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His average wife episode 21

🙍🏼‍♂️ His Average Wife 🙍🏼‍♂️
( Not like a model )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 21
“His words are cold as ice and his stare is soul freezing.
His presence is not welcoming but room silencing.
He is not a man of anyone’s dream.
He is a living nightmare.
But then why his touch burns something inside her.
Why his presence makes safety surround her.
Why his nightmares resemble a daydream.
And just why her heart loved beating at his beat.
………………….. ……………………
“You look really beautiful with that small pout on your face!”
Jake said staring at her face while she looked engrossed in the papers on her table.
“Oh come on Jake don’t joke around, no one ever called me beautiful!”
“They are blind then…I find you beautiful”
She looked up to see him staring at her intensely with her head rested on his arms.
“That’s because you are my friend…now leave it and look at this.
How does this design look like?”
He looked closer at the design in her hands.
As he moved forward his cologne welcomed her and the innocent soul had to pull back her seat to not feel uncomfortable.
His eyes noted her movement.
“What happened?
He asked confused to see her looking a bit uncomfortable.
“N… nothing.
Surprised of her weird behaviour he decided to drop it.
“The design is good but the examination table should be near here…”
He said pointing on the paper.
“Okay…so we will arrange everything tomorrow then…also the machines will arrive till tomorrow evening only.”
“Okay, let’s go then”
“Wait I have to-”
“Elle you can do it tomorrow, it’s 11 o clock already”
“Oh okay….let me get my bag first then”
They were going down the road with Elle driving and Jake looking at his hands not knowing how to ask her the question he desperately wanted to.
“Why do you look like you are constipated?”
Her question made him burst down in laughter as she stared at him weirdly.
“This was not a joke Jake…”
“The way……the way you….the way you said it…omg it so-”
He was laughing holding his stomach as she was getting irritated.
It was not that funny? Was it?
And then a sound was heard in the silence of the car which made Elle cringe her nose with a displeasing smell and stare at Jake with accusing eyes.
This time he started laughing hysterically like a mad man.
“Did you seriously just….did you …!!!”
She couldn’t even utter the word as she felt gross even speakings about it.
She had stopped the car now, determined to rush out into fresh air.
“Oh come on Elle!! You can’t even speak the word!! It’s not that bad ….come on try with me!”
He had tears in his eyes and his stomach was aching.
“Jake Miller you better stop laughing or-”
“Elle it’s not even ‘Sex’…come on…it’s just F…A…R-”
She had pressed her palm on his lips to stop him from speaking further.
All the humour vanished from his eyes at the close proximity they were sharing.
Her body on top of him, hand-pressed on his lips and brown doe-like eyes staring back at him
Before she could realise what she was doing she had already done it.
Her brown eyes stared at those pools of grey and she couldn’t help wonder how unique his eye colour was.
As soon as his soft lips were felt by her palm realisation came upon her.
Pulling back from him like his touch burned her, she jumped back to only hit her head on the roof of the car.
She exclaimed rubbing her head.
He looked at her concerned but before he could ask her she was already answering him.
“I am fine!! I am fine!! Just my stupid clumsy self!! Nothing serious!”
“Are you sure? Come here let me see!”
Getting closer to him again made her sweat like a pig.
“No…no….I..I said I am fine”
“Okay, if you say so”
She couldn’t meet his gaze. Starting the car she wanted to drop him and reach back home fast.
“Can I ask you something, Elle?”
Unsure of what he will ask she nodded.
“Why don’t you have friends? I mean what is life without a friend?”
She shifted in her seat uncomfortably.
Unsure of whether to share those bad childhood experiences with him or not.
“I don’t ….I never got time…for it..I…”
“Elle it’s completely fine if you don’t wish to tell me…I will never judge you off course.
If you want you can come along with me tomorrow.
One of my friends is having a house party… will be fun!!”
“But…I don’t know them, Jake?”
“You know me… that’s enough”
“But…I have never been to a house party before…”
“Seriously Elle!! Have you been living under a rock or what? Come tomorrow night…it will be fun!!”
They have reached Jake’s house, and she has still not given him an answer.
“Elle you will love it!! I will introduce you to my friends and they will definitely like you!! You said you have never been to one before…just try once tomorrow! Please!!”
Elle was never comfortable going to parties in school time.
Her mother never allowed it warning her of drunk boys, slutty girls and illegal stuff.
But now she is not just an adult but a married woman.
She could try for once she thought.
“O..okay I will come”
“Great!! We will go together at 8 tomorrow!”
She nodded with a small smile as he made his way out of her car.
She came back home to find Ashton asleep on his side of the bed.
Moving closer to him she stared at his beautiful feature.
She was smiling looking at his sleeping face like a crazy Fangirl.
Allowing Jake to work along with her has made her so much happy that she couldn’t describe it.
She just can’t believe Ashton is the one who hired him for this job.
Aren’t husband’s mostly possessive and jealousy when there is a second guy.
But again neither were they a loving couple nor was this an ordinary marriage.
She couldn’t understand what goes on inside her husband’s mind.
One minute he is sweet, the other he behaves like he doesn’t even know her.
What’s behind these cold eyes and hurting words could never be understood by her.
A lock of his brown hair was covering his forehead and she couldn’t help moving it back.
As soon as her cold fingers brushed against his forehead an electric spark made her jerk back.
She fell down on her ass as her gaze locked with his cold one.
There was irritation clear in his eyes as he moved back his hair with his hand.
The very act of him made her heart beat faster.
He looked so hot in that pose.
No doubt anyone can mistake him to be a model.
“What were you doing?”
He asked with suspicion in his eyes.
“I…I….nothing…. nothing”
She looked flushed being caught staring at him.
She tried getting up and running away when he was fast enough to pull her back from her wrist and make her land her on his chest.
“You can state at me…I don’t mind”
Flabbergasted at what he was saying she looked at him with her mouth open.
“I….I….was not…. staring”
She said trying to avoid his eye contact to which he smirked.
“Oh really? Then what else were you doing huh?”
“I….. there… see there was a mosquito near you…I was trying to kill it!!”
She came up with an excuse trying to loosen his grip on her.
He kept staring at her brown eyes which were looking at anything except him.
“You can look at me…I don’t bite”
“No, you do”
She said lowly not knowing that he had heard her.
His chest moved in laughter and she looked up surprised at him.
Did this man just laugh?
But her thoughts got lost when she saw the beauty of his smile.
There was a cute dimple on his right cheek as his eyes shined in happiness.
The killer smile he had and it just killed her.
“Your….your smile…. it’s beautiful”
She spoke before she could understand what she was saying.
As soon as he heard her the so-called beautiful smile vanished.
He was back to his cold self and his grip left her wrist.
She pulled herself up disappointed to see his smile vanish because of her words.
Couldn’t she just enjoy the view and keep her trap shut.
She just ruined the perfect moment.
“Did you have your dinner?”
He asked and now she was sure of one thing.
There was definitely something wrong with this man today.
“Yes…Jake ordered from a restaurant nearby”
He just nodded no longer looking at her.
“Are you fine….I mean why are you behaving so differently?”
“Is there something wrong in a husband asking his wife if she had her dinner?”
He asked and she just sighed…. it’s no use trying to decipher this man.
With a shake of her head, she was gone to change into comfy pyjamas.
“You haven’t visited your parents in a long time…. everything fine?”
He asked making her uncomfortably all of a sudden.
She thought he didn’t know anything of what her mother said to her if only she knew the truth.
“Mom…she called today…she wanted us to visit her very soon.”
This was what Ashton wanted to know.
To know if that witch gained enough courage to call her.
“You can call them here tomorrow, we won’t be going there”
He said and she nodded but suddenly realising her tomorrow’s prior plans.
“Tomorrow…. won’t be possible…”
She said a bit hesitant to inform him.
She didn’t want him to stop her from going there.
He didn’t reply instead switching off the lights he had turned towards his side.
He didn’t ask her where she will be busy.
Didn’t he himself tell her to inform her every time?
He was a strange man and she doubts if even her lifetime will be enough to understand him.
The next evening:
She was getting ready after a very long time.
Straightening her hair and putting on some mascara, it was a rare attempt not to look beautiful but at least fitting and normal.
He sat on the couch next to her presenting himself to be engrossed in his laptop when his eyes were secretly watching her every move.
His gaze stayed a little bit longer on the dress she wore as she kept adjusting its length every minute or so.
She was not comfortable with its length and it was quite evident from her actions.
Finally after half an hour or so she stood in front of him with hands locked in front of her and eyes trying to gain his attention.
“How do I look?”
He showed that he didn’t hear her when in reality he already did.
Typing the letters frantically he showed to be oblivious of her.
“Ashton, I am asking you….do I look fine?”
Moving up his gaze his eyes met her anxious and fearful ones.
He didn’t like that look in her eyes.
“Why are you asking me, Elle?”
His question surprised her, she just wanted his opinion.
“Just turn around and look at that thing on the wall, what it says is the truth!”
She looked around to find a mirror there.
She found a decent girl looking back at her with anxious eyes.
“That look in your eyes… it’s ruining it all”
He was right.
Her eyes should be fearless and brave, like spitfires.
Trying to push away all her worries and fear she looked back again into the mirror with head held high and confidence.
“I am going out to a house party with Jake tonight”
She just wanted to inform him.
It made her feel like after informing him what she was doing is right.
But he didn’t reply.
He fingers didn’t even stop typing for a second.
Ignoring his indifference she picked up her bag and left to go to Jack who was waiting for her in the driveway.
He watched her leave and he didn’t like that dress she was wearing.
It was short and she looked uncomfortable but again he couldn’t stop her.
She liked it so who was he to stop her.
Picking up his phone he dialled his gate guards.
“Yes Sir”
“Follow them and make sure the media does not get involved”
“Okay Sir, will right away”
“Also make sure no one touches her without her permission. Take action only if necessary”
“Yes Sir, I understand”
He walked towards his glass mirror to see Jake pull open the car door for her.
She looked happy in his presence and this made him turn his back on them.
Placing himself back on the couch with now a glass of vine in his hand, he continued doing his work with tired eyes and throbbing mind.
TBC 💢💢


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