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High school vampire episode 5 & 6

🏩 H I G H S C H O O L💋
(Sweet Blood,Sweetest Love)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 5&6.

★ ★ ★ ★

Doris barged in. She looked at Jake firstly before taking her eyes to Connor. They both stood close to the toilet door.

“Where’s my sister, [email protected] prez?” Doris asked.

“Call me Connor, plea-se” Connor said.

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“Okay then. Connor,, where’s she? My sis?… Tessa?” Doris asked.

Connor and Jake exchanged glances before looking back at Doris, who shrugged her shoulders to them.

“She’s in here” Connor replied, and pointed at the door.

Doris walked past Jake and he quic-kly sniffed her. Of course, Doris noticed. She st©pped walking and glared [email protected] at him.

“Did you just sniff me,, you per-vert?” She asked.

“Per…per..what? Hey,, young girl. mind what you say” Jake uttered.

“Young girl?” Doris scoffed.
“As if we aren’t both 18!” She yelled.

“Connor,, you tell her. Tell her how old I am and let’s watch her faint in surprise” Jake chuckled, dramatically.

Connor eyed him.
“You fool,, the only reason she’s gonna faint is because she might think you lied. So, get your act together”

Doris shook her head, watching them whisper and finally walked into the toilet where Tessa was.

“I smelt her and her blood doesn’t smell like sweet blood” Jake told Connor.

“Now, you are calling that innocent new girl,, sweet blood. You almost killed her on her first day. I can’t wait to hear her sister scream-

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” They both heard Doris loud scream.

“Said it” Connor sighed, and rub be his forehead with his palm.

Doris quic-kly walked out and faced them.
“What happened to her? Why is she unconscious? Did you arrive late, Connor? Cause she alre-ady w€t herself!”

Connor sighed de-eply while Jake stared at the door.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.


Tessa opened her eyes slowly. She was alre-ady dying of [email protected]

Why would she [email protected] out urine in front of handsome looking guys!

Her other memory [email protected]£ flushing in and she remembered Jake to be the vampire she met in the woods.

“Is he a student here?” Tessa rolled her eyes.

“Oh no!” She thought, aloud.

Tessa suddenly remembered when Connor’s hand got bitten by Jake.

“Wait,, That guy is really a vampire and he was actually planning to… bite me!” Tessa [email protected]

She quic-kly raised her head from the sick be-d. The school doctor was at the other side, checking some paper works on her desk.

The doctor noticed she was up and rushed to her.

“Hey,, you up?” The female doctor asked, with a warm smile.

“Where am I?” Tessa asked, cooly.

“The sick bay” The doctor smiled.
“Your clothes are being washed by your sister. When she is done,, she’s gonna see you. Get some rest” The doctor said and walked back to her desk.

Tessa looked at herself and saw she was wearing a white long go-wn. She gro-an ed and la-id back down on the be-d.

The door was getting knocked on, which the doctor and Tessa heard.

“Come in…” The doctor said.

Jake walked in with a smile on his face. His hands were pocketed.

“Oh,, Jake. Why are you here?” The doctor asked.

“I [email protected]£ to see…her” Jake replied, pointing at Tessa whose side was covered with a curtain.

“Do…you know her?” The doctor asked.

“No” Jake shook his head, and kept his pointing f!nger back into his pocket.

“Then,, why do you wanna see her?”

“I have an unfinished business with her”

“Huh? Okay then… but do make it quic-k”

“Sure thing” Jake said, and pushed out the curtain. He finally entered and closed it back. He looked at Tessa whose eyes were closed.

“I know you ain’t slee-ping so open that eyes” He said.

Tessa didn’t do or say anything.

Jake inhaled de-eply, and placed his mouth close to her ear.
“You taste quite good, you know. So, open your eyes while I’m being nice”

Tessa [email protected] and raised her head up. As soon as she did that, her head collided [email protected] with Jake’s nose and he halfed yelled in pain.

“Ah! Geez! How come your head hits [email protected] like brick!” He grunted, tou-ching the ti-p of his nose.

“Oww” Tessa whimpered, and t©uçhed her forehead.

“Aiish! You almost broke my nose!” He complained.

Jake looked at Tessa and she shivered at once.

“plea-se,, plea-se…don’t kill me” She begged.

Jake sm-irked and stood at her front.
“Why would I? You are too delicious and sweet to kill now”

He took his hand to her face and from there, he held her jaw. He took her face to his,, still holding onto her jaw. He stared de-eply into her eyes and she stared back.

“What do you want from me?” She asked.

“Your memories” He smiled, dangerously.


She paused and swallowed [email protected] when he pushed his face towards hers, with his hand still holding her jaw.

“Forget everything you saw… Forget about me too” He whispered at her.

He wasn’t willing to risk it. How would a new girl just know he was a vampire??. It was so fast! His old human [email protected] weren’t even aware so why would a mere girl like this,, had to know about it on her first day of school.

Tessa felt her eyes swirling. She was beginning to feel dizzy. She shook her head and eventually she got back to reality.

Jake opened his eyes in surprise. He wondered why the enchantment left her. What was wrong?

“What are you doing to me?” Tessa asked, weakly.

“Why didn’t it work? She isn’t supernatural,, so why?” Jake thought.

“Let go of me” Tessa said, and [email protected] his hand off her jaw.

Jake stood upright and stared in space, in thoughts.

“Maybe her human aura is strong. But if a human aura is strong,, only a k!sscan make the enchantment strong..” He thought.

Jake looked at Tessa, who happened to be looking at him.

“What? What? What’s it again? Why are you staring at me? What do you want?” She asked, rushing her words.

“Forgive me but I have no choice. You need to forget everything” Jake said, and t©uçhed her left cheek.

“What are you do-

Tessa paused after feeling his softl-ips rest on hers. She blinked her eyes in shock. She felt his mouth slowly munch her lowerl-ip. She quic-kly pushed him away.

“What are you doing?! That was my first k!ss, you j£rk!” She blurted.

“What’s going on there?” The doctor asked.

“Sleep!” Jake commanded and the doctor sle-pt off, hitting her face [email protected] on the desk.

Jake looked at Tessa again.
“Why isn’t the enchanted k!ssworking?” He thought.

“Why did you-

Tessa paused and shook my head.

“What’s wrong with me? Why…do I feel so dizzy…I…I’m…feeling weird-

Her head quic-kly dropped down but Jake was quic-k in holding her face. He smiled and dropped her head back on the pillow.

“Finally,, it worked” He smiled and walked out.

“Wake” He commanded and walked past the doctor.

The doctor took her head up and shook it.
“What just happened?” She thought.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.


“Tessa? Tessa? Wake up, sleepy head” Doris tapped Tessa, who opened her eyes lazily.

“Gosh” Tessa gro-an ed, and sat upright.

“What just happened?” Tessa asked, shaking her head.

“Let not talk about it. Your uniform is alre-ady dried so just change..” Doris said, and walked out.

“And do hurry, Our teacher is waiting for us in the [email protected] We need to be introduced” She added, from outside.

In [email protected]**

“Now, [email protected] They are here!” Miss Hannah said, as she watched the two sisters slowly walk in.

She gestured them to stand close to her.

“Now, these are your new [email protected] Applause, everyone!” She said.

Everyone applauded and it slowly went down.

“Now,, introduce yourselves girls” Miss Hannah smiled.

Doris cleared her throat and looked at the [email protected] Everyone was staring at her.

“I’m Doris Links,, 18 year old” She introduced and [email protected] rented the air.

Tessa walked in front, close to Doris and looked around firstly. Her eyes went to Connor who was looking back at her. She slowly took her eyes away and met with Jake who was looking with a bad boy vibe eyes.

Tessa blinked her eyes, and suddenly there was a fast wind. She closed her eyes fast and opened it.

Everyone was now frozen, no one moved. She quic-kly looked around, and then to Doris.

“Doris? Doris?” She kept calling.

She was just standing like a statue, motionless and speechless. Tessa quic-kly looked in front to see Jake smiling dangerously at her.

“You… Who are you?” She asked, quic-kly.

She looked in front to see Connor, snapping out of his frozen self. He cracked his n£¢k and inhaled [email protected]

“Goodness” He muttered.

Tessa saw his eyes reach hers.

“You too… Who are you?!”


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