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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

He’s a korean sex god Episode 29 & 30

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He’s a Korean S*x god 😋

Hide your Wives!


Episode 29

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋

Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

Time: Early evening

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

I and cripple monkey argued all the way from the restaurant, road and up until we got to the mansion

Unnecessary arguments really, she was insulting and I was insulting her and as weird as this may sound it was kinda fun

Annoying? Yes… but fun at the same time

Weird right

I actually liked the way she squeezed her face in a funny frown when I called her a bad name like

Cripple monkey, bucket stomach, rabbit b*tt etc

But I made sure my face was far away from her hand’s reach everytime I threw a dig at her…

“… Who told you, you are cute huh? You not cute at all, your head is the size of three men, the same size with a flowerhorn, when you walk it seems it wants to fall of your Head ”

That was her latest insult

I don’t know why she keeps focusing on my head saying it’s big always, is she joking about this or is my head really big?

My head isn’t big, it’s normal size for a tall person and what’s the f**k is a flowerhorn??

“ Hey… What’s a flowerhorn? Is that

a name of a flower or what? ”

I asked as I wheeled her closer to the entrance door of the mansion

She burst into a loud, long laughter while I just frown wondering what was funny

“ Hey… What’s making you laugh huh? ”

I asked giving her a confused look

She paused her laughter “ You dummy, I can’t believe you don’t know what a flowerhorn is ” she mocked and resumed her laughter

” Whatever!

I don’t care what that flowersh*t is but I know I don’t look like it, unless it’s cute then yes, I look like it course I am really cute ”

I said and she laughed even harder…

“ Yeah, it’s really cute ”

She said

But I didn’t believe her, if whatever that thing is cute why will she use it as a reference to insult me

“ You such a liar ”

I said

“ Honestly I ain’t lying, it’s really cute, have you ever seen a ugly flower before? Flower is something beautiful isn’t it? ”

She said and that’s exactly my thoughts, anything being referred to as flower can’t be bad or ugly

I stopped wheeling her “ Really? Is this flowerborn is really cute? ”

“ Flowerhorn ”

She corrected

“ Oh thanks

But is it really cute or you messing with me? ”

I asked as I stopped wheeling, giving her a suspicious look to see if she is telling the truth but she didn’t flinch

“ Of course it’s really cute ”

She said with a straight face

It seems she is being truthful, but I am not fully convinced

What sort of thing is this flowerhorn and why does it have a horn attached behind the flower, huh? ”

I asked to be completely sure if she was being truthful

“ it’s a beautiful, colorful, rare… fish that has two cute bump on the forehead that looks like horns, but it’s really cute

“ Fish?? ”

I was taken aback by that

“ Yes but a really beautiful colourful fish, it’s really, really cute ”

She quickly said

The name sounds nice, flowerhorn. It doesn’t sound like a horrible name, I guess the fish most be really pretty then

“ Okay… It does sound cute and cool ”

“ Yes really cute and super cool, you know what, I think it would make a perfect nickname for you since you really cute, yourselves. flowerhorn ”

She said

And I really can’t believe she just complimented me, but I don’t like the fact she is comparing me with a fish

“ What?.. I don’t think I want to be nicknamed after a fish ”

I said

“ What? Do you have a problem with nature huh?

Ain’t people the ones naming themselves aftter animals and plants

Like Rose? Dove, Tiger, Wolf, I have even heard of a person who was named octopus

So what you talking about? Flowerhorn is a cool name and you will have yourself to blame when a musician or a famous person use it as his nickname

And then all the ladies would be admiring that person, saying ‘ Oh he is so cute like a flower and tough like a horn ‘ And you will be left sobbing course you know it could have been you getting all the attention ”

She said and she did make a valid point

Ladies do love a guy with cute nickname and I really don’t want anyone taking the female attention away from me

Plus I really do like the name, flowerhorn? It sounds cute and tough like she said

I was contemplating about making the name my nickname. flowerhorn isn’t bad as a nickname, infact it’s cool. I think I will love being called flowerhorn since the fish is cute

I stood gesturing to myself as I imagined how cool it would sound when people, wave at me addressing me with the nickname

“ flowerhorn, hey oh my God! that’s flowerhorn, he is so cute like a flower and tough like a horn..? ”

“ I like that ” I said feeling really satisfied with the name

I was about thanking cripple monkey for such a wonderful nickname but as turned my attention to her face I could see her cheeks were all swollen up like she was holding in laughter

“ Hey

What’s it? ”

I asked giving her a suspicious stare

She shook her head ” Nothing… Just wondering how wide my cheeks could expand ”

She said and once again she had a straight face

I couldn’t tell if she was lying or not

“ O..Kay..”

“ Let’s go in please, I can’t wait to meet Byung-ho ”

She urged me on and I resumed wheeling her towards the door….

☺️ Byung-ho’s POV ☺️

It’s been hours that I have been waiting in the sitting room for the moment Lee Chun will come back with Ji-a

Lee Chun elder sister Kia is in the sitting room with me but she has been lying down at one ot the couch, buried in her phone

She wasn’t saying anything, just her occasional unannounced burst of laughter she does from time to time

So it was a pretty lonely wait, but I had to course I really wanted to see Ji-a’s face…

I jumped up from the couch were I sat immediately with a smiling face as soon as I saw Lee Chun wheeling Ji-a into the building through the door

How I have missed that pretty, smiling face of her’s

“ Byung-ho! ”

She beamed as she saw me spreading her arms wide for a hug

I chuckled then walked towards her…

crouching down, I embraced her, in what was a lose friendly hug

“ How are you Ji-a? ”

I asked warmly still in a crouched position and I could see a big long smile form across her face

“ Guess what ”

She said high-spirited

“ I..I ain’t really good at guessing, but I guess I will try.. ”

I stuttered trying to think of what could he making her this excited

I haven’t even made one guess when she burst out saying

“ I walked, I walked today! ”

She said beaming with joy

“ W.. what really? You serious? ”

I was happy but also aback with what she said

“ I am serious ”

She said giggling in joy

“ Tell him, tell him flowerhorn that I walked, tell him ”

She said facing Lee Chun and I chuckled

Flowerhorn? Did she just called him flowerhorn??? The ugly fish with extremely massive forehead that looks like a b*tt!!!!

And what amazed me the most was that Lee Chun didn’t get upset, I dare say, it seems he liked the name

“ Yes she did kind of walk, but she was supporting her weight on two steal bars ”

He said and I chuckled

“ and what’s funny in what I said? ”

He asked staring at me confusedly

I shook my head, then glanced at Ji-a who wss holding herself from laughing and I knew she most have done something

“ And oh yes I forgot to tell you

Lee Chun has agreed to be called flowerhorn, infact he has admitted he looks a lot like the flowerhorn. Right? ”

She said staring up at him

” Yeah ”

He said draggingly, as he was beginning to suspect something wasn’t right

“ Wait, isn’t the fish cute? ”

He asked staring at me like he wanted answers

I couldn’t hold my laugher in and I burst out laughing really hard and Ji-a joined me

“ Heyyy

Why are you guys laughing huh? Answer me”

He said looking frustrated and lost…

“ Man, the fish ain’t cute at all! It’s really ugly with a b*tt head ”

I said amid laughter

“ What! ”

He exclaimed

“ Yeah, but you can’t change it now, it’s your new nickname. It’s official. You are a b*tt head flowerhorn ”

Ji-a stated and we both Laughed harder while Lee Chun kept arguing against it…

💄 Min-seo’s POV 💄

I have been lying waiting on the bed for quite some time for Lee Chun to come through the door

It’s been quite some time since I saw him drove into the compound, he ought to have come up to his room by now

I was being to grow impatient and my whole body was inching me badly for his touch and huge d**k

I had become troubled to the point I decided to go down and fetch him myself… But that was when the door went opening up

And I quickly lay back on the bed, giving out a seductive pose

Lee Chun walked right in, muttering some words in annoyance, he didn’t even look at the bed

As he entered the room he just head to the direction of the bathroom door

“ I’m not a flowerhorn.. I will show that cripple monkey, I am going to give her a even nastier name than she did me…” he was mumbling as he walked

“ Lee Chun ”

I had to call out to get his attention

He stopped then turned, his eyes widened out as he saw me lying naked on his bed

“ What..What are you doing here? ”

He asked sounding kinda pissed

“ waiting for you baby ”

I said with my most seductive voice and one of my hand squeezing on my b**bs

He stared at me for awhile and I could see the lust in his eyes… Before “ Go away, leave my room ”

He ordered turning round and walking to the bathroom

What??? I was taken aback by that, how could he reject me even with the state I am

I mean I am freaking n*ked!

But I am not giving up so easily

“ Lee Chun!! ”

I called out again and he stopped

Turning around “ What? ”

He half yelled

But I could see his eyes widened even more as he saw my hand placed on my pu**y fingering myself with one of my finger while still squeezing on my b**bs

“ Ahh… Ahh… Ahh ”

I was moaning loud intentionally to get his attention

And he just stood there watching. I could see he was battling with himself, is he trying to resist me?


I won’t let him

So I increased the pace at which I fingered myself moaning even louder and squeezing both b**bs

He stood watching, then later…. He walked to the bed and I kept doing what I was doing

“ You want me to f**k you right! ”

He yelled climbing on the bed like he wanted to beat me up

“ Yes ”

I said nodding my head before swallowing

Then he held my hand and removed my finger from my pu**y but quickly replaced it with two of his large finger

“ Ahhh ”

I gasped as I felt that shape pain pierce inside of me

With no care whatsoever he started fingering me roughly… Then he swallowed my left b**bs into his mouth

“ Ahhh…Yes ”

I moaned out as I felt the sweet pain of his rough fingering

My pu**y becoming overly creamy



Episode 30

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋

Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

Time : Evening

💄 Min-seo’s POV 💄

“ Oh god!.. yeah ”

I moaned loudly in pain but extreme pleasure as Lee Chun kept fingering me deeper

He was moving his fingers so rapidly inside of me like he wanted to expand my pu**y size by force

As he was fingering me he was still sucking on my b**bs, his tongue were doing wonders on my ni**les

Sucking, licking and biting them

“ Oh god! ”

I moaned out

The fingering plus sucking combo put together was just expolsive, it’s killing me really but I want more and more!

And more was what he gave me

Spreading my legs apart, he positioned himself properly in-between my legs then reached for his trousers

Unzipping it, he brought out his monster of destruction and I gasped at the sight like I was just seeing it for the first time

Just that’s it’s too big, I am always amazed at the size of it

“ you want me to f**k you right? You want this d**k right? bit*h! ”

He said in an authoritative tone and I nodded my head as his rudeness was only turning me on further

Lifting one of my legs up, placing it on his shoulder he roughly slammed into me

“ Ahhh.. ”

I screamed out as his rode hit hard on my g-spot and his thickness expanded my pu**y to it’s very limit

Oh gosh!

This feels f**king great…

He was thrusting really fast, going down on me roughly like he was on a mission to kill me or something

I couldn’t keep up, the pain was really much but I couldn’t tell him to stop as the pleasure was even much more

I just found myself screaming loudly while holding tightly to the bedsheets like I wanted to transfer the pains to it but keep the pleasure of course

Tar! Tar! Tar! Tar!

” Ahhh..yesss…f**kkkkkkk ”

Loud funny noises kept filling the air from the slamming of his thigh on mine mixed with my loud moans

He was determined to break me, it felt like more of a punishment than s*x as he flipped me around and then drive his d**k straight to my a$$ hole without any warning

“ Christ!”

I cried out in much pain

But he ignored my screams and just kept screwing me from behind

“ Stop…. Oh no!… ”

I screamed out feeling the heat in my a$$ hole….

He is ripping me apart!!

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Oh my!

Lee Chun is at it again

I could hear Min-seo screams from down here and I am sure everyone else can

Today’s screams was even much more louder than the usual, I guess it means Min-seo is enjoying it even more right???

I don’t know I can ever get the hang of this s”x and screams of a thing, it’s just so much confusing

“ Flowerhorn is at it again ”

I said in a frown covering my ears with my hands

Byung-ho smiled “ I think that name suits him a lot ”

I chuckled at that “ Yeah, Perfectly ”

“ Do you want to go somewhere quiet? ”

He asked and I nodded

“ Good, I have just the right place then ” he said then walked to my back

Placing his hands on the handle of the wheelchair he wheeled me out of the building…


“ Ah ”

I sighed happily as I could no longer here that irritating sounds

We were still in the compound of the mansion though but we were far away from the building, in the garden

Byung-ho smiled “ I told you, I know the perfect place to go to ”

I smiled and he wheeled me further…

We both were quiet for awhile before I broke the silence

“ Byung-ho ”

I called out

“ Yes ”

He replied

“ If you don’t mind me asking…How long have you been friends with Lee Chun? ”

I asked and he smiled

” Well, my whole life

I grew up knowing Lee Chun, I have always known Lee Chun, he is my best friend… I can’t even remember a time in my life when I didn’t know him

It’s like we were born together, like he is my twin ” he said and I chuckled

“ That’s funny ”

I said and he smiled

“ I guess so ”

He said then stopped wheeling me

I turned to look at him “ But you are nothing like him, you are cool and sweet while Lee Chun is a complete d**khead ”

I said and we both burst out laughing…

“ Well, he wasn’t always a d**khead, at least that’s not how I remember him while we were growing up ”

He said and I was curious to know more

“ Really? So he wasn’t always a d**khead? ”

I asked and he chuckled

“ Yeah

Lee Chun was a sweet shy boy while growing up ”

He narrates and I was shocked by that

“ Sweet? Shy???

Are you sure you talking about Lee Chun? The Flowerhorn? ”

He smiled ” Yes, he was really shy when we were kids, he barely even talk to girls. Infact he doesn’t know how to start a conversation with a girl ” he said and my jaw dropping

“ Huh ”

“ Yeah, true

I remember back in grade 6, there was this particular girl that Lee Chun liked, he had a massive crush on her

What’s that her name again… Ka..te Yes Kate ”

“ Kate? Wow! pretty name

So Lee Chun had a crush on her right? ” I asked and he nodded

“ Then what happened? ”

I asked with eager eyes, I was really curious to know

“ Well… I don’t think I can remember, it’s been so long ”

He said

“ Huh?

Please you have to remember, please remember. Please! Please! ”

I pleaded and he chuckled

“ Ahh

I never knew you like to hear story this much ”

He said smiling and I just nod my head

“ I do, I really do

Please tell me ”

I pouted

“ Alright! alright!

Just stop that ”

He said in a laugh

” What? ”

I asked, but I already know he was talking about the way I pushed my lips forward

He pointed at my lips and I put it back to it’s original state

“ Sorry ”

” Good, so back to the story. Lee Chun had a massive crush on the pretty Kate but he was too shy to even start a conversation with her

He just kept admiring her from afar but doesn’t have the guts to get closer to her but it was killing him, like he was running mad sort of

He talks about her every single day, like he knows how to bring up her discussion in a matter that’s not even relating to Kate or anything about her

Iike I remember one day he came to my house and we were watching a action movie and when a fighting scene pop up in the TV Lee Chun was like

‘ Wow! Did you see that? Did you see the way he took and beat all those villains awesome_ did you see the shoes Kate wore to school today it’s so nice and she looks even more pretty don’t you think? ‘

It was just so pathetic ”

He said and I couldn’t help but laugh

“ Yeah, but so sweet! ”

I said and hearing all that was making me blush and all excited

I never knew Lee Chun could be that cute and sweet

” So tell me what happened, did he finally talk to her? ”

I said urging him on…




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