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His average wife episode 13 -15

🙍🏼‍♂️ His Average Wife 🙍🏼‍♂️
( Not like a model )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 13
It didn’t hurt anymore when you called me ugly, but it did hurts when you call her beautiful”
“Your words don’t matter to me neither do your accusations, the only thing that mattered was the wall of insecurities that you were building to shield yourself from me”
Her pillow was wet and her
eyes swollen with brimming tears.
Gone was the carefree girl getting replaced with an insecure one.
Her mind kept replaying the scene of him laughingly on the other girl’s joke.
The way his eyes were lively in place of livid.
The way his beautiful lips were stretched to show his perfect teeth.
He looked so beautiful that her insecurities kicked in.
He was the most beautiful man according to her and even if she tried finding a flaw in him, she knew she will fail miserably.
The girl Lorena was without a doubt equally beautiful.
Her blonde hair looked like silk and those blue eyes were mesmerising.
Where did she stand in between those two god-like creatures?
She thought and another wave of sadness hit her.
It’s been an hour already but her crying was not coming to stop.
The mind of hers was putting questions which she failed to answer.
When suddenly the door of her room opened and she decided to silence her cries.
He stood there staring at her curled into a small ball at the corner of the bed.
He wanted to talk some sense into her but his plan dissolved the second he saw her.
Deciding to freshen up he went straight to the bathroom in need of a cold shower.
He returned to see her still lying in the same posture.
Her back turned towards him and her legs hugging a pillow-like her life was dependent on it.
Moving towards his side he laid down next to her to stare at her back.
The lights were off and only the moonlight from the window was illuminating the room.
Hours passed but sleep was nowhere in his eyes.
With hands placed under his head, he was staring at the ceiling.
The hurt on her face when she saw them at the restaurant was pinching his heart because of an unknown reason.
He knows it was wrong on his part to leave her alone when they were on their honeymoon but again he only meant business with Lorena.
He had no intention of seeing Lorena after the meeting.
It was just an on the spot plan he had not predicted.
But the way Elle made a scene at the restaurant was embarrassing for him.
Her jumping at a conclusion without even asking him first made him angry towards her.
It was a childish act which a lady of her standing should never do.
He was adamant to teach her the etiquettes she is missing.
Taming her is not easy but it is a must.
Even if he sounds rude or disrespectful still he stands with what is right.
And he will teach this to her the easy way or if required the hard way.
His thought was interrupted when he saw her silhouette sitting up on her side ready to get up.
Before she could his hand has stopped her by holding her wrist.
She winced at his touch on her wrist and he noticed this.
His earlier action of dragging her into the bathroom of the restaurant resurfaced and he feared he may have hurt her back then.
“Where are you going?”
His question was answered with silence as she struggled to release her wrist.
His grip moved up from her wrist to her forearm as she struggled.
“I am asking you something…where are you going?”
“I am going to hell!! I am fuc*** going to die!! Happy now!!”
The sudden burst of her anger surprised him and his eyes darkened.
“I am asking you politely…you keep up with this bitchy attitude of yours and I won’t mind breaking it down”
She turned her face away from his scrutinising eyes as the suppressed tears overflowed again.
“Look at me”
He ordered but she downrightly refused.
Her not obeying his orders made him loose his little bit of control he has around her.
Grabbing on to her hair he turned her around to scold her when his eyes fell on those swollen red eyes and stained cheeks.
His expression softened as his grip loosened on her.
“W-Why are you crying?”
He asked surprised of her ability to cry at every small thing.
“Why…why do you care….go..Fu** that bi** of yours!!”
She seethed in anger.
Her words were enough to break all the barriers he was putting on to stop his anger.
Pushing her to the bed he entrapped her in his frame holding her down under him.
“Mind your words, Elle!! Wife or not I won’t hesitate to teach you a lesson of respect!!
And to answer your question….neither is she a bi*** and not did I fuc* her!!”
Her eyes searched for the truth as he glared at her with fury.
“But…you were enjoying her company….sh..she….is beautiful….I….I……”
Her words were uncertain and she didn’t know what she was saying.
But he already knew what she wanted to say.
“You were jealous? You were jealous of us enjoying and her being beautiful so you bloody decided to ruin our meeting!! Is this what you are trying to say?”
There was truth in his words and she couldn’t meet his accusing eyes.
His words made her hate herself more.
“Answer me dammit!!”
He roared as his hand slammed on the bed just near her face.
She flinched with fear and closed her eyes as another set of tears left her eyes.
“I…..I…. don’t….know…..”
Now she was a sobbing mess under him but he didn’t soften a bit again.
Her tears were affecting him but he refused to show it.
“Oh…now you don’t know but there you knew really well what you were doing..Huh?”
She moved her head in a no trying to push his broad chest back but he was not willing to let her go before he has made his point.
“You may be insecure about yourself but this doesn’t give you any fuc**** right to disrespect anyone else!! She is beautiful and I enjoy her company…. this is true and tell your pea-sized brain to accept this!!”
Her eyes could see the truth behind his words.
He liked her while he hated her.
It was crystal clear…there in his eyes and she desperately wanted to escape from this prison right now.
He has failed to control his anger.
He could see the fear in her eyes.
He wanted to just teach her respect but never intended to infuse fear in her.
But now he has failed miserably.
The silence was deafening as his furious eyes took in the shaking figure of his wife under him.
Those tears which he hated were now torturing him.
Her innocence was infuriating him.
This was wrong.
She was too delicate for a beast like him.
She does not deserve him.
Moving back from her he vented out his anger by punching a nearby door.
As pain entered his mind his anger found some relief.
He hated himself for losing his control but he hated her more for infuriating him to reach that point.
Going into the bathroom to calm his senses he slammed to door shut to her silent cries.
She felt the walls of the room closing on her.
Her eyes were brimming with tears and her heart tearing with pain.
She couldn’t stay there any longer.
She needs to escape this prison.
Pulling herself from the bed she dashed out of the room desperate for escape.
Not caring about what she was wearing and where she was, she ran away from the monster that has managed to break her delicate innocent protected heart.
Only when the cold winds made her shiver and the deserted streets made her scared did she realise where she was.
But there was no way she will go back to him again.
Her steps halted near a bench inside a park and she landed with a thud on it.
She was willing to spend her night on this bench without a roof over her head instead of sharing a roof with him.
She was in her pajama and top and it was 8°C outside.
Pulling her legs to her chest she engulfed herself to only have her teeth cluttering with cold few minutes later.
Her body was numb with coldness but the little pride she had refused her to go back to the warmness of the arms of the monster.
If only she knew that the monsters of the night were more inhuman than the monster she escaped from.
It felt like days when only a few hours have passed since she came here.
Her pink lips have turned blue and her face looked pale like ice.
Sleep was impossible when each breath she took reminded her of the struggle to survive here.
Rubbing her arms she tried to warm herself but all in vain when her hands were themselves cold as ice.
The moon up in the sky looked so peaceful unaware of the struggles of this helpless girl.
If this was worse what happened next was hell.
“Hey look there…..I think she needs some help!”
The voice behind her made her stand up with now a more dangerous fear.
Her eyes took in the two men that stood in front of her.
They looked in mid-thirties with bottles of whiskey hanging from their hands.
As their eyes met her she stepped back in fear.
No man can be trusted.
And these men at this time…never.
“Here have some…. it’s a chilly night!”
One said offering her his bottle as she moved her head in a no.
She wanted to run to safety but where was it safe in this world?
As they took a few steps towards her she showed them her hand asking them to stop.
“St…op… don’t….. don’t come near me!!”
“Oh come on!! We are trying to be nice here!! You are in need and we are helping you !”
Their words were kind but the way both of them were exchanging those looks amongst themselves looked suspicious.
“I… don’t….need your help….just….move back!!”
Next, before she could run they had already blocked her from both her sides.
As one held her arms in a neck lock the other tried holding her legs.
But Elle was not going down without a fight.
Those skinny bones had a lot of strength in them.
Kicking him where the sun doesn’t shine she twisted her body to get out of the grip of the other.
“Hold her tight you good for nothing inutile creatures!!”
The one down on the ground screamed at his partner in crime.
Her thrashing made both fall on the ground with her on top of him.
Without wasting a second those delicate-looking hands were tightened in a fist and smashed on his face.
He screamed in agony as she found this as an opportunity to escape.
But before she could the other one had held onto her ankle and pulled her making her smash her head on the ground.
She could feel her vision go hazy for a second but soon it returned.
Before she could react something was smashed on her jaw making her taste blood in her mouth.
She didn’t have much time.
It was now or never.
With adrenaline rushing through her body she managed to kick his face and escape from his hold.
Struggling to stand on her feet with haziness surrounding her she moved forward away from them.
She wanted to go home.
To a place where she could be away from all this.
Spitting out the metallic taste of blood in her mouth she was determined to reach back safety.
Her safety was where he was but to her dismay, she didn’t remember the way back to him.
Blinded by her anger and pain she didn’t realise which route she was following to reach here.
“There she is!! Hurry!! Catch that bi***!!”
As their voices came near she knew she couldn’t stop.
Running down the dark hallways at 3 o clock at night she was struggling to find safety.
When her breathing was becoming ragged and her legs refusing to take a step forwards she has decided to hide.
Her eyes fell on a dumpster and she successfully managed to hide behind it.
The steps of those men echoed in the background but she didn’t care anymore.
Her fingers were shaking watching them stained in her own blood.
The innocent little girl has experienced too much than what she could take.
Her eyes were closing but she just couldn’t lose this fight.
If only she had more strength in her she would have taught them a lesson of their life.
“I saw her coming here….find her she must be here!!”
One said and she knew very soon they would reach her.
Finding them searching in another direction she decided to run from there.
With the support of the wall, her failing body stood up determined to run.
As she took a few steps towards another alley a voice in the background made her freeze with fear.
“There she is!!”
With this thudding footsteps approached her as she moved forward not wanting to look back at their victorious faces.
The energy was leaving her body
Eyes closing to darkness as she turned the last corner of the alley.
Her legs felt like twigs as she felt like falling backwards.
It was only a matter of time now.
A few minutes more and she knew she had lost this fight.
Accepting her defeat she left all struggles and she felt herself falling back.
With the last cry for help, she was going to touch the ground when a gentle grip was felt on her waist.
Those desperate crying brown orbs landed on his cold ones as a cry of pain left her lips.
His gaze landed on the line of blood in the corner of her lips and his thumb gently cleaned it.
“Shhh……relax it’s gonna be fine”
She relaxed knowing he was there to protect her now.
Her vision was returning to normal and she could see the anger in his eyes now.
The only difference being that this time it was directed towards them and not her.
Holding onto the collar of his shirt for the support he pulled her closer to him.
As soon as his cologne engulfed her all her worries got vanished.
“Hey!! Give her to us!!”
His jaw clenched in anger and his grip tightened on her.
“She is mine and you will get her over my dead body !”
His words made her look up at him but he was busy killing those two men with his deadly looks.
” Not all monsters are bad, maybe some are meant to protect good from bad ”
With this thought, she fell unconscious in the arms of a monster meant to protect her.
🙍🏼‍♂️ His Average Wife 🙍🏼‍♂️
( Not like a model )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 15
Under the half-illuminated streets and eerie silence, he stood there with her unconscious body engulfed in his arms.
Her face tightly pressed on his toned chest as he stood there ready to kill for her.
There was no doubt in the fact that he was a man of strength.
With those bulking muscles and stonelike core, no one can mistake him to be weak.
“Pretty boy..we don’t want to fight will you, just hand her over to us”
One of them said and Ashton’s eyes darkened at him to make the person step back in fear.
They started elbowing each other to send a message which was known to him.
“He looks dangerous…we should go!”
The other nodded in fear
But alas he had no such intention.
Gently placing her body on the pavement with her head supported on the wall he pulled up the sleeves of his shirt ready for one thing.
A bloodbath
His eyes saw red on thinking what these men wanted to do to his wife.
Their evil intentions made him determined for a kill.
As soon as their steps retreated he didn’t waste a second to let them escape.
Holding one from his neck and pushing another to the ground he started with his beastly assault.
In the silence of the empty streets cracking, sounds were echoing.
One after the other.
They didn’t stop even when the cries of pain did.
He had gone insane still hitting on to the unconscious bodies of the two men.
Her heavy eyes slowly opened to take in the scene and she gasped at what she saw.
Without a single ounce of mercy, he kept hitting the immobile bodies.
He feared he will kill them if she didn’t stop him.
In her broken rugged voice, she managed to call him.
As soon as her tiny voice sounded in the background he stopped immediately to look at her.
She saw a beast in front of her.
With hands dripping in blood and eyes ready to kill.
But as soon as they fell on her all the anger got replaced by concern.
Picking her up in his arms he left them unconscious.
Surrounded by their own blood not caring if they will make it till tomorrow morning or not.
Once back to the safety of their room he gently placed her on the bed.
His eyes zoomed on to the wound on her forehead and the blood on her lips.
“I…am…fine now….just a mild headache”
Without a word he moved back from her and went into the washroom.
He was back now wearing a clean shirt with a kit of first aid in his hands.
She felt weird of him taking care of her..of seeing this sweet side of this cold man but again she still has a lot to know about him.
She doesn’t know him.
Gently dabbing the wet cotton bud on her forehead he coated it with his cold breaths.
Her eyes taking in his every movement as he mended her wounds.
Moving onto to her lips as soon as his finger moved over her frozen chipped ones a fire of heat got lighted inside her.
He was taking more time than needed as his thumb kept tracing the trail of blood left by the wound at the corner of her lips.
His eyes darkened again and she held onto his arm to calm him down.
“It’s fine….it doesn’t hurt”
His eyes landed back on hers to search the truth behind her words.
She was lying and he could tell this from the way her hands clenched the fabric of his shirt when he touched her wounds.
“Did….did they touch you?”
He asked with fists clenched at his side’s and eyes refusing to meet hers.
She didn’t know what to say.
“One of them punched I think my jaw will be swollen by tomorrow…”
His eyes assessed her jaw to see a small bruise starting to take its shape.
He looked pained seeing her like this and she knew right then how soft his insides were in contrast to his outsides.
“Anywhere else?”
She moved her head in a no and he sighed in relief.
His hands held onto her wrist as he brought a wet cloth to clean her fingers.
As he gently cleaned each of her fingers one by one he realised just how beautiful her hands were.
“You did well though, they had much more bruises than you have.”
She smiled shyly as he praised her self defence skill.
Next, she felt him place his hand on her head.
Such a simple gesture but her body’s reaction to it was far intense.
It was like his claim of protection on her and this day hence she decided to trust this man no matter what.
Hours passed but he refused to leave her side
Staring at each little movement she did.
Feeling awkward she decided to ask.
“Do you….want something…?”
He looked torn on the inside as he looked at her.
“I ….am sorry for earlier….I couldn’t control my anger…and I just -”
He didn’t complete the sentence as he looked everywhere except her.
All her anger vanished in thin air and she wanted to hug this man and put their hearts at peace.
“You shouldn’t be….it was my fault….I provoked you to behave like that”
His eyes stared back at hers confused.
“No Elle still it was my fault!! Why do you-”
She placed her finger on his lips to stop those eyes from drowning in self-guilt.
His eyes softened and for the first time, all his emotions were visible.
Guilt, regret, pain, sadness
But one emotion stood out from all.
He adored her for reasons she was herself unaware of.
Before she could interpret any other emotions.
He has crashed his lips on hers taking away all the coldness from them
Her fingers interlocked behind his neck giving him full access.
But this kiss seemed different than the earlier ones.
It was gentle and sweet.
Not rough and dominating.
As if he didn’t want to hurt her already wounded lips.
Small pecks were showered all the way from her lips to her bruised jaw.
His soft lips on her bruised jaw seemed to do magic.
Long forgotten was the pain getting replaced by new feelings.
Her breathing has turned heavy as she looked at the eyes of her husband staring back at her.
“Don’t you ever leave me like that again”
She smiled and nodded as he continued the task he has started.
She found safety in his arms and he found the much-needed peace to calm his mind.
They were poles apart but these few times they found solace in each other’s arm.
“Hurry up!! We will be late!!”
Elle banged on the bathroom door as he refused to come it.
He took more time in the bathroom than girls did.
Like seriously he has been in there since last 1 hour.
She banged again when he replied.
“I am coming women!! Do you plan to break the door!”
She smiled and left to prepare breakfast.
This day till now was the best day ever.
She had woken up in the arms of her husband.
She had stared at his beautiful face for half an hour as she didn’t want him to find her side empty in the morning.
As she placed the pancakes on the table he entered with the morning newspaper in his hand.
She wished with a small smile on her face and blush on her cheeks.
“A very good morning…..”
Suddenly his time changed from calm to anger
“…just discard them!! I don’t like them!! ”
Confused she looked at the pancakes to see what was wrong in them.
She looked fine to her, did he not like them.
“No!! I want the best of the products to go for sampling!! This will not do!! No John make them again”
She looked harder at him to find out what was wrong when her eyes fell on the white earpiece in his ear.
He was talking to John…oh…he was wearing pods.
She calmed down and soon he ended the call.
Placing the juice glass near his plate she turned to clean the small kitchen when he stopped her.
“Come sit”
She hesitated as he always liked having his breakfast alone.
She didn’t want to disturb him.
“Sit Elle, and where is your plate?”
She tucked her fringe behind her ear looking down at her shoes.
“I…I…will have it later…you..enjoy”
His eyes met her shy ones and now he was ordering her and not asking.
“Go get your plate, we will start together”
Deciding not to argue any longer she hurriedly ran into the kitchen and prepared her plate.
Not wanting him to wait for her any longer.
As soon as she sat beside him in silence he started eating.
Sounds of the spoon hitting the plates could be heard as both sat in silence enjoying their first breakfast together.
“How is the bruise? Is your jaw stiff?”
He asked as his eyes assessed the colour of the bruise on her jaw and the mild swelling that has started to appear now.
“It’s fine…I will take a painkiller and anti-inflammatory medicine after having my lunch”
He nodded as his grip on his fork tightened.
How badly he wanted to kill those men once again.
The silence was broken by his phone ringing and her eyes landed on the caller.
She felt a wave of sadness but refused to show it.
He was right last night.
Her insecurities were baseless and her accusations lacked evidence.
From now on she will behave like a mature woman.
Besides she has to trust her husband.
Trust was the base of every relationship and she had doubted it already.
He didn’t look affected by his wife’s presence next to him as he picked up her call.
He didn’t leave the table or excused himself.
Instead, he sat there enjoying the pancakes while talking to her.
“You want to meet today? Err sorry but today I can’t! I am busy! ……no…that will be fine……yes …..yaa I will send you the documents tomorrow……”
15 minutes passed already and they were going on like childhood best friends who meet after so long.
She thought and decided to leave them.
As soon as she pushed her seat back to get up a hand was placed on her wrist.
She looked up surprised at him as he ordered her sternly.
“Where are you going? First, finish this”
He said pointing to the half-eaten pancake on her plate.
“Yes Lori I remember and luckily you haven’t changed a bit!! Still the same with those lame jokes of yours”
Elle sat back on her seat again playing with her pancakes.
Her eyes enjoying the sight of her smiling husband.
He looked so beautiful and her finger involuntarily touched her lips.
Remembering just how this beautiful man has claimed her lips last night.
A blush radiated on her cheeks.
He caught her movement and the blush on her cheeks.
He smiled knowing what she was thinking.
Smirking he ended the call and gave her his full attention.
“Is my wife having indecent thoughts about me?”
As soon as he asked her that question she didn’t wait for a second for him to see her reaction and rushed to leave the table.
But before she could he pulled her back from her waist making her Landon his lap with a shriek of surprise.
There was the evidence he was searching for.
Her beetroot red cheeks.
“Wh…what are…you…. doing?”
She asked innocently trying to get up as he placed both his hands on the table on her each side.
Blocking her.
“I am doing what a husband is supposed to do wifey? Are you not comfortable here?”
She couldn’t answer, hell she couldn’t even look at those beautiful eyes that were staring at her with amusement.
She shifted her weight to feel really uncomfortable when he cursed to her surprise.
“Fu** Elle stop moving !! ”
Her worried eyes looked at him to see his head tilted back and eyes closed.
Confused as to what happened to him suddenly she gently placed her hand on his cheek and asked him.
Suddenly his eyes opened and what she saw made her literally jump back from him.
There was only one emotion in those cold eyes now.
And it was lust.
TBC 💢💢💢


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