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July 24, 2021


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He’s a korean sex god Episode 63 & 64

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He’s A Korean S*x god 😋

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Episode 63

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋



Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

My best friend Byung-ho really did dress for the occasion, he was looking unusually handsome than before today, I thought as I came down the stairs.

He is really ready for his date tonight with Ji-a…

I had spotted him coming into the compound from my room and immediately my heart sank as I realized what his presence here in the glass house signify.

He has come to make Ji-a his, he has come to ask her to be his girlfriend, I can’t really explain what I was feeling at that moment.

I had so many doubts, so many thoughts and a huge part of me keeps telling me not to let him have Ji-a, a huge part of me keeps telling me to fight for Ji-a’s love…but that tiny part of me again came reminding me of what I had done to Byung-ho in the past and how I owe him and all, immediately I became really weak.

And once more I found myself listening to that tiny voice in me that I hate with passion.

So here I am now, walking to meet my best friend so I can greet and wish him best of luck in asking the girl I love out.

It sounds pathetic right? But that’s my reality….

“ Byung-ho ”

I called as I got close, with a smile.

“ Lee Chun ”

He replied with a wider smile.

“ How are you doing?_ Well don’t answer that cause I can see you doing good, you look pretty great ”

I said complimenting his looks

He flashed a very wide smile, that showed all his white 32 ” Thanks man ”

“ So how’s Ji-a? Is she aware of the date? ” He asked and as he mentioned Ji-a my facial expressions changed.

“ She is fine and yes she is aware you are taking her out tonight but I didn’t tell her what for ”

I said, lying obviously.

Ji-a is aware of what he plans for her tonight, she is aware he loves her and wants to ask her out tonight.

“ Good, good.. I really can’t wait anymore. Can you believe I am really nervous? But I am so excited also. I really love that girl, I really love Ji-a” He said and he looked so happy.

But his happiness is becoming my sadness.

I managed to force a smile from my face.

” I am sure everything will go according to plan, after tonight she will be yours ”

I said and that made him extra happy and I, extra sad.

“ You are the best, man ” He said placing one of his hands on my shoulder and I smiled slightly.

” That’s reminds me, there is something I need to tell you ” He said afterwards.

“ Okay, what’s that? ”

“ Well since Ji-a will be my girlfriend shortly, I don’t see the point of her continuing living here in the glass house. So I have decided to take her home with me so she can live in my place henceforth. ”

He said and those words were like knife stabs in my heart

” W..w.. what! You want to take her away?? ”

I said in a scattered tone

“ Well..yes ”

He said and my eyes dilated.

“ No!..you can’t, you can’t just take her away. This is her home ”

I said ruefully.

“ Her home?? Are you forgetting she is just a guess here? An unwanted guest even, you never wanted her to stay in your place in the first place remember? The deal was that she would stay with you until she is able to walk. She is able to walk now so the deal is complete and done.

So this isn’t her home anymore, her home will be with me in my place ”

He said and I felt so weak and instantly I had this bad headache.

I found myself rubbing my left palm hard on my forehead. I needed to get the pain out.

“ I get it, she has stayed here too long and you have grown fond of her as a friend right? And it’s kinda hard for you to let her go, right? ” He said warmly and I stared at him.

He had no idea the extent I have grown fond of her. I fücking love that girl!

he continued “ Well I understand that feeling, Ji-a has a way of rubbing off on someone, she is like a happiness magnet that draws sadness away while filling the whole place with joy and happiness, she is a really special girl. I get that.

That’s why you shouldn’t feel too down course I will bring her visiting or better still you can come visiting us in my house”

He said letting out a smile.

Hee really doesn’t know what his words were doing to me, course if he knows how his words were hurting me so, he would have kept shut.

I never knew he planned to take Ji-a away so soon, I thought I will still spend some time with her but No, he wants to take her to his place.

“ Byung-ho… don’t you think you are rushing things a little bit too much ”

I said still feeling that pain in my head, he wanted to say something but something else got his attention up in the stairs.

“ Ji-a ”

He exclaimed in a beaming smile. His eyes moving away from me up to the direction of the stairs.

I turned around and saw Ji-a standing at the starting point of the stairs with her clutches.

My headaches disappeared completely but my heart raced fast when I caught sight of her beautiful view. Then I realized I am letting this beauty of a treasure go.

How stupid am I?

Who in his right sense would see a rare treasure but then give it out to another?

‘ Come on man, don’t let her go, don’t let him take her away, go up to her and tell her how much you love her, tell her you can’t live without her and she means not only the world to you but she means everything. Go tell her you need her, tell her you love her, tell her to stay with you! ’

A voice was screaming inside my head and I swear I wanted to listen to the voice or I have even listen to the voice and was about to take actions….

But Byung-ho had beat me to it, before I could say or do anything he was already up the stairs, holding Ji-a in a tight embrace.

“ Hey, you look really beautiful ”

He said to her and Ji-a smiled slightly.

“ Thank you ” She said.

“ Are you ready for the date with me tonight? ” He asked holding onto her both hands.

She nodded and he smiled widely

“ I bought something for you, a dress. I am sure it will look nice on you ”

He said reaching for his briefcase, he opened it up and brought out a beautiful red gown.

“ I want you to wear this tonight ”

He said handing it to her.

She took it from his hands but glanced down at me, the way she stared at me.

It was like she was waiting for me to say something, it’s like she wanted me to tell her something but I kept quiet.

” This is too beautiful and flashy Byung-ho… I don’t think I will be comfortable in this dress, sorry but can’t I wear my old dress instead ”

She said in a soft tone.

“ Please, I will appreciate it if you wear this dress, tonight is really special to me and I want you to look really beautiful. Please will you wear this dress, will you do it for me? ”

He said coaxing her.

“ Uhm.. okay, I will ”

She said.

“ Thank you, you have just made me really happy ”

He said then plant a kiss on her forehead.

“ I should go change then ”

Ji-a said.

“ Okay, okay… Do you need my help with anything? Perhaps helping you walk to your room? ”

He asked.

“ No, I will manage by myself ”

She said softly.

“ Alright, be careful ” He said and she nodded, then glanced at me again, this time I knew she wanted me to say something.

In the absence of no words from me she turned around, walking to the direction of her room….

Meanwhile as all this was happening Kia had entered into the sitting room with one of her friends and they sat down on one of the couch discussing.. but I could notice Kia had her attention on what was going on between I, Byung-ho and Ji-a.

And some seconds after Ji-a had gone to her room Kia came to meet me, Byung-ho was with me when she came.

“ How are you doing my cute, little brother ”

She said ruffling my hair even though she had to extend her hand very high course I am way taller than her.

“ Fine ”

I managed to say in slight sigh, I really couldn’t hide my sadness.

She stared at me for awhile before she turned her attention to Byung-ho.

“ Byung-ho, you looking extremely handsome today. Do you have a date or something? ”

She said in a playful tone and Byung-ho was full of smile.

“ Yes actually ” He said.

“ Oh really!… Who is the lucky girl? ” She asked.

“ I am the lucky one, and the girl is Ji-a ”

He said and a surprise look rocked Kia’s face.

“ Ji-a? Our very own Ji-a? Like cripple monkey? ” She emphasized.

“ Yes, same Ji-a. I will be asking her to be my girlfriend and hopefully she will come live with me from today onwards ”

He said and the surprise look grew more wider on Kia’s face.

Turning to me “ You know about this? ” She asked.

“ Yeah I do ”

I said weakly.

“ I see “She said giving me a strange look that I didn’t understand, then she turned her attention to Byung-ho.

“ I wish you the best darling, you two make a very cute couple I most say ” She said to him and both of them smiled and discuss some other things I didn’t care to listen to….

Some minutes later Ji-a came out from her room to the open.

My God!

Today I believe you exist course I believe I have just seen an angel.

She looked more than extremely beautiful in that red dress and everyone in the room couldn’t help but stare.

“ Wow ”


Episode 64

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋

Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Standing in front of the huge standing mirror I stared at my reflection…

The red dress that Byung-ho bought was really beautiful, it looked good on me but how come I feel horrible inside it.

Like inside of me, I have this horrible feeling wearing it, I feel like taking it off my body and burning it completely in fire.

Well I guess it’s because I know I am looking beautiful for someone else, I don’t want to look beautiful for anyone other than Lee Chun.

I want him to be the only man that stares at me with that spark in his eyes, but I know Byung-ho is the one I am dressing up for and I hated it.

Not that I hate Byung-ho as a person, I like him but I just don’t love him.

I really don’t know what to do, I am shortly going on a date with him where he would ask me out to be his girlfriend.

What will I do?…

Coming out of the passageway leading to the staircase, I had everyone eyes on me.

Kia and her friend were staring, Byung-ho and Lee Chun were also staring awkwardly making me wonder if I had applied my lipstick wrongly.

I don’t think so, they were just staring at me. I guess I am really looking beautiful even though I was still walking with my clutches.

I could see that sparkle in Lee Chun’s eyes when he stared at me.

I know he feels something for me, I can feel he do but why isn’t he saying anything. I wish he can say something_ I want him to say something….

But as always he kept quiet and Byung-ho was the one that climbed up the stairs to meet me.

I know Lee Chun isn’t shy, he isn’t the shy type around girls, I mean the guy has screwed more than a thousand girls in his short life time.

So maybe I am wrong, thinking he likes me, course if he likes me he would have surely told me right?

What’s stopping him from expressing his feelings? What’s preventing him from saying he loves me if he does love me?

There is nothing stopping him, meaning he doesn’t….

“ Wow!..you looking really beautiful. I just knew this red gown would look prefect on you when I saw it and I knew I just had to buy it

It is pretty expansive, but the money is worth while now seeing it on you. You look so, so, so beautiful ”

Byung-ho said as he came to meet me, full of excitement.

I just smiled half-heartedly

“ Come let’s get going, our dinner awaits. ”

He said then locked his arm in mine

“ Today is going to be much fun I can promise you this ” He said afterwards full of smiles.

Oh Byung-ho, if only you knew today is turning out to be the sadness day of my life and that he is part of the course of my sadness he won’t be this happy…

We walked down the stairs and we got to where Lee Chun was standing, he had his eyes on me the whole time and I could feel lots of feelings being express in his stares.

His facial expressions was passing a message he likes me but his actions were proving the opposite.

I felt like I was drowning inside an ocean and I needed saving, I just want him to reach out and save me from this

Please, say something to me Lee Chun, please!

He finally did speak…but it wasn’t what I was expecting to hear.

“ Hey.. I want you to take good care of her okay, you have to promise me this ” He said to Byung-ho.

“ You have my word man, be relaxed, she is in safe hands. I will take very good care of her, I promise ”

Byung-ho replied.

“ Good… good ”

He said then stared at me for some seconds.. before walking away, climbing up the stairs.


He is walking away? He is really leaving me? He is really giving me away to Byung-ho???

He doesn’t love me, he doesn’t.

I felt like crying, the tears almost came out from my eyes…

“ Okay let’s go, the weather seems to be changing, I think it’s about to rain ” Byung-ho words forcefully drew the tears back inside my sockets

And like a slave sold out I followed him away out of the glass house…




___________ ⏲️

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh ”

I cried out in anguish as I smashed my hands through the toilet rush compartment

I was destroying everything in my path and my destruction is being done in my bathroom.

I have completely ruined everything in the bathroom, from the toilet seat to the shower..

The towel hanger, also the bathtub down to the taps. Everything has been destroyed by me.

I have lost it completely, I have been completely consumed by anger and an hurricane of unexplainable emotions.

It drove me crazy, I sustained a large cut in my hand as a result of my destructive exercise but I really didn’t care about the pains.

I don’t even think I was feeling it, all what was in my head and heart was Ji-a.

Ji-a, I have finally lost her for good..

I couldn’t cry, the pain was so much that it was preventing me from crying, all I was feeling was extreme anger.

But I don’t know who I was angry at, there is only one person I can be angry at and that’s myself…

Knock knock

“ Lee Chun ”

I heard my sister voice Kia called.




💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

We finally got to the venue – A beautiful, well designed restaurant, after like 15 minutes on the road.

While on the road Byung-ho kept talking but I really wasn’t listening to what he was saying.

I really can’t remember anything he said, my mind was in the glass house, my mind was on Lee Chun.

I am missing him so much already, although it hurts to think about him, there is nothing else I rather think about.

I really don’t know what he has done to me, even after proving he doesn’t love me my love for him was still growing even bigger…

We were shown our seats by one of the waiter, he seemed like a private waiter as he followed us to the table and stood waiting for us to settle down before taking our orders.

Byung-ho picked up the menu on the table and took time in studying it like he wanted to write an exam based on what was written there.

After a long time staring at the menu he dropped it back on the table and took his eyes to me, a happy smile formed on his face.

“ What will you like to have? you can look through the menu. I will be having anything you pick ” He said

“ I am not really that hungry, can I just have something light to drink, no alcohol please ”

I said softly. And I could see the flashes of lightning in the sky and soon after the thunder came sounding loudly.

“ You heard the lady, some wine please and remember no alcohol ” Byung-ho said, directing to the waiter, who nodded and left…

The weather kept at it, lightning flashing and thunder sounding, until the waiter returned with the drinks_ a bottle of non alcoholic wine actually with two glass cup.

He filled the glass cup halfway before the clouds opened up and the rain started pouring down.

The rain did come with strong wind and even though we were in the shelter of bricks of the restaurant building I could still feel the coldness.

My dress wasn’t really helping, it was really light, not cold resistance at all.

Guess Byung-ho knew this, he was the one that bought it afterall, maybe that’s why he did what he did next or he simply wanted to be a gentleman.

Standing up he took off his suit jacket and wore it on me.

“ Don’t worry you still look very beautiful ” He said flashing me a smile, then sat back on his chair.

“ Thank you ” I said softly.

“ Ji-a ”

He called my name like he wanted to say something but remained silent for some seconds before he started speaking.

“ Ji-a there is something I want to tell you, there is something I think you really need to know ” He said then took my hand that was placed on the table

“ I like you Ji-a, I like you a lot. From the very first day I set my eyes on you I knew you were special.

Every single day I spent with you was like a holiday, you made me laugh and smile Ji-a, even when I am sad seeing your face alone was enough reason for me to be happy.

Ji-a you came into my life and took away the sadness, the hole that was there before.

You filled that hole up and you made my heart new once more Ji-a, you made me happy once more.

I have never been so sure of anything in my life the way I am sure of this.

I love, I love you Ji-a..Will you please be my girlfriend ”

He said and I felt him pour his whole heart to me in his words

What do I do?

What do I do now???




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