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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

He’s a korean sex god Episode 7 & 8

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He’s a Korean S*x god 😋

Hide your Wives!


Episode 7

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋



😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

After a crazy night at the club which I truly enjoyed, I and my best friend Byung-ho head home in the early hours of the next day

As I drove… We were both in a very much enjoyable conversation,

talking and laughing about what happened yesterday night at the club

“… Those ladies were crazy wild! Jeez!..”

Byung-ho kept yelling out of joy as I sped off in the almost empty road

“ Yeah last night was fun

That’s what I’m about Fun! Fun! Fun! ”

I said laughing and smiling and for a split second I took off my eyes from the road_

“ Lee Chun! ”

Byung-ho screamed pointing to the road

I quickly shift my focus back to the road only to see a girl in my path… I quickly stepped on the brakes..but it was kinda too late….

I hit her hard and she tumbled up my windshield then back down to the ground then the vehicle came to a halt

My heart sank as the first thought that came to my head is that she is dead

I sat where I was motionless my brain kinda booting and processing what just happened

“ Oh my God!… She

got to be dead ”

Byung-ho exclaimed then he got off the vehicle to confirm the girl actual state…

“ Oh God.. this is really messy ”

Byung-ho said checking up on her “ She is still alive Lee Chun. Get you a** down and let’s carry her to the hospital quickly! ”

He yelled that’s when I got my senses back, I came down the vehicle and ran to the front

Blood stain everywhere, on the vehicle and the road. I didn’t even get a chance to see her face properly as it was covered in her blood but I did notice the girl was putting on rags…

Lifting her up, we gently placed her into the vehicle and sped off to the nearest hospital…

___________ ⏲️

Location: Saving lives Hospital

😚 Byung-ho’s POV 😚

I am inside the ward were the poor girl we ran over is currently receiving treatment, she had drips passed into her body as she had lost some amount of blood

Thankfully the accident isn’t as serious as we had thought it was and she is out of danger

she is lying down eyes closed but she had opened up her eyes for some minutes but is now asleep as a result of the anesthesia given to her to ease her pains

However it seems she will have to walk with the aid of crutches or wheelchair for some weeks or months so says the doctor at least that was what I heard him say to one of the nurses…

Stepping out of the ward with the doctor

in charge

“ ..She ought to be awake in the next 3-4 hours when the drugs we gave her start to wear off

She then can be taken home but remember she has some serious fractures in her upper pelvis and lower fibula so she shouldn’t stress her legs at all or it will take much longer time for it to heal up, it might not heal up at all

I recommend she use a wheelchair and also comes for regular physiotherapy sessions and check up

Are you by any chance related to the patient? ”

He asked at the end

“ I…No actually.. ”

“ Well it’s alright, do pass this information to the girl’s family okay ”

The doctor said then left

I nodded and when the doctor had left I stretched my hairy head. I don’t even know the girl’s name how then would I know any of her family member

I have to go talk to Lee Chun…

Lee Chun was in the reception receiving a call when I saw him

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

☎️ In a call with a hot Russian model

📲 Lee Chun handsome, hope you haven’t forgotten you promise to meet up with me today 📲

📱Sure, I haven’t forgotten about that sweet thing, how could I?📱

Giggling 📲 I love it when you call me that, please say it again 📲

📱Sure, sweet thing 📱

Giggling even more 📲 I’m so excited, I can’t wait to feel you deep in me 📲

Smiling 📱Really? Tell me what exactly you plan to do to me? 📱I asked naughtily

📲 Many things baby, anything you want really. I have really long tongue and I know how to use it and my b**bs are standing firm like two standing pillars but soft as a pillow. I can’t wait for you to suck on them_ 📲

“ Who are you talking to? ”

I heard Byung-ho’s voice and I quickly end the call

📱Talk later. Byee📱

☎️ Call ended

“ Who were you talking to? ”

He asked again searching into my eyes like he wanted to read my mind

“ Nobody…one of my friends_ A male

of cause… he is a actually a Russian model ”

I said lying, I don’t want my friend to know that I was busy arranging my next sexcapade while he had been inside the ward the whole time

“ Really?

What’s his name? ”

He asked

“ Huh??? ”

“ Yeah, what’s the name of this ‘ male Russian model ‘ friend of yours? ”

He said and I suspected he knew I was talking to a female

“ Well.. you know I don’t remember names ”

“ Right ”

He said sarcastically and I quickly changed the topic

“ So how is she doing? ”

I asked pointing my head to where he was coming from

“ Well… she is fine, she is out of danger and will live ”

He said and I gave a sigh of relief

“ Alright then, let’s pay the bill and get out of here, the way this female doctors and nurses are staring at me they might end up raping me and I really don’t have the strength to get raped after what we did yesterday ”

I said jokingly but Byung-ho didn’t seem to get the joke, he was neither laughing or smiling

“ We can’t just pay the bill and leave. Won’t you at least go and check up on her – you know you were the one that ran her over but it seems I am the more concerned one here ”

He said arms folded, he seems kinda annoyed with me like the girl was his sister or girlfriend

“ Of course I’m concerned – to say the truth I don’t really like hospital, there is something about the smell… I find it irritating

And besides you said the girl is fine so their is no need for me to go see her, it’s not like I am some doctor

So let me just settle the bills and we can be on our way. We were having fun before this mess happened the fun doesn’t have to stop because of this ”

I said but he just flare up on me

“ You are really talking about having fun really? Fun?🤗 when you almost ruined someone’s life? ”

“ What you talking about… You said she is fine_ ”

“ Her legs are damage Lee! Damage! The can’t walk! She needs serious care and attention now!

So the least you can do is go see her and apologize to her for what you have done to her ”

He rant

“ Alright… Alright

I will do that. Let’s go see her ”

I said wanting to walk but he held my arm

“ Not now, she is resting. We will go home freshen up and come back in 4 hours time, she should be awake by then

Then you have to apologise to her okay! ”

“ Sure.. I will do that ”

I said


Episode 8

18+ rated contents



About 5 hours later

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Groaning slightly I opened my eyes to a strange environment and people, a man on white overall was standing next to me having a discussion with a lady putting on white smart overall too

I blinked my eyes some few times to check maybe I am dreaming because I really don’t understand where I was and who these people where

“ How are you feeling now? ”

The man on white overall said flashing me a smile

My eyes drifted from his wide smiles down to his large chest pocket were a name tag was attached to

Dr Dong-woo

That was when I realized I am in a hospital.. Wait! I in a hospital! How the h*ll did I get here? Huh??

Immediately I tried getting off from the bed… But then I felt a sharp pain in my hip and lower leg

“ Ahhh… What happened to me? ”

I asked and I almost started panicking as I feared something terrible most have happened to me when I saw the huge cast on my left leg

“ Hey relax, you shouldn’t stress your yourself ”

Dr Dong-woo said placing one of his hand on my lower abdomen and the other at the back of my head, the lady who I presume is a nurse adjusted the pillow that’s at the back of my neck and my head was placed properly

“ W.. What am I doing here?.. H..how did I get here?.. I need to leave ”

I said breathing hard in fear

I just remembered I never liked falling sick because I hate being in the hospital, lying down on the sick bed. It feels like I am in a cage

“ Don’t worry you are free to leave anytime you want, this isn’t a prison you know? ”

He said smiling like he knew the thoughts going on in my head

“ W..Why does my legs hurt so bad?.. Why is it all bandaged up? ”

I asked with an almost watery eyes

He sighed then smiled “ You were in an automobile accident BUT you don’t need to worry much, you will be fine, just a little pain it will heal up in no time. Yoi just need to rest and do some little physical therapy but for the mean time you will have to move on wheelchair – it’s only temporary, you don’t need to be afraid or scared cus you will start to walk in no time…”

He kept speaking

“ Accident… Wheelchair?? ”

I muttered then flashes of that black speeding car that appeared from no where…and that name

What’s that name again? That name I heard a voice call… Lee..Lee Chun. Yes Lee Chun

He most be the one that ran me over. I will so kill him!

Just then two men, well teenage boys came in. Both where actually very cute boys but one was way, way more cute. He is also taller and his hair was golden but he was frowning when he entered like someone flogged him or something

“ Hey!..you are awake ”

The less cute one of the two said crouching down to my bed like he knew me before

I stared at me him nervously trying to recollect if I knew him from somewhere_ but how can I? They were dressed in very fanciful and expansive clothes they most be very rich

I can’t know them, I’m very poor

“ Who are you? ”

I asked glancing at the doctor then back at him

He glanced up at the doctor then back to his friend who seemed unconcerned and was now pressing on his phone… Finally he settled his gaze on me

“ I am Byung-ho ”

He said smiling awkwardly

Byung-ho? Am I supposed to know who that is? I thought within and why is he smiling like a drunkard

I wasn’t smiling one bit, I was just staring at him with a confuse eyes

“ ..Well it’s not like you know me, you see we were the ones that brought you here ”

Oh… Wait a minute, it means they most be most be the ones driving the black car, the car that ran me over

“ Lee Chun ”

I said in low voice and he looked shocked

“ You know Lee Chun?… Of course you do, why am I even surprised, every girl knows who Lee Chun is ”

He said but I really didn’t understand what he was saying. I just wanted him to confirm if he is Lee Chun or he knows a Lee Chun

Turning his head “ Lee Chun, stop pressing your phone and come over here ” he said standing up from the bed

“ It seems she is a fan of yours ”

He whispered in his ear but I heard it

So the blonde one is Lee Chun, I am sure he is the one driving the car… He is the reason for me being in the hospital

Did I say he was handsome? scratch that, erase it completely, forget I even mention that cus I’m no longer seeing a handsome boy standing in front of me

All I can see is a tall, big head fool that almost got me killed and that has turned me into a cripple…

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

This is so annoying! So so annoying!

I ought to be with a hot Russian model by now enjoying some good tongue action but No!

Instead I’m in this goddamn hospital again. And it’s all thanks to that silly girl

Can’t she look the road properly before crossing, just because you see a zebra crossing line doesn’t mean you should just walk the road like an animal. How stupid can some people be?…

Oh my! Messages just keeps popping up on my phone screen and it is all from the Russian model

She is sending me hot pictures of herself, begging me to come and meet her as she will be leaving South Korea in a few hours time

She only came to South Korea for a 3 days business trip and she will leaving to Russia. If I don’t meet her up now I might not get to have those her long tongue suck on my d**k

Oh my!… Just take a look at her b**bs, so inviting

I’m really upset! I should be with her but my friend Byung-ho had forced me to come here and apologize to this silly girl

She ought to be the one apologizing to me….

My friend just called my attention now, it seems the girl is a fan of mine and wants to speak to me. It seems she wants me to give her a kiss

In her dreams, I can’t kiss someone like her. True she is pretty but I haven’t forgotten the dress she was putting on when we brought her to the hospital

It was worse than a rag. Well I guess I will just have to apologise to her wuth a kiss on the cheeks so my friend won’t bother me on this again and I can leave this place..

Putting my phone inside my jeans pocket I walked to her sick bed, but I noticed she was staring at me in a strange manner

She most be blushing, she has a weird way of blushing though. But as I got closer to her I realized her lips looks really tempting to be kissed

Round and small cute lips…Let me just give her a kiss on the lips so that her long life dreams should be fulfilled

Crouching down, I narrowed my lips for a kiss aimed for her mouth with my eyes closed..

TARrrrr !

I felt a resounding slap on my on left face that nearly blind my left eye

“ Ahhhh… Ouchh…Ouchhh….eeeee! ”

I screamed out rubbing the palm of my hand furiously on my cheek as the slap was really stinging

“ Are you stupid! Come here! ”

She yelled trying to get off her sick bed to hit me the more

Byung-ho and the hospital staff had to rush and stop her from coming down the bed and injuring herself further

“ Eeeeh… She is crazy! A mad girl… Ehsss… She needs to be tied up ”

I said still in shock that she actually slapped me

“ You are the mad one here, look what you did to me… And where you trying to kiss me? Disgusting! ” She spat

“ No oooon ”

I denied

“ You pervert! ugly creature! ”

“ Huh?… Pervert? Ugly? Creature???… Me or him ”

I said first pointing to my friend Byung-ho but Byung-ho gave me a bad stare

“ Sorry ”

I quickly said then point to the doctor instead who made a confused face

“ You!

You! You! You!… Big head! ”

She insulted

And I placed my hands on my head measuring the size of my head

“ My head is not big.. ” I muttered “ You… You.. are going crazy ”

I wanted to insult her back but I didn’t really know what to say as she is quite pretty

She took the pillow and threw it at me “ I will kill you ”

She screamed then the doctor stepped in

“ Okay I think you need to leave ”

He said slightly pushing me to the door

“ Me?… What about him? ” I said pointing to Byung-ho

“ No it’s you, you are clearing troubling her. Please just leave ”

He insisted

“ Troubling? Didn’t you see she is the one doing all the troubling here huh?… Ouchh my cheek is still burning ”

I said but she made silly mocking faces at me

“ Lee Chun please just wait outside okay ”

Byung-ho said and I shook my head in frown

“ I didn’t even wanted to be here in the first place ”

I said as I left….




Poor Lee Chun wanted a kiss but got a slap instead 🤣

Ouchh! But that slap ought to sting 😢

Okay it seems these two will be like cat and rat

What will happen next?

Watch out for the next episode

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