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His average wife episode 29

🙍🏼‍♂️ His Average Wife 🙍🏼‍♂️
( Not like a model )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 29
In the storm of hard times when everything is falling apart and every word sounds a lie,
I will stand by your side silently,
Ready to attack to every blow that dares to come your way violently.
I will be your shield in this storm of knives,
I will be your shining armour in this world of fading light.
6 months later……
Ashton sat in his office feeling devastated.
His eyes trailed the men emptying the furniture from his office which was no longer his.
He just couldn’t see this, all his hard work…all his efforts ran down the drain.
He gave his best, sleepless nights, killing headaches, burning eyes…he suffered everything in these last few months but all in vain.
At last, he had lost the case.
Even with all the proofs and figures in his favour.
The friends and foes, both were bought with the power of dollars and the voice of his truth got lost in the false screams of accusations.
The clicking sound of heels was heard and he already knew who it was.
The face which made his nights restless was there in front of him with a victorious smile on her face.
Pulling a seat in front of him she sat down crossing one leg over the other.
6 bodyguard’s surrounded her and he couldn’t help but feel her powerful aura surround him.
He refused to acknowledge her presence
Her name boiled his blood and her sight was obnoxious.
“Your arrogance has not notched down a bit I see”
Ashton clenched his fist in anger, how badly he wanted to see someone bleed right now.
He kept silent staring at her with those cold eyes which have turned more red and deadly in these last few days.
“You are down on your knees Ashton Lockwood, your company is on verge of liquidation and officials are standing outside to seal this building.
So now do you accept my offer?”
She opened her palm and one of her bodyguards placed a file in her hands.
Placing the file on his table she gave him a challenging look.
“Just sign this and everything will be back to normal”
How badly Ashton wanted to rip off those papers,
How badly he wanted to choke her right now.
And how badly he wanted to show her his anger.
But again loosing your cool and control was the only thing she wanted.
Unknown to her, he was a master of this field.
“Veronica, owner of WV chemicals, the infamous drug lord who doesn’t meet with anyone is here sitting in front of me, what an honour !”
He said sarcastically while placing his one leg on the other and sitting straight on his seat.
Noticing his change of posture she changed the words she was going to say next.
“You are lucky Mr Lockwood I am handling this myself, or my men generally get their hands dirty very easily”
“Of course you will handle it yourself ms Veronica, it’s not every day you get to come face to face with your past mistakes”
She grinded her teeth in irritation but still managed to plaster that fake smile on her lips.
“You are a smart boy Lockwood, you should be knowing till now why I am doing this….. don’t make me regret not killing you back then when you were a kid”
“I am sorry Veronica but Ashton Lockwood has never done deals on terms of others.
It’s either my way or the highway.”
“You think you are in a position to order let alone negotiate.
I am really sorry but you are living in a world of delusion.”
He smiled staring at the skyscrapers around.
“Delusions are just a veil over reality, miss Veronica, you must be a fool to believe that I will let this world know of my true net worth”
Her eyes widened for a bit second and Ashton smirked.
“Lockwood enterprises is not enough to bring me down, you live in a delusion if you think this is the only thing I managed to make in all these years.”
She could no longer control her anger.
Her hand moved on the metal tucked on her waist and she stood up abruptly.
“Ah hun miss Veronica, I wouldn’t do that If I were you.
There are CCTV cameras around and my men are just behind yours”
Her hand dropped down and she moved closer to him.
“If you don’t sign these papers, trust me … this is going to get personal”
“It got person the day you made an innocent kid see a murder miss Veronica.”
She threw her next card, which is the actual reason why she wants to ruin this man.
“Oh come on Lockwood, if not for you .. at least for your wife you can sign this.
Elle… that’s her name, right?
I wonder if she can love a man who killed her real mother”
His face turned stone cold as he stared at her with anger.
“Bring her into this and you will see why Ashton Lockwood is known as a beast.
I may be weak but remember a bruised lion is the most dangerous of all!”
She smirked knowing she had found his weakness.
“This city runs at my fingers Ashton Lockwood, I don’t just control them but own them.
You are mistaken if you think you can defeat me”
“I am only protecting my territory, defeating anyone has never been my intentions.
But if to protect them I have to turn my hands dirty, then some blood on my hands will only give me that missing thrill to kill”
Her stare hardened as she crumbled the contract papers in her hand.
“You are doing a mistake.
Just sign these papers, amalgamate Lockwood industries with WV chemicals and we can have a new beginning”
“I don’t do business with likes of you miss Veronica, Ashton Lockwood can beg on streets but not sell drugs to innocents!”
With a last warning look in her eyes, the storm was gone leaving behind silence.
Ashton sank back into his seat lost in thoughts.
She has threatened to inform his wife if he refused to sign this deal.
She has threatened him of his company and everything dear to him.
But no matter what, he can’t agree to join WV chemicals.
He will destroy his own life but will never destroy the life of an innocent with the addiction of drugs.
He was defeated and there was nothing he could do.
Unknown to him, till she was with him, he had everything.
25 years ago……….
An old man sat at his office seat staring at the papers in his hand.
His hands were shivering as he read the words he asked his lawyer to write in his will.
“I Arnold Knight hereby declare this to be my final will and I revoke any and all wills and codicils I previously made.
I hereby give all my estates, tangible personal properties and assets to my second born daughter Anna Knight.
If she does not survive me, I give it all to her firstborn child when the child attains the age of 24.
I also hereby take the opportunity to disown my firstborn daughter Veronica Knight of all my assets and properties.
I don’t consider her to my daughter anymore and from this day hence I prohibit her from using my surname with her name.
I appoint my daughter Anna Knights husband David Hamilton to be the guardian of my daughter does not survive me, immediately the successor guardianship would get transferred to my grandchild’s spouse from the day he/ she gets married.
I have signed this will this day of 10 May 1995
Teardrops escaped the old man’s eyes as he finally signed with shaking hands.
“Papa please rest, do this work later”
He looked up to see his dearest younger daughter standing in front of him with medicine in one hand and a glass of water in another.
He took the medicine and opened his arms to make her rush to him and embrace him.
Placing a gentle kiss on her brown hair he spoke the words with heaviness in his heart.
“I wish V could be like you Anna, what sins did I commit to have a child like her”
Anna’s pulled away from his hug and cleaned his tears.
“Shhh , dad doesn’t say that V loves us!”
Henry smiled at her innocent self.
Tracing her bandaged head he looked into her eyes.
“You lied to me Anna, V did this… didn’t she?”
Anna looked down unable to lie to her dad again.
“She is taking drugs again… right?
“Dad you know the doctors were saying it is not her fault, she can’t control her anger…..she just needed some money to buy them….I didn’t have much …so she….”
Henry placed a kiss on her forehead and sat back in his seat.
“You will not go near her Anna, you are pregnant and it’s not good for you.
Please daughter ”
Anna nodded and smiled trying to hide her tears.
“Promise me daughter…this is my last wish”
“No dad… please don’t say it like this…”
“Promise me, Anna”
She broke down in tears as she whispered
“I promise dad…I promise”
Her father placed his hand on her stomach and smiled.
How badly he wanted to see his grandchild if only he could get a few more days of life.
Ashton came back home to be welcomed by silence.
The lights were off and he guessed that Elle must be asleep.
Loosening his tie and putting away his coat, he sighed.
His gaze fell on the figure standing in the balcony and he couldn’t stop his steps from going that way.
He silently stood behind her, inhaling her calming fragrance that was getting travelled with the wind.
His eyes were closed and he stood like a statue entrapped by her presence.
Before he could move forward and get the courage to hug her, her frame crashed into his in a warming hug.
He smiled for the first time in the entire day, her warmness took away all the coldness he was showing to this world.
“You made me so worried!! Where were you! You were not even picking up your call! I even called John..he said you were not with him!”
Her worried eyes stared into his as he smiled down at her.
“Why are you smiling!! Are you fine? Have you eaten something!! So silly of me!! Wait I will prepare the table..come you must be starving!”
She said pulling him along.
“Elle!! Elle!”
Engulfing her face in his palms he pulled her back.
“I have eaten the food you packed, I am full”
“Oh okay….”
She looked down shyly
“But I am craving for a dessert..”
Her eyes shined brightly as she literally screamed in excitement.
“Waffles!!…wait I’ll make the batter”
She again tried to leave and he stopped her by holding her wrist.
“Something more sweeter…not waffles”
“But they are your favourite!! What else?… strawberry ice cream?”
“Something that’s juicy and sweet and addicting”
Elle got lost in thought, thinking of all the desserts.
“Yes, I know….candy floss!!”
Ashton had a duh look on his face as he saw those brown eyes dancing in victory.
“No…then what!!”
“Your lips”
Before she could understand his lips crashed into hers making her hold the railing behind her for support.
Her eyes widened the size of saucers as he deepened his kiss further.
Placing his one hand on her neck and other on her waist he took in his dessert.
He left her lips to look into those caring brown orbs.
How badly he wanted her, how badly he wanted to take things further from here but sadly he was never able to.
In these 9 months of marriage, the only thing he did to her was kiss her.
“Happy 100 th kiss ugly duckling”
Her cheeks turned two shades red when she realised he was counting them.
“Y..ou were counting?”
He pulled her more closer if possible and placed a final lingering kiss on her forehead.
“You can save your first for me so can’t I count our 100 th for you?”
She smiled hiding her face in his chest as he pressed his chin on her head.
“Ashton, can you promise me something?”
He said in half-sleep as his head was placed in her lap and she was playing with his silky locks.
“It took me 100 kisses to see this warm side of you…to see the real you, can you please be like this forever?”
His eyes looked into her insecure ones
“You know me, Elle, you know how much I care for you. I would never hurt you but I can’t promise you anything other than that”
He could see tears in the brim of her eyes, ready to flood out any second.
“But….Ash….I… don’t want to leave you”
“Hey ..hey ”
He said getting up and sitting up straight in front of her.
“Look at me…look up Elle”
Her sad eyes looked up as a sob left her lips.
“Whenever you need someone I will always be there for you, I will never ignore your call and I will never turn my back on you.
Ashton Lockwood promises you that no matter what happens in future.. whenever you look back, I will always be there to catch you.”
She moved her head in a no as another wave of sadness rushed in.
“I don’t want you behind me!! I want you beside me…why can’t you understand!!”
His eyes dropped down as he went silent.
He doesn’t deserve that position, how can he even look into her eyes and talk to her when she knows what he has done.
Next, he knows she was almost sitting in his lap pulling up his collar in her fists.
“Ashton Lockwood man up and burn this stupid contract! I will not divorce you…go hell with the legal complications!”
His eyes widened at his wife’s sudden act of bravery.
Trying to loosen his collar from her grip he tried moving back.
“Listen Ell-‘
“No, you listen my dear husband!! I will not divorce you!! Especially when you need me! ”
“I don’t need you”
His voice has turned cold as he said closing his eyes.
“Oh really? Then can you explain this!!”
She pulled out a yellow bottle from the bed drawer making his eyes go wide.
He was shocked would be an understatement, fisting his hands he spoke up rudely.
“Give it back Elle, they are just some sleeping pills”
Her hand tightened around the bottle as she moved closer to him.
“Do you take me to be a fool? Do you think I don’t know what drugs look like?”
“Serious Elle they are not what you think, my doctor prescribed them…they are just to relieve my stress!”
“Oh really? Then you won’t mind me trying one?”
Pulling out one tablet from the bottle, she was going to eat it.
Ashton roughly held her wrist and pulled her towards him.
Snatching the bottle from her hands.
“Are you fuc*** crazy!! You will get yourself killed!”
She smiled seeing worry all evident on his features.
“That my point dear husband…you will get yourself killed if you continue like this!”
He left his grip and turned his back on her.
“It’s not something I usually do Elle…. it’s like an addiction which I hate with all my being.
I hate being dependent on them whenever I am in stress…I hate it but can’t help it”
“Since when?”
“I was addicted to it for a year or so when I was a teenager. Then I left it….and now a few days back….I was so stressed …I don’t know…I just….”
She placed her hand on his shoulder and he felt ashamed of meeting her eye.
“I understand Ash…I understand why you did it but this is not a solution.
It is a much bigger problem…never a solution to anything.”
“Is this the reason you hate Rose giving me company, is this why you stopped me from meeting her?”
“I have seen it destroy lives, Elle, I have experienced it myself and I hate it.
You can hate me Elle…but this is only a glimpse of the man I am”
Placing both her hands on his shoulder, she turned him around
“I love your flaws as much as I love your perfections
Ashton Lockwood.
And I promise to make you so addicted to me that you forget all other addictions.”
He smiled at her weird way of expressing herself.
“I am already addicted to you ugly duckling, your addiction is the worst of all”
” Oh really? Let’s see how you resist this”
Her smirking lips moved towards his neck as she teased his earlobe with her shaky breaths.
“You are walking on thin ice wifey…you know that right?”
“Who said anything about walking dear husband? I wish to dive into the freezing ice of your heart underneath”
As her nose rubbed his jaw, he couldn’t help grab her wild hair in his fist and tilt her head backwards.
Getting full access of her slender neck he attacked her neck leaving hickeys all along.
She moaned in pleasure as he smiled at her innocent self.
Unknown to him, the yellow bottle had been taken from him by her skilful hands and was now lying in the dustbin nearby.
As his breath moved lower her body shivered with anticipation.
Her hands fisted the bedsheet with just one thought in her mind.
“Was he finally planning to break all the barriers tonight?
Legal as well as physical?”
TBC 💢💢💢💢


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