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His average wife episode 31

🙍🏼‍♂️ His Average Wife 🙍🏼‍♂️
( Not like a model )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 31
To trust is to stand on a railway track waiting for the train to hit you,
To only have someone pull you back at right time and whisper in your ears
“Trust but verify for all we know even trains change their tracks”
Veronica’s scrutinising gaze was fixed on the page of a paper in her hands as her forehead was covered in creases.
“Is this the only way out?”
She asked directing her question to the legal consultant that sat in front of her.
“Yes ma’am, unless and until this will is declared void or it is lapsed…. nothing can be transferred to your name”
“So you mean to say that if they get divorced, Ashton Lockwood will no longer be her guardian.
And that being done Elle herself will be the only obstacle left in my way?”
“Yes ma’am till Ashton is with her, we can’t harm her in any way”
Veronica nodded her head putting together the puzzles in her brain.
She knew what she has to do next and she couldn’t stop the smirk that lingered on her face.
“Elle Hamilton Knight, my dearest just wait and watch how I take back all that which was meant to be mine.”
“Excuse me! I have a meeting with miss Veronica”
Elle asked the receptionist while shifting from one foot to another.
“Your name ma’am?”
“Elle Lockwood”
“Oh yes, Mrs Lockwood! Please follow me”
Elle followed her taking in the surroundings.
The walls were made of glass and Italian tiles clicked under the receptionists stellitoes.
Elle’s hoody and sneakers were in contrast to everyone else’s formal wear, but right now she didn’t care.
Her thoughts were only concerned about one person.
“We are here miss, Ma’am is waiting for you inside”
With a small smile and low casted eyes, the receptionist was gone leaving Elle alone.
Ashton was going to kill her if he comes to know that she was meeting his rival behind his back.
But she doesn’t have a choice.
If he will not tell her, then she is going to find it herself.
Straightening her back, Elle pushed forward the glass door and made her way inside.
The first thing that Elle noticed as she entered was the powerful Aura of the lady that sat behind the desk.
Her pen stopped the second her eyes locked with Elle’s brown ones.
“Elle my dear, so pleased to see you here!”
Before Elle could reply, she was engulfed in a warm hug from her side.
Shocked Elle just managed to hmm in response.
“Come… have a seat dear”
Veronica seemed to be completely in contrast to what tabloids have told Elle about her.
Either this was a facade or what she showed the world was all fake.
Dialling an auto tone, Veronica placed the received on her ear
“Tea, coffee or green tea dear?”
“Nothing…please I am fine”
Elle spoke overwhelmed by her greetings
“Nonsense…you have to have something!”
“Ehhh… tea will fine…thank you”
Veronica ordered two green teas and next placed her full attention on Elle
“You look just like her”
She spoke in a whisper staring at her.
“Sorry…you said something?”
Elle asked not able to understand what she said.
“No nothing dear, so tell me what do you want to know?”
Elle looked back into her eyes liking how she was coming straight to business.
“It depends on what you want to tell me …after all you have called me here ”
Veronica smiled trying to hide the distaste of not liking her answer to the question she asked.
“See Elle your husband is on verge of bankruptcy and very soon all his properties will be confiscated.
Getting charged with supplying sulphuric acid without a licence is a big crime and he will never get a legal licence again.
If this is not enough, the acid supplied by him was adulterated and it blasted in a furnace killing hundreds.
The amount of compensation involved is tremendous and I don’t think his company will survive this.”
Elle nodded not looking much bordered.
“I don’t need you to tell me all these things which I already know.
The only question which I have is to why a person like you will indulge herself in destroying the life of a man who is innocent?”
Veronica sat back in her seat admiring the bravery of this little girl.
“That’s a grave accusation you just placed on my shoulders dear, I hate it when people get direct with me”
“Well, you shouldn’t mind it if you know you are right.
Anyways I just want you to drop this case and take back all the charges.
So name your price miss Veronica”
The confidence in the girls’ voice made Veronica admire her for a second.
So average but still so brave.
“My price you ask Mrs Elle if you could only afford it”
“That’s my concern for you don’t know me enough to know my worth”
Veronica smiled
“How funny it sounds coming from a person who doesn’t know a bit of how everyone is using her”
“Excuse me?”
Elle asked, confused
“Oh, Elle my dear you are so innocent my child.
I hate all of them for using you like this!
I swear I will bring them down for doing this to you!!”
“ do you mean?”
Veronica moved towards her with tears in her eyes.
Her manicured hands held Elle’s face in her hands as she stared into her eyes.
“I am your Aunt Elle….I am so sorry for not coming for you earlier…I am sorry to let you live with those monsters!”
Elle moved her head back escaping from her.
Not ready to believe even a word of what this lady was saying.
“No…what are you saying…my mom doesn’t have a sister…I don’t have any aunts…you are mistaken”
“Oh dear ….how much secrets they have kept from you.
At least I didn’t expect this from David, I guess he is just a puppet in his second wife’s hands now”
“Second wife….no….”
“Anna Hamilton Knight your biological mom was his first wife and my only sister.
She loved your father dearly but even after 5 years of marriage, they didn’t have a child…. but unknown to her that bastard used to warm that who** beds behind her back.
Thomas and Rosaline were the children he had behind your mother’s back.
Anna never doubted his late returns and weekend tours but how he played my innocent sister’s heart.
And then finally you happened after 5 years of their marriage.
It all went well until that day when you turned 1.
I still remember it like yesterday…..that look of betrayal in your mom’s eyes as she came to know about your father’s actual face.
The day I lost everything.
Anna was very furious at him…she said she will not live with someone like him.
Taking you along she was driving like crazy and then it happens.”
Tracing the little cut on Elle’s forehead Veronica stared at Elle with tears streaming down her cheeks.
“You survived…this cut …you got it that day….bit Anna…she succumbed to her injuries”
Veronica had her head placed in Elle’s lap as she was a sobbing mess.
While Elle sat frozen in a complete state of shock.
Her heart refused to believe all this but her brain was putting all the dots together.
“I know you won’t believe me, Elle….after all, you think of me as a rival but I have my reasons, Elle…I have my reasons for hurting everyone that ever tried to hurt my sister and now you”
Elle moved her head in a no
“My dad….no he can’t…I…he loves me…he ..”
Veronica pulled out a picture from her rack and placed it on Elle’s lap.
“Anna and me…when were 16”
Elle couldn’t believe her eyes.
It looked like she was there in that picture.
It couldn’t be
So much resemblance can never be just a coincidence.
“Aren’t you a replica of your mother Elle? Now you know what I felt the second I saw you”
The picture in her hands was shaking as the first teardrop landed on her mother’s face.
“I know you must be wondering why I didn’t search for you earlier…but Elle trusts me when I say this….I thought you were killed in that accident that night.
David made sure to hide you from everyone….I just thought you were the 3 rd child he had with his second wife.
I didn’t know you were my Anna’s daughter….my blood”
“But….but why are you after Ashton!….he didn’t play any part in this …why are you destroying him!!
Elle screamed in frustration as Veronica sighed.
“Do you love him?”
Elle became silent as Veronica screamed in horror.
“You can’t love him, Elle!!
No man is to be trusted my child…. especially not him”
“I don’t know….I just want you to take back that case …he doesn’t deserve any of this… please…”
“Elle my dear please don’t beg for that man…if only you knew of how he is using you”
Elle couldn’t stop those tears, they were flowing like water out of an overflown dam.
“You are so gullible Elle…. seriously do you think he would have married you without any ulterior motive.
No offence but you are not some exceptional beauty that can bring a man on his knees, Elle.
Why you and not Rose?…she was more suitable then why you?
Why he married you even though he didn’t find you attractive?
Think Elle think…..why are you his not so beautiful wife??!!”
Elle kept silent.
Unable to take anything anymore.
Anyone but not him.
He can’t betray her.
“Our father was no ordinary man Elle… Arnold Knight…your grandfather was the man who was worshipped for his victories.
His estates were ranked 1 st all around the world.
The amount of money he earned and made in his lifetime is what most people only dreamed of.
After his death, the will state that you are to be the heir to everything he had after your mother.. , the sole reason why your dad married your mother was to get her property.
And that’s again the only reason why he kept you with him for so many years.
But then came Ashton, the legally married husband of yours who is the guardian of all your property till you attain the age of 24.
He only married you for your money Elle…. nothing else and once he gets it….he will throw you away like trash… people like him don’t love my dear…shrewd people like him only use people!”
“He will use you Elle…he will use you as a tool to take everything from you.
I won’t be surprised if he gets you pregnant and divorces you…after all the child will be his then and all your property will be transferred to your child”
Marriage contract for 1 year…….
Clause being
“I hereby assume the role of her guardian till the term to this contract ends.
The power of attorney lies in my hands in respect of all the properties that she inherited from her grandfather.
The attorney will be surrendered along with my rights with the end of the term.
The clause of taking away the kid
In such a case party 1 will have full rights over the unborn child.
Being the future heir to Lockwood industries
We both hereby agree to all the clauses mentioned above.
His custody of their unborn child….All the open-ended questions were al
l surprisingly fitting the missing boxes.
“No…you are lying…he is himself so rich, why will he need me…?”
“Oh come on Elle don’t be so stupid now, thirst for money can never be quenched… it’s always about money only… everything else doesn’t matter”
Elle stared into nothingness as events of the past were getting flash backed in front of her eyes.
She so-called mother’s ignorance towards her,
Her different features from her siblings
Ashton ‘s hate towards her
His warning of not loving her and asking her to stay away from him.
We are not lovers Elle…we are just two parties of a contract.
As soon as our term ends you are to leave me forever.
Did he mean to say that once he gets my property he will throw me away?
Monsters are real Elle and I am one of them.
Was this what his monsters were trying to tell me.
I am not to be trusted, Elle…I have secrets that can destroy you.
Trust me when I say stay away from me from now on”
Was this the reason you wanted me not to trust you? not love you?
“Elle dear I found out why he did all this and I badly wanted to hurt him.
I got this opportunity and luckily I was successful.
I can’t leave him after knowing what he plans to do with you, Elle…I have seen Anna suffer…I don’t want you to suffer the same way, my dear.”
“I hope you have not got carried away with his looks and charm….I hope you have not given yourself to him completely Elle?”
As soon as those words left her lips Elle stared at her in shock.
Was last night….was it all planned?
Was it meant to happen sooner or later?
Did Ashton planned to do it so that she could give him a child which he can snatch from her?
So that he can use their child to get all her property?
But how can she believe this when he himself gave her all the rights to stop.
When he himself said that this can’t happen again.
Veronica saw that doubt in her eyes and she knew she had to try better.
“He will leave you Elle…he will leave you after he gets all that he wants from you.
Trust me a child when I say…he is not to be trusted.”
Elle rubbed her teary face and looked back into her caring looking ones.
“And what reasons I have to trust you my dearest Aunt….that Aunt who kept seeing me suffer for so many years but didn’t do anything?”
The same aunt who accused my husband of something he never did.
Veronica knew then, the girl may look and act dumb but she was not that gullible
“He is playing with your feelings dear!! Why don’t you get it…you will be thanking me one day Elle…you will thank me for destroying that man who destroyed you!! Just divorce him Elle leave him before he is successful in his plans.”
Elle moved her head in a no getting up from her seat.
“Elle dear please sit…I know you don’t believe me but please try -”
Elle had moved up her hand to stop her from going any further.
“No…I …just stop your nonsense!! You are bluffing….I trust them…they will never do this to me.”
“Then go and live your life in hell Elle…go and dance to their tunes till they decide to discard you…but remember the day you find out the truth….. don’t come running back to me!”
And then that’s when without looking back, the innocent girl ran down the stairs of this high storeyed building.
Dashing out from there her shaking legs only managed to reach the pavement where she crashed.
Holding a street pole for support she tried to calm her breathing.
She can’t trust this woman, she could be playing with her emotions for all she knows.
She has to ask Ashton and her parents herself.
Stopping a taxi she made her way to her old home.
Ready to unveil the truth.
“Oh come on David…you can’t be serious! We were played by those Lockwoods!! Don’t you understand this till now!
All the properties we forged were not even a fraction of what Anna owned! We are fools to believe those fake property papers!!
That Ashton is such a manipulator ….I am telling you he knows everything…we can’t play him …instead he is playing with us!”
David sighed in frustration, sitting down on the sofa
“But he can’t know!! The real will has been kept hidden for years…how could he have known of it beforehand?”
“Hell even I don’t know this!! But no matter he knows or not….he is the fuc*** guardian of her…our plans to take her property after her turning 24 have been ruined!! ”
“Just stop with now!! Haven’t we had enough of it now! Just leave the child for once.!”
“David !! Do you know how much property we are talking ab-”
“I don’t care!! Just let her be!! She is happily married now… don’t create more problems now!”
“So now you turn soft for that bi** daughter!!
Didn’t we planned all this years before…. didn’t you married her just for that!!”
“Don’t you dare call her that!! And as far Elle is concerned ..she is my own skin and blood!! I won’t fuc*** allow you to use her for your own self every damn time! ”
Mrs Hamilton burned in anger and jealous as David refused to back down.
“You can’t ruin my plans like this!! I raised that bi** for so many years not to wait for this day!”
“Oh dear if you think I didn’t see how you behaved with her all these years…I would have thought that maybe you still cared for her!”
Thomas intervened seeing all the ruckus.
“Mom please calm down…why are you always like this!”
“Do you see this David? Do you see how my own son takes that bi*** side!!
You all think I am the bad person here when all I did was care for that girl for so many years!”
“Mom please you are over exaggerating things!! Elle is happy in her new life now…why are you so adamant to get what belongs to her.
It all belonged to her mom and she has full rights on it.!”
“For what Thomas? For what! I planned all this when I took in that child…what do I get in return? You blaming me or your dad hating me for doing it!”
“Enough now! I said you will leave Elle alone! End of discussion!”
David made his way to the door to end this discussion when his footsteps froze.
His eyes widened in shock when he realised who was standing near the door listening to all that what everyone tried to hide from her.
Her brown eyes were rimmed with redness as her nose has turned red from crying.
As the first sob broke through her lips everyone turned around to look at its source.
Thomas went towards her to only make her take two steps back.
“Stay…… don’t you dare come cl..ose to m..e!! ”
“Elle please come sit…we will sit and discus-”
“Discuss what Thomas!! Discuss what !!
How you made me feel unloved every damn time!! How you made me feel insecure and left out wherever we went!! Discuss how I was disgraced by everyone while you all sat there smiling!!
Discuss how you all were just using me all these years to only get some fuck*** property of mine!”
“No Elle listen..we love you okay… don’t fill your head with sh**…just ple-”
“Don’t Thomas..just don’t…you have lost that right ”
David moved his head in a no as he desperately wanted to hold his daughter in his arms.
“Elle dear I may have never-”
“Stop Dad!! Just stop it okay!! For all these years I thought…I thought…you were ashamed of me…
you were ashamed of how ugly I was and…Just to hold your honour…I distanced myself from this society…..I used to hide in shadows so that…no one feels like your daughter was a disgrace…….
but you dad….you hid such a big secret from me….you hid the existence of my very own mother who brought me into this world!!”
No one thought that she must be knowing about her real mother, but again secrets do come out one day.
“No child listen…I didn’t want to hurt you … please, Elle, trust me-”
“Trust you say, Dad!! If only you would have trusted me with your dark truths!!
“I am sorry my child…I am sorry”
Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he desperately tried to explain her.
“Sorry for playing with my mother’s heart? Sorry for giving be birth or sorry for neglecting me every time!!
Sorry for what dad!!”
Mrs Hamilton stepped frward with no ounce of regret in her eyes.
“You ungrateful bi***!! So what if we didn’t tell you…so what if we neglected you…you deserved ev-”
Before anyone could understand much an echoing slap was heard in the room as David stood in front of his wife with a look of pure fury.
“Didn’t I fuc*** said to shut your trap!! ”
Mrs Hamilton had tears in her eyes as this was the first time anyone slapped her.
Turning away from her David held Elle’s shivering hands in his.
“Please my child…I have always loved you, no matter what you think or say I have and will always love you with my everything.
Everyone does mistakes…but only a few get the opportunity to say sorry…I couldn’t say it to your mother …but to you, I truly plead for forgiveness”
Elle found hidden pain in his eyes, like depths of regret, were drowning his emotions.
But she can’t trust anyone now.
Moving back her hand from his embrace she looked into those hurtful eyes
“Sorry for being your daughter dad….I promise you from now onwards you don’t have to feel ashamed of me ever again.
Elle Hamilton has died today for all of you.”
She turned on her heels to leave as the meaning of her words got interpreted by everyone.
The entire floor of the Hamilton mansion felt like moving under everyone’s feet.
“No Elle!! Don’t say that!! Please stop Elle!!”
Thomas pleaded running behind her as David was too shocked to react.
Before anyone could do anything she was gone like a stigma flowing with the wind.
Her eyes have lost their tears as she gazed at the skyscrapers around her.
As the taxi turned around at the last stop she leaned back her head on the seat.
That’s what she felt right now and no matter what the only person she needed to fill that emptiness was him.
His loving kisses in his warming embrace was all she needed.
But could she afford them after what that lady told her?
Could she trust him?
For trust was the only thing she ever did on him and no matter what few words of someone can never break it.
I will only trust what leaves those lips that have kissed every inch of my skin.
I will only believe what those cold eyes try to tell me in these times of shattered hopes.
I trust you, Ashton Lockwood
Even though to trust you is like trusting a typhoon that destroys everything that comes in its way, except one thing and that’s it’s eye.
I want my peace in the eye of your typhoons Ashton Lockwood, for everything around me has just got shattered into million pieces of lies and treachery.
TBC 💢💢💢


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