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July 30, 2021


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He’s my mate Episode 15

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As Produced by Rachel Romo

THEME: Messing With The Alpha’s Mate




” The probability of getting a head when two coins are tossed is— ” I was busy taking notes while my teacher is discussing when a paper plane landed on my desk. My brows furrowed as I picked it up.

Really? Paper planes are still practical these days? Geez, whoever threw these still hasn’t got over with their childhood.

Not that I’m saying it’s childish, I’m just saying it’s kind of appropriate now that we’re in 10th grade not to mention were over 17.

” Hey, ” I looked around to see whoever called but saw no one. It would be impossible if it was Kayla, she’s on the front row and is busy filing her nails. Geez, that girl. I just shrugged it off thinking it was only a hallucination and continued listening when I heard he/she called again.

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Annoyed with the feeling, I turned back and saw… Shawn?

” Took you long enough to look back, ” he said with a boyish grin.

” How come I didn’t see you here earlier? ” I whispered enough for him to hear. He leans forward, so close, about an inch close to my face. Avoiding any close physical contact prior to our first meeting, I leaned back a bit.

” Oh, sorry. ” he said when he realized he was too close.

” It’s okay, ” I mouthed with a sweet smile on my face. He smiles back and pats my head. I pouted as he does that, I hate being patted on the head, I feel like a kid.

” You’re so cute , ” he said something but I couldn’t quite hear it so I just returned my gaze to the teacher and continued listening.

I blew off the strands of my hair that was covering my face and heave out a heavy sigh. Gaaaaaah! I’m so effin’ bored already! I’ve been sitting here for like 10 minutes and I can’t stand still.

I’m so asdfghjkl! I take back what I said earlier, I wanna make paper planes and throw it all around.

” 10.. 9.. 8… 7.. 6.. 5..–” my brows creased together when my classmates started having a countdown. I looked at Kayla who is looking back at me with the same clueless expression. I mouthed her what’s happening but she just shrugged.

” When it reaches to zero the bell rings. That’s how this school works. Everyone’s used to counting and voila! ” Shawn said behind me and just like a command…


Everyone hollered, stood up and went out. The teacher scolded them but they didn’t give a care. Damn! This school’s cool!



As Produced By Rachel Romo



” Wanna eat lunch together? ” Shawn appears in front of me with his backpack hung in his shoulder.

” I-I don’t know.. You see, I’m with some—”

” And who is this hottie, I might ask? ” Kayla appears out of nowhere as she cling to my arm.

This girl, seems like she doesn’t have a mate. Tsk.

That reminds me, is this an all-wolf school? Or a human school? I better ask Kayla later.

” The name’s Shawn ” he said as he took out a hand for a handshake. Kayla gladly accepts it and introduced herself back.

” Do you wanna eat lunch with us? ” Kayla offered and Shawn, surprisingly didn’t decline despite the fact he’s the first one who offered me.

We went to the school’s cafeteria and notice girls giving death glares at us. Ooooh, that’s right. I’m with one of the most hottest guys in school, probably the reason they’re getting jealous.

” Hey, Kayla ” I called her. She turns to me and gave me a confused look. I glance at Shawn who was watching us so I smiled at him.

” Excuse us for a minute, ” I said and without waiting for his reply, I yanked Kayla’s arm and we turn to a corner.

” What? ” she snapped.

” Is this a wolf school or a human school? ” I asked her directly. She looked at me for a brief second before she flicks my forehead.

“Ow! ” I exclaimed as I rubbed the part where she hit me. Damn, this girl has real firm nail beds.

” Duh~ If it wasn’t, Adrian wouldn’t enroll us here ” she said as she rolled her eyes. I’m guessing she’s on her period today.

” Do we have a problem? ” Shawn came and put an arm on both of our shoulders.

” Oh no, Sapphire just informed me that she wants to eat carbonara and a box of OJ. Right, Sapph? ” Kayla said and tilted her head to me. She’s really good at lying, maybe I could ask her to teach me sometime.

” Oh! Uhhhh.. Y-yeah! Really hungry at this point, ” I stammered and let out an awkward laugh. He just smiled and so we went to fall in line an bought our lunch.

We found a table on one corner and honestly, Shawn’s a really great guy to hang out with! Hell, he tells corny jokes but he’s so talkative and doesn’t run out of stories!

” So, you two are wolves? ” He asked us as he point a fry on us. Our eyes rounded in shock at his statement.

” How’d you find out? ” Kayla asks in disbelief.

” 80% of this school are wolves and the rest are humans who are oblivious that the people they are seeing everyday are giant fluffy dogs who looks for mates ” he crack a joke which made me and Kayla burst out in laughter. Damn! I think he’s going to be my new bestfriend!

” So, are you a wolf yourself? ” I asked him. He shrugged and ate his pizza before answering.

” Nope. I’m a pure homo sapien ” he said and sat back. My brows meet together at his statement. So, he’s a human? How come—

” My grandfather once fell in love with a female wolf but too bad she had a mate destined. He always tell me stories about wolves and mates and almost everything about your kind so that’s why I don’t get intimidated when I meet someone who’s a wolf, ” he said.

” So, you’re not scared of us? ” Kayla asked.

” Nah~ Unless, you bite me ” he said with a boyish grin which made Kayla red like a tomato.

” Well, well. Look who we have here, the Cook, the Handsome and the Unworthy mate ” Wendy appeared out of nowhere with two other bimbos behind her. Damn, won’t this girl quit?

” What do you want, Wendy? ” Kayla asks in a irritated voice. She just rolled her eyes and looked at me then to Shawn.

” Cheating on Adrian, huh? ” She said with a smirk. That’s it!

” Why, what are you gonna do about it? Steal Adrian from me? And then what? You know, we are mates and no matter what you do, he’s already destined with me ” I said and gave her the same smirk. I saw shock in her eyes for a brief moment but it quickly faded.

” Well there’s only one thing for him to leave you forever, ” she said and flip her hair at the back.

” Shut it, Wendy! ” Kayla hissed but she just ignored her. Shawn was about to enter the scene but I pat his shoulder for assurance.

” And that would be? ” I asked in a sarcastic tone as I clasp my hands together and leaned on the table like I’m listening to her intently.

” Rejection ” she said. My throat dried for a moment. Right now, I was sure, I am speechless.

Why didn’t I ever thought of that?!

” We better go, we don’t waste our precious time on wealkings, ” and with that she left.

” Hey, you okay? ” Shawn was the first one to ask. I nodded in reply. I’m still shocked at the moment. My mind is like floating in the clouds, right now.

” That bi-tch! Aaaargh! I will never forgive her! She once made out my mate and now she wants to take yours! ” Kayla said in gritting teeth. I tilted my head to her and saw pain and anger in her eyes. She must’ve been hurt a lot.

” She’s really something, ” Shawn commented.

” C’mon, don’t tell me you have the hots for her too? ” Kayla asked in disbelief.

” Hell, no! I don’t want to die with HIV. I know she sleeps with any other guys, she once tried hitting on me but I turned her down like what, ” he said as he raises both of his hands like surrendering to the cops.

We continued our lunch, most of the time Kayla and Shawn talking. I lost my appetite about what Wendy said.

‘ Rejection ‘

‘ Rejection ‘

‘ Rejection ‘

‘ Rejection ‘

It keeps playing through my head. Will there be a chance that Adrian will reject me? Because I’m not good enough? Not worthy enough?

Oh, Adrian…



Hours later the school bell rang to signify the end of lectures for the day.

” Damn! That was one hectic day for a first day of school! ” Kayla heave out a frustrated sigh as we head towards the parking lot. Sky texted me earlier that he’ll be picking us up and that earned a bonus scolding from my history professor. But at least he did not confiscate my only bestfriend in this world— my phone.

” Where’s Wendy? ” I asked her while she was busy applying those tints of pink and red called lipstick apparently on her lips.

Don’t get me wrong people, I’m not concerned of that bi-tch. Just wanted to know if she’s alive or not (which I do not mind if she’s not).

” Dunno. Don’t care. ” was her only reply. Thanks a lot Kayla, you surely answered my question. Psh.

” Hey, ladies! ” A couple of guys appeared out of nowhere wearing red varsity jackets with our school’s logo. I assume they’re the school’s jocks and ultimate a-holes.

Every school has one. I, myself am categorized as , “A kind of person who doesn’t give a fu-ck” just to inform you.

” Back off Caleb, we have no time having chit-chats with you and your gang ” Kayla said with a smirk tugged on her lips.

” What’s with the hurry, pup? ” he said in an insulting tone and his gang laughed. See what I mean? A complete jackass. So, he’s a wolf. I’m not surprised at all prior to his strong aura I believe he’s one of the warriors of his pack.

” What the fuck did you call me?! ” Kayla let out a sudden outburst letting her canines and claws almost out but I managed to yank her hand away and drag her out from those idiots.

Suddenly I felt something sting on my neck but it quickly faded away. Must be a mosquito or something.

” Calm down, Kayla. You need to control yourself. Don’t make a scene here ” I said as I held both ends of her shoulder.

” Geez, you helped me a lot. Thank you, ” she said in a sarcastic tone and walked ahead of me. You see, when wolves get mad or in pain, they’re like having their period. They become moody and sarcastic, apparently.

I followed behind her and we finally arrived at the parking lot. Sky was there leaning on the red pick-up truck talking to a couple of girls that I recognized from the junior class.

” My time’s up. See you around, ladies ” He said when he saw us. The girls wave at him goodbye and left. Sky stood straight and raised his right hand for a high-five but Kayla didn’t even bother taking a glance at him and directly went in. Not wanting to leave my brother on hanging, I hit my palm on his.

” I’m guessing she’s pissed off? ” he asked once we got in the truck.

” Oh, no. Pissed is not the term, Angry is ” I said and we drove off.




Hall Of Supernatural Stories



” How’s school? ” Adrian asked when I got in the pack house. I didn’t even noticed him there until he spoke.

” Fine. ” was my only answer. You think I’d forget what Wendy-barbie told me? Tsk. Having s-ex with other girls when he knows for sure, he has a mate destined to be.

I can’t even imagine him being with another girl, how much more screwing another girl rather than me? I mean… It’s.. uhmmm… Forget that I said that.

” You don’t look fine, ” he said when I was about to go to the kitchen. I closed my eyes and gathered enough courage to face him.

” I said I’m fine, Adrian ” I said in my most calm tone and turned my heel towards the kitchen. I grab a glass from the cupboard and took out a box of milk from the fridge and poured some on the glass and drank it

” You’re mad at me ”

” What the! ” I jolted and held my chest. ” You nearly gave me a heart attack! ” I yelled as I drop the glass on the marble counter making an echo-y sound.

” You’re mad at me ” he said again as he walked closer to me.

” I heard you the first time, ” I mumbled as I played with the mouth of the glass.

” What’s wrong, love? ” he asked as I felt his soft warm palm on my cheeks. I instantly closed my eyes at the physical connection.

” Nothing, ” was the only thing I said and looked down again to the glass of milk. It was seconds before I felt his hand on my chin and tilted my head to look at him, I refused to at first but he insisted.

” Hey, look at me. Something’s wrong and you need to tell me what it is, ” he said as his lips connected with the back of my hand.

I closed my eyes trying myself not to give in to him easily. Remember, he cheated on you. It’s really not called cheating but it’s still the same!

” Why should I? ” I asked almost in a whisper. I felt him look at me but I didn’t, I could’t.

” Because I’m your mate, ” he said in a firm voice almost making me believe that he had finally accepted me as his mate. When in fact he hasn’t. I know he’s just keeping up with me because he ‘accidentally’ marked me. And that kills me.

” No, you aren’t. Stop it, already Adrian. Stop lying to me! ” I said as I back away from him. He seemed surprised at my sudden outburst but I couldn’t care for more.

I don’t know what’s happening to me. All I know is I’m hurt and I’m in pain.

” What the hell are you talking about, Sapphire? You’re being irrational! ” He asked, rage clear in his eyes since it started to turn black.

” I know you sleep with other girls, Adrian! I know you’ve fvcked that Wendy! ” I said as I pushed him away when he attempted to come close to me. Tears was streaming down my face but I didn’t have time to wipe them off.

” Fvck! Sapphire, that was before you got here! I’m a man with needs! How could I control those?! ” He yelled as he grip his hair.

‘ Sapphire, believe him! Believe in our mate!’

My wolf kept on saying but I shook my head. No, he’s lying. He’s a liar!

” Stop playing games with me Adrian! Stop lying to me! ” I broke down to tears.

” I’m not lying to you, Sapphire! I’m telling you the truth! ” He shouted with rage. I kept on shaking my head in disagreement. Liar. Liar. Liar!

” Love, listen to me. I’m not lying to you, okay? Love, hey, I’m telling you the truth. I love you, okay? I love you ” he held both sides of my face and kissed my forehead but I struggle to get away from him. I used my hands to search something from the counter behind me to see if there’s anything I can find to let him stay away from me.

I grab a hold of a knife and I pointed it at his face.

” Stay away from me! I know you’re going to hurt me! Like the time you slapped me! ” I yelled as I point the knife at him but he just kept on getting close.

” Love, put the knife down okay? Let’s have a normal and calm conversation okay? Come on, love. Put it down ” he said calmly as he kept walking towards me not even afraid that I have a weapon on hand.

” Stop calling me love because you clearly don’t love me! ” I shouted and was about to strike the knife at him but I felt something sting on my neck before I felt unconscious and everything just went black.




As Produced By Rachel Romo





” Alpha, are you alright? ” Justin, one of my pack members asked. I nodded in response as I looked at Sapphire lying unconscious on the floor.

Justin walked in just right on time and shot her a sleeping toxin before she could even hit me. This is not like her at all, something’s wrong and that’s what I’m going to find out.


” Dr. Marshall, how is she? ” I stood up as soon as I saw him went out from the clinic. He’s one of the best pack doctors so I shouldn’t worry that much.

” She’s fine but still unconscious. But surprisingly we found something inside her blood when we took a blood examination. She has been shot with a Sentiment but I already gave her some injections for the toxin to die ” he said and pat my shoulder. I washed my face with both of my palms as I tried to control my anger. Who the hell would shot her a Sentiment?!

It’s a kind of toxin that me and a few other packs developed for anyone who means to have a negative doing to tell the truth and to show what they really feel. It’s like a truth syndrome.

It’s the feeling when you get your wisdom tooth pulled out.

It was a confidential experiment and only me and the other Alphas together with the Beta’s and scientists knew about it.

Who would’ve shot her that? And who the hell knew about the toxin?




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