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High school romance episode 16

🎤 The winner is…? 🎤
Author Viola
“am not gonna apologize to Kelanie” Mabel snarled and stormed out.
The principal has been pleading with her to apologize and it’s ten minutes to the competition.
“am so sorry you have to forgive me for the sake of Glamourous” the principal pleaded
“It’s alright” I said “I’ll compete”
“Thank you so much” the principal exclaimed “get ready for the competition I’ll send your name to the president” she said and walked out
“am happy for you” Blue said and hugged me
“me too” Phoebe hugged me
“me three” Fiona hugged me and all The Blooms hugged me
“don’t I deserve a hug?” a familiar voice said from behind
I whirled around “Tristan” then hugged him
“I missed you?” he said patting my hair
“are you alright?” I asked noticing his mood
“am fine”
“he’s not” that was Phoebe “he has been sick and hasn’t been coming to school ever since you got suspended”
“is that true Tristan?”
“But am fine now” Tristan replied
“let’s go get your outfit for the competition” Zion said and they dragged me out
“Am nervous” I said staring at my reflection on the mirror. My outfit was a killer.
“you don’t have to be” Zion said and arranged my hair
“I don’t know who called the president but am very grateful to that person”
“I think it’s Tristan” Phoebe said
“what makes you think so?” Blue asked
“whoever called the president is someone close to him and Tristan’s dad works for the president and Tristan’s dad works for the president” Phoebe narrated
“let’s go, we’re five minutes late we’ll talk about that later”
We walked into the hall from the back of the stage. The hall was crowded with Glamourousas and outsiders. Including schools that came for the Homecoming game.
The Blooms wished me luck as I walked up stage to join the other competitors.
🎤 … 2nd edition of Glamour Diva held every four years…
The principal was addressing the crowd and I used the opportunity to look around and study the crowd. I caught Lancelot staring at me but he didn’t look away.
We stared at each other till Mabel managed to steal his attention. I looked away and caught Tristan staring at me but he quickly looked away.
🎤 step out
The principal gestured and we started walking forward in turns. I was the last person cause I was the last name to be submitted.
When it got to my turn, I started walking confidently till I saw Angelou and our eyes met. I lost control and started losing my steps but I couldn’t look away and I was surprisingly shy looking at him.
I got to the edge of the stage and stood with the others. Lydia was the first and she introduced herself and walked into the center of the stage. In few minutes time she was done singing and cheers rented the air. The rules was as before, nine girls only five gets chosen for the second round but only three makes it to the finals with one winner at the end.
Selene was next, she sang beautifully and I could see Mabel fidgeting though she pretended to be bold. Rita sang next and she wasn’t too good.
Mabel was the fourth person and she was too good that I became scared. I glanced at The Blooms and they gave me a warm smile.
The competition continued till it got to my turn. I didn’t have a balance again as I walked to the center of the stage. I thought I would fall any minute as my eyes drifted to where Angelou was. He was gradually becoming a huge distraction and I couldn’t focus knowing he was watching me.
I shut my eyes and I tried singing but I forgot the words to the song I’ve been practicing for the past two years. Murmurs filled the room and I opened my eyes to see Angelou still staring at me. I looked away and glanced at The Blooms who were already worried. Ms Chantel fainted on Mr Justin’s shoulder and Mabel was smiling triumphantly. I glanced at Angelou’s direction again and he was gone.
I suddenly picked up my courage and started singing. Even if he was watching me, I couldn’t see him.
When I was done singing, the applause were more of disappointment than cheers.
Ms Delia stepped out
It isn’t over until it’s over
She smiled at me and faced the audience
🎤blet the voting begin
The hall fell into silence and the only sound that was heard was clicks from the computers as they voted.
🎤 Done
Ms Delia scrolled through her palm top and looked at me disappointedly.
Am screwed and it’s all because of spending too much time with Angelou.
🎤 Lydia, Hadley, Portia, vivieka, and Bethany, you may leave the stage
My heart was already pounding.
🎤 For the first round, we have Kelanie in the fifth place
Rina in the fourth place
Isla in the third place
Mabel in the second place
And Selene in the first place
I was shocked at the result and so were others. I know I screwed up but Mabel… was a surprise.
🎤 … At this junction, we’ll take five
“what was that for?” Blue asked when I walked to them
“I don’t know” I sighed
“fifth place” Phoebe scoffed “it isn’t like you”
“thank goodness you weren’t evicted?” that was Zion
“you were distracted and Ms Chantel fainted” Fiona chuckled
“is it about Lancelot or… ”
“stop it girls” I interrupted “I know I screwed everything up but I still got two rounds to go”
“we just want to know your distraction so we can keep it off cause it’s obvious you were distracted”
“Am good” I said and walked out on them. I needed some alone time to think. I sat behind the stage and thought of what happened while I was on stage and what it meant.
There’s no interpretation to it.
Ms Delia announced for the contestants to return to stage and I got up but a paper jet landed at my feet.
I picked it up and unfolded it.
✈ 📄 You sang beautiful to me and you got first place in my heart.
I looked around but there was no one who could had been the pilot. I climbed up stage and joined the others.
Selene sang first and she did great that I almost lost hope. Mabel was second and she wasn’t bad at all but being my rival I couldn’t say she was good. Isla sang, then Rina and it was finally my turn.
I didn’t look around cause I couldn’t risk seeing Angelou as I sang. I sang better and I could feel it as cheers rented the air. When I was done, Ms Delia stepped out.
🎤 Let the voting begin
This time, the voting took long and I was scared as I prayed and hoped in my heart.
🎤 Done
Ms Delia clicked on her palm top
for the second round,
🎤 Selene came out third place,
Kelanie second
And Mabel first
The Barbie dolls squealed and some crazy fans joined them
final round begins in thirty minutes
“this is not going as planned” Phoebe said
“Am also disappointed in myself” I said sadly
“we’re not disappointed in you” Tristan said from behind and walked in with the guys both The STOPS and Stupids.
“what happened on stage?” Lex asked
“I don’t know”
“but you were distracted”
I glanced at Angelou and he looked away “I don’t know”
“Mabel is winning” Chance informed
“at least I still got second place” I said with a shrug
“You’ll get kicked out of Blooms if you don’t win” Phoebe stated
“for real?” I asked
“we are meant to Bloom and not gloom” Zion supported
“and Selena might not leave you with a third place” Ray noted
“I never knew Selene was a good singer” Paris said
“me too”
“There’s still hope Kel” Blue said soothingly
“Thanks Blue”
“just don’t disappoint us, we trust you”
🎤 Welcome back to the Glamour Diva Competition live in Glamour Music High. For the final round we’ve got
And Selene
But there must be a winner
I took in a deep breath but didn’t dare look around. Selene sang first and her song really got the audience singing and dancing. Mabel was next and I lost all hope of winning to her. The cheers were much much much that even The Blooms who were once confident got scared.
Mabel finished and it was my turn.
No matter how hard I sang, the audience weren’t cheering. When the song was finally coming to an end, tears rolled down my cheeks but I managed to sing till the end.
🎤 Let the voting begin
1 minute
2 minutes
5 minutes
8 minutes
15 minutes
I was getting weak in the knee already.
🎤 This was a tough decision but the winner is…
My eyes caught Angelou staring and I couldn’t take them off him. I didn’t hear the name Ms Delia called and I didn’t show interest cause The Barbie dolls were already performing and rejoicing.
“here…. ” Tristan helped me down the stage “you tried your best”
I shut my eyes and let my tear stream down as he held me in a tight hug.
“it’s not over” Blue pacified and I looked at the joyous Barbies
“let’s perform next” Fiona suggested
“you girls can go on, am not in the mood”
“you okay?” Chance asked
I shook my head “no”
“wanna dance?” Lex asked
I sniffled “no”
The were just trying to cheer me up.
Tristan glanced at his wrist watch “we’ve got eight minutes left let’s go”


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