his affectionate episode 39 & 40

{Undying Love….}


By, Shindara velvet D





📞 Why do you ask? What’s it about?

Molly asked.

📞 While we were in our business trip in NY we ate their dishes and it was tasty and mouth watering. We wanted you to try it.

Her mother replied.

📞 And since you’re in Italy,you should taste their meal they sell Korean dishes there too

Her father added.

📞 What’s this? I don’t understand

Molly chuckled softly.

📞 We checked online and also locations of Italian eateries. We noticed one of the five star restaurant ranking a 7th position in international foods criteria and decided to check in. We got a table there at long last.

📞 Wow! So, you want me to come over to the restaurant and eat there?

📞 Yes darling. On your birthday. We booked the whole restaurant for you and your boyfriend. You both are having a couple set.

📞 It’s your birthday gift, girlie.

Her father said.

📞 Mum! Dad! Thank you so much. You’re amazing. You’re the best. I love you both! Here I was thinking you guys neglected me. I’m so thankful.

Molly said, and sniffed.

📞 We love you too, sweetie. We need to hang up now. We are gonna call you when we land in Italy. We just entered the airport.

📞 Okay mum. Bon voyage.

📞 Should I just make you travel to France? You are learning a lot of French this days? Would you like to study there?

Her father asked, laughing.

📞 No. I don’t want to. I’m gonna stay in Italy with you guys…and with Edward too. I can’t leave him for any reason.


“Tell me, you bastard! Who f*cking got into an accident!” The director yelled like a frustrated fowl, and seized his collar.

He coughed.

“The makeup artiste” He replied.

“What?” The director muttered and slowly took his hands off his collar.

“How did it happen?” The director asked.

“She went to get something to eat over the road and ended up having an accident. She just broke her arm so she will have to be in the hospital and on cast for days” He explained.

“OMG” Everyone remarked with sympathy.

“Oh my! Does this mean our models won’t get their perfect look since our makeup artiste isn’t here?” The director said.

Everyone sighed deeply. They were upset on the director’s behavior. He took things less serious.

“That’s why I always told you to get an assistant makeup artiste but you refused, saying it was part of the expense” The guy whispered.

“Keep shut” The director warned, with a hard glare.

“What to do? Don’t we have someone here, amongst us who knows how to makeup well?”

“If they did, they wouldn’t have applied for the other positions, don’t you think? He asked.

The director gnashed his teeth tiredly and kicked him gently.

“Go away” He said.

“P.D?” Someone called, coming away from the crowd.

Everyone turned their heads over to face the person. It was Kelvin. He was coming towards the director.

“Yes Kelvin…Any problem?” The director asked.

“You asked for a makeup artiste” Kelvin said.

“Yes…yes…yes,, I did. Why? Do you know someone who can help?”


“Ahh” The director breathed heavily in relief.

“That’s a relief. Who’s that if I may ask?” The director asked.

“Me” Kelvin answered, wearing a thick smile.

“Wh…at?” The director’s voice shook.

“I can makeup and I’m good in it. Before I became a well known model, I was a makeup artiste” Kelvin said, still smiling.

“You?” The director asked with his eyes moving weirdly.

“You wanna check me out? Bella ! Come over…Let’s make you up!” He exclaimed.

Bella swallowed hard and slowly walked to him. Kelvin held her arm and brought out a chair for her. He sat her down, looked at her face and smiled.

He asked for the makeup kit and it was instantly given to him.

“Please, Kelvin…hurry. We’ve no time. I also got to direct another shoot somewhere else. I’m a busy man, you know” The director said.

He began to dress her face,Bella kept staring at his face while he was busy.

“Why is my heart racing so fast? What’s going on?… Am I sick?” She thought and swallowed hard.

Kelvin looked into her eyes now, since he was applying eye liner on it. Bella little fragile heart nearly burst out from her ribs.

After that, he touched her lips with his thumb and cleared the lipstick on it slowly. Bella lips reacted by opening slightly.

“Hey” Bella whispered.

“Don’t worry, I’m just trying to get your lipstick off. Don’t take it personal… I’m gonna rub a glossy one instead” Kelvin said, after he briefly looked into her eyes.

“Who are you kidding?” She scoffed.

They were both whispering, and the mouth hardly moved so one one noticed a thing.

“Hey, you could have asked for a tissue instead of using your thumb” She said.

Kelvin swallowed hard.

“I know you are trying to make a move on me. That was a fast one but I wouldn’t deny it is also catchy and good too”Bella said

“What?” He said, as he applied the glossy lipstick on her lips.

“Do you wanna come over at my place after the shoot?” She whispered, with a seductive gaze.

Kelvin gave her a quick smile.


“What! Our picnic has been shifted! Why! Why! Why!” Dora shouted, almost moved to tears.

Raymond and Avia just looked at Kayden trying to hear his reasons and explanation.

“It’s not my fault guys. Don’t worry. our postponed picnic will still be worth it. The reason why I’m postponing it is because we are booked for the weekend. Our booking and camp happens to clash on that same day”Kayden said

“Can’t you tell the booked customers,, that we are gonna be really busy that day?” Raymond asked.

“I did tell them,, trust me but it didn’t end well. It was a man and a woman who called me. They begged and asked me to do this for their daughter. It was her birthday and they wanted to make it grand. They also said they wanted it to be celebrated by her daughter and her boyfriend alone. They also ask for a cake too”Kayden answered

“They paid me well and even rated my restaurant online with 5 stars” He added.

“Okay then. I understand” Avia muttered.

“I don’t still understand! By the way,, She even has the same birthday with Molly” Dora said.

“Molly? Who’s Molly?” Kayden asked.

“She’s just…a friend. A friend who dated my boyfriend immediately I broke up with him for a good reason”Dora scoffed

“Whoa. You dated? Someone dated you? With this face you had?” Kayden mocked and laughed.

“Hey! I’m beautiful! Many guys asked me out and they are a lot still dying to date me!” Dora said, aloud but Kayden kept on laughing.

“Hey, what are you talking about? What’s wrong with her? She’s beautiful. Ugly my foot” Raymond cleared his throat dramatically.

Dora smiled.

“Raymond,you are being supportive today. You’re the best” She smiled, and gave him a thumbs up.

Avia looked at Dora for some minutes, then turned over to stare at Raymond who happened to be staring at Dora, while smiling. She looked down and folded her lips, perturbed.

“Anyways, guess what, guys?” Kayden said.

“What?” Raymond and Dora said in unison.

“We are gonna all take a break tomorrow. Then after that, we need to start preparing for the birthday dinner that day. We need the couples to be happy”

“Okay!!” Dora and Raymond shouted.

Kayden noticed Avia’s mind absence and looked at her. Her face was down. He touched her shoulder and her whole body shivered.

She quickly looked up to him.

“Octavia… You alright?” He asked.

“Huh?…Yeah…I think… I need to go work. Customers can’t serve themselves. The other staffs might talk” She muttered and left.

Kayden sighed deeply.

“She’s right. Let’s go work Dora, Just rest Raymond tomorrow is our free day!” He gushed.

“Yesss!” Dora and Raymond said this together, again.

Kayden walked out.

Dora looked at Raymond

“As if you ever work, why are you sounding happy on our free day. You’ve been free since all these days”Dora said

Raymond chuckled.

“Its because I’m gonna have to see your beautiful face throughout”

“What’s he saying?” She muffled, childishly and left.

Dora went outside, shut the door and touched her chest.

“Ow! He just made my heart flutter. Why call me beautiful?. I know that already” She smiled, meekly and left.

Avia slowly came out of the hidden corner she stayed and folded her fist tightly


As the two’s tongues kept lashing and swinging on the other and their lips kept digging in and out,, they made their way walking roughly and carelessly to the room after kicking their shoes away. They almost fell but they held themselves tightly.

Finally, they got to the bedroom. They fell on the bed and kissed more deeply and passionately.

Bella broke the kiss and looked at Kelvin and smiled. He was about to take his lips to hers but she quickly placed her finger on it.

“Ssh… I wanna ask, Kelvin?” She whispered.

“What?” He whispered back at her, stealing glances at her exposed, fair and bursty cleavages.

“You got a girlfriend?” She asked, whispering.

“No” He whispered back.

“Married?”Bella asked


“Got a crush?”

“Don’t have a girl at all in my life”kelvin said

“Good…now come here” She smiled, and took her finger off.

As Kelvin slowly took his lips closer to hers, they heard the door bell ring loudly making the two raise their heads up.