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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His daughter’s nanny Episode 15 & 16

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🦋 His

🌸 Daughter’s

🍁 Nanny

[^A mother for his daughter^]

💋Episode 1️⃣5️⃣💋

{The birthday party }



Scott washed his brush and kept it in the rack. He uncladed himself of his clothes and walked into the jacuzzi tub. It was steaming of a lukewarm water.


He got in and stretched his arms wide.

He breathed in and out as the image of Maureen’s plump lips filled his head.

He couldn’t sleep b’cos he kept remembering it.

Due to his insomniac night, he had taken his bath quite early.

He took his hand gloves sponge and sprinkle some blueberry made soap on it. He rubbed it gently against his body and damn it felt good.

He scrub and scrub till all of his body was clean. He disposed the soapy water by draining it and then filling it with a clean warm water again. He finished bathing and got up from the jacuzzi.

He wore a red robe and walked out of his bathroom.

He decided to check on Alexa first before dressing up. He wore a red comfy furry slippers.

He marched out of his room and trodded towards Alexa’s room. He found the door opened ajar and get walked in not bothering to knock. He got and what he saw was so so surprising.


His daughter was leading a prayer and Maureen was answering her.

His heart ached at

the fact that Maureen, her Nanny was the one teaching her the ethical things her mother ought to have taught her.

He sat quietly on the couch and watch them amazingly.

“In Jesus name we pray!” Alexa said as she opened her eyes.

“Amen!” Maureen answered.

“Dad, you’re here also!” She asked as she put off her night robe.


“Good morning sir!” Maureen greeted.

“Good morning and how was your health and cold?” He asked as he helped his daughter with the buttons on her robe.

“It was fine, thank you sir!” She replied and brought out her uniform.

“Maureen, what’s today?” Alexa asked disappointment written all over her face.

“Tuesday?” Maureen said almost out like a question.

“Daddy, you too!” She said stamping her feet on the rug making muffled sounds.

“It’s Olivia’s birthday today, for crying out loud!” She cried out

“Ohh, I forgot. Let’s get you dressed then.” Maureen said while Scott scratched his head in shame.

He had failed to fulfil his daughter’s demand.

He hadn’t even practice any birthday song.

“I’ll be back!” He said and rushed out. He need to make a quick rehearsal.

Maureen bathed for Alexa for the first time. She washed her hair with a vanilla shampoo.

She creamed her body gently and dried her hair with the hair dryer.


She plaited it into two french pleats.

She helped her wear the pink ballerina gown she had bought for the birthday. It was a pair which Olivia too the other one.

Maureen rushed to get dressed also. She wore a pink top gown which stopped below her butt. It had a

hole placed above her boobs but due to her large size, it was exposed. She wore a white crazy jeans underneath it with stopped above her ankle.

She wore an anklet and packed her hair in a chignon style.


She took her clutch bag and fitted her feet in her moccasins shoe.

It was a pink one.

She walked to the dining and there was Scott and Alexa.

Scott was dressed in a grey tuxedo with it’s trousers. He had a black pocket linen in his breast pocket. She blinked repeatedly and sat beside him.

He was so damn hot.


They settled down for their breakfast. It was marshmallows, lettuces and tomatoes with some fried Chicken and waffles.

“Here!” Scott said and wingled a key to Alexa.

“Oh dad! Thanks. You’re the best.” She said and collected it.

They continued eating silently.

They finished eating and walked outside.

The car was pink Venza with a inscription on the number plate that says..



It was written in an outlined font.

They got into a black bugatti. John will bring the latter car after..


They drove towards the hall that has been designated for the party.

It was decorated with pink and white ribbons and balloons too.

Olivia sighted Alexa and invited her over.

“Heyyo bestie, Happy birthday baby. Long life and prosperity!” Alexa wished as she approached Olivia


“Thanks hun. You’re the best and we’re going together!” Olivia appreciated and linked her arms together with her friend’s.

They moved to the celebrant’s seat and they say together, still linkin arms and at the same time grinning.

“Alex!” Olivia called and signalled her to come towards her.

“Is your dad and your nanny together?” She asked giving her friend their signal.

“I don’t know, but it seems dad likes her.” She said and moved her body rhythmically to the song that had started booming out of the large stereo.

“Hurray! Let’s dance!” She said and they stood up to dance.

Meanwhile, Maureen and Scott were both shy to dance. They just kept swaying.

After about an hour, Scott presented and about six ladies collapsed.

Maureen just kept laughing at those ladies that were collapsing.

They finished the party around 5 pm and they decided to branch in the hospital to check on Zoe.

They got to the hospital and they met the doctors in chaos.

“What’s wrong?” Maureen asked Scott

“Lemme ask first!” He said and moved towards one of the doctors that were moving haphazardly.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“It’s your patient sir, he had been found missing!” The doctor said


Zoe had been kidnapped by a fake doctor.



The fake doctor called Rodney and told him about the success of the plan.

They had injected him while he was asleep.

And he had been taken away while others taught he was taken by a doctor meanwhile the doctor was fake.

Rodney grinned and called Marshall informing him about it.

He laughed hysterical about the plan he was about carrying out. It’s gonna be a blast💣.

“Sir, he’s here!”

“The bodyguard is here!” The man added

“Time for plan!”



💋 Episode 1️⃣6️⃣💋

{Competition. }


Sorry for any inconveniences of mistakes



Olive and Alex were seated in the car.

They are going for the competition.

They revised from the reading tab in their hands.

Maureen had helped her a little in a way she could help.

She had taught her about the historical ethnicity.

She was so glad that her nanny could help.

“We’re here girls!” Their principal announced and they both looked up from the tab they were reading from.


“Make me proud as you’ve always done!” She said

“Now both of you take this pair of wristwatches and handky! I want y’all to look different from others. You’ve always made me proud. So continue to make me proud!” She added while the two girls just smiled.

“We promise ma’am, to always take the lead!” Alexa said and Olivia nodded.

They got down from the car and there stood the magnificent hall standing before them.

“Are you nervous?” The principal asked..

“No not at all, this isn’t our first time doing this and surely the cup is ours.” Olivia said for the first time they left school

“Get going girls, we’ll be cheering you on girls!” She said and hugged them both.

They set out to go and held each others hands. That had been their custom whenever they are to go on a competition.

“Girls, have this!” She said and hand over two hair band to them. It was of their school brand (New daylight schools).

It was gold in colour like their uniforms

“Thanks ma’am!” They chorused and collected it.

They tied it round their ponytails and smiled at the older woman before them

She signalled them to go in as the competition had begun.

They got in and immediately a loud scream erupted in the building almost collapsing it.

“The forever champions are here!” The presenter said and a louder scream came again.

Both of them just waved and marched to the competitors seat. Their opponents were just glaring at them while they smirked back.

The presenter took time in dying the noise and after that the event begun.

It was a spelling competition with a bit of general questions.

They had spent about an hour when a question was directed at them. Many contestants have been disqualified and it was remaining just three schools with them leading with the highest points.

That was supposed to be the winning question.

The question was – “Who created the first aircraft?”

It was like a bomb to them. None of them knew it.

Their time started reading.

None of them knew it.

It was remaining just three seconds when a voice was heard..

“The Wright’s brothers!”

“Huh?” The presenter asked again

“The Wright’s brothers!” Olivia said.

“And that’s correct!”

A loud scream erupted from the crowd.

Olivia and Alexa hugged themselves.

They had emerged victorious again.

The 1st runner up and the 2nd runner up glared at them so hard and they just stick their tongue out to them.

They received their prize and left after.

“You girls made me proud again!” Their principal said in the car as she drove out of the hall premises.

“Yeah, swears I was scared we were about loosing. For the very first time!” Olivia said and checked the time.

“Let’s have a quick party before going back to school, okay?” She said and did a U-turn.

They arrived at an eatery and ordered for some chocolate candy stash, Tacos and some KFC Chicken.

They feasted and talked about how the competition had went.

They were about leaving when some armed people came into the eatery and took away Alexa.




Scott and Maureen awaited for the arrival of Alexa till nightfall and she was nowhere to be found.

They made a complaint to his FBI agents about it and they started work immediately.

Scott wept till he couldn’t again. He couldn’t afford to loose his daughter like he had lost his wife.

It was gonna tear him down, if not kill him.

But unknowing to him, that was what his enemy had planned: to kill him and wreck his family.




E don happen I don tell am, motor don jam am🏃

Alexa have been kidnapped oo

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