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High school romance 22

🎾 Homecoming game 🏀
Author Viola
“The party is taking too long” Kelanie said when we were done swimming and sitting beside the lake
“wanna go see what’s happening?”
“not really, am really cold” she said folding her arms around her chest
I picked up my jacket that was lying on the ground and put around her shoulders
“Why not we go get your clothes” I suggested
“I don’t want The Blooms to see me”
“They aren’t going to see you I’ll cover you”
“Fine” she finally succumbed and we headed to the dressing room
“There isn’t a pet snake here right?” she asked when we got to the dark corner
I chuckled softly “There is but she doesn’t bite”
She shuddered a drew nearer to me.
We got to the pool and their was no one there apart from the cleaners that who were putting the place in order.
“Where’s everyone?” Kelanie asked in surprise
“I think the party ended and everyone left”
“damn it? How do I go home?”
We walked up to a cleaner and he told us the party ended about thirty minutes ago.
“let’s go check for your clothes first”
We headed for the dressing room and Kelanie walked in while I waited outside. She walked out shortly dressed in the clothes she came with.
“let’s go, I’ll take you home” I offered then we headed for the main building. I went inside and returned almost immediately with a car key.
“you own a car?” she asked and I chuckled
“it’s not mine”
“then you can drive?”
“am a driver” I replied and we walked to a red car that was parked under a tree.
“you sure you can drive?” she asked again, this time in fear as she entered the car
I got in the drivers seat and turned to her while I fastened my seat belt “are you scared of death?”
“a lot” she snapped “I still have to get married and have kids, I can’t die yet”
“you’re crazy” I laughed and started the engine
“drive carefully”
“maybe you should teach me” I said looking at her while driving out of the compound
“please face the steering”
“you’re really scared” I said and sped out
“slow down” she said and I increased the speed
“we’re gonna die” she shouted
“just direct me”
She fell back to the seat and shut her eyes, praying silently I guess. I slowed down but she didn’t notice cause she was so engrossed in her prayer as her lips moved silently. I couldn’t help but stare at her to get a perfect picture of her face. She was abominably beautiful and I kinda wished she was mine but loving again wasn’t an option.
I looked away and faced the steering cause I was loosing focus staring at her. After some minutes, I arrived at her house and pulled the car to s halt.
“Kelanie!” I called but she was already asleep and her lips had stopped moving.
“Kelanie!” I called softly and her lips moved softly but she wasn’t saying anything. All I wanted to do at that time was to steal a kiss but I couldn’t. She’s gonna kill me and Lisa’s gonna think am cheating.
“Kelanie!” I called again and she started chewing on her mouth. I chuckled and leaned forward then kissed her lightly on her lips. It was soft and tempting, I wanted to continue kissing her but I didn’t want her to wake.
I got down and walked to the passenger seat then carried her out in my arms. She stirred then opened her eyes sleepily and shut her eyes immediately. I rang the doorbell and an elderly woman opened immediately looking worried.
“Good evening ma’am”
“What happened to her?” she asked worriedly ignoring my greeting then stepped aside for me to come in
“She’s fine just sleeping” I replied then walked inside
“Take her to her room” she said and laid me up a flight of stairs. We entered a room then I dropped her on the bed.
“I’ll be taking my leave now”
“Thank you so much my child”
I nodded and taking one last glance at Kelanie, I walked out and headed to my car.
I sat on my canvas painting Kelanie as I sang the words to my old song.
“Son of a macaroni!” A familiar voice exclaimed from behind and I whirled around to see Chance staring at me with his mouth wide open.
“you didn’t say you were coming”
“what are you doing?”
I turned the canvas so he wouldn’t see what I was painting “am painting”
He walked towards me and turned back the canvas “you’re painting Kelanie”
“a look alike” I corrected
“This is Kelanie”
“The painting looks like Kelanie doesn’t mean it’s Kelanie”
“You can’t lie to me Angelou I know you more than anyone else”
“It’s a painting of Kelanie and I plan on giving it to her as a present for her victory in Glamour Diva” I lied again
“You’re lying”
“Damn it Chance! What do you want me to say?”
“Why are you painting Kelanie?”
“cause am bored and I felt like painting her”
“you should’ve painted Lisa, that’s what you always do”
“I just felt like painting her and there’s nothing wrong with her”
Chance scoffed not believing a thing I said “remember what you told me when you first drew Lisa?”
“Lisa and Kelanie aren’t the same person. I loved Lisa doesn’t mean I love Kelanie” I yelled not even sure of myself
“Remember what you said when Lisa died?”
“stop reminding me of all those things people change”
Chance placed his hand on my shoulder and stared into my eyes “I need a painting of Selene”
I laughed “I thought you were going to say something serious”
“it’s a good thing you’re back. I mean the old Angelou and not the one who vowed never to draw anything that isn’t Lisa. You can now paint for me again starting from Selene”
I chuckled “you’re insane”
“Today is the big game, get ready” he said and walked out.
I faced the painting “Why am I drawing you? Maybe because you’re natural and remind me of nature. Something Lisa always loved”
I walked out to my room to get ready for the homecoming game.
“Your dress is beautiful” Fiona squealed admiring the gown I was wearing
“Thanks, yours isn’t bad either”
“Where were you all through last night?” Phoebe queried
“I was around” I replied not wanting to tell them I was with Angelou
“where on earth is called AROUND”
“am not a kid, I know how to take care of myself. I didn’t leave the party” I stated
“Good for you” Zion states sarcastically
“we just wanted to be sure you were alright cause we left without seeing you” Blue said
“am sorry” I apologized “I didn’t mean to be rude”
“it’s all right but when did you leave the party?” Fiona demanded
“When I realized everyone was gone”
“Who drove you home?” Phoebe asked and I suddenly remembered that Angelou carried me in his arms last night and I pretended to be asleep so he wouldn’t put me down.
“I took a cab” I lied
“Hey girls!” Selene greeted walking up to us “You all are looking gorgeous, who’s going to get crowned?”
“You’re looking amazing Selene and I won’t be surprised if you get the crown” I said sincerely but deep inside I was praying for the crown
“Thanks I hope my crush thinks the same of me today”
“who’s your crush?” Phoebe asked
“it’s better left unsaid” she giggled revealing her dimples “let’s go see the game it’s about to start”
We walked to the school field and sat in the front row to get a better view. The game was about to start and it was soccer first. Whales VS Dolphins.
The players walked in and Chance led The Whales while Lancelot led The Dolphins, Angelou wasn’t playing.
“why isn’t my boyfriend playing?” Zion asked
“MY BOYFRIEND isn’t playing cause he’s a substitute and he’s leading basketball” Fiona fired
“you guys shouldn’t start a fight here” Selene snapped and they went silent.
The game began and within twenty minutes, The Dolphins scored one. The game continued till the first half was over and the score board read 1 : 0.
The second half started shortly and Angelou switched places with another player. I got up and went into the restroom.
“Hey!” someone called coming out from the females
“Hey!” I called back
“you don’t recognize me” she chuckled “am Shayne by the way”
“Shayne Gold?”
“Yep, nice meeting you after so many years” she studied me from head to toe then said “you changed a lot Glamour Diva”
“you too Paris Voice”
She chuckled “My boyfriend is waiting see ya in NYN” she walked out.
I watched her as she walked out of sight then I entered the restroom. She had gotten very beautiful over the years.
I returned to the stadium and the score board was reading 1 : 3.
“what happened? It has just been few minutes since I left” I said and sat down
“my boyfriend just scored am so excited” Fiona giggled
“you needed to see him Kel” that was Zion
They continued talking about Angelou till the game came to an end with The Whales scoring 3 goals and The Dolphins scoring 1.
“Nice game man” The Whales exchanged handshakes walking out of the field
“I’ll be with the boys” Phoebe said and ran towards them
“Wait for me Phoebe” Fiona shouted running after her
“I wanna go too” Zion ran out too
“They’re all boyfie” Selene chuckled
“So crazy not boyfie” Blue corrected
“Am hungry” I complained
“me too let’s go to the cafeteria”
“I ran into Shayne today” I said while we were eating
“What?” Blue shouted dropping her spoon. She was so crazy for Shayne and Shayne was her idol
“where’s she?”
“I don’t know but she’s here in Glamour”
“Was she mean?” Selene asked
“no, she was surprisingly friendly unlike in Paris Voice”
“She’s grown now” Selene said and continued eating
“I’d like to see her” Blue said
“None of The Reds is dying to see any of us, why on earth would you be dying to see Shayne” I asked in disgust
“Cause she’s super super super hot and she’s my idol” Blue replied
“Kelanie is more hot and beautiful than Shayne” Selene defended “I don’t envy a thing in her”
“I do”
“If you do then you better join her on her table cause she’s right behind you” I said pointing to Shayne who was sitting on the next table with her friends and a cute guy who I guess is her boyfriend.
“Perfect” Blue squealed then carried her tray and walked to Shayne’s table
“Don’t feel bad about it” Selene said then reached for my hand and gave it a warm squeeze “Shayne isn’t better than you”
I was already close to tears cause my own friend and band member prefers Shayne to me.
“am fine”
“Then eat” she said then I faked a smile and continued eating.
The basketball started one hour later but I didn’t go to watch cause I was still feeling bad and ashamed to go out knowing Blue would be following Shayne like a goddess.
“you shouldn’t deprive yourself of watching the game because of me” I told Selene cause she refused to go for the game without me.
“I can’t leave you alone” she said
Screams were heard and it was obvious a team scored.
“I wonder who’s winning” Selene said
“I want The Whales to win” I said
“me too”
We said nothing else as we faced our phones. Another screaming was heard and I became eager to see which team was winning.
“Go… Whales go” the cheerleaders sang
“it’s The Whales I knew it” Selene giggled. I just smiled and started to imagine Angelou in the game and how cute he’d look playing basketball.
“What are you thinking?” Selene broke into my thoughts and I realized I was smiling sheepishly
“how honest is that?”
“hundred percent” I replied
LATER 🕒 🕒 🕒
“Go Whales go” The Blooms sang running into the music room
“we won” Phoebe squealed with her hands raised up in the air
“Angelou is an angel, am gonna marry him” Fiona drawled
“Why didn’t you watch the game?” Blue asked and I just glared at her
“we were busy” Selene replied
“There’s are two more games then the Homecoming King and Queen would be announced” Zion said
“what game?” Selene asked
“Lawn tennis for the females then golf for the males” Zion replied
“this time, it’s The Sharks VS The Whales for table tennis then Sharks VS Dolphins for lawn tennis” Fiona noted
“heard there’s gonna be a swimming competition males VS females” Selene said
“pretty interesting who’s gonna swim for the females?” I asked
“I signed in to swim for the females” Selene replied
“Angelou is swimming for the males” Phoebe said
“Great! We’re gonna get wet”
“water gets you wet” Phoebe stated with a scowl
The lawn tennis started then came to and end with The Sharks winning the game.
The table tennis was also played and The Dolphins won.
“bad game for The Whales” Selene said as she was getting ready for the swimming competition.
“Don’t win my boyfriend” Zion warned Selene
“you can win her boyfriend but don’t win my husband” Fiona said
“I won’t win your boyfriend nor your husband but am gonna win Angelou” Selene said and walked to the swimming pool. At the sound of the whistle, they wore their goggles and dived into the pool.


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