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high school vampire episode 7 & 8

🏩 H I G H S C H O O L💋
(Sweet Blood,Sweetest Love)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 7&8.


★ ★ ★ ★

“You too… Who are you?!” Tessa shouted.

Connor looked back at Jake.
“It’s obvious its Mabel. This is sorcery” He said.

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Jake simply nodded.

“What are you two talking about?! What sorcery? Who’s this Mabel? And why is everyone frozen and stuck??!” Tessa hollered.

Vera stood up.
“Mabel is my friend, why?” She asked coldly.

“Hello, I’m Mabel” Mabel raised her hand with a smile. Nora also moved her b©dy, by resting on the desk.

“What’s happening now? Why are some people moving and why aren’t some moving? What’s happening to my sister?” Tessa almost cried.

Another vampire who sat down close to the window, stood up. He is the youngest in [email protected], by age 16. He’s very tall though. Karl is his name.

“What’s happening now? Mabel! St©p this nons-en-se at once!” Karl ordered.

“I asked her to do it!” Vera snapped.

“And why would you?” Connor asked, angrily and stood up.

Jake just rested his back properly on his chair and watched them like he was watching TV. His sly smile didn’t leave his face.

“This girl- Vera paused, and pointed at Tessa.
“Her blood is different. It smells so sweet and everyone,, except the witch knows her blood is not un-derstandable” Vera added.

“So?” Connor asked.
“What are you gonna do? Bite her? svçkher blood?”

“Should I?” Vera sm-irked.
“Her blood is so tempting and vampires here are beginning to crave it” She said.

Tessa watched them in utter shock. She tried fainting but it didn’t work. Her legs were heavy to run. All she did was to shake uncontrollably.

“She’s new here. Let’s st©p this!” Connor said.

“I won’t blame you. You are an hybrid and can control your taste for blood. As for me,, I’m a full vampire,, got that!” Vera snapped.

“Hello!” Karl called, with a wave and they turned to him.

“I’m a vampire but I don’t like blood like you guys. I’m quite able to control my blood cravings so… I’m out. By the way, I’m a vegetarian” Karl win-ked.

Mabel laughed and Vera quic-kly glared at her and she quic-kly got her act together, in all seriousness.

“Look, Karl! I don’t care if you are able to control your taste for blood or not As for me, I do what I want!”

“Whatever” Karl rolled his eyes and sat down.

Vera’s b©dy zoomed like wind to Tessa’s front. Tessa could only [email protected] loud, wondering how Vera got there fast.

Oh, well,, why not? She’s a bloody vampire.

“What…do you…want from me? Why are you doing this to me?” Tessa’s b©dy shook, as she stammered helplessly.

Vera slowly walked in front of her and Tessa began to take few steps backwards. Her back t©uçhed the chalkboard and she finally knew it was the end.

Vera sm-irked and hit her hand on the board, blocking the other side for Tessa to [email protected] throu-gh.

“Look at me” Vera commanded her.

Tessa gulped [email protected] and took her fearful eyes to Vera’s face.

“plea-se,,, plea-se,, don’t kill me,, I’m begging you” Tessa shivered.

“Firstly, Who are you?” Vera asked.

“Vera, what are you doing? Don’t you think you are scaring her?” Connor asked.

“Mind your business, Oppa. I won’t eat her, okay,, you happy now?” Vera said.

Connor rolled his eyes.
“Do what you wish. I don’t care”

He sat down, and watched Vera.

“Hey, Vera” Jake called, suddenly.

Vera turned her head over. She saw Jake place his elbows on the desk, before placing his chin on his opened palms.

“Be careful” He muttered.

Vera raised her brows.

“What?” She asked.

“Who knows? Her blood might be poisonous,,, The sweetest things kills fas-ter, you know”

Vera quic-kly took her hand off, and took few steps away. She seemed scared now. Jake smiled inwardly, seeing how his plan to save Tessa worked.

“It could be true you know. This blood smells so different though it quite salivating… It might be dangerous to us” Nora said, allowing her orange colored eyes settle.

Vera quic-kly walked to her seat and sat down. She looked numbly at scared Tessa.

“Mabel?” She called, finally.

“Yes?” Mabel answered.

“Let everyone and everything turn back to normal-

“Hold on” Connor interrupted.

“What now?” Nora asked.

“What about her? She needs to get her memory washed. She shouldn’t remember anything, you know” Connor said.

“Then, make her forget. Vampires like us can take away humans memories” Karl suggested.

Connor stood up, in order to take away her memories when…

“Forget about it, She [email protected] forgets” Jake said.

“Huh?” Connor turned around to face him.
“But I thought you told me you washed her memory earlier”

Jake blinked.
“Huh… Before it worked, I had my powers almost draining. You are gonna get tired, trust me. You are an hybrid for that matter” Jake chuckled. mockingly.

“Then, just try to second law enchantment. That is gonna work for sure” Nora said.

“Wait? You mean the power that works with a k!ss?” Connor wi-de-ned his eyes.

“Yup. Its a powerful one” Nora laughed.

“You must be growing nuts? How do you expect me to k!ssa girl I don’t know… Its quite per-verted” Connor said, and Jake gagged. He coughed, and quic-kly looked away.

“You know what, I have an idea. I’m gonna go back in time… from when she and her sister [email protected]£ in,, better huh?” Mabel said.

“Cool” Karl said.

“The witch in the house is finally ma-king s-en-se” Vera chuckled.

“Aiish! And I always tell you I’m not a witch but a sorceress” Mabel said.

“Just do it alre-ady and st©p talking unnecessarily” Jake said.

Mabel sighed, and looked at the front. She got immersed in the stare and muttered out some strange words which made no s-en-se. She was reciting a spell.

As soon as she muttered those things, There was a sudden wind. Mabel’s eyes turned pure white, and her hair shone white. Her eyes and hair were white as snow.

Tessa kept looking until she felt strange…

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.


“I’m Doris Links,, 18 year old” She introduced and [email protected] rented the air.

Tessa walked in front, close to Doris and looked around firstly. Her eyes went to Connor who was looking back at her. She slowly took her eyes away and met with Jake who was looking with a bad boy vibe eyes.

She sighed and looked away.

“Hi, [email protected],, I’m Tessa links, also 18 years old. Nice to meet y’all” She introduced with a slight bow.

Afterwards, loud [email protected] rented the air.

“Tessa, you can sit close to Laura” Miss Hannah said, pointing at a free seat close to Laura who sat down at the front but by the wall.

Tessa nodded, held her bag stra-p ti-ght and walked to Laura. She sat close to her and t©uçhed her.

Laura looked at her and Tessa whispered a Hi,, with a smile on her face. She also waved.

Laura looked at with, nonchalantly before taking her face away.

“Oh…” Tessa muttered, and took her ignored hand down, [email protected] by the snubbing.

“Uhmm,, As for Doris. Oh, That,, Why don’t you sit close to Mabel-

“No, ma’am!” Mabel yelled, and quic-kly stood up.

“Mabel? What is it?” Miss Hannah almost flin-ched.

“Actually, Mason is sitting here. He hasn’t been in [email protected] for a while now”

“What? Really? Since when?” She wi-de-ned her eyes.

“Just today ma’am” Mabel said, and everyone laughed.

“Just today doesn’t mean a while. I also wonder why he skipped school today. Why do you even care for his seat. I thought you both were cat and rat” Miss Hannah laughed.

Everyone laughed, in agreement.

Mabel simply smiled and sat down.
“I only care about him because he performs spells, magic and enchantment just like me” She said to herself, and sat down.

“Anyways, Doris. You should get a chair at the empty [email protected] in the music [email protected] and sit close to-

“Tessa! plea-se, Miss Hannah,, Let me seat down close to my sister,, pretty plea-se” Doris begged.

Miss Hannah chuckled and nodded.
“As you wish,, hunny”

“Yeessss!” Doris gushed, and raised her clenched fist.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.

Dark Hunter Cartel (DHC)***

Kristen st©pped her car, and packed it well before coming out. She sighed de-eply and looked at the tall building which was dully painted.

“Can’t believe I’m finally here” She said.

Kristen made to walk into the building when she heard a husky voice say;

“Kristen Links,,, You are late”

Kristen bulged her eyes and turned around to see the leader looking back at her, with his clear crystal and [email protected] glaring eyes. He is quite tall and handsome too.

He had a cigarette in between hisl-ips. He puffed the toxic and thick smelling smoke from his mouth to her face.

Kristen coughed lightly and bowed her head.
“Boss” She said.


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