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High school romance episode 2

💃 Who’ll rock the party 💃
Author Viola
#Episode 2
“The news is viral” Lex said going through his phone “why on earth would Lancelot break up with her?”
“same reason you broke up with her” Ray said beating his drumsticks on the air and Sky joined him
“why would Kelanie always experience a heart break? she’s the most beautiful and sexy girl in the whole of Glamourous” I said
“I guess she can’t have everything” Sky said with a shrug then hit Ray’s head with his drumsticks
“oh!” Ray whinced in pain and held his head
“sorry my hand went loose” Sky chuckled and continued beating the air
“Am quite happy that we’ll be singing with The Blooms now I really hate Mabel” Alaric said with disgust
“are you going to be comfortable with Kelanie around like 24/7?” I asked Lex
“sure, no grudges” Lex said
“Louis’ party is tonight” Alaric said “we’ll be performing
“All the top 5” Derek said and passed me a book “check this out
I collected the book and smiled. It was a drawing of Blue.
“it’s pretty”
“you think she’ll like it?” he asked.
“yes, it’s really pretty you’re a great artist” I complimented
“thanks” Derek said then took the book from me “I plan on asking her out tonight”
“you got advantage of Kelanie’s break up” Alaric said
Derek smiled clicking his tongue “a lot”
“I wonder who will rule the party tonight, Blooms or Barbies?” I asked
“I trust Kelanie” Lex said
“who has a date for tonight’s party?” Ray asked
“I planned on going with Lara but now… ” Sky said and shrugged “I’ve got to find someone else”
“Mia agreed to be my date for tonight” Lex said
“maybe I should ask Kelanie to be my date, I’ve always admired her” that was me and my wishful thinking
“she’s not going to accept, she just went through a breakup and she’s gonna go with Tristan if she feels like having a date for tonight” Alaric said
“then I’ll go by myself”
“Fiona would be delighted to go with you” Ray said with a wink
“no way” Alaric shouted “she’s gonna be my date”
“no worries I don’t like her anyway, I’ll go with my mic” I said and picked up mic
“don’t say it” Derek warned knowing what am about to say
I smirked “let’s practice”
🎶🎤 I don’t need nobody when you are mine
🎶🎤 just tell everybody that you are mine
🎶🎤 no no boy you’re amazing
“fantastic” Ms Chantel applaused when we were done singing
“tonight is gonna be lit” Blue said keeping her guitar
“except we don’t have dates” she added sadly
“That shouldn’t be your problem, just think of beating those Barbie dolls tonight” Ms Chantel said and we chuckled
“we haven’t met with The Stupids yet” I said
“I already talked to Mr Justin” Ms Chantel said. Mr Justin is the manager and music teacher.
“when are we meeting?” Ivy asked enthusiastically
She’s so crazy for Sky
“After lunch” Ms Chantel replied
“Grazio a Dio (thank goodness)” Blue breathed out “am so hungry”
“Me too” Phoebe put in
“me three” that was Zion
“don’t eat too much girls, you’re dancing tonight” Ms Chantel shouted as they ran out
“They are never going to listen” I chuckled
“aren’t you going to join them?” Ms Chantel asked
“no, am not hungry”
Ms Chantel smiled and sat beside me “it’s because of your break up isn’t it?”
“am fine”
🎶 can see it when you’re sad
no you can’t hide it from me
she sang and I chuckled then tears rolled down my cheeks
“don’t do it” Ms Chantel hushed wiping my tears
“I really love him” I broke down and she hugged me
🎶 am a beautiful girl who deserves a beautiful boy
who would know my worth
and know how special I am
Ms Chantel sang a line from my first single which I wrote when I broke up with Eric.
“where’s the girl that wrote that song?”
I smiled and wiped my tears “am still here”
“you’ll have to prove that tonight and forever now get your sparkles on”
“I won’t fail you”
“you better don’t” Ms Chantel warned jocularly then asked “what song would you be dancing tonight?”
“Rock rock rock my body all night” I sang
“I love that song it’s dope but Ivy isn’t really too good in it”
“Fiona has been teaching her”
“you girls have to practice when they return”
I got up and moved a few steps back “I’ll just try some moves to get my mind off somethings” I said and did a triple front-flip
“impressive” Ms Chantel applaused then I did a side ways flip
“try this” Ms Chantel said and did a stand-up splits
“am pretty sure that’s illegal” I said and she chuckled
“you can do it”
I breathed in and tried the move but it went bad and I fell with my face on the floor.
“you’ll definitely learn it” she said and pulled me up
“huff… huff… huff… ” Blue ran in panting and the other Blooms followed
“what’s wrong?” Ms Chantel asked
“The Stupids sta arrivando (The Stupids are coming)” Blue said trying to catch her breath
“calm down Blue and speak English” I seethed
“The Stupids are coming” she squealed
“and what’s so special about that?”
“De… D… ” Blue was still stammering when The Stupids walked in and she fainted but Fiona caught her
“someone just…. ” Ray whistled and nudged Derek with his elbow
“what’s wrong with her?” Mr Justin asked
“she normally pass out when she sees cute guys” Zion said and dragged Blue out by her leg
The Stupids chuckled but their eyes were on Derek.
“How you doing Kel?” Mr Justin asked
“am okay”
“as sure as this….” I did a back handspring
“I love your spirit” Mr Justin complimented
Lex picked up a drumstick and moved to the drum set
“not now” Chance said and dragged him up by his collar
“How you preparing for tonight?” Mr Justin asked
“I was thinking we practiced a song with the guys” Ms Chantel suggested
“we’ve got… ” Mr Justin glanced at his wrist watch and did a mental calculation “six hours to practice before the party so let’s begin”
“Louis really knows how to plan a party” Phoebe said dancing to the music that was playing in background
“the Barbie dolls aren’t here yet” Fiona said searching around for them
Zion narrowed her brows and shot her a scowl “don’t tell me you’re missing them? ”
“here they come” Blue squealed as the Barbie Girls drove in, in their barbie bentley. The paparazzi gathered around their car as they got down.
“I bet they’re feeling like queens now” Zion scoffed
“there’s a new headline in the school’s gossips blog” Blue exclaimed going through her phone
I really hate those gossips.
I rolled my eyes “what’s it?”
“who rocks tonight? Blooms or Barbies” Blue read out
I huffed loudly “they’ll answer that themselves”
The Barbie dolls walked in and screams rented the air
“the students are voting” Blue said “Barbies already got 1k votes”
“and Blooms?” I demanded
Her jaws dropped “am afraid we got just 7”
The Blooms sighed
“the voting just began” I said confidently
“hey girls!” Chance greeted as The Stupids walked up to us
“oh my! goodness!”
I smacked Blue on her head then said “Hi guys”
“You’re looking great” Chance complimented
“you’re not looking bad either” I said
“can I steal you for the night?” Derek asked Blue
“please don’t ever return me” Blue said dreamily as Derek took her hand and led her out
“we saw the votes, I think Mabel bribed the students” Alaric said
I faked a smile like I was okay but deep down, I was not “the party just began”
The Co ordinator climbed the stage and took the mic. He welcomed the guests and invited The Flames up.
As usual, The Flames ran out from different directions and they started performing one of their tracks “get off stage”.
The crowd, mostly the girls were screaming and cheering as they danced and sang. Mabel’s screams were the loudest.
I felt hurt seeing him perform and knowing he was never going to be mine again.
“I’ll be outside” I excused myself and walked out
I was going to stay outside till they were done. Forgetting Lancelot isn’t going to be easy.
The speakers were loud, I could steal hear his voice and tears started rolling down my cheeks. I brought out my handkerchief and wiped my tears but they kept flowing.
The music ended and the screams increased. The Co ordinator took the mic and called up The STOPS.
I wiped my tears and cleared my throat then turned to return to the party when I bumped into a guy and he spilled his wine on my dress.
“am so sorry I didn’t see you coming” he apologized and brought out his handkerchief to clean the stain
I was so infuriated that I wanted to slap him but I controlled my temper.
“it’s okay” I simply said and walked out
“we’re next after STOPS what are we going to do now?” Phoebe asked
They were all panicking
“I think Mabel planned this so we can’t perform” Zion said
“excuse me” A woman said walking up to us. She was a delivery woman
“there’s a guy out there that asked me to deliver this to you”
“who is it?”
“I don’t know but he left this note” she proffered me with a folded paper and it read
📄 sorry for ruining your dress
“how did he manage to make such a quick delivery?” Fiona asked in surprise
“thanks” Phoebe said and collected the dress from her
“sign here”
Phoebe took the pen and scribbled a signature on her clip board
“now let’s go get you ready before we’ve called upon” she said and they dragged me to the restroom
“How did he manage to know your size just by seeing you?” Zion asked as she zipped up the gown
“I don’t know”
“unless he has been watching you” Fiona said then winked and I shot her a glare
“let’s go”
We returned to the party and The Barbie Girls were already performing.
soon it was our turn. We climbed up the stage and screams rented the air
” now that’s a lot of vote” Blue said joining us
“I thought you wouldn’t return” I chuckled and she winked
“let’s go”
🎶🎤 Rock rock rock my body all night
🎶🎤 I wanna see you after the party
The crowd joined as we all sang dancing away our sorrows till the music ended and The Stupids ran up the stage to join us for our song.
🎶🎤 I don’t need nobody when you are mine
🎶🎤 just tell everybody that you are mine
🎶🎤 no no boy you’re amazing


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