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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

He’s a korean sex god Episode 17 & 18

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He’s a Korean S*x god 😋

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Episode 17

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋



💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

“ Come over here cripple or are you deaf. I said come here now! ”

Min-seo barked at me…

I glanced over at Kyung-gu and he looked really confused, I shifted my focus back to Min-seo who seemed really upset with me for some reason

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Placing the plates and towel down on the counter, I wheeled myself slowly to meet up with the angry screamer

“ What is it huh? ”

I asked staring directly at her face

“ Who do you think you are huh?… Who are you? You think I didn’t hear what happened earlier today huh? What you need? You were the course of Mia and Lee Chun’s fight this morning

You were the reason my best friend was so upset with his brother and beat him all up now Lee Chun my BOYFRIEND has left home and isn’t back yet

You have made him stay away from this house and me… I am missing him so much now… missing his touch ”

She said those last two sentences with her eyes closed slightly while biting some portion of her lower lips

It seems she was having some crazy thoughts about Lee Chun already. Gross!

I had to snap her out of it

Snapping my fingers loudly at her face she flinched

“ Hey… What’s wrong with you? Are you feeling well, you will yelling at me and the next minute you closing your eyes, biting your lips. Are you sick? or perhaps you want to faint? Course you should tell me so I can get a bucket of water ready to splash on your face..”

I said and that angered her greatly

“ Shut up! ”

She yelled stamping her feet on the floor

“ Stop saying nonsense… I ain’t sick and I don’t want to faint, I miss Lee Chun that’s all. I was just thinking about him ”

She said

“ Ohhhh… I see

You want to start screaming again right? ”

“ Screaming? Huh? ”

She asked looking confused

“ Yeah screaming, you know…the sounds you make when Lee Chun comes around

Ahhhhhhh… Yessssssss …Pleasessss…ehhhhhhh…meeeeeeh ”

I said mimicking her sounds of the other day, well making her sound more like a goat

“ Heyyyyyyy… I don’t sound like that ”

She said looking kinda embarrassed and Kyung-gu was laughing slightly

“ Wellll… I think you kinda do

You should try to listen to yourself next time, you will see you are sound more like a goat who is about to use for sacrifice when you screaming

Meeeeeeh bleebbbbbbb…”

I said sounding all serious

“ Heyyyyy… No I wasn’t!

I was making beautiful, sweet, sexy sounds. Not that! I don’t sound like a goat! ”

She argued

“ Naaa

You pretty much sound like a goat, yes you do, or since when do goat sounds become sexy and sweet huh? ”

“ I don’t expect someone like you to understand course I know, no boy would near a cripple one leg girl like you ”

She spat and I smiled

“ Well at least this cripple one leg girl doesn’t sound like a bleating goat ”

I said smiling silly and I could see her face heating up out of anger

“ That’s not funny! That’s not funny at all!… You will pay for that, once Lee Chun my boyfriend comes back home I will make sure he send you out this night! ”

She cried walking out of the kitchen

“ I don’t sound anything like a goat.. I don’t!”

I heard her saying..

Seconds later I burst out into a heavy laughter and Kyung-gu joined me too

“ That was something right? ”

I said whilst still laughing

“ I think you made her pretty mad, she will surely kick you out now ”

Kyung-gu said in a laugh but I saw it more like a warning

“ Well I won’t be staying here for long anyways. Honestly I don’t mind leaving today, I really don’t like it here

Although it’s quite beautiful and big and I have met few nice people that I like, like you and Miss but it feels so strange living in a place like this and I really miss my Nana and my friend Gira, I miss Totoo and Mr Chan… They most be worried sick looking for me by now…

Plus I have only spent just two days here but it’s by far the two most craziest and weird days of my life

I.. don’t think I can cope here for a week not talk of a month or so, so it would be best Min-seo ask her big head boyfriend to kick me out tonight, I can look out for myself, I have always done that, I really don’t need anyone pity ”

I said and Kyung-gu just smiled then walked up to me

“ Well to me, I will say you have handled yourself pretty good here. When I first saw you, you look so pretty and delicate but I really didn’t know how strong and brave of a girl you are, plus you really funny and fun to be with

So my advice to you is, just enjoy your stay here as much as possible, don’t worry much about what Miss screamer said, as far as I am concerned both of you have equal rights as she is also a guest like you afterall, she really doesn’t have the power to kick you out

And by the way, that thing she said, what she said about being Master Lee’s girlfriend_ I’m not sure she is referring to the master Lee Chun I know, course the master Lee I know has no girlfriend maybe this is a new development I don’t know of

But what I know is that she is infact Madam Mia guest, she came to this house to meet Madam Mia not Lee Chun and that was just a day before you arrived with Master Lee to the house ”

He said and I really can’t believe what Kyung-gu is saying

Min-seo has to be Lee Chun’s girlfriend, Kyung-gu doesn’t know what he is saying

If she isn’t his girlfriend why would they s*x then?

“ She has to be his girlfriend? I don’t think she will lie about something like that and besides, they.. they had s*x ”

I said and he just smiled

“ Well if you say so

Let’s just say Master Lee has many girlfriends then, but don’t bother yourself with that…. Come, I think it’s time for you to rest. Let me take you to your room ”

He said then started wheeling me away off to my room

But I really don’t understand what he might by ‘ he has many girlfriends ‘ when he said moments ago he has ‘ no girlfriend ‘

I think Kyung-gu is losing it…

___________ ⏲️

Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

Time: Night 🌑

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

I came back home feeling kinda tipsy but I wasn’t really drunk, at least not much

After the massage therapy which turned out to be a hot s*x section I went to Byung-ho’s place to freshen up and there I changed into something fitting for my next adventure

I couldn’t put on any of Byung-ho’s clothes since I am taller than him so I had to do some online shopping

Aftter which I went out partying at the club, alone since Byung-ho was feeling tired

At the club is were I had some bottles of alcoholic beverages that got me feeling tipsy and that’s were I also met this pretty little thing with me. Oh yes! I didn’t come back home alone

With me in my red Ferrari is a pretty sweet girl on red gown that I can’t wait to eat up…

I smiled at her and she smiled back at me naughtily, with one of her fingers in her mouth…

Then I came out my Ferrari that wasn’t properly packed, walking to the wide of her door which was open I just dragged her out of the vehicle making her soft body rest against mine

She liked that and she giggled on my chest

I really didn’t know her name but she looks really beautiful. Gazing on her beauty I decided to taste her lips once more

So I took in her mouth and moved one of my hand down her body… grabbing hold of one of her soft b*tt cheeks

She really doesn’t have big b*tt as my hand were able to contain her whole a$$ squeezing it tightly but they were soft like pillow

She giggled out into my mouth while we kissed…

“ Are you ready for a wild night? ”

I asked afterwards and she nodded her head

Then we walked to the door while still holding each other tightly…

Entering into the building, I walked straight to the stairs leading to my room when I heard someone screamed my name

“ Lee Chun! Lee baby, I’m glad you back home ”

Mia’s friend said running to meet me happily but then she stopped

“ Who is she? ”

She asked giving the lady with me a bad stare

“ And who are you again? ”

I asked

“ Is me Min-seo, Min-seo your girlfriend ”

She said and I chuckled

“ What? Girl..what? ”

I laughed hard as I couldn’t control myself

Did she just called herself my girlfriend???? This girl most be delusional…

“ Yes, I’m your girlfriend… You rig of alcohol, that’s why you are saying this, but I’m your girlfriend when you are sober you will remember

I came to complain about that cripple girl, she insulted me your girlfriend earlier today. I want you to kick her out baby ”

She said and I think this girl is trying to play a prank on me or something

Is she really serious about this girlfriend thing or what???

“ Sorry Miss but I think you mistaking me for someone else, I am not your boyfriend please go look for him where you kept him, maybe in the gutters or up in the roof

I really don’t care, but will you have to excuse me now, because you see this fine thing over…”

I said pointing to the lady in my arms “.. I want to do her body justice ”

I said then brushed her off the way, climbing up the stairs

Kissing and cuddling the pretty lady with me as we walked

“ Lee Chun! Lee Chun!…

I am your girlfriend! You are my boyfriend Lee Chun!… You can’t have s*x with that bi*ch, that’s my s*x!… ”

She yelled climbing up the stairs after us



Episode 18


💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

I was feeling bored – super bored staying alone in this huge room so I decided to keep myself busy by reciting a song my mama use to sing to me when I was a little child to make me happy whenever I’m feeling down

I still remember, how can I forget? I will never forget!

🎶 One day all your dreams will come true my angel

One day you will fly

Just like the bird( ×2 )

Oh Lolli Oh Lolli

You are my lollipop

Your heart so sweet like a lollipop

Oh Lolli oh Lolli

You are my lollipop

Your heart so sweet like a lollipop🎶

🎶 And we dance in rain 🎶

🎶Sing in river 🎶

🎶Until the sunset down… 🎶

I was busy singing and smiling happily as memories of my mum came to me_ then I started hearing shouts and screams

Not again???… But this looks more of a fight screams than that irritating screams of the other day

I needed to know what exactly was going on so I got down from the bed I was gently onto my wheelchair then wheeled myself as fast as I could to the door

Opening it up I saw Lee Chun with a pretty lady in red who have her arms all wrapped around him like they were a couple, walking up the passage way to my direction

I quickly closed the door but opened it slightly that I was able to see them and they won’t be able to see me, so it other words I was peeping on them

At the back of Lee Chun and the pretty girl however was an angry Min-seo, yelling and screaming as she approached them

“ Lee Chun! Lee Chun you can’t do this. I’m your girlfriend, you can’t bring another girl into the house while your girlfriend is around

You can’t have s*x with this thing, what does this bi*tch have that I don’t, Tell me!..”

She kept yelling but Lee Chun seemed unconcerned

He just kept walking, he even kissed the pretty lady with him


I cleaned my eyes with the back of my palms, course what I was seeing is really confusing and strange..

Finally Lee Chun had to stop walking when Min-seo walked passed them and stood right in their front, blocking there way

” Lee Chun you have to listen to me, you are drunk and this sl*t is trying to take advantage of you ”

She said frowning at the lady with him before she cupped her hands round Lee Chun’s face, drawing close to him

“ I love you baby

Come with me baby, I have been waiting all day for you, my body needs you. Come and eat me the way you want. I promise I will give you the best s*x of your life tonight

Please just come with me, come and enjoy this body whatever way you want and like ”

She said trying to be seductive but it was really irritating and disgusting in my ears

Why will she be begging him to have s*x with her? She should be hitting him hard on the face for bringing another lady to the house

This girl has no brain, goshhh!!!…

Lee Chun scoffed at her offer

“ There is nothing special about your body anymore, I have seen everything, I have touched everything. I have entered in and out of every possible hole you have and now I don’t find you attractive anymore

And for your information, I’m not drunk, I know who I am talking to, you are not my girlfriend, I don’t have a girlfriend, you are not my girlfriend, likewise she is not my girlfriend.. ”

He said pointing to the lady with him

“ I am as free as an eagle, I never asked you out, did I? we just had fun with each other’s bodies.

So I don’t want you ever repeating what you said about being my girlfriend, ever again! You are just one of my annoying elder sister’s friend and I’m sure you are same age with her

Don’t you have any shame whatsoever? You are at least 6 years older than I am, please try and behave like your age Miss _ ” he said then laughed Silly

“ I don’t even know your name, I never knew your name. Frankly never cared to know it

So just get away from my side before I get really pissed at you and decide to thrown out this very night, and when I am pissed off trust me not even my sister Mia would be able to save you

You should be happy, if not for anything, for the very fact that you are among the few ladies that got to taste this d**k of mine out of the millions of other ladies wishing and begging just for the opportunity to have my d**k in their mouths

So count yourself very lucky, because you will get to narrate to your children and grandchildren what it means to be fu*ked by a god ”

He said then smiled and the lady with him laughed silly while Min-seo just stepped out of their way in shame

Lee Chun then walked like a king, he and the pretty lady with him

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I couldn’t believe what I just witness. Why will Min-seo just stand there swallowing in all rubbish Lee Chun said to her, and that lady with Lee Chun, is she st*pid or what?

Lee Chun just clearly stated that she is not his girlfriend and yet she is smiling and following him along like a dog

What is wrong with these ladies? Why will they allowing a st*pid, big head dummy like Lee Chun treat them like trash???

I would have smashed his head through the glass house if I was Min-seo

I am really feeling sorry for her…

She looked really heart broken and crushed… she sat down on the bare floor her back resting on one of the wall of the passageway weeping softly….

It didn’t take long before I started hearing that loud irritating sounds

🗣️ Ahhhhhhh yessssssss f**kkkkk ohhhhhhh yessssssss oh yeahhhhh yessssssss….

” Oh my! ”

Most they all be this loud??? This is really annoying and irritating

And when I thought I have seen it all, Min-seo started weeping loudly and saying the most st*pidest things I have ever heard before

“ Noooooo that’s my s*x… Stopppp f**king her Lee Chun, that’s my moan and screamss… ” Then after a while she stood up and started running towards Lee Chun’s room screaming

“ Lee Chun please f**k me too, please open the door and f**k me too… ”

“ Oh my!

That lady is cr*zy… Really cr*zy ”

I said then locked the door properly

What kind of house is this? Huh??..

_____________ ⏲️

Hour’s later

11:30 AM

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

Squeezing her left b**bs roughly, with her right leg hanging on my my right shoulder

I kept on thrusting in and out of her honey pot, her p**sy juice flowing down her p**sy to the matrass while she kept moaning loudly hands squeezing on the bedsheets tightly like she wanted to give birth

I felt my orgasms building up

So I pull away from her sweet hole, took of the protection and threw it off. Then I quickly turned her around so that her ass was facing me in a doggy style position

I directed my d**k back… But not in her sweet hole this time but the other yummy hole… into her a$$ hole…

“ Arrgg.. argg ”

I groaned at the tightness as I started penetrating her, driving her nuts..

Soon after I cummed inside her a$$ with a loud moan, both of us having simultaneous orgasms

We both fell to the bed breathing heavily

That was one hot s*x,… I didn’t know when I dozed off

___________ ⏲️

An hour later

I woke up feeling really thirsty, I needed water, so I got off the bed with sleepy eyes, I didn’t even bother putting on any clothes, so with just my shorts I left my room to get some chill water to drink, having a massive boner…

Stepping out of my room, I stopped when one of my foot hit an obstruction on the way, I gazed down to the ground to find Mia’s friend lying down close to the door of my room fast asleep, with her legs crossing the entrance of my room

I smirked

Silly girl had been banging on the door since pleading with me to open the door so I could f**k her as well, but she most have fallen asleep

Well her offer was quite nice, but sadly I was only interested in having s*x with one girl for tonight, plus she had upset me with her earlier comment of being my girlfriend

What was she thinking referring to herself as my girlfriend huh? I guess she wasn’t thinking at all

I left her there where she lay walking to the nearest kitchen to get some water to kill my thirst, with my eyes slightly closed as I was still feeling sleepy…

I wasn’t expecting anyone to be in the kitchen by this time of the day, so I just entered with much confidence…..

🗣️ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Someone screamed scaring the living day light out of me….




Oh Min-seo

I don’t know if I should feel sorry for you or swear for you shall

Lee Chun, Lee Chun my guy

You are enjoying oh 😋😋😋😋

But wait, who could be the person at the kitchen by that odd time? 🤔

Do you have any guess???

Find out in the next episode

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