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His average wife episode 1

🙍🏼‍♂️ His Average Wife 🙍🏼‍♂️
( Not like a model )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
The youngest billionaire in town with looks of Adonis and everything at his feet desired just one thing more in life.
His perfect match.
He wished for a wife whose beauty would turn heads, a smile which would lighten up his world and figure which would curve perfectly under his f!ng£rs.
A beauty who spoke with etiquette and made him proud.
But he got her
A mediocre girl with average looks, fierce personality and no curves.
Outspoken and downright rude.
She was everything he didn’t want his wife to be like.
But who could defy when their souls were bound by threads of fate.
She was insecure And he fueled it further
She considered herself inferior to him And he used every chance to make it a belief.
She had a beautiful delicate golden heart
And he made sure to taint it black and crush it under his Gucci shoes.
She was his not so beautiful wife And he made sure that nothing left of her could be ever considered beautiful.
“I will taint every damn fibre of your body my dear Elle…every bit of it till you beg me to divorce you”
“I will love every flaw of you my dear husband …each and everyone till this heart beats for you”
Episode 1
“Come on man she is staring at you for like 30 minutes now!! Go and approach her!”
Said Cam hitting on Ashton’s arm
Ashton looked up from his bourbon gl@ss and followed his friends stare.
She sure was beautiful but not to his match.
He ignored the seductive looks she was giving and how she was bitting on her l!ps to get his attention.
Looking at the bartender he ordered another gl@ss of his favourite whiskey.
“Oh come on man!! She is damn hot! Why are you no-”
“Stop it already Cam! You know he never approaches a girl first !”
Said Mason while placing his arm on Cam’s shoulder with a small smirk lingering on his face.
Cam sighed in defeat and ordered a gl@ss for himself as well.
“I wonder why every girl has to go after him only….I mean there are other handsome gentlemen like me available as well”
He said glaring at Ashton while Mason broke in laughter at his friend’s defeated face.
“Man up if you want to attract a girl….these whining s will not get you anywhere”
Ashton spoke as he gulped the drink in one shot ready to leave.
As soon as he turned around to leave his body collided with someone and he saw them falling from the impact.
His hands automatically moved forward to support the person and he grabbed the person’s small waist.
Looking down he saw the same girl that was staring at him a few minutes back clinging on to him for support.
Pulling her up he placed her on her feet again and moved back from her.
“Oh, I am so sorry…I didn’t saw you there handsome!oh shit I spilt my drink on you !! I am so sorry!”
She spoke trying to sound seductive while placing her hands on his toned chest where the drink has just spilt.
He knew these tricks quite well and her voice was giving him a headache already.
Lifting her hand from his chest he moved back from her while she continued to apologize.
A look of rejection appeared on her face as she noticed his small action.
Without even bothering to give her a reply he made his way to the washroom.
Removing his shirt while looking at himself in the mirror he started washing the stain under the faucet.
Next, he moved towards the hand dryer and placed his shirt under it.
“You know I can’t Vi !! He is going to kill me if he finds out!!……I….I am hiding in a washroom cubicle”
Ashton looked amused hearing a girl hiding in men’s washroom.
And on top of that screaming on her phone like she owned this washroom.
Girls can be so dumb he thought.
“I’ll see if he is still there!! Okay? Will call you later…bye!”
So she is going to come out from her hiding spot,how interesting!
She slowly came out looking here and there and then her innocent eyes fell on that perfectly muscled back of a man and she shrieked with surprise.
He turned around to come face to face with an average girl with small brown eyes and plain hair.
Simple Fu**** plain Jane
He thought
He was hoping for a s£×y girl in some beautiful dress
But she was as simple as a girl can ever be.
Wearing a big baggy shirt and black jeans, her hair tied in a messy bun and face devoid of even an eyeliner.
He lost interest in her and refused to acknowledge her.
He turned his back to her again and proceeded to dry his now stain-free shirt.
But she didn’t have any such intention
“Are you a freaking pervert!! Standing in girls washroom like this!! You want to do a strip show go do it outside you fuc**** as****!!”
He sighed not expecting her to be a little firecracker with no mind.
He again turned around to look at her and she again reacted
“What? You don’t understand English? Should I speak French?hmmm….ya….ce….le… toilette filles….”
He smirked at her crooked words
It is “c’est Les toilettes des filles…..idiota”
“Whatever!! Now get out before I scream and call the security!”
He was getting irritated with her, his shirt was still w€t and this girl was not letting him even stand here.
“What?? Are you ignoring me!! I said get the hell out you pervert!!”
He did the opposite, It was time to teach her a lesson of respect.
He started moving towards her and saw her eyes flickering between his toned chest and his eyes.
Her steps receding and soon her back touched the door of the cubicle she was hiding in.
“… step..back ….why are you…….”
His face was stone cold like always, getting a reaction out of him meant you must have done something big.
She was going to scream when they heard some male voices coming towards them and as soon as the door handle moved she was pushed back inside the cubicle with a big hand muffling her scream
“Man I am wasted tonight!! My head is already bursting
“You even stole my shots!! What do you expect !”
“By the way where is Ashton? Didn’t he said he was going to the washroom!”
“I don’t know man!! He is the mysterious one, what can I say?”
The girl had her eyes wide staring at the Adonis-like chest of the man in front of her.
They were both standing in a cubicle with his hand on her mouth, his n@k£d chest touching her and his eyes looking at the cupboard above her head.
The wheels rotated in her mind and once the realisation came upon her she stared at those cold eyes with regret and fear.
This was men’s washroom!!
Oh no, why does she have to speak so much?
And that also to a beautiful specimen like him.
Soon the men left the washroom and she found him moving back from her instantly as her touch burned him.
She found a blush coming up her pale cheeks and she could no longer look at those eyes.
“I… this….. men’s washroom…?”
She asked afraid of his reply.
He didn’t reply, instead, he proceeded to put on his shirt and with one final cold look at her, he was out of the washroom.
How can she be so stupid, she was in a hurry but without looking she just entered men’s washroom was so embarr@ssing.
At least he stopped her from further embarr@ssing herself, she thought.
He joined his friends with them asking him what took him so much time and he gave an excuse excluding her from his answer.
The stupid girl was not worth much mention anyways, he thought.
As soon as he thought so his eyes involuntarily landed on the face of the odd one out in this entire place.
She was shifting her weight from one leg to another as a boy was what looked like scolding her.
Her head was down in defeat and she was moving her head in a no.
Then unexpectedly her eyes met his and he felt strange all of a sudden.
He wanted to shift back his gaze to the beautiful girl standing next to him but couldn’t do it.
There was a pull in her eyes that was stopping him
“Ash man what are you looking at?”
Cam asked and he was able to break eye contact with her.
He said and gulped the leftover drink in one go.
The next time his eyes fell on her, she was being dragged out of the club with the boy holding her hand firmly and her head held down in defeat.
Just when he was going to look away from her, her head tilted to the right and her eyes caught his stare for the second time.
She spoke a word which looked like a sorry and with one last look she was out of the club.
He looked back at the girl blabbering something about her next concert but for a minute or so the so-called boring unattractive girl occupied his mind..
Elle Hamilton….
The youngest of three children of the family Elle was always the odd one.
Her elder brother Thomas was a university topper and now a top neurosurgeon.
He had his looks from his mother and with those grey eyes and brown hair, he was a heartbreaker for sure.
Her elder sister Rosaline Hamilton was an epitome of female perfection.
With blonde hair and grey eyes, she was a top model in New York City with her commercials going on day and night on the TV and her posters everywhere you go.
The youngest one was our dear Elle Hamilton,25 years of age with average looks.
Brown hair, brown eyes and light brown skin unlike white pale of her siblings and parents.
She was not soft-spoken like her sister, instead, you may call her a disrespectful brat if you get to have a bad encounter with her.
But still, she was the sweetest of all, her heart was pure and she could do anything for those who she loved.
She wasn’t successful like her siblings and she did get to hear it from relatives that she was a disgrace.
She loved cooking and became a cook for her entire family.
She loved helping and indirectly became a maid to her sister’s orders.
She gave everything but got nothing in return.
Her brother and sister were overprotective or disgraced of her she couldn’t distinguish.
She avoided going to parties because she hated hearing others talk about how undeserving she was.
She held a degree of veterinary but everyone just laughed at her choice of career.
“One child is saving lives, the other is a top model and the third one is working in a barn, covered in hay, giving deliveries to a calf.”
These were the words she heard some elite women at a party laugh about and that also at her face.
She loved animals and her career gave her happiness but most people could never understand this.
Elle was without a doubt the odd one out of her family but this didn’t make her any less special.
She was gold and only the eyes of a goldsmith could see her beauty.
Hamilton Mansion
10:42 pm
The whole family was sitting in the living room with Mrs Hamilton’s voice screaming at a high pitch
“Didn’t I said not to go Elle!! I said you are grounded!! Now, do I need to lock you in your room next time!”
The girl rolled her eyes but still kept silent.
“Elle child you should listen to your mother. You are no longer a kid, rolling eyes like a 12-year-old are not acceptable.”
“But dad-”
“Not a word Elle, your dad will not take your side this time! Just look at your sister! Learn something from her!”
“Like how to be a bitch”
She said slowly but her mother still heard her.
“Elle!! Don’t you dare call her that when you can never be like her!! She is soft-spoken, gentle and has etiquettes unlike you who is just an embarr@ssment”
The last line came out low but she still heard it.
“Softly spoken my foot!! It is just a veil…she is double-faced and I can never be like her!! ”
“Elle just say sorry and let it go! Why are you making it a big deal?”
Her brother Thomas said
“I am making it a big deal!! You were making it a big deal when you dragged me out of that club and told her !!”
“Elle you can’t go to that club alone !! Why don’t you understand!”
“I was not alone! Ve was with me and what’s the big deal! You never stop Rose from going!! Then why me!!
“Stop comparing yourself with Rose Elle, you are not her!!”
“Exactly my point mom!! I am not like her so stop Fu*”** comparing me with her every damn time!!”
With this, she was gone and next they heard the voice of a door slamming shut.
“This girl is just a disgrace!! The words she uses!! god, forbid if anyone from my royal family hears her!
I don’t know what to do with this child!”
“Maybe if she gets married, she will learn to be responsible?”
Mr Hamilton suggested and everyone saw a point there.
“I will begin looking for suitable matches tomorrow only but I don’t want Elle to know about this”
Everyone nodded and went their own way to call off the night.
Her pillow was w€t with teardrops, her eyes swollen and her mind in a turmoil.
This was nothing new since childhood she was always neglected and ignored one.
Her mother never gave her the klzzes like she gave Rose,
Her mother never tapped her head and said she was proud of her like she did for Thomas.
She never prepared her favourite meal and soon her brothers and sisters favourite became her own favourites.
She lived in their shadows and that’s how her life has been till now.
“Why can’t I be like them? Why am I a disgrace…”
She said in sobs and fresh tears escaped her l!ps.
Soon her eyes got dried of tears and she found the peace of sleep at 1:00 clock at night with a throbbing head and a broken heart.
Ashton Lockwood
Heir of Lockwood Industries and an only child.
His parents pampered him with everything he placed his f!ng£r on and he was no doubt an arrogant one.
He was a speaker of few words and his face devoid of emotions.
You can crack your best joke and still he will not smile.
Smirking is his favourite and he does it quite often.
He had everything now as he has taken over his father’s business and is running it well.
Everything except one
His wife
He was 27 already and his family wanted him to settle down.
He also wanted the same as he was himself quite bored with one night stands and possessive whores.
He wanted a perfect wife and finding her was as difficult as it sounded.
Beautiful was at the top of the list, family and qualification all came later.
He wanted to feel proud to call her as his.
He wanted such a beauty but little did he know that beauty is not always external.
” The way he saw beauty was just a veil
If only he had the eyes to see what lay underneath.”
Lockwood Mansion
11:30 pm
He was standing at the top of his roof with hands placed on the railing.
His mother stood behind him a bit afraid of his reaction.
“Your Dad has made it clear Son, you will have to marry the girl of his choice”
He didn’t react, instead, his eyes didn’t even leave the sight of the moon which he was eagerly staring at.
“I know Ash it is your life, but your dad is quite adamant on this…he is just afraid of you choosing a wrong girl and ruining everything.”
Mrs Lockwood sighed at her son’s lack of response.
It was nothing new, she was expecting this already.
He has mastered the art of not showing his emotions no matter what the situation is.
“Son…please don’t be angry -”
She placed her hand on his shoulder and he reacted
“I will talk to him myself mom…you should rest… it’s late”
She sighed as what he was suggesting was going to be disastrous.
She could already predict a fight the next morning.
But she knew her son’s decision is final, she can’t argue with him any longer and it was better to leave with a heavy heart.
“Okay, son…if you say….”
She was going to leave when she felt his hand hold her wrist.
As she turned she was engulfed by his body and he placed a gentle klzz on her forehead.
“You need not worry mom and avoid taking those sleeping pills every night”
He whispered in her ear and she nodded with a warmness in her heart.
He didn’t show but cared a lot for her.
She could see through his every word and emotion as she was his mother after all.
Soon he receded and before she could catch any emotion on his face he had turned his back on her.
Making her way downstairs she just prayed for one thing.
Please help the son and father reach a conciliation on this.
He stayed there looking at the moon watching its beauty and wondering when he will find her, the one he is looking for.
The next day……
9:46 am
“You think I don’t know of your ways? How you tarnished my image by being a Casanova!! Even if you have stopped now, it doesn’t mean you are responsible now!!
I will not let you bring a gold digger into this house and ruin everything I earned working my @ss off!!”
“You can keep whatever you earned…I am not keeping a penny of it!!”
“Oh don’t you forget now that I was the one who gave you money to start your business!! ”
“So what?? Every father does that….you are no special Mr Lockwood!! I also worked h@rd to make this company rise!! Don’t you forget it!!”
“I am done arguing with you son!! My decision is final!! I will choose a girl for you and it will be final!! ”
“She is going to be my wife!! Why the hell will you decide it!! … whatever you want to do !! But I will never accept your choice!!”
“You will son….you will and I will make sure of it!”
“I am not someone who you can threaten!! I am your Son not some Fu**** competitor Dad!!”
“I know Son and that’s why you will listen to me or else forget that I am your Dad!!”
“What kind of an emotional shitty game are you playing dad!! I said I will not!!”
“Then forget that you are the heir of Lockwood Industries!! Forget everything you did building this empire along with me!!”
Ashton knew his father was not joking, he knew he will not back down now.
With these final words, he was gone slamming the door shut in anger.
Mr Lockwood sat on his seat and smiled filling his gl@ss with French wine.
“I will never regret my choice my Son because I will choose an angel for you”
A few days later…….
Poultry farm at outskirts of the city
“That one there is the one who is not giving eggs…”
“Is the hen eating a proper diet? Is there enough calcium in the diet?”
Elle asked staring at the hen the poultry owner pointed at.
“Yes the diet is the same for every hen….it has enough calcium”
“Then I need to check it..”
Elle said making her way through the room full of hens to reach the particular one.
As soon as she reached it, the hen began running in a full splint.
Elle didn’t wait for a second and started chasing it like a madwoman with the owner of the farm doing the same.
“You stand near the gate, Sir !! It is coming your way!!”
She screamed but to her horror, the hen escaped from in-between his legs and was out of the room.
Both screamed with horror and followed it while locking the door behind.
It was a farm and that also without a boundary, they couldn’t wait another second.
Elle being young was much faster than the old poultry keeper and soon she was running after it blindly jumping over the gardened vegetables and vibrant flowers.
Finally, the hen stopped at the road to eat a worm and Elle slowed down catching her breath.
“You nasty little creature!! I will kill you and have roasted chicken in my dinner!! ”
The hen replied with clucking and soon Elle picket it up in her arms ready to go back to the farm.
But she was so engrossed in catching the hen that she was ignorant of the fact that a sleek black car was coming her way and was honking at her continuously.
As soon as she turned around to leave with the hen in her arms her eyes widened with fear as she saw a back car so close to her.
The screeching sound of the tyres was heard and she involuntarily stepped back making her legs wobble and the hen to escape from her grip.
Her body hit the rough gravel and she could feel her elbows bleeding.
Looking up she saw a black BMW just a few inches away from her.
She sighed in relief and closed her eyes.
Thank God she is fine.
Soon the farm keeper had caught the hen and he approached her asking if she was fine.
The black door of the car opened and she held her breath for a second
“I am doomed for today!! He will kill me!! How stupid of me to just go and stand on the road calling for death!!”
But all her thoughts were brought to peace when a man stepped out of the car with a look of worry on his face.
He had black grey hair and blue eyes, his business suit fitted perfectly and he took long confident steps towards her.
Unexpectedly he crouched down at her level and started examining her wound.
“I am really sorry my child!! Are you fine?”
“No…sir…..I mean Yes sir!! I am completely fine!! Don’t worry it’s just a scratch…It’s fine….nothing is broken…..I am good to see….”
She said getting up on her feet and moving her arms to show that she was fine.
The man laughed at her childish behaviour and act of bravery.
It was not just a scratch, the gravel had drops of blood showing it was deeper than it and she needed immediate medical attention.
“Come I will take you to a hospital nearby….it requires some antiseptic and bandages”
“No Sir…!! I will not like to trouble you!! Already I appeared on the road so suddenly calling for an accident!! I have tri-‘
“No child it’s okay…come”
“But Sir!!”
“I insist miss….”
“I insist on miss Elle….I will feel relieved once you have been properly treated”
She was reluctant but then the farm keeper nodded asking her to go.
She obliged and soon the driver opened up the p@ss£nger door for her as the man guided her.
She had feathers in her hair, hay in her clothes and she must be stinking so bad but still, this gentleman helped her.
She was really thankful for him and decided to voice her words.
“I am really sorry Sir…actually that hen just ran off…and I had to check it…so I followed and finally she stopped on the road….and I didn’t hear your horn….oh stupid I ca-”
She stopped when she heard the sound of rich laughter and looked up to see the man looking at her with a glint of amusement.
“I said it’s alright child… don’t be embarr@ssed about it..I don’t judge I promise…”
“Eh okay if you say so..Sir”
She said timidly and continued staring at the trees going past them.
“By the way what were you doing you happen to live in the farm?”
“Oh no, sir…I am a veterinarian and I was called to check on the hen as it was not laying eggs”
He again laughed and she couldn’t help but join him
“Interesting job you got there….it explains feathers in your hair at least”
As soon as she heard his words she placed her hand on her hair and started pulling on the feathers in her hair.
Oh god, it was so embarr@ssing she thought!!
“So miss Elle who is in your family….?

“Ehmmm my father, mother, an elder brother who is e neurosurgeon…., my elder sister, Rosaline Hamilton is a top model and then there is me Elle …the youngest one..a veteran..”
“Hamilton……you are David’s daughter?”
He asked amazed
“Yaa…you know my dad?”
She asked now afraid of pres£nting herself in such a way in front of her father’s @ssociate.
She was again going to tarnish their family name she thought.
“David and I go back to college days…but recently he has been so busy that he doesn’t have time for me!! Tell him I am angry with him!!”
She nodded with a small smile and saw the hospital approach.
“Thank you so much, Sir..I am really sorry to cause you trouble…”
“Let me take you inside child..”
“ Sir it’s fine..I will manage from here”
“Okay careful child”
He said with a gentle smile and I returned his smile.
“By the way …what should I say… angry with my dad?”
“Tell him, Henry Lockwood, his college best friend is”
With that, he was gone and she stood there staring at the retreating back of the car.
Did he just say, Lockwood..
As in owner of Lockwood Industries.
I am dead!!
Dad is going to kill me!!
“Congratulations Dad!! You again were able to control my Fu***** life !! Congrats but keep in mind….I will make you regret your decision!!”
TBC 💢💢💢😁😁


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