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High school romance episode 21

🙆 Busted 🙆
Author Viola
I held my chest as I ran out of the library. My heart was beating very fast and I felt embarrassed about the way I was staring at Angelou. Whatever was happening, I was yet to understand.
Why I get so lost staring at him and why I couldn’t seem to get him out of my mind no matter how hard I tried.
“Kel!” someone called and grabbed my hand, thinking it was Angelou, I flinched back and fell to the floor on my butt.
“Are you alright?” I looked up and realized it was Tristan
“am fine” I replied trying to act normal then got up
“you look tensed” he noticed
“am fine”
“You don’t look fine to me. Are you been chased?”
“no” I replied
He took out a scarf from his pocket and wiped my face cause I was sweating.
He chuckled “you don’t have to thank me”
“I’ll be going now” I said hastily and walked off
I entered the music room and The Blooms were practicing with The Stupids but Angelou wasn’t there.
I slumped down in my chair and shut my eyes.
“Are you okay?” Chance asked
“am okay just tired that’s all”
He nodded then they continued practicing till Angelou walked in and my heart started racing.
“Perfect timing!” Blue exclaimed “now let’s hear what you two came up with for NYN”
“am tired and can’t sing now” I lied
How can I be tired when I just woke up from sleep. Angelou glanced at me cause he knew I was lying but he didn’t say anything as he looked away.
“Then there’s no need for us to practice and keep playing instruments. Am bored already” Zion said with a yawn
“I just need a cold bath” Phoebe sighed
“there’s a bathroom in our music room. I could join you if you want” Lex said with a wink
“Let’s play BUSTED” Ray suggested and The Stupids laughed except Angelou
“what’s that?” Fiona asked
“just a game where you expose your greatest secret” Sky explained
“am not gonna play” I said
“everyone has to unless you’re willing to make out with someone here” Lex smirked
“the game isn’t as bad as you think. You’re gonna love it”
“how do you expect me to tell you all my secrets?”
“you don’t have to say it yourself, someone else is gonna expose you and you get busted” Chance said
“let’s start” Lex said sitting up “I’ll go first”
“Derek has a huge crush on Blue” Lex blurted out
“you didn’t have to say that” Derek told him in a whisper
“chill man, you’re busted” Lex laughed
Derek glanced at Blue and quickly looked away. He was really embarrassed.
“who’s next?” Fiona asked excitedly. She was loving the game
“Ray” Lex replied
“Chance kissed Selene at the party last night”
We all gasped and gazed at Chance in surprise.
“it was just a kiss nothing more” Chance said pointedly
“it’s my turn” Fiona giggled
I wonder who she’s gonna expose.
“Zion has a crush on Angelou”
“what?” The Stupids gasped and stared at Angelou who was also shocked
“did you have to say that?” Zion yelled at Fiona “we all have a crush on Angelou including you and Phoebe”
The Stupids gasped again and this time Angelou chuckled
“I didn’t deny it” Phoebe snapped and charged at them
“This is gonna turn into a fight” I noted
“girls enough!” Chance bellowed “let’s go on with the game”
“my turn” Sky said then shifted his gaze to me.
What’s he gonna say?
“Kelanie has been staring at Angelou since he came in”
“what?” The Blooms gasped and the three nations shot me a deadly glare
“That’s a lie” I said in embarrassment even though I knew I was staring
“I didn’t expect you to admit” he said with a shrug
“it’s my turn” Blue said and the game went on till school was over.
We all bade goodbye and entered our various cars except Angelou who loves trekking. I have no idea about his background. I rest my head on the head rest as the car cruised into the road then brought out my phone and logged into the school’s gossip blog. There was a headline on a pool party held in honor of the new Glamour Diva but no one mentioned anything to me.
📨 There’s a party tonight
I texted The Blooms and Zion replied immediately
📩 I didn’t hear of it
📩 I just found out
Blue texted
📨 who’s holding the party?
📩Caroline, and it’s a pool party. Everyone will be attending
📨 we can’t afford to miss it
📩 and we won’t miss it. See you all by 8
I logged out and dropped my phone in my bag. I was really tired this time and I needed a long sleep.
“we’re home” Festus said and I jerked awake. I had dozed off in the car and didn’t notice we had arrived. He held the door open and I stepped out and walked inside.
“Good afternoon nanny” I greeted and kissed her on both cheeks
“you look tired” she observed
“am really tired”
“School is getting stressful everyday and it’s really stressing out my diva” nanny said patting my hair like a kid
“I’ll be in my room”
“should I bring your lunch to your room?”
“no, I’ll eat when I wake up” I said and walked into my room. I tossed my bag aside and slumped on my bed with my feet touching the floor. I shut my eyes and drifted into sleep.
I fell from the bed and screamed as I jerked awake. I massaged my back and glanced at the wall clock. It was already 7:42 pm.
I rushed into the bathroom then had a quick bath and got dressed. I ate my meal then Festus drove me to Caroline’s house.
We arrived shortly then I got down from the car and he drove out. I entered the house and to my surprise everyone was on bikini and shorts.
“The changing room is over there” a girl on bikini said pointing to a closed door at a corner
“Thanks” I replied but I wasn’t going to change. I hate going on bikini.
I turned around to leave the party but The Blooms were standing behind me wearing bikinis.
“why didn’t you mention that it was a bikini party?” I asked in rage
“we told you it was a pool party, how did you expect to have a pool party with your clothes on”
Why didn’t I even think of that?
“but you should’ve reminded me”
“we knew you wouldn’t come if you knew it was a bikini party and the party would be a disaster if you hadn’t come”
“But am leaving”
“yea you should be leaving this party isn’t for you”
I whirled around to see who spoke and Mabel was standing behind me with her barbie dolls all wearing bikinis with their arms folded across their chest.
“look who finally showed up” I chuckled “the big time loser”
She scoffed “that you won Glamour Diva doesn’t make me a loser”
“I agree” I said sarcastically “it makes you a failure”
She raised her hand to hit me but Lancelot appeared from nowhere and held her hand “let’s go you shouldn’t be fighting”
“Bitch!” she muttered as he dragged her out
“You can’t leave this party” Zion stated
“you got to put Mabel to shame again
“I don’t like this” I said referring to the bikini I was wearing
“it’s a skirt and a half top, it’s not exposing so what don’t you like in it?” Phoebe asked half yelling
I sighed and looked away from the mirror
“let’s go”
They opened the door and stepped out but I was afraid to come out.
What if Angelou shows up?
Of course he’s going to show up the party is for everyone.
“Come out already” Blue dragged me out and all eyes turned to me
I hastily walked into a dark corner and stood
“Why being shy? It’s not like you’re naked” Zion yelled
“I’ll be out soon”
“sort yourself out” Fiona said then they walked out. I sighed and wrapped my arms around my body. I was kinda cold but the cold was caused by fear. I started walking into the dark though I didn’t know where I was going.
I’ll just hide in here till the party is over.
“be careful” someone grabbed my hand and I turned in shock to see Angelou staring at me.
I got shy as he stared down my legs and I just prayed for the ground to open up and swallow me.
“let’s go clean that” he said and I looked down at my leg which was covered with paint. I had accidentally stepped on it and I didn’t even realize.
What was I even thinking.
He led me to a small lake behind the building and helped me sit on the floor.
“how did you know here?” I asked
“this place is like a home to me”
“you live here?”
“no but I grew up here”
I wanted to ask further but it was obvious he didn’t want to talk. I put my leg into the lake and started washing it but the paint wasn’t going out. He got up and walked into the lake then returned with a flower. He squeezed it and applied the water on my leg.
“what’s that?”
“I used it as soap when I was a little boy and used to come to the lake” he replied then continued applying the flower on my leg. When he was done, he poured water on my leg and the paint was gone.
“It worked” I giggled staring at my feet
“what were you doing there?”
“I was taking a walk what about you?”
“I was playing with my pet snake”
“pet snake?” I gasped
He nodded “it belonged to my grandma but after she died, I started taking care of it. It’s really old and loyal”
“how old?”
I gasped “so I actually passed a snake”
“I saw you when you passed then I followed you so you wouldn’t get lost”
“why aren’t you in the party?”
“I hate parties”
“me too”
“but you’re dressed for the party” he said and I got embarrassed remembering I was on bikini
“my friends forced me to come”
“it’s beautiful”
“I meant the attire it fits you”
Why must he notice that
We remained silent as I looked around to be sure I was safe from a pet snake.
“Let’s swim” he suddenly said
“I can’t swim” I replied honestly
“I’ll teach you”
“am really scared of water”
He smiled cunningly then shouted “Eliza”
“who’s Eliza?”
“my pet snake, here she comes”
I screamed and jumped into the water
“it seems like you’re scared of snakes than you’re scared of water” he chuckled and pulled his shirt then dived into the water. There was no snake he just tricked me.
I tried swimming but I couldn’t and I was drowning
“I’ll teach you” I felt his hand on my waist as he pulled me up
“I can’t swim”
“yet you came for a pool party”
“I didn’t plan on swimming”
“they would have dared you to swim in the pool” He said and went under the water
“Angelou” I called looked around but there was no sign of him
“over here” he waved from the other end of the lake
“How did you get there?”
“I swam so swim over”
“am gonna drown”
“there’s a crocodile there that’s why I swam out so better start swimming else you’ll be meat for him”
I screamed and started swimming.


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