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July 24, 2021


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He’s a korean sex god Episode 81 & 82

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He’s A Korean S*x god 😋

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Episode 81

18+ rated contents.

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋



Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

“ Ahh…Ahh…ahh ”

The moans kept flying freely from my mouth as Lee Chun suckle on my breaṣts…

He had his left hand on my left bøøb, pressing and squeezing them with his five fingers while his right hand was busy with my right bøøb, squeezing it in a fold as he sucked and fiddle with my nipplë.

Gosh! Fūck!

What is he doing to me!

My whole body is on fire and I could feel a crazy waves of tingling sensation both inside and outside my puṣṣy, infact my whole V has turned into a tingling-city.


My nipplës are damn hard and sensitive.It feels as if it has turned into some kind of round peddle and as he was sucking on it my whole body burnt up in pleasure, raw pleasure!

“ Lee Chun..ahh..Lee Chun”

I moaned out his name, placing one of my hands on the bathroom wall as all of a sudden I felt weak.

My legs were shaky…

He sucked my breaṣts more, exchanging from one breaṣts for the other.

It’s like he plans to kill me with pleasure and I was constantly feeling his hard member pressing against my tummy.

It was weird but I love the feeling….

After taking his time in feasting on my bøøbs he finally let it rest, even though I never wanted him to stop.

The feeling was insane!

He started kissing me from my breaṣts up to my collar bones.. then up my neck until he gets to my lips.

“ I love you so much Ji-a, so freaking much ”

He breath on my lips, biting my lower lip alitte bit as he sucked on them.

Every single little thing he did felt insane, I found myself moaning.

“ Ahh.. ”

” I can’t wait Ji-a, I can’t control myself anymore. I can’t fight this, I can’t resist you…. ”

He spoke with one of his hands now on my breaṣts and the other hand moving down my belly to…

“ Ahhh ”

I gave a high pitched moan when I felt his fingers at the entrance of my puṣṣy.

” Lee Chun ”

I moaned his name out and he kissed my lips.

“ I love you Ji-a ”

He said into my lips as we kissed and he kept rubbing the entrance of my puṣṣy with his fingers.

The water from the shower was still coming down on us but I know the liquid stuff I am feeling flowing out from my puṣṣy wasn’t the water from the shower it was from inside me.

I am fuçking wet!

“ Lee Chun.. ”

I moaned more into his mouth as he massaged my puṣṣy.

Playing with my clitøris – that felt like a torment, a sweet torment…

” Oh my Ji-a! You are so wet, so wet ” He said in a sexy voice, licking my right ear.

That made me shy but it also send sweet waves of tingling sensation down my V.

“ Forgive me Ji-a, this will hurt slightly ”

he said in a sweet low groan that made my heart beat out of excitement and fear

“ Lee Chun ”

I said in a weak scared voice.

“ Hey, I am sorry… I can’t control myself anymore. You will just have to endure the pains my love, please you just have to, it won’t hurt much”

He said then gave my lips a deep kiss, with his hand squeezing my bøøbs then….

“ Ahhhhhh ”

I cried out as felt a sharp pain

He just drip the tip of his fingers into my puṣṣy but still it hurts like hell, this is no slight pains.

“ Lee Chun ”

I called out, almost in a whimper.

“ I am sorry ”

He apologized kissing my lips..

“ Ahhhhhhhhh…. Lee Chun ”

I cried out again as I felt that sharp pain again.

He just dip his finger into my puṣṣy once more.

Oh God!

Why does this hurt so bad.

I don’t think I can do this, I don’t think so…

“ Ahhhhhhhhhh.. ”

I cried out some more and my mouth was wide open as he kept dipping his finger in and out.

He wasn’t going really deep, just the tip of his finger but that was enough to make my legs shake and my puṣṣy hot!

“ Lee Chunnnn…” I cried.

” I am sorry MINE, I am really sorry please endure… hold on to me tightly, it will help ”

He said and I throw my arms around him. Hugging him tightly like my life depends on it.

And he kept at it, dipping his hands in and out of my puṣṣy, his finger hasn’t yet gotten to the hymen yet.

He wasn’t too fast neither was he too slow but oh boy! It’s damn painful.

I just wanted him to stop_ No I can endure this. i just have to, I just have to try

“ Ahhh…Ahhh ”

I kept moaning in pains closing my eyes.

But then he started squeezing my bøøbs very roughly and kissing my lips and neck and that felt very pleasurable and it helped made the pains I was feeling in my puṣṣy alittle bit endurable, even though it still hurts..

However when I thought I was starting to get the hang of the pains, when I thought I can survive this he introduced his ultimate weapon…

Kissing me hard he pressed me against the wall of the bathroom, then he stopped fingering my puṣṣy.

He kissed down my neck and bøøbs and up to my lips again before he held his diçk in one hands and directed it to the entrance of my puṣṣy.

He didn’t push it in, rather he teased my puṣṣy with his diçk, using it to rub circles round my puṣṣy.

This wasn’t painful, it was highly pleasurable and I was moaning out sweet moans

“ Oh God…Ahhh ”

I was enjoying it, with my head tilted backwards and my arms still wrapped around him…

But then he spread my legs apart by lifting my left leg off the floor, wrapping it around his waist.

He held the lifted leg by the under of the thigh then…

“ I love you ”

He cooed on my lips.

I wanted to say it back

“ I love yo,_ ”

when I was met with an extremely painful pain in my puṣṣy.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh ” I cried out loudly as he forced the head of his diçk into my puṣṣy.

What the hell is that!

It felt like something was tearing me apart

” Sorry ”

he groaned, taking my lips in deep kiss.while the head of his diçk was inside of me.

He wasn’t pushing it in, he just left it in there inside my V and he continued kissing my lips and squeezing my bøøbs but I could still feel the pains…

Slowly though, the pleasure from his kisses and touches were reducing the pains I was feeling in my puṣṣy and when I was beginning to relax he fired again.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh…Lee Chunnn ”

I cried out as he pushed his diçk further in, expanding the walls of my puṣṣy.

It hurts like hell! And I couldn’t take it.

” Please stop.. pleases ”

I pleaded but he didn’t listen.

He added more force pushing his hard member even deeper

“ Ahhhhh…please stop! ”

I cried out as the tears build in my eyes.

God! I have never experienced any pain like this and he wasn’t stopping.

Isn’t he hearing my cries for him to stop? He is hurting me…

He pushed his diçk again inside again coursing me to cry even loudly

I could feel he was facing some obstruction inside my puṣṣy, something stopping all his full long diçk from entering inside fully. His diçk hasn’t even gone half way in and if felt like death.

My legs were shaking at this point, I swear if he let go of me I will fall to the ground.

” Please Lee Chun stop, you are hurting me ”

I pleaded and he stared into my eyes.

“ I am sorry, I can’t stop, please just endure this ”

He heaved and before I could say anything, I felt the mother of all pains hit as he pushed his diçk even forward inside of me with force and I felt his diçk break through something inside of me

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ”

I cried out and the tears flow down my eyes while some kind of strange liquid flowed down my legs.

It was res as blood

He then pulled his diçk out from my puṣṣy for some seconds before putting it back inside and started thrusting, slowly in and out squeezing my bøøbs and kissing my neck.

” Lee Chun please stopppp please.. ”

I kept crying with my arms around his head.

“ I am sorry, I love you ” he groaned as he kept thrusting in and out of me, this time with ease and more faster..


Episode 82

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋

Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Oh God! What is this?!!

My whole body is on fire and the pains is unending, if anything it keeps increasing.

“ Ahhhhhhhhh.. please Lee Chun stopppp… please stop…Lee Chunnnn.. ”

I kept screaming out but it fell on deaf ears as he did the opposite of stop.

He increased the pace of his thrust, slamming hard into me, that the coming together of our groins produced loud noises and the force of his thrust was sending my aṣṣ bouncing on the bathroom wall were I rest.

It hurts!

“ Pleases Lee Chunnn.. ”

I cried even more holding on to him tightly, my fingers piercing his flesh wishing he should just stop and this to end.

” argg… fūck! You so sweet Ji-aaa”

He kept groaning as he thrust even harder and deeper, damaging inside of me with his long, thick rode.

My puṣṣy hurts so bad and my legs had become so weak and shaky.

I was sweating in the water and it felt like I wanted to pass out_ I wish I could pass out because the pains were too much. I don’t know how much of this I can endure.

“ You are hurting me Lee Chunn… please stopppp ”

I cried loudly as the tears roll down my cheeks but he kept on destroying my V with no mercy whatsoever.

He was rough and fast

” Argg..” He was groaning as he grabbed hold of my neck with his right hand, choking me as he slammed harder inside of me, the sounds of our groins impact was as loud as drum.

I felt my puṣṣy tearing apart and his diçk was hitting the very end of my hole.

Painful as hell!

But I could no longer scream as he was choking me to death with his hand.

“ L..Lee C..Chun ”

I tried speaking out but it was almost impossible to be heard, his grip on my neck was tight and hard.

“ Yes.. fūck. I have missed this.. fūck ”

He groaned some more pounding me in and out of me in a very fast pace

I lacked air and it felt like death




“ Ah ”

I gasped as I woke up.

I looked around, it was morning and I found out that I am actually lying on the bed in my room, my eyes then immediately went down to my lower region. I was in my nighty.

I placed my hands on the fabric covering my puṣṣy area and… I felt on pains there. No pains whatsoever.


It was just a dream.

“ Ah ”

I let out a sigh of relief, relaxing my head back on the pillow.

“ Some dream that was, it felt so real. Gosh my heart is even racing ”

I said to myself placing my right hand on my chest, as I could still feel the tumbling of my heart…

The dream felt so real, it was really intense and so scary but it was kinda sweet and I found myself blushing.

Can you believe that? I am actually blushing. Lee Chun almost killed me with his diçk in my dreams and I am blushing.

I most be going mad!

I wonder why I dreamt about having sëx with Lee Chun, maybe because I know it’s only a matter of time before we actually have sëx for real and my mind is already playing the outcome of what will happen when we eventually have sëx, how painful it will be.

And the most baffling thing is that even though the sëx in my dream was hell! Really painful, I really can’t wait for Lee Chun to make love to me.

I am sick! Really sick!

I actually did ask Lee Chun to bath with me last night and we did both bath together.

I was really shy standing naked in front of him even though Lee Chun didn’t touch me, he was a complete gentleman, keeping his distance away from me but the way he stared at my body, it was obvious he just wanted to put his diçk inside of me and fūck the life away from me.

I would have wanted that_ not the part he fūck the life out of me, I don’t want to die, just the feeling of him inside of me… but I am glad he controlled himself, course I don’t think I will have been able to walk this morning if he had pounced on me the way he stared at me.

And oh Gosh! I saw Lee Chun’s dick last night

It was so big, thick and long! I

Gosh! Really frightening but tempting. I really wanted to grab hold of it.

I wonder if that his big diçk will fit into my tiny vagína??

Gosh! All these thoughts are making me blush and feel somehow in my V.

I really need to take a pee right now….



😍 Lee Chun’s POV 😍

On the call

☎️.. yes her name is Ji-a and correction she is not just some girl, she is my girlfriend ☎️

I replied.

☎️ Okay b..but you can still have fun with other girls right? Like me, right handsome? ☎️

The lady asked and I felt like slapping her from inside the call.

☎️ Are you hearing anything I have been saying? I now have a girlfriend, meaning all the fun I have is for her and her alone! Bye ☎️

I said already pissed off as I end the call before I could hear any of her nonsense again.

I have been receiving strange, stupid calls and messages from females since yesterday after everyone found out I now have a girlfriend.

They were calling to confirm if the story was true and to see if I can still continue having sëx with them regardless, even the former ladies I have had sëx with for long time now are also calling requesting for one last sëx with me before I can now move on with my relationship plans.

Gosh, it all just sounded so sickening in my ears. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I am deeply in love with Ji-a now and all these ladies just looks like great burden more like parasites.

Speaking of Ji-a, I am sure she is still sleeping course I had been in her room to check up on her, that was the first thing I did when I woke up, I went to her room to check up on her, she was still sleeping when I entered into her room and I was hearing her muttering my name softly in her sleep. I guess she was dreaming about me, it most be a nice dream.


That was about 40 minutes ago, but still, this is just 5AM, she ought to still be sleeping and I don’t think she will be waking up anytime soon, she most be really tired after our outing last night and I think that would make her sleep much longer.

Which is a good thing course I need to go out, there is a really important thing that I need to do and obviously I don’t want her finding out.

Although I feel bad lying to Ji-a, I just had to lie, I am doing this for her protection.

I lied when I promised her I won’t go after those guys_ I really didn’t promise her that though, what I did promise her was that she won’t lose me and I plan on keeping that promise but still I will have to find those guys and make them pay for what they did to Ji-a and that innocent girl they shoot but mainly because of Ji-a’s safety.

I love Ji-a so much and never want to lie to her but my main priority is keeping her safe, it doesn’t feel safe taking her out anymore with those men around, I have to put an end to that…

I am on my way to meet up with a private investigator, he is the best in the country. I want him to find out who those guys are and who sent them because my mind is telling me they are not working on there own, they look like hired men, they most be working for someone, someone who plans on harming Ji-a.

I need to find them, I need to find out who this person is…

“ Master Lee, your ride is ready ”

Kyung-gu came announcing as he bow his head.

“ Good ”

I said taking the keys from his hands.

I walked to the door then paused

“ Kyung-gu ” I called

“ Yes Master Lee ”

He answered coming closer.

“ When Ji-a wakes up, when she ask of me, tell her I had to go meet up with a friend okay ”

I told him.

“ Alright Master, but which of the friends? Is it Master Byung-ho? ”

He said and my heart broke a little when he mentioned that name.

I sighed weakly “ No, not him. Just tell her I went out to meet with a friend okay ”

“ Alright Master, I will do just that ”

He said and I left the building.

Jumping into my black Mercedes Benz, I hit the road. Hope Ji-a forgives me for doing this….



💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

After using the bathroom I went out of my room in search of Lee Chun, he most still be sleeping by now, he sleeps like a little baby, and I want to sneak into his room and watch him sleep.

Yeah, that we be so cute.

I got to his room and gently I opened the door making sure it doesn’t make any loud or disturbing sounds..

I managed to do that and I tip toed into his room but he wasn’t in or on his bed. The bed was empty.

Where is he? Maybe he is in the bathroom?

I walked to the bathroom in gently steps, opening it up.. I saw no one.


Where is he?

I was about leaving his room when something in the compound caught my attention. From the glass wall of his room I saw Lee Chun get into his car and drove out the compound.

Where is he going to this early morning?

He couldn’t even wake me to inform me he is going out, I would have loved to go with him even if it’s not possible to go with him, I would have at least get to kiss him and wish him well before he leaves.

I feel sad he didn’t wake me up but I wish him well still, hopes he comes back in time course I am already missing him..

Location: Unknown

👠 Min-seo’s POV 👠

“ ..you people are completely useless, worthless! ” I cursed

“ So because you failed to abduct her the first time does that mean you won’t try to abduct her again? ”

I yelled some more and the men I was talking to were just glancing at themselves.

“ I didn’t pay you guys to just try and kidnap her, I paid you guys to kidnap her, so if one attempt failed I was not expecting you worthless men to give up but rather make another attempts as many attempts as possible until you finally kidnap that cripple smelling girl!

Now because of you guys incompetency this has happened ”

I yelled flinging the magazine I held in my hand on one of their faces.

It was today’s magazine and it has Lee Chun and Ji-a’s picture as the cover photo with the caption.

“ Perfect couple ”

This shít was the reason I was seriously angry today.

Ji-a has finally taken what belongs to me and I want it back, I want Lee Chun back!



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