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high school vampire episode 13 & 14

🏩 H I G H S C H O O L💋
(Sweet Blood,Sweetest Love)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 13&14


★ ★ ★ ★

Mason whimpered as blood splattered from his mouth. He had red marks and cuts everywhere on his b©dy.

He was lying helplessly on the floor, whicing in pain,, still bundled up to the chair.

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“Good, Kristen,, good… put him back up” Clyde commanded.

Kristen inhaled de-eply. She was sweating profusely. She also looked quite anxious. She swallowed [email protected] before raising the chair back to its feet.

Mason coughed and his head hung down. He was tired and weak.

“Mason?” Clyde smiled, stro-king his hair.

“You know you don’t deserve this… and it just because you aren’t human. So, what are you, huh? An alien? magician? wizard? sorcerer? soothsayer? werewolf? out with it boy” Clyde snicked.

Mason mumbled out something, which he couldn’t hear.

“What did you say?” Clyde asked.

Mason mumbled the unknown words again which [email protected]£ out inaudibly and Clyde had no choice but to bend down.

“Say it again, Mason” Clyde smiled.

“….fv¢k your tiny @ss.hole” Mason mumbled right on his ear.

Clyde breathed heavily in anger. He snatched the bat from Kristen, and double tapped the bottom, which resulted in bringing out electric current sparks.

Clyde quic-kly pushed the bat to Mason’s che-st and he yelled painfully cause of the electrocution.

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After School**

Vera and Connor walked side to side as they all moved outside.

“My babies…” Mrs Icon, their mother gushed when she saw them.

“Mum!” Vera yelped, and rushed into her mother arms, hvgging her ti-ght.

Mrs Icon reprocited the hvg before looking back at Connor. She raised her brow.

“And won’t Connor hvg mum too?” She asked.

Connor cleared his throat and looked around. He saw Tessa and Doris coming out, with their arms linked, amidst laughter and discussion.

Connor looked at Tessa and blinked his eyes away.

“Let’s just go,, its so cringe and [email protected]” He muttered and went into the car.

Vera scoffed and entered as well.

Mrs Icon laughed, and turned to Tessa. She smiled, looked away and entered the car. She started the ignite later on.

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Laura sighed as she watched The Icons leave with the car. She bit her lower [email protected], that it started bleeding a bit. Lucas was beside her.

“I guess Dad isn’t coming to pick us today” Lucas sighed.

Laura inhaled de-eply, and clenched her fist. She began to leave with rage.

“Wait up” Lucas told her and quic-kly ran after her.

“Laura?” She heard someone call with a gentle voice. Laura st©pped and so did Lucas. She slowly turned back to see Tessa facing her. Doris was also looking back at her.

“What do you want?” Laura asked, coldly trying to hold her bitter tears.

Tessa smiled warmly and stretched her hand.
“Do you wanna have fun with us?” She asked her. Lucas just looked at them, confused.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost


“Who’s she?” Mrs Icon asked.

“Who?” Connor answered.

“The beautiful and sweet new girl whom I’ve never seen before. Her blood also smelt so good. Never smelt such a unique and sweet blood before”

“…Mum?” Connor shook his head, in annoyance.

“Oh goodness, Connor. Sorry but its the fact. You don’t have to worry, I gave up drinking blood long ago. Besides, I promised your father to behave humane” Mrs Icon win-ked.

“But mum,, to be sincere, I’ve never smelt such blood. It so sweet and tempting. Each time I stay with her,, I feel like b!tt!g and drinking off her blood but I just don’t wanna be expo-sed,, either do I want to die” Vera said.

“What? die?” Mrs Icon laughed.

“Uhm… I guess. who knows, her blood might be toxic”

“Hmm… I think you are right. Anyways, this isn’t what I what I wanted to discuss. I was even talking to Connor then” Mrs Icon said.

“So, as I was saying- Mrs Icon cleared her throat and briefly looked at Connor at the back before turning back to the front.

“Do you like her?” Mrs Icon asked.

“What!” Vera yelled, and turned over to look at him.

Connor glared [email protected]
“And why would I? Mum,, plea-se…st©p saying obnoxious and uns-en-sable things”

“Sorry,, geez,, so… Does she like you?” Mrs Icon asked.

“And why would I know? Its her business” Connor inhaled [email protected]

“Are you sure you weren’t born in the 1950s?” Vera mocked, shaking her head.

“What?” Connor looked at her.

“Vampires this days are more active and powerful… We aren’t like those old mythological ones” Vera said.

“So?” Connor eyed her.

“Its simple and short. What’s she is trying to say is that, You can know if she likes you or not” Mrs Icon said.

Connor raised a brow, non chalant. He really didn’t care.

“So, you expect me to re-ad her mind?… Don’t you think it privacy invasion? You know I’m clearly against that” Connor said.

“Dummy,, I’m more brilliant than you when it comes to paranormal studies”

“Kid yourself. There’s nothing like that” Connor scoffed.

“Wish there was. Just listen, Whenever someone likes a vampire,, the vampire won’t be able to re-ad the mind of the person anymore” Vera explained.

“Why? Why’s that?” Connor asked.

“Don’t really know. Maybe it because the heart shut the mind re-ading powers in the vampire”

“So, for example,, let’s say… Laura-


“Aiish! Okay, let’s say,, Tessa-

“Sweet but yuck!”

“Aiish! Let’s say Nora-

“Hey,, how dare my friend likes you!”

“Darn it! Its just an example. Okay, let’s use Mabel”

“Forget it,, Shes taken”

“Pardon?” Connor asked, confused.

“That little witch likes Mason but doesn’t wanna say it out”

“That doesn’t concern me. Okay, let use… Bella. So, If Bella likes me,, I won’t be able to re-ad her mind?”

“Yes. But you will be able to re-ad other people’s mind”

“So,, what if I end up liking Bella as well?”

“Wait? You like Bella, our [email protected]?”

“I’m not crazy!”

“Calm down” Vera laughed.
“Anyways, If you like Bella later on,, you should need to confess and get rejected later on”

“Heyyyy!!” Connor shouted, frustrated.

“Kidssss!” Mrs Icon called, in a warning tone.

“We aren’t kids mum!” They both shouted.

“Oh well, here we go” Mrs Icon shook her head.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.


Mabel and Karl walked into Mason’s cottage slowly. It was quite beautiful and nice. It was looking rich too.

After searching and calling his name for several minutes, they concluded he wasn’t home.

“Where are you Mason?” Mabel said, worriedly.

“Let’s just go. He must have gone to see his other magic buddies down town”

“Wait” Mabel said.

“What again? I’m getting tired you know” Karl complained.

“plea-se,, just wait..”

“Wait? What are you trying to do?”

“I’m gonna check where he is and what happened before his disappearance”


“What else? With Magic?”

“We got another one” Someone suddenly said, and a lady holding the trigger of a gun [email protected]£ out from a hidden dark corner.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.


“So, where are we going to?” Laura asked. Tessa linked her right arm with hers. She’s actually in the middle of Laura and Doris and her arms are busily linked with both Laura and Doris arms.

“Let’s just have fun first before going home” Tessa win-ked.

“And where exactly is this fun place?” Laura asked.

“Tada!! We are here!” Tessa exclaimed.

They all st©pped walking and looked up to saw an amusement park with an artificial horse ride, car ride, merry go round, etc.

They also sold cotton candies, ice creams, pop corn, lolli-pops and beverages around.

“Whoa. Never thought this place existed. Let’s go” Lucas said, and jumped.

Laura sighed as she watched Lucas go in. Tessa looked at her and smiled.

“What are you waiting for? We had better hurry before all the seats get taken”

“Wait” Laura suddenly said, which made them not to move an inch.

Tessa looked at her again.

“Why? Why are you doing this? You know… I really didn’t treat you well today” Laura said, softly.

Tessa smiled.
“Its okay. I simply want to be your friend. You know we are seatmates. It’s better we aren’t harsh with the other”

Laura face formed a smile.
“Okay then… Let’s go”

“Found you” They all heard someone say. Before they could turn back to check, someone had alre-ady pu-ll-ed Tessa collar from behind.

She [email protected] her lashes up to see Jake smiling mischievously at her,, at the corner end of hisl-ips.


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