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His average wife episode 19

🙍🏼‍♂️ His Average Wife 🙍🏼‍♂️
( Not like a model )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 19
He stood still staring at her accusing eyes.
As new teardrops escaped her eyes he turned his back on her.
“Who told you?”
She was far from sober.
Her fingers were itching to break something and her insides were screaming from all the pain she was harbouring inside.
“Does it matter how I came to know? Does anything ….does anything else matters now?”
He didn’t turn back.
He didn’t reply.
His silence was hurting her once again.
“Answer me dammit!! Answer me you Assho-***!! You fuck*** used me!!!
Toyed with my body and my feelings!! Am I a joke to you…am I just a game for you?”
He knew this would happen one day.
He knew she felt betrayed but how could he tell her that hurting her was never his intention.
But either way, he was going to hurt her.
He couldn’t look at her.
He listened to each word she spoke without a reaction.
She needed to let it all out.
It was the only release of her sadness.
“You….you are a monster, Ashton Lockwood!! A fuc*** monster!! I hate you!!”
Next, he knows a glass vase broke just next to him on the wall.
Its shreds pierced his cheek as he hissed in anger.
His patience was as high as a mountain but again everyone had their limits.
The avalanche of his anger was destructive and he knew if that if it is unleashed today, he will destroy her along with himself.
He clenched his fist in anger closing his eyes as the 1st blood drop moved down his chin.
“You think just because you are beautiful…..and you have money…you can do anything!! You can…treat others like sh** and get away!!”
“You… .. took…my first kiss…you…why…did I-”
She was lost of words to describe how she felt.
Her head was throbbing like crazy, her vision was hazy but still, she had a lot of energy to speak.
“Just go back to sleep …we will talk tomorrow”
He knew she was struggling to keep awake let alone speak profanities at him.
She needed rest right now.
He moved towards the door when she again stopped him
“Sleep? I can’t sleep!! I can’t eat!! I can’t walk!! I can’t do .. anything!!
You have hurt me so much….you have destroyed me!! ”
She broke in sobs unable to speak anymore.
She has burst like a hot air balloon leaving back nothing.
He has destroyed her when he didn’t do anything to her?
When he just merely kissed her at most when he could have done a lot more.
When he kept loyal to her even though he knew it was temporary.
When he protected her with his own life?
He turned back to see her body shaking as she rubbed her teary eyes.
“Did I asked you not to eat? Did I ask you not to sleep? Did I fuck*** asked you to love me? Didn’t I make it clear at the beginning that I won’t love you?
Didn’t I myself allowed you to fuc* anyone behind my back?
Tell me Elle didn’t I made every damn thing crystal clear beforehand?”
Her teary eyes landed on the cut she had unknowingly given him.
Her mind got lost in thinking how bad she hurt him with the cut.
How her mindless actions have hurt him.
“Tell me Elle didn’t I told you countless times how much I hate having you as my wife?
How many times did I call you ugly duckling?
How many times I was fuck*** trying for you to hate me!!”
She looked dumbfounded at him.
He did so because he wanted her to hate him?
“Why I didn’t pick your calls? Why I didn’t say anything to you when that boyfriend of yours came here every damn day?
Just why till now I haven’t even asked you the truth you are dying telling the entire world?”
“I didn’t destroy you, Elle, you are destroying yourself!!
With your insecurities, your jealousy !!
You are doing this to yourself!!”
Her eyes widened realising the meaning of his words.
Was it true?
Was it her fault?
He moved closer to her.
Each word he spoke was opening her eyes.
She was realising how much she herself trapped herself in this
“Why is my betrayal hurting you so much? Why do you expect so much from me when I have given you every reason to not trust me?”
He moved over her entrapping her small frame below his large one.
Her eyes fixed on the cut on his cheek as she found her fingers moving closer to it.
His closeness was affecting her.
Her anger was all out only leaving emptiness which his body was filling.
‘”I… don’t know…I just don’t know…I think I….I lov-”
He placed his finger on her lips silencing her next words which he knew quite well.
Tucking her fringe behind her ear he looked into those broken tired clueless and confused eyes.
“You don’t love me, Elle… don’t even know what love is. Don’t mistake lust by love….this weird thing going on here…..”
He said placing his one hand near her abdomen.
“It’s lust, not love. ”
“To love someone you should first learn to love yourself”
“To love this not so beautiful face of yours
To love this skinny body of yours”
His thumb moved over her
“To love these non-stop moving lips of yours”
“The way your eyes are looking at me…the way you are feeling down there is just temporary.
And temporary things never last a lifetime”
She closed her eyes as soon as he said it.
He knows everything.
He knows her body more than she knows herself.
Her body listened to him more than her.
“I can give you pleasure Elle, I can make you feel at the top of the world with nothing to lose..but the very next moment I don’t want you to fall down and break.
Now you know my reasons for leaving you in-between so many times….reason for my denial.
I never denied you of it because I considered you less beautiful, I denied it because I don’t deserve you.”
She never thought that way.
He was opening a new window to her thoughts she never knew existed.
She was realising that not everything is about her.
“Learn to love yourself before you go out finding someone to love you.
The day you learn it, you will find all the happiness you are yourself throwing away”
“No one can enter here Elle..”
He said pointing to her temple.
“Only you can and only you have the power to destroy it”
She never thought this way.
He was right.
He was telling her what no one ever taught her.
He placed his hand on her forehead to see the fever was coming down.
She smiled finally.
She smiled knowing that tomorrow onwards she will listen to him and learn to love herself.
“Does it hurt?”
She asked with concern
He smiled moving his head in a no.
“You are lying….it does, wait I will get a first aid kit”
She said trying to push him and get up from the bed.
But he refused.
“It’s just a small cut…”
“But Ashton it’s bleeding…wait just let me-”
“Elle, what did I told you about first loving yourself?”
“But I hurt you!! How can I not care?”
He sighed and moved back from her.
“You got a long way to go before you learn loving yourself”
She was deep asleep after such an eventful night.
He was sitting in the drawing-room with one leg placed on the other.
Maria stood in front of him with her hands folded behind her back.
“What is his name?”
Maria looked scared but still answered in a quivering voice.
“Jake..Jake Miller Sir”
“Why did he came here so often?”
He asked calmly but Maria knew better that he was hiding his anger.
“They both have…grown close…they used to walk together and talk….but ma’am considers him to be just a friend…he is a.., friendly guy”
“Did I asked for your opinion, Maria? He can be a pervert disguised as a sweet guy and you allowed him to enter!!”
“No Sir…I mean he first brought Ma’am here when she was drunk…he didn’t take advantage of her…he genuinely helped her”
“Hmmm call him here tomorrow…I will like to meet this new friend my wife has been grown so attached to”
“Okay, Sir…I’ll call him today.”
“Anything else you forgot to tell me, Maria? Anything else which induced my wife to go into such a state? ”
“Yes….Y-es Sir actually after the news came…her parents visited ….her mother was really angry and…she slapped ma’am….ma’am got really sad after that….she wouldn’t eat ….she started drinking”
Ashton knew how sensitive his wife.
Her entire family really irritated her.
“Get the car ready”
“Where to sir?”
“Hamilton House”
“Please have this croissant dear, you will love them!”
Mrs Hamilton spoke with a wide smile on her face
Ashton refused as he saw their entire family sitting around him trying to impress him with one dish or the other.
“Son any reason you came all of sudden … without informing?”
Mr Hamilton asked as he feared it to be something very serious.
“Yes David Uncle my reasons will be known to you very soon”
Ashton said looking around the room finding a lot of family pictures but Elle missing in each one of them.
“These pictures are really nice, everyone looks really happy…..but I can’t see Elle in anyone of them?”
His accusing eyes met David’s as everyone in the room started fidgeting on hearing his question.
“Ashton Son you see Elle is really a shy one, she used to click our photos but used to refuse to get clicked”
Ashton nodded as everyone sighed with relief.
“See Son we are really sorry for what our daughter did with you….she is usually quite obedient but sometimes she just does something reckless”
Mrs Hamilton said lowering her gaze as she felt Ashton was here to talk about it.
“And what has your daughter done Mrs Hamilton…if I may ask?”
She looked uncomfortable under his cold tone
“She degraded our name by partying with that average boy…god knows what she was doing with him at such a place at such a time”
“I feel like you don’t know your daughter that well Mrs Hamilton.”
She looked at him shocked unable to speak with the same confidence she had before.
“I am her mother-son, of course, I know her”
She said in a joking tone but sadly he was in no mood for that.
“Step-Mother Mrs Hamilton, not her biological mother”
His words made everyone look at him in shock.
How did he come to know when Elle herself didn’t know of this.
“Son listen….I am sorry we didn’t tell you-”
David started trying to explain but Ashton was not ready to listen to any of it.
“I don’t care if she is your real daughter or not! The only thing I care about is that she is my wife now and any of you don’t get a fuc*** right to slap her let alone touch even a single hair of hers!!
Mrs Hamilton looked shocked.
Her head moving in a no as she approached him.
“Listen to Son… please sit down!! At least hear-‘
“I will no longer sit down and get your respect when you dare to disrespect my wife!!
Listen good Mrs Hamilton because I hate to repeat myself….her name is Elle Lockwood now and before you go around hitting my wife in my house in front of my staff….just remembered what I can do to your company with just a flick on my finger.”
“Son please listen… don’t be furious…I….we….we are really sorry …we apologize….”
David said literally pleading the angry billionaire in front of him.
“You should not be the one to apologize ……she should and that also to my wife!!”
Mrs Hamilton never apologized.
She never liked getting disgraced by anyone let alone her son in law.
“I would never apologize to that girl!! I am her mother!! She should apologize to me!!”
David was asking his wife to be silent but she was not listening.
“Oh, really Mrs Hamilton, so much arrogance and that also on someone else’s money?”
Ashton smirked as all the colour left Mrs Hamilton’s face
“Wh….what do mean?”
“Oh Mrs Hamilton you are a really smart woman, do I really need to tell you how you forged Elle’s mother’s signature and transferred all her property in your name?”
Pin drop silence welcomed everyone as they realised the true power of this man.
He was no normal man, he knew even the deepest secrets of their family.
He was a businessman after all, how could you expect him to marry without truly knowing who he was marrying.
“Your company also belongs to her, If I am not mistaken? Isn’t it right Mrs Hamilton?”
She couldn’t speak
She couldn’t afford to make him her rival when he could ruin her entirely so easily.
Leaving everyone dumbfounded he closed the button of his coat and made his way out of their house but not before giving her his last warning.
“I expect my wife to receive a call of apology from your side by Mrs Hamilton.
I hate it when people keep me waiting”
His tree of life was surviving in the winds of hell.
If only the world knew that no such tree could survive unless it had its roots in heaven.
The heaven which she watered with everything in her.
TBC 💢💢💢


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