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high school vampire episode 15 & 16

🏩 H I G H S C H O O L💋
(Sweet Blood,Sweetest Love)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 15&16.


★ ★ ★ ★

Clyde was still using the electric sparking bat on Mason’s che-st. He kept growling and yelling in pains.

“Boss!” Lia’s voice [email protected]£.

She had opened the door looking at them inside. Clyde stopped, and handed the bat to Kristen who took it with shivering hands.

“What’s it?” Clyde asked.

“There’s an intruder in Mason’s place. The system just beeped” Lia said. Mason slowly took his head up. He was gro-an ing lowly.

“What? Someone [email protected]£ in?” Clyde asked.

“Yeah. Two… It sounded two times as soon as their legs crossed the border” Lia said.

“You think they might be humans or- Clyde paused and turned over, at Mason who was glaring.

“Like him?” Clyde completed.

“We aren’t sure yet…

“Kristen?” Clyde called.

“Yes, Boss?” She answered, walking close to him.

“Load your gun. You are gonna check if they are normal. If they aren’t,, bring them in”

“Yes sir”

Lia’s face fell. She was angry she wasn’t the one called for the mission. She was more angry at the new girl who was receiving all the attention, Kristen.

“Lia?” Clyde suddenly called.

“Yes, boss?” Lia face beamed.

At last, he called her.

“Get Kristen a gun and a map. She needs to be there on time… Make sure she loads the gun properly” He said.

Lia inhaled de-eply.
“Okay, Boss. Kristen,, follow me” She said, and left.

Kristen gave the bat back to Clyde.
“Boss? I need a favor, plea-se” She said.

He simply nodded.

“This laser bulb. Can I get one?” She asked.

“No problem. Everyone here has one so you can just ask Lia”

“Thank you” Kristen said and quic-kly raised out trying to catch up with Lia.

As soon as the door closed, Clyde turned behind and smiled at Mason.

“You know those two at your place huh?” Clyde asked, coming closer. He took out a cigarette and a lighter from his pocket.

“I know nothing. I don’t even have a family,, talk less of people around. No one is gonna notice if I go missing for months” Mason scoffed dryily.

Clyde scoffed and placed the now lit cigarette in between hisl-ips. He puffed the smoke out before settling his bu-tt on the desk. Mason’s head was still down. He was getting too weak and hungry.

“I can see you are scared. You are just behaving to be strong. It doesn’t suit you, Mason”

Mason said nothing.

Clef rushed into the room quic-kly.

“Kristen asked me to give you this” He said, holding a phone.

“Finally. Guess what Mason. She is there alre-ady and more dramas is unfold. Give me that, Clef” Clyde said, and Clef gave him the phone, bowed down and left.

“Sir!” Kristen quic-kly called, breathing [email protected]

“What? Did you see-

“They escaped…”

“What?” Clyde said, and the cigarette fell down hisl-ips. He took steps away from Mason. He didn’t want him hearing it.

“I don’t know how but as I was about to strike, they both disappeared. It was so sudden”

“fv¢k” Clyde muttered, and stepped on the cigarette.

“I’m sorry. I… didn’t know-

“Kristen?” He suddenly called.

“Yes, boss?” Kristen sobbe-d.

“Go home”

“Wh…at?… No, boss…plea-se”

“Just…just fv¢king stay home till I call you back,, got that?”

Kristen sniffed.
“Okay, boss” She replied.

“And how many were they exactly? According to what you saw?” Clyde asked.

“Two” She replied.

“Genders? How do they look?”

“A male and a female. The female has a short blonde hair. She’s quite pretty. The male looks normal,,, dark hair and…they are both students”


“Students of Morgan’s High”

Clyde took the phone down and squee-zed it [email protected] He inhaled de-eply and walked back to Mason.

“Guess what?” Clyde chuckled.

Mason only sniffed.

“They have your friends now. Expect them soon” He said.

Mason quic-kly raised his head.
“Liar” He said.

Clyde scoffed.
“A blonde haired girl and a boy teen? You don’t know them?”

Mason blinked his eyes.
“Mabel? Karl? No..”

“Ah… Instead of bringing them here, I’m gonna just kill them over at your place. Just one call to Kristen and oooff,, they are dead,, what do you think?”

“No” Mason grunted, trying to pu-ll away from the [email protected] big rope. He had tears running down his cheeks alre-ady.

“plea-se, no…don’t…plea-se. I’ll do anything you want me to do but plea-se,, don’t hurt them,, I’m begging you”

Clyde smiled and looked at his face.
“Good, I guess we’ve reached a compromise then”

“Oh… Damn! I can’t still forget the hurtful word you said earlier. fv¢k my tiny @ss.hole?” Clyde scoffed.

“What do you want? plea-se,,, just tell me. I’ll do anything” Mason gro-an ed.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.


Mabel inhaled de-eply after teleporting with Karl. He looked pretty scared. He looked around and saw they were in a small garden close to Mabel’s home.

“What just happened? Damn! I saw her bullet almost getting to my che-st. If you didn’t slow motioned the time and disappear in time, we would have been dead”

Mabel was [email protected] heavily. She looked back like Mason’s house was still there.

“What nearly happened?” She asked.

“We nearly died, nitwit” Karl replied and sat down on the bench.

“Who was that, though?” Mabel bit herl-ip.

“Who cares? What is important now is that we are alive and safe”

“Wait. I think they were the dark hunters”

“What!” Karl explained.

“I think I know where Mason is” Mabel muttered.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.


“Found you” They all heard someone say. Before they could turn back to check, someone had alre-ady pu-ll-ed Tessa collar from behind. She [email protected] her lashes up to see Jake smiling mischievously at her,, at the corner end of hisl-ips.

“Jake?” Doris called in surprise.

“What is he doing here?” Laura asked.

“What do you want?” Tessa asked.

Jake slowly took his hand off her collar and pocketed his hands.
“I’ve been looking for you, you know”

“Awwnnn” Laura and Doris giggled.

“Hey,, you both should stop” Tessa shook her head. She inhaled de-eply and faced him.

“So, why were you looking for me?” She asked.

Jake took out a small teddy bear and showed it to her.
“Is this yours?” He asked.

“Huh?…How did you get this?” Tessa quic-kly asked.

“I saw it on the floor” Jake replied.

“plea-se, give it back. I really treasure it so much. My elder sister gave it to me as a birthday gift”

“I always tie it around my bag pack. I guess it got loos£ned and fell down” She explained and took her hand towards him in order to gr-ab it but he took his hand away.

“No…no…no…not so fast” Jake smiled.

“What’s it again?” Tessa asked.

“I’m gonna give this…back to you on one condition” He said.

“What’s that?” She asked.

“Take me out for dinner” He said.

“What!” She exclaimed.

“Is this love now?” Lucas giggled.

“Aish! Keep shut,, you” Tessa warned and then faced Jake.

“Okay then. A dinner, right?” Tessa asked, and stretched her hand forth.

“Sure” Jake said, and placed it right on her hand. He turned in order to leave when Laura intelligent question shook him.

“How did you know it was hers?”

Jake turned around.
“What?” He muttered, facing her.

“I can’t help but be curious. You said you saw it on the floor. How did you guess it was hers?” She asked again.

Jake swallowed [email protected] Using his powers could be risky. However, he knew the teddy bear belonged to Tessa cause of his vampire ability to smell.

“Huh?…I showed him then” Tessa quic-kly said.

“What?” Laura asked.

“I said,, I showed it to him. He asked where I got it and…I told him”

“Oh,, Let’s go then” Laura said.

Tessa nodded and turned.
“Let’s go” She said, and tried to hold Laura’s hand but Jake quic-kly held her. Tessa turned her n£¢k over and stared at him.

“Sorry to spoil your fun evening but Tessa needs to come with me” Jake said, with a dangerous looking glare. Tessa looked at him, unfazed.

“Hold on, guys” Tessa said,, as Jake pu-ll-ed her somewhere.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.

Icon’s Mansion**

The Icon’s family were eating their lunch when Vera used her powers in bringing the jam close to her side on the table. Connor was about to use it then.

“Hey” Connor half yelled.

“Vera?” Mr Icon called.

“Dad?” Vera answered cutely.

“What did I tell you about… using your powers” Mr Icon took down his cutlery.

“I always caution her. She’s just too stubborn” Mrs Icon shook her head as she drank water.

“I’m sorry dad. I’m gonna behave humane just like Connor, I promise” Vera said.

Mr Icon sighed and patted her hair.
“That’s my daughter” He said.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.


“What’s it now?” Tessa asked, folding her arms.

“Why did you speak for me then?”

“Why? Aren’t you glad that I did so? You want them to suspect?”

“What? Suspect?” Jake scoffed.

What do you know?” He asked, lowly coming closer to her.

“I know about you, Jake”


“You are a vampire. Connor too”

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.


“Did someone just call my name?” Connor scratched his ear.

“You’d better eat and stop spewing trash” Vera eyed him.

“What was that?.. My powers at work?” He thought, and shook his head waving it aside.


“But? But…

“Should I keep the names going?” Tessa asked.

“But,,, I… made you-

“Forget?” She scoffed.

Jake wi-de-ned his eyes and stared at her face intensely.

“You… Who the hell are you!”


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