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High school romance episode 7 & 8

✈ Another paper jet ✈
Author Viola
#Episode 7
I got scared as Mabel passed out and wasn’t moving. My heart was beating fast and I shook her violently. “Mabel! Mabel!”
A part of me was telling me to run away and pretend I have no idea of what happened but my conscience was pricking me
“what have you done?” The Barbies yelled from behind and pushed me out of the way
“Mabel!” They called repeatedly then students ran out
“What happened to her?” Lancelot asked as he made his way to where we were
“Kelanie pushed her down the stairs” Lara replied with haughty disdain
Lancelot turned to look at me but said nothing then carried Mabel in his arms bridal style “let’s take her to the clinic”
“pray nothing happens to her” Ivy seethed and they followed Lancelot out. The students started walking out his groups and murmuring to themselves. I was really scared.
Why does everything go wrong in my life?
I plodded to the music room as tears welled up in my eyes.
I was really scared.
“what happened?” Tristan asked as they ran up to me
“she… she tried attacking…” I chocked on my tears and Tristan pulled me into a hug
“it’s okay”
“They’re not going to believe me” I sobbed on his shoulders
“We all know you aren’t going to do anything to hurt anyone” Fiona cued
“and she kinda deserve it” Phoebe snarled and rolled her eyes
Tristan shot her a glare then she stormed out.
“Let’s go sit down” Tristan said and took my hand
“Miss Louis”
I turned to see who called and met the principal staring at me from her glasses. Miss Morgan was standing beside her and glaring at me.
“to my office now”
“I didn’t mean to, it was an accident” I pleaded
“you’ve always hated Mabel and feared her cause she’s your competition and Glamour Diva is around the corner you’ll do anything to get her out of the way” Ms Morgan seethed then I wiped my tears
No one believes me
“That’s a lie Morgan, Kelanie wouldn’t think of hurting anyone” Ms Chantel defended
“Then what do you call what she did to Mabel?” the principal asked sternly
“it was self defense ma’am she was just trying to protect herself”
“there’s no evidence that Mabel did anything to Kelanie. Kelanie was just being wicked”
“that’s a lie and you know it Morgan…”
“enough Chantel” the principal cut in “I don’t care who’s guilty but Kelanie shouldn’t had pushed Mabel down the stairs which is an act of wickedness…”
I glanced at Ms Morgan who was smiling wickedly then turned back to the principal
“…you’re suspended and is to return after two weeks”
“what? Glamour Diva is in a week time and she’s competing” Ms Chantel shouted
“then she’s no longer allowed to contest till her suspension is over, she has to learn her lesson” The principal stated with a note of finality
“we know you didn’t mean to do it” Zion said as they walked me to the lot
“I trained so much for Glamour Diva and the homecoming game, I can’t believe I won’t be competing”
“you’ll always be the best homecoming queen even though you don’t compete and you’ll always be our Glamour Diva” Tristan said
“thanks guys, I need to go now”
“we’ll come after school to check on you” Chance said
“bye guys”
“bye Kel”
“Ouch!” I groaned holding my head as I tried to sit up from the bed
“how you feeling?” Ms Morgan asked
“my head hurts a lot”
“you’ll be fine”
“what happened to Kelanie?”
“she has been suspended and won’t be competing for Glamour Diva” Ms Morgan replied
I smiled in relief “great”
“you need to rest”
“where are the girls?”
“they haven’t even come to see me”
“they did when you were asleep”
I sighed “where’s Lancelot”
“he just went out to get you something to eat”
The door opened and Lancelot walked in shutting the door behind him.
“here he comes”
“you’re awake”
“My head hurts” I drawled and he touched my cheek affectionately
“sorry, you’ll be fine”
“I know, as long as I won’t be competing with Kelanie”
I sat beside me and opened the bag he was holding “here I bought you lunch”
“am not hungry” I said and hugged him from his side
“but you need to eat so you can take your drugs and get strong”
“there’s no strength like having Kelanie out of the way, you just won’t understand”
he touched my hair and said “I do”
but he wasn’t really happy.
“My life sucks” I sighed for the umpteenth time
“yeah” Orlando agreed then added “it stated sucking twenty minutes ago when Kelanie left”
“I’ll be going on suspension too” I said
Paris chuckled “you’re giving yourself a two weeks suspension?”
“yep I don’t mind pushing Lancelot off the stairs”
“then you’re crazy” he blurted out “we have a big game, the homecoming and we’ve got to win it”
“I don’t mind losing it Paris, Kelanie is going to lose hers”
“and you’re gonna lose your mind if you don’t get her out of it” Stephen stated
I sighed and looked away. They wouldn’t understand. They just don’t know.
After school, I drove to Kelanie’s house to keep her company.
“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted her nanny with a head bow
“Tristan do come in” she stepped aside and I walked in
“is Kelanie in?”
“she’s in her room. she hasn’t come out since she got back and am worried cause she can be really crazy when she’s hurt”
“I’ll go check on her” I said and headed for her room.
I understand nanny’s fear.
Whenever Kelanie is hurt she does many crazy things like when we lived in the same neighborhood. She had jumped down a tree and broke an arm cause she didn’t get a gift from Santa.
And the other time, she threw a pill into her nose cause her parents missed her ten year old birthday.
She was a rich spoilt girl but I know she’s changed and matured now.
“Kelanie!” I called knocking on her door
“Kelanie open up it’s me Tristan”
The door creaked open and she walked back to the bed.
“Are you alright?”
“am fine Tristan you shouldn’t have bothered”
“I know but I have to, you mean a lot… ” I stopped myself from telling her she meant a lot to me
“is that a paper jet in your bag?” she asked pointing at the paper that was hanging at the side of my bag
“no… ” I scratched my hair nervously thinking of a perfect lie. I couldn’t tell her it was a paper jet.
What if she asks to see it?
“it’s not a paper jet, you know I can’t make one”
“oh!” she mouthed “I’ve been picking paper jets lately. someone has been flying it to me, I thought you were the pilot” she chuckled
“I don’t make paper jets” I insisted and hastily shoved the paper jet into my bag “I’ll be leaving now but I’ll come over later in the night”
“thanks for your company”
“what are friends for?”
8:30 pm 🕣
I laid on my bed after taking my bathe and having dinner. I couldn’t sleep, I was waiting for Tristan or anyone to come over and keep me company before I do something crazy.
9:30 pm 🕥
I tossed about in my bed. No one was coming and I was getting to my limit. I turned off the bed lamp and got out of bed, then I walked to the window and pushed it open.
I needed fresh air and the night was dark and cold with only the stars illuminating the sky.
🎶 Everything reminds me of you even the cold distant night reminds me of our times together
🎶 Forgetting you is not going to be easy, remembering me is not your thing
I wiped my tears as I continued singing. My life was gradually turning into a mess. I let out my breath slowly and turned to return to bed when a paper jet flew into my room.
I picked it up and whirled around to see who threw it. I gazed out the window but there was no sign of anyone. Just the breezed as it blew on the trees.
I brought out the other paper jet I had picked on my birthday and studied the two. Three paper jets but one was in my locker in school.
I unfolded the one I just picked and there was a clear write up
📄 If you think you’ve lost it all, always remember the tree. It loses it’s leaves and gets it back after that season.
Who is the pilot?
I opened the first one and also read it. Whoever this is, is sending it to me. But who could it be?
The boy is mine 🙅
Author Viola
“It’s so romantic” Blue drawled dreamily when I told them of the paper jets.
The Blooms had visited me the next day after school.
“Whoever is doing this really admires you” Phoebe stated
“I think it’s Tristan” I said
“What makes you think so?”
“I saw a paper jet in his bag when he visited yesterday but he denied it wasn’t a paper jet”
“makes him look suspicious” Zion said thoughtfully
“but Tristan doesn’t know how to make paper jets” Blue reasoned
“Luke makes paper jet, it’s possible he thought Tristan” Zion noted
“So romantic you got a secret admirer Kel” Blue said gleefully
“It could be a girl Blue” I snarled
“no girl will spend her time making paper jets for another girl unless she’s a gay” Fiona said
“We have to question Tristan, I still insist he’s the one” Zion insisted
“he’s never going to admit”
I sighed and fell on the bed. I didn’t really care to know who was the pilot cause no matter who it is, am done with men.
But the person might not really like me, like, like me.
“how’s school going?” I asked changing the topic
“Boring without you” Phoebe replied and the others nodded
I chuckled “it’s just been a day out of ten days”
“it’s a century” Blue half yelled
“They’re finding a replacement for you for Glamour Diva” Fiona said sadly
I faked a smile trying to hide my pain and sadness “any of you can go”
“It’s gonna be you, Ms Chantel is working on it” Phoebe said
I shrugged and picked up my guitar “I just feel like singing”
“you got a lot of singing to do cause the guys would be coming over” Zion said
“yep” Phoebe nodded excitedly
“Lemme give you a piece of advice Phoebe” I began “don’t fall for any of the guys”
“apart from Angelou” she said tilting her head
“What?” Zion shouted “I fell for him first”
“you didn’t tell anyone did you?” Phoebe retorted
“you girls are crazy” Fiona yelled “the boy is mine”
“shut up Fiona!” Phoebe bellowed “I mentioned it first”
Blue tapped me “let’s excuse them”
We tip-toed out of my room and shut the door quietly. Giving them enough time to exercise their madness.
“let’s repeat the last line again” Chance said and we played the outro of the song we were practicing
“better, but some persons are distracted” he said and his eyes drifted to Fiona, Phoebe, and Zion who were fighting to sit beside Angelou.
Angelou shook his head then got up from where he sat and walked up to where I was sitting with Blue.
“can I sit?”
he sat beside me and the three nations glared at me.
What did I do?
“We’re good with the instrumental now, let’s try the lyrics” Ray suggested
“okay let’s try it” Chance agreed “Angelou you go with the solo”
Angelou nodded and adjusted nervously on his seat.
🎶 I just wanna feel the moment
🎶 feel freedom being given to me
🎶 open up my wings and fly…
I was lost in his voice that I didn’t realize when it got to my turn to sing.
“Kel” Blue called me in a low tone and I came back to reality
“uhm… I totally spaced out let’s begin again” I said
Angelou sighed and started singing from the beginning. Then it got to my turn.
🎶 I came to win tonight close my eyes
🎶 and feel the moment tonight
🎶 open up my wings and fly…
Angelou joined me with his angelic voice
🎶 Fly… fly… shoot across the sky
The three nations were already drooling when we finished singing.
Chance was right, Angelou is really a great singer and I smell victory.
“That was excellent but still needs little practice” Chance applause
Angelou dropped his guitar and got up “I’ll be outside”
He’s allergic to staying with people. I just confirmed.
“Kel” Chance called and I realized I’ve been staring at the door since Angelou walked out.
“am sorry” I apologized in embarrassment
“who would you like to sing with? me or Angel?”
“Angel?” I asked quizzically
“Angelou” he corrected
I thought for a while then answered “You both have to agree between yourself”
“Am willing to surrender if you’re willing to sing with Angelou”
“am willing to sing with him if you’re willing to surrender”
Chance chuckled “you’re playing smart in answering my questions” he threw his hands up in the air “I surrender”
“Mr Justin and Ms Chantel came up with a suggestion for your training…”
“our training” I cut in
“our job is just to play the instruments which we can do with our eyes closed but you both are barely acquainted”
“where are you getting at Chance?”
“music agrees with the heart and two people can only make a perfect song when there heart agrees…”
“where are you driving at Chance?” I cut in impatiently
“They suggested you both go on a one week training alone”
“But I got suspended”
“not in school” he shook his head “a music suite has been rented for just the two of you”
“what?” shouted the three nations
“That’s so gonna be boring” I said “he’s gonna keep reading for the entire seven days”
“ten days” Lex corrected and chuckled
“you said one week”
“I meant ten days”
“I wanna solo for Blooms” Zion volunteered
“I sing better than you Zion, I should do the solo” Phoebe protested
“you both single horribly and Angelou needs a voice like mine” Fiona blurted out
“now I get what’s happening” Derek laughed “it’s Prince Charming and the three princesses”
“but Kelanie isn’t quitting” Chance said
“she doesn’t want to train. Right Kel?” that was Phoebe
I scoffed and turned to the guys “when is the training beginning?”
Chance smiled “Ms Chantel will tell you the rest”
I nodded in agreement.
If staying with the book worm would keep these three crazy girls from him then am gonna do it.
I can’t let them fight over one guy.
I walked out of the gym and headed to The Barbie Girls music room when I over heard Ms Chantel pleading with the principal.
I hid at a corner and eavesdropped.
“Kelanie has been practicing for this competition you got to give her a chance even if she doesn’t return to school”
“I can’t do that Ms Chantel, I’ve already picked a replacement for her”
“Kelanie has a reputation in the school that she has to keep”
“she should’ve known that before pushing Mabel down the stairs”
“she didn’t mean to, it was an accident”
“enough Ms Chantel” the principal sneered and walked out.
Ms Chantel turned and saw me then I walked out.
When I got to the music room, The Barbie Girls were dancing. I took a seat and sat watching them.
“how was it this time?” Ivy asked turning down the volume of the music when they were done
“better but you girls need to put more effort if we’re going to win NYN”
They grabbed bottle waters then sat down.
“we’re trying our best Mabel” Lara said
“your best isn’t enough” I spat out then asked “who’s Kelanie’s replacement for Glamour Diva?”
I scoffed “Tonia isn’t my competition”
“In all the nine persons competing, none is your competition” Caitlyn said
“I just wish Kelanie won’t also be competing for NYN and Shayne is gonna die before then” I snarled
“Think of a way to kill her then” Caitlyn laughed and the others joined her but I was damn serious
“Finally” I breathed out when I was done folding the last paper jets
“hey! buddy” Luke called straining his neck to see what I was doing
“it’s Tristan and not buddy”
“you’re so annoying just get out” I seethed
“how did you learn how to make paper jets?”
“Does that affect you in anyway?”
“maybe cause I should be the only one making them”
“Mum!” I shouted
“what’s it honey?”
“I want Luke out of the family”
“that’s not possible honey” mum said appearing at the doorway “he’s part of us”
“Then am leaving the family” I shoved the jets into my bag and walked out
I was going to see Kelanie or better still, carry out some assignments.


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