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high school vampire episode 63 & 64

🏩 H I G H S C H O O L💋
(Sweet Blood,Sweetest Love)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 63&64.

★ ★ ★ ★

The [email protected]$$ was in disorder. They had heard loud screaming from outside and everyone was shaking in fear.

“What’s happening?” Miss Hannah asked, as she walked closer to the door.

A student suddenly jumped in. He held his arm which was bleeding.

“What’s wrong with you?” His sister from Miss Hannah’s [email protected]$$ asked, and walked closer to him.

Miss Hannah stood at her back, watching.

“I don’t know. I was suddenly bitten. There’s a huge commotion outside” He rushed his words, grunting in pain.

His sister frowned and held his hand.
“Come on,,, come and show me who did this to you!” She said.

As soon as they took three steps, The boy’s bo-dy began to tremble. He cracked his arm and neck and just then,, red veins began to travel around his bo-dy starting from where he was bitten.

He looked at his sister, with white pure eyes. His sister out of shock fell on the ground, with her bu-tt.

“What’s happening to you, Marco?” She asked, tearing up.

He growled, bent down and bit her shoulder. She screamed and everyone in the [email protected]$$, watching them screamed as well.

Everyone started running out. It was so messed up and indeed,, scattered.

Miss Hannah stood there, and had her palm covering her mouth.

She quickly turned back.
“Don’t… don’t run. Just come after me” She said to the few others.

Laura was shivering. She [email protected] and fell down. She had fainted.

“Laura!” Lucas screamed, and ran to her. He carried her on his arm.

“Let’s go…quietly” Miss Hannah told others as she walked out, holding a mop stick, after she broke out its head.


“Jake…Any idea?” Tessa asked.

He sighed, and looked around.
“They are coming close. Let’s go back and open the gates. Its too dangerous to stay back here”

“What? You want me to open the gates? What about Dorisand those who hasn’t been Infected??. They will all make everyone zombies at that process and Morgan’s plans will finally succeed. I don’t want that” Tessa sobbe-d, shaking her head.

“Firstly, Let’s just….Run!!!” Jake said.

They turned and began to ran. Their eyes fell upon a man who was going, the opposite direction.

“No! Don’t!” Tessa waved her hands.

Jake recognized him as the boss of the dark hunters at once. Clyde!.

“Don’t go!” Tessa warned but it was too late.

The zombies had their hands on him. He struggled but he was helpless. His phone began ringing…

“Let’s go back in” Jake said, as they watched them already distracted since they were all eating him.

Tessa squee-zed her face. She nodded and they were able to run past them. They ran and hid carefully, till they were back in their [email protected]$$.

However, nobo-dy was there. Just zombies.

“F*ck!” Jake muttered, looking around. He quickly grabbe-d Tessa and climbe-d on top the tall locker.

The zombies ran to them. Jake and Tessa simply kicked the zombies fin-gers which was holding onto it which tried to pull them down

They looked in front and saw a [email protected]$$mate of theirs, a female.

She was using a bag in hitting the zombies hands around her. She was standing on the desk.

“Thats…that’s Doris bag” Tessa recognized it as once.

“Help me!” The girl screamed, crying.

The zombies soon started shaking the desk and even the locker.

“Oh no” Tessa whimpered.

Jake was in deep thought. He held her hand.

“Tessa… Trust me, okay?” He whispered.

“Huh?…Wh…at do you mean? What are you up to?” She asked.

“Just trust me, okay?” He said, pecked her li-p softly and jumped down.

“Jake! The f*ck are you doing!” She shouted.

“Save her and find somewhere safe. I’ll be with you later” He smiled.

He looked at the zombies and smirked. He whistled at them, and clapped his hands.

“Come on… I’m here!” He screamed at them. Some turned around.

He bit his palm and blood began to drop down, little by little. All of the zombies smelt it and growled.

They all turned to him. Jake smiled, waved at Tessa and ran out. They were all pursuing him now.

“No!!!” Tessa screamed, in tears.

She had to act fast though. She wiped her tears and came down. She walked to the girl, stretched her arm towards her and helped the girl down.

“Thank you” The girl muttered.

Tessa sniffed.
“You shouldn’t thank me. I did nothing. The person that needs your thanks is Jake… Why are you here alone? Where are the others?” Tessa asked.

“Miss Hannah led them away to somewhere safe but I was too scared to even move” She replied.

“Where are they now?” Tessa asked.

“I don’t know. But I’m sure Miss Hannah will keep them safe” She replied.

“What’s your name by the way?” Tessa asked.

“I’m Lilian” She replied.

“This is my sister’s bag, Lilian. Why are you with it?” Tessa asked.

“Is it? I just picked a bag close by, and tried to keep the nasty creatures away” She said.

“Here” Lilian added, and gave it to her. Tessa sighed, and took it from her. They heard a loud growl.

“Geez! We need to leave!” Tessa said, and grabbe-d her arm.

“Let’s go” She said, and they ran out.

They saw three zombies on the corridor.

“Oh gracious” Lilian sobbe-d,,and closed her eyes.

“You can run, right?” Tessa asked.

“Huh?” Lilian muttered.



Lia and Clef watched Kristen walk to the car’s trunk. She opened it and took out her bow and a bag containing lots of arrows.

“Get yourself armed. We don’t know what might be against this walls. I know its gonna be supernaturally dangerous” Kristen said.

Lia sighed, and took out two pistols while Clef took out a sniper rifle, and kept a dagger in his sash. There wasn’t any other weapon in the truck anymore.

“I guess we are ready now” Kristen said, and took out an arrow. She was wearing the bag filled with arrows over her shoulder, against her back.

She balanced the arrow on her bow and aimed towards the high wall. She released it and the arrow flew, tucking its sharp head against the wall. It let down a long and thick rope.

Kristen held it and smiled.
“We are climbing” She said.

“Wh…at?” Lia stammered.

They watched Kristen climb and climb till she was on the fence. She stood there and gave them a sign.

“Climb first” Clef said and Lia sighed.

“No, you,,, climb first” She said.

“I disagree”

“Just do as I say, Clef!”

“Why? What’s wrong? Why don’t you wanna climb in or are you afraid?”

Lia clenched her fist in annoyance.
“I have a phobia with heights! Okay?”

“That means you won’t be climbing?” Clef asked.

“F*ck! I will!! Just climb first. I’m gonna watch and copy your movements” She said.

“If you say so” Clef replied, and began to climb.

Lia watched him till he stood at the fence. Kristen smiled at him. They looked down to see Lia climbing slowly and steadily.

“Come on… You got this!” Kristen said.

“Yeah! Fighting!!” Clef added.

Lia inhaled dee-ply and finally got to them. She was shivering and sweating. She couldn’t even look down.

Clef held her hand and began to draw her up. Her leg was almost on the fence when it suddenly sli-pped, bringing her back to mid air.

She looked and saw Clef still holding her. She looked down and let out a loud yell.

“Please, help me. Don’t let me go” She begged, with a loud voice.


Jake grunted as he kept running. He was getting tired already.

He looked back and saw lots of zombies chasing him and they might not be leaving him any moment soon.

He stopped when he saw zombies at the front and they seemed to be coming towards him.

“F*ck” He muttered, and faced back to see more.

“I’m doomed” He breathed, dee-ply.


“They are getting more plenty” Lilian said,, as she glanced over her back.

Tessa sighed dee-ply. This didn’t stop her from running and holding onto Lilian’s arm. Doris bag was still on her back.

“Oh sh!t!!” Tessa exclaimed and they both stopped.

In front of them were 3 zombies. They looked back briefly and the zombies were walking towards them in a slow and robotic manner, making growling and mo-aning sounds.

“What are we gonna do? We are so dead” Lilian cried.

Tessa was stuck. She was out of options and solutions. She just kept looking around.

“Somebo-dy! Help us! Please!” Lilian screamed, crying so loud.


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