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His little mistress episode 27

💋 Irresistible attraction 💋
✍ Author Viola’s Novels ✍
👯ѕєcrєt αffαírѕ👯
🍭 e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 27🍭
Terry got to the warehouse and to his surprise, none of Goldsax’s men was there. He went into the basement and Goldsax was already there.
Just him and Goldsax. Terry thought
Probably a father and son conversation.
“Sit” Goldsax gestured in a friendly tone
Terry didn’t give any reply as he sat on the chair in front of Goldsax.
“How’s Amberle?” Goldsax asked
“She’s doing great” Terry replied sternly
“you didn’t come with her. Why?”
“you said your wanted to see me.. Not her”
Goldsax chuckled “I know” then he went on “I wanted to see you because of this” he brought out a bag that had been under the table. Then he emptied it on the table. Different papers and books fell out.
“It might surprise you to know that Amberle’s father, Mr Roberto, signed her to me as my legal property”
“This isn’t an era of slave trade” Terry stated without looking at the paper on the table
“She’s not a slave Terry, she’s my money”
“Money? Then why did you kill Mr Roberto?”
“cause I didn’t want the girl at first though he had signed her already but when I killed him, and went back for my money, I realised his poor wife couldn’t afford that amount of money and that was when I saw the girl for the first time. She was just too young and beautiful than the money”
“You already took her father’s life in place of your money”
“Not in place of my money son” Goldsax disagreed “and moreover, the agreement wasn’t cancelled. Mr Roberto’s death didn’t stop Amberle from being my property”
“How much is your money?” Terry asked
“so much”
“I’ll pay you the money”
Goldsax laughed “I don’t want the money, I already got what I want”
“and what is it?”
“Amberle” Goldsax clicked his fingers and a curtain was drawn open to reveal Amberle, hanging from the ceiling upside down with her legs and hands tied together.
“you’re going to kill her” Terry shouted and got up to his feet
“she won’t die”
“bring her down”
Goldsax looked at Amberle who was sweating profusely and screaming “she really is going to die” he said “but you can save her” Goldsax said then brought out a paper and tossed on the table “here is an undertaken and all you have to do is sign and I’ll until her”
“What undertaken?” Terry asked
“That you’ll stay away from Amberle”
Terry shifted his gaze to Amberle who was screaming at the top of her lungs.
“She’s loosing strength Terry. If she dies, I’ve got nothing to loose”
Terry turned to look at Goldsax “where do I sign?” he asked
“Terry don’t” Amberle shouted “please”
“the pen is beside the paper” Goldsax said smoothly
Terry picked the pen from the table then made to sign and stopped “Where’s Sinead?” He asked
“she’s waiting in your car outside. As long as you make it out alive then you’ll see her”
Terry glanced at Amberle who was still pleading with him not to sign.
“You’re taking too much time, the girl is almost passing out” Goldsax seethed and
Terry scrambled a signature on the paper and dropped the pen.
“Let her go” he spat out
“of course I will” Goldsax smirked and clicked his fingers again and the rope tying Amberle pulled down. Amberle landed safely on the floor but she was too weak to get up. Terry made to go to her but Goldsax stopped him.
“you can’t go to her.. You signed to stay away remember?” Goldsax prompted
Terry paused and just gazed at Amberle on the floor. Suddenly, Goldsax’s men came out from different corners and surrendered them.
“I’ll leave you with them” Goldsax said and walked to Amberle
“What are they doing here?” Terry asked looking around
“I never promised to let you go, did I?”
“Goldsax?!” Terry shouted and dragged him by the collar
Goldsax’s men tried stopping them but he raised his hand, signalling them to stop.
“you can’t fight me
Terry” Goldsax said
Terry tightened his grip on his collar “send them out of here” he said through gritted teeth
“get your hands off me” Goldsax stated and Terry punched him. Goldsax’s men rushed at him and seized him.
“let me go” Terry yelled and yanked their hands off him. He charged at
Goldsax again but the men stopped him.
“Terry?!” Amberle called faintly from the floor
Goldsax got up and touched the side of his lips then brought it to his face.
“Be more careful Terry. I could kill you right here and right now” Goldsax shouted
“That wouldn’t change anything” Terry fired back
“it would change a lot” Goldsax said and turned to one of the men “bring in Rain”
“I’ll let you go with the little girl after now but don’t even come back for Amberle” Goldsax warned and the man who had left earlier returned with Rain
“Goldsax?!” Rain called in a deep baritone voice
“You have an assigned Rain” Goldsax said “I want you to beat Terry till he gets too weak to walk but don’t kill him and make sure you don’t damage any part of his body”
“alright sir” Rain said and stretched his muscles
Goldsax grabbed Amberle by the hand dragged her up to her feet.
“Terry?!” Amberle cried out as he dragged her out
Terry didn’t try stopping Goldsax. He watched all the men leave till he was left with only Rain.
“They’re gone now” Terry said coolly when they were alone “you can kill me now.. I’ve got nothing to loose”
Rain walked to a corner of the room and returned almost immediately with two batons.
“I could help you escape” Rain said and handed Terry one of the batons “all you have to do is fight”
“why are you doing this?”
Rain scoffed “because I feel like helping and besides…” he paused and looked around then said “Zac asked me to”
Terry smiled “Where’s Zac?”
“He’s right behind you” Terry heard Zachary’s voice then he whirled around to see Zachary standing behind him.
“Zac?!” Terry called “I’ve been waiting for you. Where did you go?”
“seems like our initial plan didn’t work so I came up with another plan. All you have to do is be a man and endure the pain” Zachary said
“what’s your plan B?” Terry asked
“Rain will have to beat you till you’re all stained with blood and pretend to be weak” Zachary replied
“Rain?!” Terry glanced at the huge Rain and Zachary understood his fear
“he won’t beat you that much. I’ve got some acrylic paint to fake blood” Zachary raised a container of paint then continued “you’ll just have to sustain some injuries to make it look real”
“Alright! We don’t have time, I want Amberle back”
Zachary smiled “you sure will get her. Are you ready?”
“yea! I’m ready”
Rain clenched his fist and threw a punch at Terry, sending Terry flying back
“sorry” he apologized and Terry staggered up to his feet.
Rain punched him again and kicked him so hard that he hit the wall and fell face down on the floor.
“Rain easy” Zachary yelled and ran to Terry “are you alright?”
“yea” Terry replied and staggered up to his feet again “continue Rain”
Rain dragged him close and punched him hard on the face.
“Rain!” Zachary shouted “That’s enough” he ran to Terry with the paint and knelt beside him
“are you alright?”
Terry nodded “yea! Is it enough?”
“I’ll apply the paint now. I think you sustained a lot of injuries already..
All thanks to Rain” Zachary said and shot Rain a glare
Rain chuckled “that’s my job”
FྂEྂWྂ MྂIྂNྂUྂTྂEྂSྂ LྂAྂTྂEྂRྂ
“I’m done” Rain said into his phone as he dragged Terry by his leg. Zachary was dome disguising Terry like he was thoroughly beaten and badly injured with blood all over him and Terry pretended to be unconscious while Rain dragged him out.
“My car is waiting outside” Goldsax replied from the other end and Rain ended the call. He dragged Terry outside till they got to Goldsax’s car.
“Good job” Goldsax commended “dump him in the back seat” he instructed
Rain nodded and opened the door to the backseat. Amberle was sitting on the passenger seat and Sinead was at the back seat. Amberle cried out on seeing Terry as Rain dropped him in the back seat.
“come back in the night for your pay” Goldsax told Rain and got into the driver’s seat
“I should’ve finished him up instead of leaving him half dead” Rain said
Goldsax laughed “I don’t want him dead. Maybe when he wakes us by the roadside, he must’ve learnt his lessons”
Goldsax turned on the ignition and drove off.
“What did you do to him?” Amberle asked, referring to Terry
“Rain killed him” Goldsax replied without glancing at her. Amberle looked back and broke down in tears. Terry slowly opened his eyes and signalled her to be quiet. Amberle gasped and looked away.
Goldsax drove to a serene area and pulled his car to a halt. Terry moved unnoticed and reached for the baton Rain had kept under the seat. He snuck up behind Goldsax and hit him hard on the head. Goldsax tried turning and he hit him again and he fainted.
“Terry?!” Amberle called
Terry got out of the car and moved to the driver’s side. He opened the door and pulled Goldsax out then he got into the driver’s seat and slammed the door shut.
“Terry what happened to you?” Amberle asked
“I got beaten up.. That’s what happened to me” Terry half yelled then glanced at Sinead at the backseat “Sinead are you okay?”
“yea! I’m fine” Sinead nodded repeatedly Terry turned on the ignition and zoomed off.
Terry returned Sinead to her parents then he returned to the hotel with Amberle.
Amberle sat on the bed while Terry took off his blood stained clothes. Or rather, paint stained clothes. He walked into the bathroom and dumped the clothes in the basin then had a quick shower.
“Terry I’m sorry” Amberle apologized when he walked out of the bathroom
“Go freshen up” Terry stated
Amberle got up and made to walk to him but she fell. Terry rushed to her side and helped her sit on the bed.
“Did Goldsax hurt you?” he asked
“no” Amberle shook her head “I’m just tired– that’s all”
“you should go freshen up”
Amberle managed to stand up and walked into the bathroom. Terry waited till she turned on the shower then he searched the wardrobe for a neat clothe and get dressed. He sat on the bed then he heard Amberle slump on the bathroom floor and he ran two the door.
“Amberle?!” Terry called knocking on the door “Amberle?! Amberle?!”
There was no reply then he pushed the door open. Amberle was lying naked under the shower with the shower still turned on. He ran to her and wrapped a towel around her body.
“Amberle?! Amberle?! Amberle?!” Terry called repeatedly but she wasn’t waking up. He carried her out of the bathroom and laid her on the bed. Terry searched for a gown then put it on her and rushed her to the hospital.
AྂTྂ TྂHྂEྂ HྂOྂSྂPྂIྂTྂAྂLྂ
“Mr Kris?!” The doctor called and Terry whirled around to face him
“How’s my wife?” He asked
“she’s okay now. No longer in a critical condition but she needs a lot of rest for herself and the baby”
“What baby?” Terry asked
“your wife is 2 months gone” The Doctor grinned “Congratulations” he extended his hand for a handshake
Terry stared at the doctor’s extended hand then looked up to him.
“Pregnant? Two months gone?”
“I don’t understand you Mr Kris. Your wife is awake, you should ask her” the doctor stated and walked out.
Terry watched the Doctor walk down the hallway as Goldsax’s words rang in his head.
“And you know the worse part son” Goldsax went on “that woman over there, could be nursing your younger sibling in her.. You should ask her”

Terry leaned on the wall for support as his legs could no longer carry him. He held his chest tight like his heart was about ripping off.
“are you alright?” a male nurse who was passing by asked
Terry nodded and managed to stand up straight. He plodded to Amberle’s ward and stopped at the door.
He watched her through the glass door, not able to walk in and show himself to her. He was afraid to accept the fact that the woman he loved was pregnant and the baby wasn’t his. Afraid of the fact that she was really nursing his younger sibling.
Terry felt tears trickle down his cheeks but he didn’t wipe them. He let them flow until he was crying profusely. Almost blinded by his tears, Terry ran out of the hospital and almost bumped into Georgia who was rushing into the hospital but she didn’t really see him.
Terry sent a message to Zachary to meet him at a bar then the boarded a taxi and left for the bar.
“Amberle?! Pregnant?” Zachary asked in shock
“the Doctor said she’s two months gone. I’ve really confused Zac, we never had sex” Terry stated
“are you sure the doctor said the truth?”
“I noticed it Zac..
The huge appetite, always tired and sleeping, always feeling sick, and you know what?
I saw her throwing up once or twice in the toilet basin but she insisted she was alright. She refused seeing a doctor”
Zachary heaved a deep sigh “this is bad news. what are you going to do now?”
“I’m so confused. That’s why I called you”
“you should talk to her”
“are you serious? I can’t talk to Amberle now”
“then you’re going to just abandon her in the hospital simply because the doctor said she’s pregnant and you never had sex?”
“I can’t face her now and moreover, I can’t take responsibility of the baby”
“Terry you can’t leave Amberle. It’s not her fault that she’s pregnant for Goldsax and if you really love her, then you should do back to that hospital and talk to her”


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