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High school romance episode 20

✈ Another paper jet ✈
Author Viola
“what’s going on?”
We pushed the two of them apart and Blue dragged Tristan out
“why are you fighting?”
“nothing” he replied bluntly
I scoffed “Angelou”
“we’re good, just wanted to try out some martial skills”
“are you for real?”
“We’re good you can ask Tristan”
“We’re good” Tristan stated firmly when I asked him
“You both fought and broke your lips” I yelled “Angelou you broke the side of your eye”
“it’s part of martial skill” Angelou said
Blue scoffed and rolled her eyes “you both can’t be serious”
“but we are” Tristan insisted
I clenched my fist and punched Tristan
“ouch! What was that for?” he groaned
I grinned and shrugged “just practicing martial arts”
“yea me too” Blue clenched her fist and punched Angelou
“keep practicing” I said sarcastically and walked out with Blue
“they both don’t want to say what transpired between them” Blue said
“maybe it’s personal”
“maybe” Blue shrugged
“Mabel still doesn’t want to come to school” Lara said when we walked out of English class
Mabel has decided not to return to school after she was defeated in Glamour Diva and we’ve tried talking her out of it but she’s proving adamant.
“I don’t blame her, she can’t face the shame” I said
“What about the crown?”
“she won’t get it” Ivy stated
“The principal is her aunt”
“the principal was her aunt when she lost Glamour Diva”
“Glamour Diva is by vote but homecoming queen isn’t by vote but by merit”
I chuckled “you think Mabel merits it?”
Lara shrugged “she still has to be crowned else she won’t accept to sing in NYN”
“She can’t back out of NYN” I said and we walked into the music room
“Heard Angelou and Tristan fought” Ivy said changing the topic
“yes but no one knows the reason, they wouldn’t talk” I said
“I don’t care about them, they shouldn’t be our problem now” Lara said
“What should be our problem?” I demanded
“Shayne, she’ll be coming to Glamour today to witness the homecoming game” Lara replied
“am kinda scared of competing with her” I admitted
“me too, she’s so good” Ivy concurred
“exactly what am talking about” Lara snapped “we can’t be scared of Kelanie and Shayne, one of them has to be gotten rid of”
“talking about Kelanie and Shayne, what about Lauren?” Ivy asked
“Rock of Ages aren’t competing” I replied
“there’s a rumor that they would”
“we can’t lose out totally”
“we won’t if Mabel stop being full of herself and practice” Lara stated
“I’ll be back” I excused myself then walked out of the music room. I needed to use the restroom.
“Kel!” someone called from behind and I whirled around to see a student running to meet me then I stopped and waited for him.
“Someone asked me to give this to you” He said and gave me a paper
“who?” I asked but he ran away without replying.
I unfolded the paper and read it.
📄 Meet me in the garden
I tucked the paper into my pocket and went into the restroom. My instincts told me it was the secret admirer and he wanted to reveal himself. I finished using the restroom and headed to the garden.
When I got to the garden, the garden was empty and quiet and I didn’t see anyone.
“I thought you wouldn’t come” a familiar voice said from behind and I whirled around to see Lancelot staring at me with his hands in his pocket.
He was so cute. The guy I’ve always loved, but it was unbelievable that he wanted us to meet.
“why do you want to meet with me?” I demanded
“you wouldn’t had come if you didn’t want to meet”
“I wouldn’t had come if I knew I would be meeting with you”
He ran his hands through his hair and stared into my eyes. He looked pale “we need to talk”
“There’s nothing there for us to talk about” I said and proceeded to walk out but he grabbed my arm
“There is”
“And what is that? About your girlfriend?”
“about us”
I scoffed “there’s nothing about us”
“There’s a lot”
“I don’t want to talk”
“then just listen” he said out of frustration “please”
I snatched my hand from his “go on am listening”
“Kelanie I still love you and I want you back” he blurted out
I burst into laughter “you’re bluffing”
“Am serious”
“you can’t be cause we’re over and done” I spelt out
“I was wrong and am really sorry but I can’t stop thinking about you I can’t believe that I even tried. You mean a lot to me and you know it”
“I don’t care just go to your girlfriend” I yanked and walked out and he didn’t try stopping me.
He was really weak and sad and I really pitied him but I wasn’t going to take him back.
“Are you serious?” Phoebe asked when I told them about Lancelot
“I couldn’t be kidding with that”
“He’s such a loser”
“I really pity him, he looks sad and pale” I said with concern
“Don’t tell me you plan on taking him back” that was Blue
“I didn’t say so but he’s so… ” I trailed off and sighed
“You got to be kidding me” Fiona scoffed and shook her head
“that guy wanted to break you but now he’s broken and wants you back you’re thinking of giving him a second chance cause he looks sad” Zion seethed
“calm down girls there’s nothing wrong in accepting your mistakes and being sorry…”
“KELANIE!” Phoebe shouted
“You can forgive him if you want to but you can’t take him back. Maybe he’s not happy that Mabel lost Glamour Diva so he wants to break you so you won’t win NYN” Fiona said
“she’s right Kel” Blue supported
I sighed “I just pity him that’s all”
“don’t pity. He didn’t pity you when he broke up with you in front of the whole school”
“and you don’t need a guy remember?” that was Zion
“am not a kid”
“That’ll be after NYN we can’t lose because of some gold diggers” Phoebe snarled
“Hey! Girls” Selene greeted and walked into the music room
She smiled “Having a chit chat without me?”
“You got to hear this” Blue said and pulled Selene to sit beside her “Lancelot wants Kelanie back and she’s planning to consider it”
“cause she pities him. She says he looks sad and worried” Blue said
Selene gazed at me “it’s that true?”
“I never said I was taking him back”
“but you pity him”
“there’s nothing wrong with that as long as she ain’t taking him back. She has conscience you know and he’s human, someone she once loved or could still love” Selene said and The Blooms left their mouth agape in disbelief
“you’re so crazy” Zion managed to say
“she’s right” I said
“you both are crazy. Am telling it to your mothers” Fiona said and we all burst into laughter
“My momma is late” Selene said
“oh!” Fiona exclaimed “am so sorry”
“it’s okay it doesn’t hurt anymore” Selene said all smiles. She’s always smiling and it makes her beautiful cause she has two deep dimples.
“Let’s talk about boys” Zion said sitting up
“Great! Am in” Selene said
“Am not interested” I opted out
“c’mon Kel, you used to love boys talk” Blue drawled
“not now girls”
“Let’s leave her out of the gist” Phoebe said then I got up and walked out. Boys isn’t my thing anymore. I just want to be me and survive without them.
I walked into the library and sat between two high shelves. I just wanted to hide myself from the outside world and forget about my past.
I looked at the pile of books and remembered that I hadn’t collected the book from Angelou.
“I’ll just read the summary later” I told myself then collected another book and started reading.
I finished reading the novel ‘Lonely Nights’ and decided to give it to Kelanie. This book has already cost lots of disaster that I don’t want to remember. I got up from my table and went in search of Kelanie. I knew she was also in the library cause I had seen her when she came in. I walked to the direction she went and saw her sitting between two shelves with a book in her hands but she was fast asleep. She most have dozed off while reading cause she was sitting down on the floor.
I stood watching her as she slept, not wanting to wake her and not wanting to walk away. She was really beautiful, something I never wanted to admit but she really was and I admired her a lot.
Ever since last night after the competition, there’s a flame in my heart that she managed to lit. A flame that has been quenched after Lisa died, only her voice and her smiles lit it.
I squatted beside her and tucked some strands of hair that were covering her face behind her ear so I can see her face more clearly. She was sleeping peacefully and she looked really tired. She moved her hand and lost balance but I caught her before she fell. Her head was resting on my palms and her weight was on it.
Suddenly, she fluttered her eyes open and I flinched back at her gaze. She was visibly shocked and removed her head from my palm.
“I… I… came and… ” I groped for the right words but nothing reasonable was coming into my head as we stared at each other. It was like a staring challenge.
Out of the blue, a paper jet flew into out midst and landed between us. She picked it up and shoved into her bag.
“I have to go now” she said and got up but I remained in the same position
“The book” she pointed to the novel lying beside me
“you can have it”
She bent down and picked it up “thanks” then she was gone


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