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August 1, 2021


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He’s a korean sex god Episode 3 & 4

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His’s a Korean S*x god 😋

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18+ rated contents

Episode 3

Written by Author Wizkiss



💖 Writer’s POV 💖




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Oh! Oh! Yeahhhhhhhhhh

Loud moanful screams of pleasure escape from the glass windows and wooden door of the room filling the large building

Mia’s pretty friend Min-seo was getting her brain screwed hard by a massive d**k and Mia was left tormented by the sounds…

Lee Chun was still positioned on Min-seo back side, penetrating her p**sy hole hard from behind… Intense do*gy style

His long massive rod going in and out of Min-seo’s tight lubricated p**sy almost effortlessly

And from every thrust Lee Chun’s d**k was becoming more wet and covered in her p**sy juice. She is really bringing out lots of p**sy juice

Her warm juicy hole was driving Lee Chun nuts in raw pleasure, he was in

ecstasy really

All this while he had his hands on her waist but then he moved his left hand up her body… grabbing hold of her big b**bs that were bouncing as a result of the force of his thrust

He squeezed the left b**bs especially the nipp**s and his thrust became even more faster, his cook going deeper and he placed his other hand on her lower tummy close to her pu**sy for support

“ Ahh f**k ”

He moaned softly, involuntary really as the pleasure was too much

Min-seo in the other way around was just screaming with mouth wide open, inside of her was burning up and her outer body is covered with streaming sweats

Lee Chun’s massive thick rode was smashing had against her g-spot, threatening to burst it open

“ Ahhhhhhhhhh

F”*kkkkkkk ”

It was a mixing of pain and great pleasure but she doesn’t want him to f**king stop

“ Oh yessssssss

Oh yeahhhhhhhhh

F**k me please pleasessssss ”

She begged for more of his d**k grinding her ass agaist his d**k in complete unison with his thrust

Lee Chun oblige her request stepping up his pace even more than before, which got her whole body shaking in pure pleasure

She never thought it possible someone could go this fast and far inside her, it felt like his d**k was pushing up against her womb, trying to shift it away from it’s natural position

The pressure was too much for her to bare, she couldn’t contain it to the extent that she tried pushing him off her body but him was strong and powerful

He kept on thrusting in really fast pace, his thick massive skin filling her hole completely

“ Ohhhhhhh f**kkkkkkk

Ahhhhhhhhh…. ” She screamed out her hands and legs visibly shaking and sweat falling down her face while Lee Chun just kept on groaning in pleasure…

Leaving hold of her b**bs he inserteed one of his left hand fingers into her a*” hole while still shaft**g her furiously

His other hand that were placed on her lower tummy went a lot lower to her p**sy were he then kept twisting and teasing her cl*t

Min-seo was experiencing an avalanche of pleasure that she hadn’t experienced before she couldn’t even maintained her doggy position anymore as she had lost control of her body

She was wobbling but Lee Chun was strong and experience enough to keep her a** and pu**y in the right position for penetration

He kept shaft**g her furiously until…

“ I am about to c*mmmm! ”

She screamed out in a massive org*”m, her fourth of the night and he hadn’t c*m yet

She had become really weak but Lee Chun wasn’t done with her just yet, he wasn’t even planning on giving her any time to catch her breath

Flipping her over so her back rest on the mattress, he bent her legs to the extent that they were almost touching her b**bs then….

“ Ahhhhh f**kkk ”

She moaned out as he started penetrating her again….

🏵️ Mia’s POV 🏵️

I was too late my evil brother had already manage to cast his evil spell on my good friend Min-seo and now he is eating her up alive

Not that my brother Lee Chun is a witch, wizard or anything but sometimes I feel he is, the way he gets ladies on his bed

He most be casting some kind of spell or something because I don’t see what women see in him really

He isn’t handsome in my eyes, with that his big dumb head, lazy fool! He practically does nothing than to



And f**k

Can’t really believe a girl as pretty and smart as Min-seo will fall for a dummy like my brother. I’m so, so, so disappointed in her

And can she at least keep her voice down, I’m tired of hearing her irritating screams

“ Yuck! ”

After I had threatened, begged and pleaded that Lee Chun open the door but see that I was only speaking to myself as the moaning sounds were increasing by the minute

I left the door going far away from there to at least escape from that irritating

But there is no escaping this I’m downstairs now and I could still hear her screams loud and clear

Is he screwing her? or murdering her?

I was beginning to wonder as I paced up and down in the main sitting room the one my young sister was in

“ What’s wrong with you? Do you need to take a shit? Huh? ”

My younger sister Kia annoyingly asked

“ Ha! Ha!

Really funny, really funny ” I said sarcastically

“ Then why are you going back and forth like you holding a shit in? ”

“ Don’t you have ears, can’t you hear that irritating and disgusting noise? Huh? ”

I asked and she gave me that confused look

“ What irritating and disgusting noise? That’s just Lee Chun f**king a girl as usual. That’s a sound of pleasure. So what’s the big deal? ”

She said like it was a normal occurrence, something with someone walking down the park

“ What?.. what’s the big deal you say?

Do you realize that poor girl he is fuc_ that girl he is messing and torturing up there happens to be my best friend Min-seo huh? ”

I said frowning but Mia just Chuckled

“ poor girl? Torture?

Come on sis your friend is having the time of her life. She is really enjoying it trust me and it’s not like she is a minor or maybe he is forcing her

I get it, she is your best friend and you trying to look after her but you just have to understand that every girl in South Korea wants to ride on our younger brother d**k_ ”

“ Gross.. Yuck! ”

I said squeezing my face in an irritated expression

Kia just laughed “ Well I’m only saying the truth. You are complaining that he is banging your friend. What about me? He has screwed with all my pretty friends and you know me

I have a lots of pretty friends, I was mad at first but I have learned to accept it cus the ones I’m trying to protect are the ones even begging me to introduce them to Lee Chun, they are willing and ready to get f**ked by him

Like ready to pay to have our little brother inside them and I’m making the most out it now ”

She said smiling mischievously

“ How? ” I asked

” Let’s just say I am Lee Chun business partner now. I get paid handsomely by my friends and our younger brother gets to screw my pretty friends to their heart desires ”

She said and I shook my head in disbelief

“ So he has choosen to be a man whore?? You two are messed up… Totally sick!… But I can’t believe my friend will choose a stupid d**k over me ”

I said then sat down on the couch feeling really sad

Then I picked up two pillows and covered my ears with it while my younger sister Kia was just busy laughing and making fun of me

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

After I had shafted her to the point I knew she was totally exhausted and drained up. It was now time for me to end it in style

Bringing out my d**k from her juicy hole, I threw away the rubber protection I was wearing

I sat her up on the bed, while I stood up then… I drove my very much still hard d**k into her already opened mouth for her to suck and suck she did

She sucked me well, feasting on my d**k until I offload every single last c*m of mine into her throat and she swallowed it all

“Ahhh ”

I groaned and then we both collapsed on bed catching our breathe…

It didn’t take long before she fell into a deep sleep… Then my phone buzzed, a message just entered

I reached out for the phone where it was on the top of the middle sized drawler close to the bed

Picking it up I clicked on the message icon and… beautiful pictures of a**, b**bs, nippl** and p**sy popped up and a message underneath them

💌 Lee Chun, please give me a try. Just one night. You can have me any which way you please, pleasesss I need to feel you 💌

I smiled naughty, then throw myself back on the bed my back landing on the mattress and the back of my head on the soft pillow

I glanced over at my side where Mia’s friend was sleeping naked and then I returned my intention on the phone again staring at the n*de pictures and it looks really appetizing

“ I love my life ”

I cooed….


Episode 4



The Next Day 🌅☀️

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

Yawning and stretching my entire body – feeling unusual heavy, I opened my eyes… That’s when I discovered my sister friend, Min- something. I don’t even know her name was still lying on the bed

Worse part she had her arms, legs across my body like some sick cow and her head and b**bs covering my face

‘ Does she wants to suffocate me! ‘

Kicking and pushing – I was able to get her arms, legs off my body. I shoved her b**bs and head away too

Then I rolled out coming down from the bed. I gave her a mean look as it was like a tog of war to get those her long arms and legs off my body as she completely coiled around like me an Anaconda, plus she is a lot heavier when sleeping than when being f**ked

I can’t believe even with the kicking and pushing I gave to her, she is still sleeping, she only muttered some jargons and gibberish words

“ She sleeps like a log of wood. I don’t know where my sister got her from again ”

I said shook my head before heading to the bathroom

I need to offload, my pen*s is harder than a rod, filled with fluid…

After easing myself, I walked out of the room, heading for the kitchen. I’m really famished

I didn’t have dinner nor supper last night all thanks to that girl who is still sleeping like a pig. I drained all my energy into her last night. She ought to me pay me for the work I did on her body

She is lucky she wasn’t sleeping in my room, I would have kicked her off my bed…

I got to one of the kitchens, we actually have four kitchens. One main kitchen downstairs and three subordinate ones located in different locations of the building

I head to one of those subsidiary kitchens, the closest one to me of course….. Opening up the fridge I started stuffing my mouth ful with whatever food I found in the fridge

Cheese, fries, chicken wings, beef

I don’t mind if they were cold I just threw them into my mouth, then I took an apple juice to wash them down my throat. I drank it straight from it’s container__

“ Ouch! ”

I cried out holding the back of my head turning around

I had felt a not so soft object hitting the back of my head and it hurts a lot!

Turning around I saw my elder sister Mia all dressed up for work, in her red female suit, giving me a mean look and she had a big hand bag with her

“ Did you just hit me with that? ”

I said pointing to her bag while still robbing the back of my head as it still hurts

She said nothing, just staring at me like a witch

“ what’s wrong with you huh?… Ouchh.. you want to kill me huh? ”

I said frowning

“ Where is my friend? ”

She asked back frowning even more than I, like we were in a frowning competition


“ How am I to know ”

I yelled still massaging the back of my head… when she hit her bag on my head again

“ Ouchhhhhh… What’s your problem?.. you gone mad or what? My head.. ouchhhhhh ”

This was much painful than the first

“ Where is Min-seo! ”

she half yelled and she wanted to hit my head again

“ She is still sleeping! Up the room! ”

I quickly said covering my head with my hands

“ Is the door opened? Or still locked? ”

“ Huh?? ”

“ Is the door opened or not! ”

She yelled loudly wanting to hit my head

“ Yes! Yes! Yes! ”

I quickly replied covering my eyes and blocking my head with my hands but still I was expecting when I would feel that her big bag hit my head….

However that didn’t happen

“ Dick head ”

I heard her say and also heard footsteps leaving

I opened my eyes and saw that she was already leaving to go meet her friend obviously

“ Freak! ”

I yelled

“ Ouchhh…” I kept groaning as I massaged my head…

🏵️ Mia’s POV 🏵️

After leaving my d**k head brother I went up to see my friend. I needed to see her before leaving for the company

Since my dad went on a vacation with our mom my responsibility in the company has doubled if not tripled

I would be staying up late at work today cus there are some important work to done and urgent paperwork to be signed… That’s why I need to see Min-seo now unless another day would pass and I will have not have seen my best friend who is staying in same house with me

Can’t believe I wasn’t able to see and hug her yesterday because of my stupid brother!…

When I got to the room Min-seo was still sleeping completely naked. That fool didn’t even care to cover her up

“ Min-seo! Min-seo!…”

I called out taping her for a long time till she woke up then I covered up her nak*dness with the duvet

She was full of smiles when she woke up and I was just overwhelmed to be with my friend after so many years

“ Min-seo ”

I called out embracing her tightly

“ Mia ” She called my name

“ Yeah ” I unembraced thinking she wanted to tell me something important

“ your younger brother’s d**k is glorious ” she said smiling and blushing silly….

—————– ⏲️

Evening time

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

All dressed up looking as handsome as ever even if not more so with my dyed golden hair

I dyed my hair blonde to match with my cream jacket, which I wore on top of a white round neck shirt, a blue fitted pants and a pair of white sneakers

“ You are one handsome bada** ”

I said putting on my dark shades while staring into the mirror – my handsome reflection staring back at me

I didn’t just get dressed up for the fun of it, I’m actually going out for a party, a freaky Friday party 😋😋 and I’m 100% sure of two things

1st : I’m not coming back home tonight

2nd: and I’m most certainly getting la*d by some hot chick that I don’t know

I ain’t going alone to this party my best and only friend Byung-ho will be accompanying me

We have been friends since we were little kids and even though I have f**ked up many times he never stopped being my friend

I might not tell him this, but I do love him a lot_

My phone buzzed from inside of left my pocket and I reached and brought it out

“ Speaking of the devil ”

I said smiling then I picked the call


📲 Byung-ho 📞 I greeted

📲 Lee Chun, I am at your house come downstairs 📞 He replied

📲 Okay. On my way 📞

☎️ Call ended…

Getting downstairs we shook hands and were about leaving for the party

“ Lee Chun ”

Mia’s pretty friend called out my name smiling awkwardly and blushing

I faked a smile then turned to Byung-ho “ Let’s get going fast ” I whispered

“ Who is she? ”

He asked admiring her beauty

“ Nobody, let’s go ”

I said dragging him away….

We got to the garage, hopping into my black Ferrari

“ That reminds me, where is that your clingy girlfriend? ”

I asked

“ Da-eun? ”

“ Yeah that, where is she? She never leaves your side ”

“ Are you seriously asking me that? ” He said frowning

“ Yeah, what’s wrong ”

I asked giving him a confused look

“ We are no more together ”

He said arms folded together

“ What?..did anything happened? ”

He gave me a bad stared

“ Yes! you f**ked her dude, you had s*x with my girlfriend and that’s why we broke up ”

He yelled

“ Yeah..sorry… But I told you I didn’t f**k her, she only sucked my d**k and I sucked her b**bs_ ”

“ Will you please spare me the details. I don’t care anymore okay. Just drive ”

He said boiling

“ Alright sorry, don’t worry friend their are lots of girls in this party, you will get laid and you can even get a new girlfriend today

Just smile okay ”

I said smiling, then gave him a friendly punch

He shook his head “ you will never change ”

“ Never ”

I agreed with him and we both laughed….



Can you have a friend like Lee Chun?😌

Okay it seems this party would be hot 😋😋?

Will Byung-ho meet any special girl at this party?

Or will it be Lee Chun who meets someone special?

Watch out for the next episode

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