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His average wife episode 17

🙍🏼‍♂️ His Average Wife 🙍🏼‍♂️
( Not like a model )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 17
A little bit of space was all I needed to forget your fragrance and ignore your calls if only I knew it was impossible to forget someone that has already made a space in your heart”
2 months later
He was sitting at his table engrossed in a pile of law books.
His eyes moving frantically from one to another in search of a clause which could prove him victorious in the present case against the attorney.
A fine of 1 million was imposed over his company for something his company didn’t ever do.
His product quality was not for question as he always made the best.
He was determined to get back his money and that also with interest.
He didn’t need an advocate, he himself was ready to present this case.
His honeymoon got interrupted in between when he got a call of his associates telling him of proponent of the date of the case presentation.
He had to leave state and rush here as soon as possible.
Lorena has insisted on coming along and he had left his wife alone back home.
Lorena was a very well reputed businesswoman and she knew the defendant party well.
She agreed to help him out even after his repeated requested of not bothering her with his worries.
“You should go to sleep Ash… it’s late”
He refused to acknowledge her still engrossed in his work.
She said placing the cup of coffee on the table and placing her manicured fingers on his broad shoulder.
“Huh…? Sorry, Lori…what were you saying?”
“We will win the case Ash, don’t be stressed!! There is no evidence against your company…you will be fine”
He sighed and sat back with the cup of coffee in his hands.
“You have always been so hardworking even if you got everything from your dad, you try every day to make yourself worth it, don’t you?”
He looked into her concerned eyes and smiled.
“Who else can relate to this as much as you can? ”
She nodded and moved forward to give him a hug.
Her Chanel fragrance engulfed him as she tightly held him in her embrace.
His hand gently placed on her naked back of her backless top.
If this was any other girl he would have pushed her back till now.
But she was not just any girl.
He had spent 14 years of his life with this girl.
The girl who supported him whenever he needed her.
The same girl who was envied by the whole world.
The girl who he had rejected countless times but who still stuck to his side no matter what.
Their hug was interrupted when his phone rang.
Both their eyes landed on the caller and Lori moved back from him.
His face hardened as he placed the call on silent.
He gritted his teeth in anger on seeing Elle calling him.
“What does she want from me now?”
He wondered with fury in his eyes.
It’s been 2 months already since he talked to her.
The news of her enjoying in his absence was not hidden.
It has been the cover page news of the daily newspapers.
He remembers calling her senselessly to get the answers but she never picked his calls.
He wanted to rush back home and give her a piece of his mind but decided not to.
He just cannot leave this case in between.
It was much more important.
So he ignored her.
The only punishment was his ignorance and her repentance.
Lorena had seen that news.
“Wife of Ashton Lockwood; Not so sober in his absence”
There were pics of her drunk walking down a street while a man holding onto her.
Lorena had seen Ashton’s bad mood that day.
He was like a volcano ready to explode that day but to her surprise, he didn’t explode.
He tried showing that it didn’t matter to him.
“If you don’t mind Ash, can I ask you something?”
He nodded while placing his phone back on the table.
“You wife, Elle…are you happy with her? I mean you generally don’t take a liking to girls of her description…I mean no offence she is your wife but”
“Lorena if you are trying to ask me if this marriage was my choice or not then let me clear it for all, it doesn’t matter, she is now my wife and only that matters.
I like her or not, she is my choice or not…. these talks are all useless!”
He said getting frustrated with his hand’s tied situation.
She held his face in her palms and looked into those helpless eyes.
“Hey hey look at me Ash… don’t be disheartened..”
“Lori she is doing god knows what behind my back! The boy with her in the picture…can you see the way he is holding her!! I go away for 2 months…just 2 months and she is showing her true colours!!
The bi*** can’t keep her legs closed for long…how wrong I was to consider her innocent earlier!”
How badly Lori wished she could replace this girl.
If only she gets one chance she will lay her world at this man’s feet.
“Ash maybe you are just presuming things…maybe that guy was just helping her, why are you jumping into conclusions ?”
“Lori I am not fuck*** blind!! My guards tell me he comes back every day…the Fu*** has the audacity to enter my house and meet her!”
She could see jealousy in his eyes.
How she wished he felt this emotion for her also.
If only he took one step towards her, she could have jumped a thousand walls for him.
She placed his head on her lap and caressed his hair.
“How I wish I could just ignore her…. everything related to her is so damn painful”
“Shh just don’t think… everything will be fine…trust me ”
Her words soothed his burning heart.
Just like those childhood days, he shared his worries with her and she held him.
She was always there for him….he wondered how he survived these many years without her.
She was his stone.
The strong stone that always held him before he could break down.
She was happy to hold him like this after so many years.
It felt complete now.
All her life she loved just one man and she could do anything for him.
His happiness meant everything even if she had to put sense into this stupid girl he called his wife.
She will do it just for that one smile on his face.
345 calls 62 days later.
And he still didn’t pick her call.
She hated herself but she hated him more.
How could he believe everything so blindly?
Wasn’t he the one who took her first kiss, wasn’t he the one who played her body in the tune of his touch.
She had cried non-stop for entire nights.
Her eyes had black circles around them and she spent her entire day cocooned in her blankets.
Food no longer excited her and neither did anyone else’s existence.
Her new friend has been visiting her every day but she failed to smile at his hilarious jokes.
She was numb but the worst part was that the person for whom she was numb didn’t even care for her.
Her family has been ashamed of her.
Only Thomas came once to meet her and ask her how she is.
Other than him everybody else stopped picking her calls.
Even Rose didn’t ask her for any more of her works.
“My image will be tarnished if I keep your company”
Being the words she spoke before ending her call.
Everything hurt right now.
The questioning of the character of a virgin like her.
The beliefs of her husband.
The dishonour of everyone’s name associated with her.
Or the very absence of anyone besides her.
“Ma’am you haven’t eaten in two days…please have something”
Maria asked with a tray of food in her hands.
“Ple…ase leave…I don’t want to”
She was growing weak.
Her body ached even when she moved a bit.
It will not be a surprise if she had a fever but again she just didn’t care.
She just wanted to drown in depths of insecurities and blames till someone decides to bring her out of her misery.
Her fingers again moved over his name on the screen.
She just wanted to hear his voice.
She can’t deny it now.
Even after knowing everything she could not stop herself from missing him.
She wanted to hear that cold voice curse profanities at her.
Anything would be fine.
If only he picks her call once.
She was longing his touch.
She missed those times when he kissed her.
Those times when he called her ugly duckling.
Her unsteady steps made her go towards his room.
Opening his cupboard she had slipped on his t-shirt.
His cologne was still present and she inhaled it for her survival.
As new trail of tears salted her cheeks she hugged herself in the comfort of his t-shirt.
Her hands held onto the walls as she managed to walk.
Her legs were turning jelly and each step she took, took so much effort.
Throwing her body on his bed she fell asleep under the influence of sleep-inducing medicine and an empty stomach.
“Sir, good morning”
“Yes Maria, what’s it?”
He asked excusing himself from the meeting.
“Sir…actually ma’am is not eating her food…she doesn’t look w-”
“Maria, do I look like a babysitter to you? If she is not eating it’s her problem!! She is not a kid anymore throwing these tantrums!!
“But Sir when will you be back?”
“I am coming back tomorrow if she doesn’t eat let her be…she is not a kid.”
“But Sir she is adamant not to!”
“Then shove it down her throat! I don’t Fu**** care!”
With this, he ended the call throwing back the phone on the couch.
He will deal with her when he comes back, night now he didn’t need a distraction.
He has to present his case.
“Mar..ia!! Maria!”
Her week voice called onto her as she desperately needed her assistance to get up from the bed.
She helped her get up while Elle vomited into the sink.
“Ma’am, why did you drink so much? You should no-”
Elle was not listening to her.
Instead, the bottle of expensive alcohol was still clutched in her hands.
Gulping down the remaining contents Elle literally threw the glass bottle into the bathtub.
“Fuc**** Bast****!! They all are bas**** !! I hate them all!! Rose is our good child but Elle …oh that girl… is she our daughter? Fuck*”* assh*** !! ”
“Ma’am please calm down!! You are not in your senses!”
“Naaaa…this is the only time I am in my senses Maria…they all…they are all inhuman….they don’t. have feelings….they….they are cold…and insensitive!!”
Maria held her in her arms as she cried while dropping on the floor.
“But you know what Maria…I am worse….why do…why do I care so much??
I should not care!! I should not give a Fu**!! But I do!!! I am weak Maria!!”
“Ma’am please drink some water …here”
Maria placed the glass near her lips but Elle refused to even take a sip.
“Call that bas*** !! Tell him to come here!! That manwh*** !!what does he think of himself!! Screw you, Ashton Lockwood!! Screw you…you cow shit…you fudging nugget!! I hate him, Maria….I hate him!!”
She was going hysterical screaming on top of her lungs.
While Maria looked scared of seeing her in such a devastating state.
“I will kill him!! I will Fu***”
A loud crash was heard and Elle had thrown the empty bottle on the wall making Maria shriek in surprise.
“Kill him!! Kill them all”
Maria was scared of her now.
This drunken self of Elle was not at all sober.
She could harm anyone.
“Ma’am please listen to me!! Listen !! Look at me!”
Maria was feeling sympathy for the girl right now.
She knew what she was suffering through but couldn’t help her out.
She placed Elle’s head on her lap and tried to soothe her.
The poor girl was shaking and was a sobbing mess.
“You are not weak ma’am…you are a very strong girl”
“I hate him Maria….he….he doesn’t love me….he will never love me…I am not up to his standards….he…he is ashamed of me…like everyone…he …will also leave me…”
Her sobs were echoing in the washroom as she kept crying.
Another wave hit her and the poor girl again vomited into the toilet seat.
Maria placed her one hand on Elle’s forehead and the other kept soothing her back.
She again jerked forward and her hands and whole body was shaking with it now.
Maria’s eyes fell on the figure standing near the bathroom door and she looked up surprised.
“Sir….you are back?”
Ashton refused to acknowledge her instead his angry orbs were fixed on the mess of a girl sitting on the floor with the stink of vomit and alcohol surrounding her.
His eyes didn’t soften.
Her head would have dropped into the toilet seat if Maria had not placed her hand on her head.
Her eyes were dropping not even able to look up at him.
The tub was filled with broken glass and both could hear her breathing heavily.
“Out Maria”
His tone was bone-chilling.
The coldness in his voice made her move back in fear.
“But Sir Ma’am need-”
The poor soul moved back from Elle and ran passed him with body shivering with fear.
She has never seen him like this and this scared her.
His stood there staring not intending to help.
Her hands were shaking trying to find something for support.
Her hair was all vet in vomit as she finally lifted her eyes to look at him.
“Wh…at .. are you doing here..?”
She asked unable to recognise her own voice.
He didn’t answer.
He took in her form standing there and assessing.
After a few minutes of silence, he finally spoke.
“Get up”
She laughed hysterically at his command.
Her dropping eyes tried looking up at him for a challenge.
Refusing to back down.
She wanted to stand up and look at him at eye level.
As soon as she gripped the toilet seat to get up, her legs gave out.
She fell down steadying herself with her shaking hands.
She was trying very hard but everything was moving.
The bathroom looked like it was rotating on its axis.
Minutes passed and she couldn’t get up.
His eyes watching her each struggle closely
She looked gross
No one will come near her let alone touch her in such a state.
The stink of vomit was unbearable.
Moving past her, he picked the hand shower and moved it towards her.
Turning the temperature to cold he turned the knob.
She screamed in surprise as ice cold water was poured over her.
She tried moving away but her body had no struggle left.
She was only wearing Ashton’s grey shirt with just innerwear underneath it.
As the cold water soaked the shirt she moved her hands in front of her chest.
The shirt was covering just half of her thighs and she pressed her naked legs in front of her chest.
Her frame was shivering with cold and her screams have died down.
She was shielding her face from the water but he didn’t want her to.
Placing a strong grip on her neck he tiled her face up and moved the shower closer to her face.
She tried loosening his grip by thrashing but he kept his grip firm.
“Open your mouth”
He ordered but she moved her head in a no.
“I said open that gross mouth of yours Elle!!”
She shivered in fear from his tone and decided to abide.
Provided the taste of vomit was still present in her mouth.
Once done with her he turned to look back at her.
She was shivering with teeth cluttering together.
Her legs shaking and wet hair sticking to her face.
He went out to only return with two towels.
One was placed on her head and the other was wrapped around her body.
Placing another of his t-shirts on her lap he turned around to leave.
“Change into this”
She nodded and tried lifting the wet shirt up from her body.
With a lot of trouble, she was able to change into the new one, removing all her wet innerwear in process.
She felt like she ran a marathon,
her body got tired of this simple task.
He returned to see the pile of wet clothes near her.
Rubbing the towel on her wet hair he kept staring at her.
While on the other hand she was drained of all her energy.
Her body was falling from one side to another as her hands tried holding her weight.
Next, she felt him spray perfume all over her body with a look of disgust on his face.
“I go for a few months and you decide to behave like a slu* Huh?”
He had hurt her before but never like this.
The word offender her much more than word ugly ever could.
She wanted to slap that beautiful face.
She wanted to punch those beautiful eyes.
But she couldn’t.
Her body was numb.
She couldn’t do much except listen to his accusations silently.
On seeing hurt in her eyes he was satisfied.
He wanted her to feel as much hurt as she gave him.
“What… nothing to say ugly duckling? Anyone can mistake you to be a desperate bi*** right now”
He could see her eyes dropping.
She was going to faint.
Pulling up her body he made his way towards his bed.
Gently placing her on the bed he opened the drawers searching for the tablet.
“Swallow this ”
He said as she looked up at him through her hazy vision.
Moving her head in a no she tightly pressed her lips closed.
She was burning hight with fever.
It was very important to take the medicine but this stupid girl was so damn stubborn.
Feeling irritated with her stubborn self he placed the tablet in his mouth.
Unaware of what he was going to do she relaxed herself to be only attacked by his lips.
She refused to allow him but he was not going to back down.
Placing his one hand down on her ass he gripped it tightly to take her by surprise.
She opened her lips in surprise and he transferred the medicine from his mouth to hers.
Her eyes widened realising what he did but it was too late.
A water bottle was pressed on her lips and she was forced to gulp down the medicine.
Satisfied with his victory he smirked at her while her tiny fists managed to hit his chest.
“You will eat your food or else you know I have my ways, Elle!”
There was a threat in his voice as he placed the tray in front of her.
But the next words she spoke made him freeze in horror.
“Why do… care ..Ashton…..why do you care if this bi*** eats or not….you are going to leave her after a year anyways”
” You thought I wouldn’t understand if only you would have tried explaining me.
You thought you were the only one hurt if only you would have seen yourself hurting me”
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