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July 30, 2021


Mind blowing palace

He’s a korean sex god Episode 21 & 22

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He’s a Korean S*x god 😋

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Episode 21

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋



Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

Time: Day 🌅

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

This girl is freaking wet, her pus*y is like a tap, but this tap doesn’t bring out water, rather it brings out creamy sweet pus*y juice

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As I kept sucking and squeezing her b**bs while dipping my finger down into that juicy hole with much force and pace, her juice kept rushing out

She was moaning in much pleasure and then she grabbed hold of my semi erected dick that was still inside my trousers

She squeezed it tight that it hurts but I still continued doing what I was doing on my her body…

Then with only one of her hand she managed to get my zippers open, bringing out my d**k…

She then use that hand to rob on her pu**y, cleaning off her excesses juice that was coming out with it, using that same hand, she grab hold of my d**k again and still time, she didn’t squeezed it hard rather she started stroking it rapidly, like she wanted to summon a wishing genie

.. I could feel my d**k growing bigger and bigger in her hand as she stroked it..

I on my part kept on squeezing and sucking her b**bs, with my hand and mouth respectively, exchanging one b**bs for the other

while still fingering her pu**y deep with my other hand… After awhile I let go of her b**bs and slowly moved my hand down her back to her b*tt cheeks which I slapped hard before giving it a good squeezing..

Then I insert one of my fingers slowly into her a$$ hole

“ Ahhhhh ”

She let out a high pitched moan as my finger penetrated deep into her a$$

And gently I started thrusting in and out her a$$ hole freely in a slow motion but I increased my finger action on her pus*y, fing*ring her pu**y much faster

I was fingering her in both her pu$$y and a$$ hole, at the same time and she was going crazy, her hips and whole body jolting uncontrollably

“ Oh… f**kkk… ”

She exclaimed loudly and she couldn’t even continue stroking my d**k as she let go of my d**k

Her arms up in the air as if she wanted to fly off…

Soon after she had another orgasm and she was breathing heavily…

I let her rest, as I stopped sucking her b**bs and giving her double fingering, and like a good girl she was she resumed stroking on my d**k

She took hold of it and slowly this thing she started stroking it while breathing heavily…

As she kept stroking it, I placed one of my hand on her left b**bs and started playing with her nippl**, squeezing and turning, giving it little pinches from time to time

“ Ahhh… Ahhh..Your d**k so big and lovely..”

She sang my praises in a moan whilst stroking my d**k

“ Why don’t you tell that to my d**k directly ”

I said arching one of my earbrow and she knew exactly what I was talking about

She got down on her knees and held my d**k as if she was holding on to a microphone

” You so handsome Lee Chun’s d**k, the most handsome d**k I have ever seen

You so big and beautiful I want to give you a kiss and put you into my mouth ”

She said using my d**k as a microphone then she kissed it first, before she put only the d**k cap into her mouth and started sucking on it like crazy…

She also started giving my d**k some good stroking as she gradually push my d**k more and more into her mouth…

I can never get tired of my d**k being sucked, especially when it’s done good

“ ahh ”

I moaned out

________ ⏲️

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Today has been really fun! And I will tell you why. It’s because I have spent most of the day out of the glass house

Yes, I’m only just returning back now

Lee Chun’s best friend Byung-ho came over to the house and took me out, it was a surprise visit really

He just came and said he wanted to take me out so I can get some fresh air but he ended up giving me a real threat

He took me to the amusement park, it’s been like forever since I had been there, not since my parents were alive had I been to the amusement park

I got to do many fun stuff, played many fun games. I even rode on a rollercoaster, I didn’t even think it possible that they would allow me ride the rollercoaster in this my condition but

Surprise! Surprise!

I rode in it with Byung-ho not once but good five times, I even rode alone once when Byung-ho was feeling really tired and dizzy to continue riding

Not only that, I ate a lot and lots of food. Not as much as I ate when Lee Chun gave me what he called punishment, that dumb head, but still the food was much and I loved it

Lots of meats and ice cream, I still had a bowl of ice cream with me even

So much fun!

I had never had this much fun in my entire life… But now I’m sad

Because I’m back to this glass house and I will get to see Lee Chun’s ugly face again, I wish I was staying with Byung-ho, he is so much cooler than that big head Lee Chun, he is always up to mischief, I wonder what nasty thing he is doing right now

I still haven’t forgotten, neither have I forgiven him for what he did to me that night in the kitchen

Can’t still believe the stupid boy splashed water on my face after I had helped him to fetch water for him to drink from the sink, not once but good three times!

I even helped him the fourth time only for him to empty the glass of water on my face and body

He is so lucky I can’t walk now unless what I would have done to him that day_

Even I don’t know what I would have done… but I know it would be something really, really, really terrible and bad that would make him cry for sure…

“ So hope you had fun today? ”

Byung-ho asked with a smile as we came out of the vehicle and he helped me into my wheelchair

“ Yes I did

It was much fun, I really had a good time, thank you for taking me out

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ”

I sang and he laughed hard

“ You really funny

You know that right? ”

He said when he finally stopped laughing

“ It’s that a good thing or a bad thing? ”

I asked

“ It’s a good thing of course, being funny can’t be a bad thing. You are fun to be with and infact I should be the one thanking you today course you made me laugh hard although

And see, I still can’t stop myself from laughing, people pay good money just to have a laugh but you give it out for free. So I say

Thank you ”

He said and I smiled

“ Well, as long as you keep taking me out to the park and buying me sweet ice cream like this, with meats then I will be making you laugh every single second of the day ”

I said and he chuckled

“ Really? ”

“ Yes ”

“ Then we have a deal, I will keep taking you out and buying you sweetest ice creams ever, for you to make me laugh, but please don’t make me laugh every second of the day course I think I might die of laughter ”

He said jokingly

“ Okay, well since I don’t want you to die, and I like you, I will only make you laugh every minute ”

I said with a serious face

He smiled “ Deal ”

“ Let’s shake on it ”

I said stretching out my hand.. he took my hand for a shake…

“ Alright, let me take you in so you can freshen up and rest ”

He said then started wheeling me to the main door

“ Please can we take one of the back door in, please ”

I said, he nodded

“ Alright ”

He said then turned me around heading for one of the doors at the back of the building

Why I didn’t want to pass through the front door is because of Min-seo and Kia, they have made it a habit to make jest of me, and even though I don’t allow myself to be bullied, I didn’t want anything to ruin my happy mood

So that’s why I said Byung-ho to pass through one of the back doors as the front door leads to the main sitting room and there is a high chance that Kia, Min-seo or even both of them are in the main sitting room right now..

As Byung-ho wheeled me to the door… we were engaged in an interesting conversation that was making both us laugh really hard that we really didn’t pay much attention to what was happening in our surroundings, not even the sounds, that irritating sounds…….

👙 Ha-yoon’s POV 👙

I had stopped sucking on his dick and was now getting f**ked

“ Ahhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhhhh

.. ”

I couldn’t control my moans, it was flying freely out of my mouth as I was bouncing on his d**k in a sitted cow boy position

My arms firmly wrapped around his neck and both of his hands on my b*tt cheeks squeezing it tightly

Even though I was the one riding him, I wasn’t in control at all, the thickness of his d**k had filled my pu**y walls completely

And with each bounce of my hips on his d**k I can feel the full effect of the pointy head of his d**k striking my g-spot hard

” Oh f**k!….Ahhhhhhhhh… ”

This is by far the best s*x I ever had, I don’t want him to stop anytime soon

I don’t even care if we are in the open this d**k is just too good to bother if anyone could come in…


Episode 22


Lee Chun’s POV 😋

I had flipped the Barbie lookalike over, making her hold onto the head of the couch with both hands while I piped her hard from the back, my thigh slamming hard on her a$$ as my d**k penetrated deep into her

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhh… ”

She was screaming on top of her lungs just like every other girl I had f**ked had screamed

And as I was beginning to enjoy the s*x I saw my friend walked into the building wheeling non other than the cripple monkey Ji-a

I can’t believe I even know her name, I never remember most girls name but I remember her’s

I think she has annoyed me to the extent her name had been imprinted permanently in my skull…

Even though I was enjoying the s*x, I had to forced myself to stop, hiding myself and the girl on the floor behind the couch

I quickly covered the bi*tch mouth when she wanted to ask questions on why I stopped f**king her

I didn’t want the cripple monkey to see me, I am still running away from her after what I did to her that day in the kitchen. I know she is still seeking revenge

I can’t believe someone on a wheelchair could be so quick and fast as she nearly caught me that day, I narrowing escaped entering and closing my door shot at the very last minute

Only God knows what she would have done to me if she had caught me that day

My guess, she would have probably given me like 100 slaps on my cheeks and I would have had to need plastic surgery gone for sure course her hands are capable of disfiguring someone’s face

Although she didn’t see me I am sure she heard the screams the girl was making when I was f**king her

“ Shush ”

I whispered to the girl signifying her to keep quiet by placing one of my finger across my lips

Then I sat slightly on the couch, with only part of my head and eyes out in the open as I peeped on Byung-ho and Ji-a…

“ Did you hear that? ”

She said to my best friend Byung-ho

“ Ye_ ”

Byung-ho wanted to say Yes but I revealed myself to him, giving him the sign to keep quiet before I went back into hiding behind the couch

“ No.. What sounds? ”

Byung-ho replied looking acting to be confused

“ Really? You didn’t hear that, it was loud and irritating, how could you not have heard it? ”

She said

“ Well… I am not hearing anything now. Are you? ”

Byung-ho said

“ That’s because it has stopped, but I could swear I heard that sound, that irritating sound and it seems like it was coming from around here ”

She said looking around….

” Is she calling my moans irritating, who does she thin_”

My sister friend said angrily

“ Shushhhhh”

I shushed her up covering her mouth again

“ Didn’t you hear that? ”

Ji-a said looking at the couch direction but I quickly hid myself completely

She wanted to wheel herself here but Byung-ho distracted her

“ What irritating sounds? I didn’t really hear anything. I think you are really tired you need to go upstairs and rest ”

Byung-ho said holding onto the handle of her wheelchair and turning her around

“ I heard some sounds over there ”

She said

“ Really?… I didn’t hear any sound whatsoever. You know what. I think you really, really need to sleep ”

Byung-ho said

I quickly reached for my trousers to wear them back but Kia’s friend stopped me by dragging the trouser with me

“ What are you doing? ”

I whispered angrily

“ what are you doing? ”

She asked back in a whisper and I stared at her confusedly

“ I am trying to put on my pants, can’t you see? let go ”

I said

“ Please, No!.. please, please please. I still need more of your d**k, please don’t wear them back”

She pleaded

“ What!.. what’s wrong with you? Huh?

Can’t you see the situation on ground? ”

“ Is she your girlfriend? But Kia told me you have no girlfriend ”

She said

“ What? Are you sick? How can she be my girlfriend? She isn’t my girlfriend, no way!…”

“ Then what’s the problem, why are you hiding? ”

“ Because that girl is a psycho, she is going nuts. She most not see me here course I don’t know what she will do to me ”

I said but it was like this girl didn’t even hear a single thing I said

“ Let’ just continue please, please ”

She said then grabbed hold of my d**k and put in her mouth

“ Stop that.. stop…ohh..yeah.. good.. really good ”

I started moaning softly as she just kept sucking me really good…

😚 Byung-ho’s POV 😚

I was trying my best to convince Ji-a that she wasn’t hearing any strange or irritating sounds because my friend Lee Chun had signal me to help him out

But it was really hard to do so when Lee Chun himself wasn’t helping matters, I could still hear some whispering noises coming from where he was and I am sure I also had some moaning sounds too….

“ Eeeeeee Byung-ho are you really not hearing that? ”

Ji-a asked and she was really persistent that she was hearing some sounds from over the couch that I had to think of something

“ Okay, okay let me confess, the sounds you are hearing are actually coming from me. I’m sorry

I think I ate too much junk food at the park and it’s turning my stomach really bad ”

I said holding onto my stomach with one hand like I was having a stomach upset and it was making me fart

“ Oh… Sorry

But the sounds I am hearing doesn’t sound like fart sounds ”

She said

“ What?… Of course they are fart sounds, that’s how my fart sounds like ”

I said

“ Really? ”

“ Yeah really

My fart sounds so irritating and so unlike you regular fart sounds, the doctor said it’s a sickness, that’s why my fart sounds so different and strange ”

I lied obviously

“ Really? What kind of sickness is that? ”

“ Huh? What? ”

“ I said what’s the name of the sickness? ”

She asked staring into my eyes

“ Ermm… It’s called Far.. Fa..rt… Fart- ie-sis.. yes Fartiess”

I said forging a really stupid name

“ Fartiesis??? I have never heard of such disease before ”

She said giving me a suspicious look

“ Well… That’s because it’s a very rare disease, only very few people in this world have it… ”

As I was saying they made yet another moan sound and Ji-a turned her head away from me to the couch but I quickly pretended the sounds came from me

“ Oooohh ”

I said making a grumbling sound with my mouth like I was farting

“ I am really embarrassed with myself right now ”

I said afterwards but it seems Ji-a wasn’t buying my act anymore

Her eyes where focused on the couch and she just rolled herself there

“ Hey.. Hey Ji-a where you going

Their is no one there ”

I said trying to stop her but she didn’t listen to me

She just kept wheeling herself…just then Lee Chun popped his head out and I quickly signify to him to hide at the other side of the couch where Ji-a wasn’t coming from…

Which he quickly did, and I was pretty surprised to see that the girl was still busy sucking on his d**k

Like what the h*ll!

When Ji-a got to the couch she was surprised not to see anyone was seated on it

“ I told you no one was there, my tummy is what is responsible for those sounds you hearing ”

I said smiling awkwardly but Ji-a was still not convinced

She was sure the sounds came from there, so she went round the couch to the side Lee Chun was hiding but I quickly signify to him to move to the back of the couch

And with the girl still busy sucking his d**k they managed to crawl away on time before Ji-a could see them

“ What are you doing Ji-a? What are you looking for? I told you no one was there and the sounds are coming from my stomach and a$$ ”

I said and she stared at me

“ B..but I could have sworn it was coming from here ”

She said looking really confused

“ Well it’s part of the disease… it’s crazy really if I fart here you see, it would seem as the sound was coming from another direction. That’s why it’s called Fart-iesis

The Iesis in the fartiess is gotten from a German word meaning jumping. So when I fart my fart jumps from my a$$ and sound in another place, another name for my sickness is jumping fart ”

I said

“ Oh… that’s really terrible

You need to really meet your doctor again to treat that course that’s some really strange fart you have ”

She said then wheeled herself to meet me and I quickly signify to Lee Chun to move to the front of the couch which he did

“ Let me take you up to your room and then rush to the toilet okay ”

I said wheeling her away…

I turned around and I saw that Lee Chun was about to resume f**king and I just shook my head

What kind of a guy is this????…..





I really have nothing to say than just laugh

These are some crazy set of people

Oh my

What will happen next?

Find out in the next episode

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