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high school vampire episode 9 & 10

🏩 H I G H S C H O O L💋
(Sweet Blood,Sweetest Love)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 9&10.


★ ★ ★ ★

“Its Mr. Clyde” He puffed another round of smoke but this time, away from her face.

“I rather call you boss, like the others do” Kristen muttered.

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He grinned and threw the cigarette to the ground. He stepped on its bu-tt and pocketed his hands.

“Come on in. We got something hvge” He said, and walked into the building. Kristen inhaled de-eply before following him.

They entered the main building and some men who were pla-ying cards st©pped, and greeted him.

“Boss” They kept saying.

“Where’s he?” Clyde asked.

They pointed at a door, few distance away. Some girls wearing black leather clothing bowed down in respect when Clyde [email protected]

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote, Don’t Copy Or Repost To Avoid Misfortune!


Clyde opened the door, and went in. Kristen followed. She saw a handsome young student tied up on a chair.

He was bleeding from his forehead andl-ips. He seemed to have been tortured. His face was down. He felt really weak.

Kristen was shocked when she saw, he was a student. She was more shocked to find out he went to Morgan’s High.

“Who’s he, Boss?” She asked.

He scoffed.
“Rather than who,, It’s what…”

“Oh,, Uh… What is he, Boss?” Kristen asked.

Clyde sat down on the opposite chair, and rubbe-d the desk in between him and the being, with his palm.

“A supernatural being. Definitely not a vampire” Clyde replied.

Kristen swallowed [email protected], in curiousity.

“I have a few questions, boss and I’m really sorry for my inquisitiveness” She muttered.

“If he is a supernatural being. How come he isn’t struggling to get out? Or rather, what made him so weak not to free himself from these mere ropes?” Kristen asked.

Clyde smiled at the corner of hisl-ips. He looked up and pointed at the light red bright bulb.

“That” He muttered.

Kristen traced where his eyes and f!nger was pointed and she too, ended up looking at the bulb.

“This affects their powers greatly, allowing them to become weak and powerless. It more like their weakness and death” He smiled.

“Though, sadly, It isn’t portable nor locomotive. We are still building something better”

Kristen was wowed. She looked at Clyde.
“What is it called, Boss?”

“We call it the Laser bulb” He replied.

“Oh…” Kristen muttered.

“How was he caught?,, I wanna know more?” Kristen asked.

The student, slowly looked up but he could [email protected] see a thing. His vision was weak and so blurry.

He shook his b©dy trying to free himself but he couldn’t. He growled at Clyde, bringing his face to him but Clyde wasn’t moved.

Only Kristen flin-ched. She even tried to scream.

“You don’t have to be scared. He’s useless and powerless as far as this laser bulb is on”

“Still…” Kristen muttered and walked back to Clyde.

Clyde turned and looked at her.
“So, you were asking?….”

Kristen swallowed [email protected]
“I just wanna know how he was caught. He’s a supernatural being after all”

Clyde smiled and remembered what happened,, telling her at the same time.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Don’t Repost Anywhere To avoid Misfortune!

Flash Back**

Clyde and two of his men including Lia, one of the black hunter, who happens to be a lady found themselves walking in the woods, quietly.

They were looking for vampires, if not them,, then, supernatural beings. Clyde’s eyes met with one from a distance. He was bending down, growing flowers back from the dead.

Clyde gestured them to st©p and they did.

“Seen and targeted” He whispered.

“Lia?” He called, softly.

“Boss?” She answered.

“To his left side, quic-k” He commanded. Lia bowed before running to the side of where he bent, busily growing beautiful flowers with his powers.

The shoes they wore was [email protected] and upon though, made no sound at all while they run. That was one of the important wears they relied on.

Shoes which made sounds while running was a stupid and useless tool for their jobs. They used boots or shoes which made no sounds at all,, despite any harsh running or sprinting and they called it “The Soundless Shoes/Boots”.

“Tyga!,, to his right side, now!” He commanded the first guy who nodded and obeyed quic-kly.

“Clef,, you stay right at my tail, and be conscious, got that?”

“Sure boss” Clef replied.

Lia and Tyga looked at Clyde from where he stood. He raised his left hand up. They were all holding powerful guns.

“At my signal…,, you attack” He whispered.

They all nodded.

Clyde smiled and walked close to the being. He hid behind a tree and peeked out. He smiled and pu-ll-ed his trigger, without even targeting. He was really good in his job that he didn’t need any eyes to catch supernatural beings and aliens.

A small arrow with a red feather ran out of the gun’s opening and entered his che-st.

He quic-kly looked up and another one was sh0t to the other side. Clyde [email protected]£ out from his hideout and shouted;


They sh0t their guns at him and he fell down on the ground, weakly.

“Fast… Let’s bundle him now he’s weak. Let’s move him to the laser bulb before he wakes”

Sommy Pearl F. wrote this. Never Copy & Repost this story anywhere.

End of Flash Back***

“I guess that wasn’t easy” Kristen said.

“It was easy for me, no doubt. Don’t know about the others” Clyde said, and Kristen chuckled.

“Sometimes, these supernatural beings re-ad minds and are able to tell when someone is watching them. But with the help of this- Clyde paused and pointed at his n£¢k side, where a black small systematic bug was glued there. It fli-ckered blue.

“What’s that? It helps with?” Kristen asked, curiously without waiting for him to finish.

“It helps in blocking our minds. Vampires and other supernatural beings,, even aliens won’t be able to hear us inside and know when we are watching them”


“We call it,, the MB… which means, Mind’s blocker” Clyde said.


“Now, its time to move to this little niggar here. Lia checked his information using his hand print and was able to gather something. His name is Mason Jacobs,, an orphan who a quiet life in a cottage, down the woods, in the open street”

“I see” Kristen nodded, following.

“Mason Jacobs?” Clyde called.

Mason didn’t reply. He just kept his face down. Clyde grunted, and held his hair. He pu-ll-ed it up, ma-king Mason look at him in the face. He whimpered in pains.

“You go to Morgan’s High, huh?” Clyde asked.

Mason laughed hysterically.
“You aren’t blind to see that, are you?”

Clyde pu-ll-ed his hair before crashing his face on the desk. He pressed his face [email protected] on it allowing Mason to
[email protected] in pain.

“Now,, you are gonna help me,, bring out supernatural beings like you…”

“I prefer to die than help you” Mason muttered and Clyde scoffed, with a snicker.

“But firstly, Our new dark hunter, Kristen has a job to do before she officially joins us”

Kristen wi-de-ned her eyes after hearing the statement he made.

“What?” She muttered.

“Kristen is gonna torture you till you beg for mercy” He sm-irked.

Kristen stared de-eply at him and swallowed [email protected] in fear and anxiety. Her eyes blinked carelessly as Clyde faced her.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote this, Do Not Copy Or Repost,, Never!!

Morgan’s High (MH),, Lunch Hour**

Tessa and Doris held their tray of food as they walked to get seats in the school cafeteria.

Vera was sitting with Jake alre-ady, alongside Karl and Mabel,, while Laura sat with two boys, Connor and Lucas.

Nora was sitting with two of her [email protected] The seats are supposed to contain four students,, not more than that.

“I’m gonna sit down with Nora. You, sit with Connor and Laura and the… other guy who is in [email protected]” Doris said, and walked up to Nora.

Tessa inhaled de-eply and went to them. She sat down with Lucas and she happened to be opposite Connor.

Laura glared at her as she sat down.

“Hope I ain’t disturbing? Tessa asked, with a nervous smile.

“Not at all, Tessa” Lucas smiled.

Tessa looked at him and returned the smile.
“You are also in my [email protected], right? Saw you there” She said.

“Sure. I’m Lucas” He smiled, and brou-ght his hand out, for a handshake.

Tessa looked at Connor and Laura, smiled nervously before accepting the handshake.

“By the way, I’m Laura’s twin” He said, and broke the handshake.

“What? Really?… You guys don’t really look alike though there’s this,, still little resemblance” Tessa said.

“Yup..We aren’t really identical. Not just face,, [email protected] too. She much more intelligent than me. I [email protected]£ out first though”

“Wow. You are older than her?”

“Hmm…Hmm” Lucas nodded, as he ate.

“Can you guys just st©p blabbing or I might leave. I hate noises, you know” Connor said.

“Awwwnn…Hyung (Older Brother)… I haven’t even told you what I wanted to say yet” Lucas said, pouting childishly.

“Oh goodness, Lucas… You’d better not say it” Laura warned and Lucas scoffed.


“Hey, Vera?” Jake called.

She looked at him.

“Are you trying to dig holes into her b©dy? Your eyes seems to be shooting out bullet and spikes” Jake said.

“What?” She muttered.

“I’m talking about you,, glaring [email protected] at that new girl” Jake said, taking a spoonful of meal into his mouth.

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