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High school vampire episode 1 & 2


Title: 🏩 H I G H S C H O O L💋

Subtitle: Sweet Blood, Sweetest Love…

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, High School [email protected]ç£, Comedy, Sci-Fi Suspense, Horror…

Tags: Past Lives, Secrets, War, Love Triangles, Hatred, Friendsh!p, [email protected], Family, Deceit, Sorcery, Betrayal, Supernatural…


In Morgan’s High, dwells non-human and human beings.

Tessa Links is a 18 year old who attends the school and comes across bloody vampires who are trying to blend in with humans and hide from the Dark Hunters, as they call them. Including evil supernatural beings.

Tessa is being surrounded by vampires and she’s at risk because of the scent of her blood which is unique and different… Sweet blood,, as they mentioned it.

This makes the vampires in her school crave her blood, and even pursue her… ma-king her known to evil supernatural beings and good ones too.

As life goes on, She gets entangled with two handsome guys, who happens to be her [email protected], A vampire and a half human-vampire(Hybrid).

She finds her hidden secrets about her life after the vampires in school comes into her life, especially when the school becomes a horrific experience and eventually, powerful dark and de-ep secrets from Morgan’s High are seen.

But what will happen, when the sweetest love blooms over their hearts breaking all obstacles?

What happens when a twist comes around, ma-king their school a horror place to live in?

What happens when saving and keeping their lives safe in the horrific school becomes their main target?

How will they survive when things get out of hand due to the wicked beings and the school de-epest secrets comes out?

Let’s st©p here…

🏩 H I G H S C H O O L💋
(Sweet Blood,Sweetest Love)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 1&2.


plea-se Note: Whatsoever you are going to re-ad based on this story is my own fictional work. So, if its doesn’t seem like you typical kind of fiction story,, sorry,,, but I’m not sorry.

★ ★ ★ ★

“I can’t believe you both fought again” Connor cooed.

Vera and Laura exchanged hateful glares before staring back at Connor who stood in front of them.

“Oppa, It’s not my fault” Vera said, cutely.

“No,, She started it, Connor” Laura said, sharply.

“What am I gonna do with you both? You promised you would change? Do you want me to report you both to Miss Hannah?” Connor asked.

“Noooo!” The girls said, in unision.

Connor sighed.
“Then, who attacked first? Cause that person needs to apologize first” He asked.

Vera and Laura pointed at their opposite side with their middle f!nger.

“Heyyy!” Connor brou-ght his loud voice, finally allowing Vera to tremble.

“Don’t believe her because she’s your sister” Laura said, quic-kly.

“And don’t believe her because she’s your @ssistant” Vera said, quic-kly.

“I don’t have anything to say you both. You keep raising my temper unnecessarily each day”

” You know what,, Just go to your seats, I’m tired! But when next its happens,, I won’t think twice before reporting you both to Miss Hannah, got that?” Connor added.

Laura and Vera looked down and nodded.

“Just go…Aiish” Connor said, and looked back on his desk. There were books on it.

Vera and Laura glared at each other, then, hissed and snarled.

“I can hear that” Connor said.

Vera scoffed and Laura walked away.

“You can hear that, because you are a half vampire, genius” Vera whispered, chuckling. She was now close to him.

“It’s an hybrid, [email protected]ûghty” Connor said, looking at his books.

“Anyone!” She hissed.

“Go to your seat. I’m trying to study here” Connor said, with his eyes still on the book.

“You never change, do you? What’s the need of studying when with your powers, you can get a [email protected]

“I don’t need a [email protected] An A+ is manageable” He said.

Vera looked at him, suprisedly and shook her head.

Vera sat close to him and turned back. She smiled and then looked at Connor.

“Jake is extremely handsome” Vera said.

“He can hear you. He’s a vampire, you know” Connor said.

“He can’t hear me, dummy. Vampires can’t hear vampires indistinct whispering. They can only hear from petty humans… You only heard Laura hiss,, but you didn’t hear me snarl”

“Whatever” Connor shook his head.

Vera looked back again and smiled.
“Why does he has to be so h0t? He’s fv¢king handsome…Oh,, my heart”

“Instead of telling me, why not tell him?” Connor asked.

A student suddenly walked into the [email protected] He looked around and went to Connor.

“Miss Hannah wants you now, in the staff room. Alongside, the [email protected] @ssistant” He said.

“Why? Is anything wrong?” Connor asked, and closed his book.

“I don’t know” He replied, and left.

Connor stood up and went to Laura.
“Hey, Miss Hannah wants us”

“What? Why? Did anyone tattle to her based on I and Vera’s fight?”

“I don’t know but I think we will have to go and see for ourselves” Connor said.

Laura inhaled de-eply and stood up. Both of them walked out later on.

Vera, on the other hand kept looking at Jake. He was slee-ping now. He had been listening to music, before he sle-pt off on his desk. Vera walked to him and sat close to him, watching his handsome face.

“How can someone sleep so handsomely?” Vera asked.

Vera’s friends, Nora and Mabel [email protected]£ to meet her there.

“Vera?” Nora called.

“Sshh” Vera hushed her.

“You might wake him… Gosh” Vera said.

“I wonder why you are head over heels for an unserious vampire” Mabel shook her head.

“Not your business, witch” Vera said.

“Thanks for the compliment. I’m a witch after all… And the right word now is sorceress, got that? I’m a sorceress” Mabel chuckled.

“Whatever…” Vera rolled her eyes.

Vera was still watching him when his eyes suddenly opened. She [email protected] and stood up. Jake raised his head up and his eyes gave a spark of red color.

“Do you smell that?” He asked, cooly.

“Even his voice is a reason to fall for him” Vera thought.

“Can you smell that?” He asked again, and sniffed. His eyes sparked red again.

“What?… I can’t. You can smell whatsoever cause you have the best nose ever. Your vampire nose is so active” She win-ked.

Jake quic-kly stood up and walked out, without saying anything.

“When there’s Connor,, why would I like Jake?” Mabel smiled.

“Hey, witch? You expect Vera to like her half brother?” Nora asked.

“Leave her. She will be spewing trash anyhow. What did Jake smell that made him leave that way… Aiish! So, annoying!” Vera said.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.

Staff Room**

“They names are Tessa and Doris Links,, They are our new students and your [email protected]” Miss Hannah said.

“Nice to meet you both. I’m Laura Vincent, The [email protected] @ssistant”

“Thank you and nice to meet you too” Tessa and Doris both chorused.

“I’m Connor Icon, The [email protected] president” Connor introduced.

Tessa smiled and nodded, while Doris gave him a handshake.

“You should take them to the [email protected] I’m gonna be right at your back” Miss Hannah said.

“Come with me” Connor said.

He was about walking when Tessa quic-kly [email protected]£d his hand.

He turned to her and quic-kly took his hand off.

“What’s it?” He asked, gently.

“plea-se, I can’t walk” Tessa muttered.

Connor scanned his eyes on her legs. Everyone were looking at them confusedly except Doris.

“Your legs looks just fine…” He said.

“No!” Tessa screamed, allowing Connor and others to shake.

“I can’t hold it any longer. Help me plea-se… If I move an inch,, it might fall off” Tessa said.

“Excuse me?” Connor asked.

“She wants to use the restroom” Doris chuckled.

“Carry me, plea-se..” Tessa begged, folding his legs together.

“Connor, what are you waiting for?” Miss Hannah frowned.

Connor looked at Doris.
“Aren’t you her family? Can’t you do it? Why not carry her?” He asked.

“I can’t run with her on my back. I might fall” Doris said.

“Oh no,, plea-se…help, [email protected] prez” Tessa pleaded, ru-bbing her palms together.

“Connor!” Miss Hannah said, aloud.

“Sh!t,, I really hate this. Hold on” Connor said, and bent down.

“Get in” He muttered.

“Thank you” Tessa muttered back, and jumped on his back. Connor grunted and carried her firmly. He quic-kly ran out of the staff room.

Doris smiled while Laura bit her lowerl-ip. Miss Hannah laughed.

“Can’t believe she did this on her first day at school” Miss Hannah laughed. Other teachers joined her.

“Cute kids” Miss Hannah inhaled de-eply.

“Who’s she now?” Laura thought, feeling jealous.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.


Jake quic-kly entered the staff room. That was where the scent was coming from… The scent of a mysterious sweet blood.

In his long life as a vampire,, He had never come across a sweet smelling scent of such blood!

“Huh? Jake? What are you doing here? Miss Hannah asked, in surprise, when her eyes fell on him.

Jake looked around.
“Its gone. I smell it somewhere out from here now” He thought and left without giving anyone a second glance.

“What’s his problem?” Miss Hannah said.

Sommy Pearl F. Wrote This, Do Not Copy Or Repost.


“Come down. We are here” Connor said, [email protected]

Tessa held him ti-ghtly at the back and shook his head.

“What’s it again?” He asked, tiredly.

“If I come down, It might flow… plea-se, take me in” Tessa begged.

“Geez! So much for a first day! Just kill me! How do you expect me to enter a female’s restroom?” He questioned.

Tessa quic-kly took her palms to his eyes, and closed it.
“You don’t have to worry,, you won’t see a thing. Now, plea-se, hurry before I urinate on your b©dy”

“fv¢k! No!” Connor said, and hurriedly went in.

Girls in there, started screaming. Some were hitting him. Connor kept apologizing saying he didn’t see a thing.

Vera who was washing her hand in the sink was surprised and shocked when her gaze fell on him.

“What’s he doing here?… Who is that- Vera paused, and sniffed. Her eyes turned light blue.

“….What’s this sweet smell?” Vera muttered, allowing her fangs to develop. She wanted to bite and drink the blood. It was coming from the girl behind Connor, obviously.

As she wanted to gr-ab onto Tessa with her long sharp f!ngerswhich were now growing, Someone held her from behind. She turned behind and saw Jake, looking at her with his red looking eyes. His fangs were not yet out.

“Jake,, What are you-

“Leave” He commanded.


“Now” He commanded again.

Vera sighed, and her eyes and teeth, including her f!ngersturned back to normal. She slowly walked out.

The girls who saw him shouted.

👥 Why are the handsome guys entering the female’s restroom now?

👥 What’s up with the male’s restroom now?

👥 Jake changed his eye lens? Nice…

Jake didn’t say anything. He just walked past them and the girls hurried out. After they left, he locked the door.

Inside One Of The Toilet**

Connor brou-ght Tessa down and she quic-kly took her Sk-irt off. Connor was quic-k in closing his eyes. He quic-kly turned around and walked out.

“Hey,, what’s wrong with you!” He exclaimed.

“I’m sorry” She said.

Connor was suddenly pushed out from the door and Jake made his way in.

He was looking at Tessa now. She was about to urinate. Her Sk-irt was down. She is only wearing her ti-ghts.

“Sweet blood” He smiled, and sma-cked hisl-ips.

Connor, who was still outside shook his head.

“Who was that? Could that be a girl?” He thought.

“Ahhhhhh!” He suddenly heard Tessa scream.

Connor quic-kly opened the door. Jake was now about to bite her with his long fangs. His eyes were now de-ep red.

He was this close in b!tt!g her but Connor quic-kly held his mouth and Jake ended b!tt!g Connor palm instead which hurt him a little bit because he was a half vampire(hybrid).

“Eww!!” Jake exclaimed and [email protected] Connor’s hand away.

Tessa looked at them. Her eyes saw little blood on Jake’s attrac-tivel-ips. She also saw blood and teeth mark on Connor’s fair palm.

Tessa felt her urine leaving her. The two watched her in shock.

Afterwards, She [email protected] out.

Jake and Connor quic-kly took their hands to carry her….. but they couldn’t,, the smell was now different… Smell of urine.

They ended up walking out.

“Geez,, that was- Jake inhaled de-eply.

Connor glared at him.
“You are an @ss.hole” He muttered.

Jake sm-irked at him, and wiped the blood off hisl-ip.

They both turned to the door after hearing a knock. Jake opened it and Doris barged in.


~ How was it?

Mind it continuing?

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