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July 30, 2021


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He’s a korean sex god Episode 25 & 26

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He’s a Korean S*x god 😋

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Episode 25

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋




😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

I wheeled Ji-a to my red Ferrari and I wanted to assist her from her wheelchair to the seat of my car…

But even me rying to help is a struggle, course as soon as my hands came in contact with her body she started yelling and complaining for no reason at all

“ Heyyyyy

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Watch your hands big head, place your hands on my waist not ass, you dummy unless I will slap you so hard you will dance like an Indian man ”

She warned sternly

I withdraw my hands away from her body, my hands were not even close to her a$$ but stomach

This girl has real problem, she is just finding any reason to hit me

“ How do an Indian man dance like huh? ”

I asked

“ Place your hands inappropriately on my body again and you will find out first hard ”

She said and I scuffed

“ Alright then, since you like to threaten me so, you are more than welcome to get in the car yourself if you can ”

I said then paused, watching to see if she would try to get into the vehicle without my help

“ Fine!

I don’t need your help anyways, I can do this ”

She said with much confidence

I watched in amusement as she battled to get off her wheelchair onto the seat of the car

So stubborn! What kind of girl is this? Never met anyone as stubborn as her but do all stubborn girls have sweet voice like her’s?…

She did put effort, much effort I most say to enter into the vehicle, she tried her best but….all her attempt and effort only succeeded in getting her entangled in a dicey situation

As she was close in successfully making it into the vehicle her wheelchair slip slightly farther away making her nearly for to the ground

Her whole body was hanging on thin air inbetween the wheelchair and vehicle, the only reason why she didn’t fall to the ground was that she was fast in grabbing hold of wheelchair armrest with both hands and both of her legs were already slightly resting on the rim of the vehicle

But she was stuck, she couldn’t get into the vehicle neither could she get back on her wheelchair, she was just hanging inbetween

I would have helped her by now but watching her struggle was kinda funny_ actually it was really funny

She became visibly frustrated

“ Ahhhhh… Stupid wheelchair!, Most you slip!… I was this close to making it… Don’t worry I can still do this.. ”

She yelled, cursed and tried motivating herself all at the same time

“ Do you need my help? ”

I asked already making advances to help her but she abruptly refused my help

“ No!… I can do this myself ”

She said

“ I see ”

I uttered, aback at the same time amused by her stubbornness

She clearly is in a state where she needs help, she clearly needs my help but she is refusing

She is just so stubborn!… Or perhaps she just dislike me to the extent she doesn’t even want me to touch her body even if it’s to help her..

I watched her struggle some more until…her accept defeat as i could see the despondent look on her face

“ Help me ”

She muttered in a low arrogant tone

“ What? ”

I pretended like I didn’t hear what she said, I wanted her to beg me properly

” I said help me! ”

She half yelled giving me a angry look

Like seriously, she needs my help and she is being rude??

“ Did someone just say something like a cry of help? Seems unlikely course I didn’t hear please ”

I said speaking looking at another direction like I was talking to someone else other than her

“…. help me P.. please ”

She reluctantly say “ okay I have said it, now will you help me or not! ”

She was still using that arrogant tone with me

And I was bent on making her beg me for real

I started whistling ignoring her, I even turned around to check myself on the side mirror of my car, it was from the mirror I could see her struggling with her grip, her hands were shaking really, she couldn’t continue holding on to the wheelchair anymore

” Helpppp ”

She screamed this time for real as her let go of the armrest and her face was destined to hit the hard ground…

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

My hands and arms had become really weak and shaky from supporting my whole weight on them that it slipped from the armrest

” Helpppp ”

I screamed out closing my eyes as I wait for that painful moment when my head would hit on the hard concrete floor….

But it never did, I opened my eyes to see I was floating in the air, Lee Chun had caught me before I could hit the floor

But i was facing head down when he caught me, so one of his arm went round my stomach and the other round my.. my brea*ts!

So embarrassing!

His arm was pressing against my brea*t

I turned my neck around to look at his face but he just stared at me, directly into my eyes like there was something in it, making my eyes blink countless out of nervousness, I couldn’t control it

“ What are you doing? Is there something wrong with you eyes? ”

He asked and I felt really embarrassed so I shut my eyes closed, covering my face altogether with one of my hand

I heard him scuffed “ You could have seriously injured yourself because of your stubbornness ”

He said scolding me and that made me nearly cry

I didn’t know why, but I knew if I should speak at that point I would end up crying not because of I was hurt but I was experiencing some strange emotions

He carried me into the vehicle with one of his arm still resting on my brea*ts

Normally I would have given him a hot slap about now but I was experiencing so much emotions, I wasn’t myself at this point, I just remained motionless in his arms…

He gently placed me on the seat of the car and also helped me with my seatbelt, then he put the wheelchair into the boot before he jumped into the driver seat

He turned on the engine but before he drove he glanced at me and asked me a question

“ Hey

Cripple monkey are you feeling okay? ”

Although it sounded like an insult, it felt more like he was concerned about me

I nodded my head

“ Good ”

He uttered before driving out of the compound…

__________ ⏲️

Minutes later into our journey to the hospital, I had finally managed to get back my emotions into check

I was feeling more like myself now even though I was still feeling kinda embarrassed about everything that happened especially for the fact that he caught hold of me by my brea*ts


So embarrassing! So, so! embarrassing!

I was suddenly feeling the urge to hit him hard on the head, that his big, prefect cute head

As he drove I was just glancing at him from time to time

My God! He looks really handsome in this new look of his, so, so handsome.. but he is a handsome fool

He has no respect for girls whatsoever, I am sure he probably caught me on my brea*ts on purpose

Such a pervert!

Ohhhh he so deserve a slap for that, a really hot one, but I can’t just slap him out of the blue without any reason

The time I should have slap him was when he did the act of grabbing my b**bs but back then I didn’t know what went wrong, I was hit with so much strange emotions and feelings that I was left acting like a dead leaf…

As I was in my thoughts, Lee Chun glanced at me

“ What’s wrong with you huh? ”

He asked, I didn’t realized I had a frown on my face while in my thoughts

“ Nothing… Face the road ”

I instructed afterwards and he scoffed

“ I am an expert driver okay ”

He said boastfully

“ I can see that, no wonder you nearly killed me, what an expert driver you are ”

I said sarcastically

“ Hey… That was just a mistake ”

He quickly pointed our

“ only amateurs makes mistake ”

I mocked and he frowned….

after some while we stopped on the order of the traffic light since it was red, as we were waiting for it to turn green so we can move…

While waiting a pretty lady on short gown was busy catwalking in the pedestrian way and when Lee Chun saw her, he started checking her out to the extent he turned his head and neck around almost 360 to check out her a$$

Just then the light changed from red to green but didn’t notice as he was still busy checking the lady a$$

Giving me a perfect excuse to hit him for grabbing my brea*ts earlier on and hit him I did


I slapped him hard on the back of his neck

“ Ahhhhhhh “….



Episode 26


Location: Saving lives Hospital

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Oh my! I can’t really believe I’m standing and walking!

It’s been so long since my feet touch the floor, it feels really weird but great!

It’s like I was a growing child who is just only learning how to walk for the first time…

“ That’s it…you doing great…one more step.. one more step…”

Dr Son kept pushing me on with his words and even though I was feeling lots of pain with every step I take

I kept pushing myself to take the next step, my hands holding tightly onto the long supporting bars

The pains doesn’t really matter, I’m really joyful that I’m walking with my legs once more but there seems to be one person who isn’t happy about this

Non other than the big head, Lee Chun. He has been super annoying today, especially in the hospital

First he almost picked a fight with the therapist when he was doing his job by checking my legs, then he made jest of my efforts to walk

He is so, so annoying!

But I wonder why he is smiling weirdly at me, he is probably laughing me inside his mind

Big head!

But each time I find myself turning around to look at his face and each time he had that smile on his face, then he made funny mocking faces at me

What’s wrong with him? Is he sick or something?

“ Big head!..”

I throw insults at him

“ Cripple monkey! ”

He fired back laughing slightly and people around just stared at us like

‘ who are these weird people ‘

“ Okay Ji-a, I want you to concentrate here can you? ”

Dr Son called my attention, a little bit frustrated by my distractions

“ Sorry

He is just annoying me, but I’m fully concentrated now 100% ”

“ Fighting! Fighting! ”

I said afterwards motivating myself…

I continued my fitness check up with 100 % concentration but it didn’t last long, as my mind keeps telling me to turn around and look at Lee Chun’s handsome face

‘ No!

I ain’t looking at that big head face, No I won’t! ‘

I resolved within myself as I continued taking my gentle steps…

But my resolve wasn’t strong enough, I just find myself looking back even when I didn’t want to

Well I guess it won’t hurt if I just see that his cute annoying face just one more time

Turning around… I saw Lee Chun flirting with a pretty lady or was it the pretty lady flirting with him

Either way he was laughing and smiling with her, I couldn’t hear what they were discussing about but I felt hurt by their action

Why? Why would that hurt me? This is Lee Chun afterall, a jerk and pervert, the guy who has s*x with different ladies in his house and their irritating noise disturb my peace

I shouldn’t be bothered about him, or this…but then I was and I don’t know why

I kept my eyes on them trying to decipher what they were saying, by reading their lips

It was hard but I got one word_ well a phrase actually from the lady lips

“ have S*x ”

And soon after that he stood up and left the hall with her

Like seriously!

The stupid boy is leaving with her, has he forgotten he brought someone to the hospital? Who will take my back home if he leaves?

I can’t believe this guy, he just left with a strange lady, he is probably taking her to a place where they will have s*x

Big head! Di*khead! Ugly goat!

I am so pissed off right now!

How will he leave me here and go off with some strange lady, how am I to get home huh?

I was boiling within

“ Come on ji-a focus, you have to complete the course, come on ”

The therapist said bringing me out of my thoughts, he looked really frustrated

“ Sorry

Sorry but I think I can’t continue anymore ”

I said

“ Don’t give up now, only few more steps to complete the course, come on now you can do this! ”

He tried to motivate me, but I have become really despondent to continue, or do anything really

“ I can’t, I’m really exhausted

Please help me to my seat ”

I said sounding really weak and tired

“ Alright ”

Dr Son said then came to assist me on to the wheelchair…

I sat looking really sad, I guess I will have to wait here until Lee Chun finish having fun with his new lady toy and come back to pick me, that’s if he even remembers he left someone at the hospital

Since he thinks with only his d**k I doubt he will remember

I hate him!.. I hate him so!!!

But I wonder, am I really angry because he had left me stranded in the hospital or because he left with a lady???….

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

I was busy watching ji-a undergo her fitness check up when a sexy lady from nowhere came to meet me


She was really hot! Super sexy

Just the type of girl I like to ramping hard

She engaged me in a discussion and she started flirting with me really good

Apparently she came to check up on her sick brother who was hospitalized a week ago

During our chit-chat she invited me over to her house to have some fun

Using her exact words

“ Do you want to come over to my place and you know, let’s have s*x ”

There is no way I was ever going to say No to that, especially a girl looking this hot like her, so I agreed

I left the hall and the hospital, entering into my Ferrari we started making out roughly

I ran my hands all over her body, rough handling her b**bs and a$$ as I squeezed and pressed them with much urgency and force

She moaned into my mouth as I feast on her lips while pressing her b**bs

I want to have s*x with her, I want it so bad. I could even do it here inside the vehicle right now

But there isn’t enough space to do all I have planned on doing with her body, I need a bigger space to explore her body. I need a room and bed

“ Hope where you live isn’t far away? ”

I asked with the lust and passion still burning deep inside me

“ Not too far away ”

She said

“ Guess I have to go on full speed then ”

I said then ignite my engine zooming away….

Half way through the journey

All I was thinking about was

S*x! S*x! S*x! Then Ji-a_

“ Oh f**k! ”

I exclaimed as I stepped on the brakes bringing the vehicle to an abrupt stop in the middle of the road

Before I slowly parked it out of the moving vehicles

“ What happened? ”

She asked wondering why I suddenly stopped and was parking the car

“ Cripple monkey

I left her in the hospital! ”

I said with stunned look on my face

How could I have forgotten the reason I came to the hospital in the first place

“ what? Monkey? ”

She said totally lost

“ Oh no! Shit! F**k!

I’m sorry but I think I have to go back to the hospital, their is someone I left behind ”

I said really frustrated with myself

“ What? Go back to the hospital!

Come on baby we are already so close to my place, I’m really horny

I want that d**k to ride me hard, please let’s go to my place and have fun first then you can go back to the hospital. Please baby I need you d**k inside me now, I can’t wait please..”

She said giving me that seductive face making me want to f**k her even more

“ Damn! ”

I yelled in frustration slamming my hand onto the driving wheel

I know I have s*x for hours, I can’t leave Ji-a waiting in the hospital for hours, even if she is a pain in my b*tt

“ I’m sorry, I really, really, really want to have s*x with you but I just have to go back and get cripple monkey ”

I explained and I can’t believe I just said that

I can’t believe I am refusing hot s*x for cripple monkey! Like seriously!!!

But this lady wasn’t giving up either, she placed her hand on my trouser, my dick area, massaging it before she quickly unzipped it and brought my d**k out, giving it a good stroking

“ Ahh ”

I groaned softly

“ Tell me, is this monkey girl worth more than this feeling

So what will it be, will you go back to get a monkey, or will you come to my place and f**k a hotty? ”

She said licking her lips seductively…




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