going?” He said and smack Alexa’s face hard, so hard that she yelped loudly.

The stinging pain increased as she held her cheeks.

“You dare slap her?” Zoe asked fuming in anger already. He couldn’t just hit his priority: her safety was his priority.

Zoe grabbed the man’s neck and squeezed it hard taking the man off guard.

“In your next life, you wouldn’t come near us!” He said and with that he strangled the man dead while Alexa just watched in shock.

A dead body was right in front of her.

She just saw a living man go numb till death. She wouldn’t get over it so quick she might need therapy.

She stared blankly at the corpse before her.

“Let’s get going Alexa!” Zoe said and took her up to his shoulders.

They walked out of the corridor and it was already dark.

He’s sure they must have been here for over six hours. Shared on whatsapp by Martino.

He scurried out of the gate and luckily there was no security probably because they had thought they wouldn’t be able to free themselves.

They walked down the silent dark street and only their footsteps could be heard.

They heard a loud voice and Zoe guessed that they might have sensed their escape. He held Alexa tight on his shoulders and he ran as fast as he could.



Marshall fumed as he yelled to his agents.

“How could you allow them escape?” He yelled and the agents bowed

“We’re sorry sir!” One of them spoke and out of fury, he shot him dead.

“One more word from any of you and consider yourself dead!” He said and stared angrily at them.

“Get out of here and make sure to bring them here. Dead or alive, I want them here.” He said and walked out of the room.

The agents stood there for a while until he’s out of sight before moving out to clear the corpse.



Scott and Maureen’s face came closer and were about giving their lips a holy matrimony when Mrs Smith rushed in.

They rushed up at the same time and stared at her.

“I heard you yell, that was why I rushed out!” She explained.

“Ohh! My ice cream got spluttered on the floor!” Scott said ashamed that he had woken an old woman up due to an ice cream.

“Am sorry!” He apologized and hugged her.

Maureen just bent down and wiped the cream of the floor.


As she disposed the napkin, she felt another reverence and it was a reverence where Alexa got freed.

She rushed to the duo that was still joking about the ice cream incident and grabbed Scott by the arm.

“Alexa has been free, but I don’t think she knows the way home!” She jibed and start shivering

She felt she might meet with another danger on her way.

“Regent street, East wards.” She said and looked into Scott’s eyes who was just looking blankly at her.

“That’s where she is!” She yelled and dragged his hand while Mrs Smith followed closely.


She dragged them out of the house to the car garage.

Lights were on round the whole compound and the water fall looked more heavenly. But that was not what she’s out here for.

Almost fifteen cars fleeted down the garage.

She picked a black Lamborghini and opened it.

She threw Scott into it who was still looking transfixed.

“Get into it and drive the goddamn car!” She said not knowing where the courage came from.

He got in and she sat at the passenger seat while Mrs Smith sat at the back seat.

The AC in the car made goosebumps rise on her skin.

She was putting on just her purple nightwear that stopped only above her knee and was very thin that the tube she was putting on under was visible.

They drove out of the house without telling the gatekeeper about their destination, they just waved at him.

He put on the car’s GPS and inputted the address she had given him.

It was a long drive and when they finally got there, it was filled with woods to the brim.

Now how can they find them in here?

It’s just like searching for a needle in a haystack.

It’s so gonna be hard.

They got down from the car and the first thing they saw was a silhouette of two persons.

“Dad?” Scott heard and his heart fluttered.





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