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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

He’s a korean sex god Episode 15 & 16

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He’s a Korean S*x god 😋

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Episode 15

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋




💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

I slept like a baby last night and when I finally woke up Kyung-gu the male servant came to take me out for a stroll inside the house and compound, well like a form of exercise I guess

Making our way back into the building from the back door Kyung-gu wheeled me into the big sitting room downstairs, that’s when I saw Byung-ho, Lee Chun’s friend from the hospital

I was really happy to see him and their was a lady in the room also, she looks a lot like Lee Chun’s sister Kia, really pretty. I’m guessing she is Lee second sister Mia

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She spoke kindly to me unlike her younger sister but then she exploded as soon as I mentioned her brother name Lee Chun’s. When she asked how I was in this condition

She just came to a weird conclusion that I was sitting in the wheelchair because Lee Chun had s*x with me so hard or something

Is that even possible???

I have never seen a thing like this before, she just kept shouting and screaming Lee Chun’s name until Lee Chun came out from his room

“ What? Why are you screaming my name so loud this early morning huh? ”

Lee Chun said and it was clear he is only just waking up as he still has that sleepy face and he was only wearing a robe… He looks quite handsome. Dumb head!

“ Come down this instance! ”

Mia shouted but she didn’t even give him the opportunity to come down himself as she quickly ran up the stairs to meet him

“ What is wrong with you huh? Why_ ”

Lee Chun was still yet speaking when his sister gave him a hot slap

“ Ahhhhhhh ”

He screamed out quickly holding the slapped cheek

But Mia wasn’t done with him just yet, she kicked him hard repeatedly on his left leg with her high heels shoe

“ Ahhhh…. Ouch… Ouch… Ouch… ”

Lee Chun screamed hopping up on one leg

Then Mia grabbed hold of his right ear and dragged him down the stairs

“ Ahh… Ohhh… Ochhh…Ochhh ”

Lee Chun kept crying like a little baby girl

I wanted to say something but this was just really hilarious to watch plus he deserves some punishment not only for hitting me with his car but also stealing my precious meats yesterday night. So I just sat back and watched some classic entertainment….

“ What did I do huh? Let me go! ”

Lee Chun cried out

“ This!

This is what you did ”

She said pointing to me

And Lee Chun frown right away “ I just knew it most have something to do with this cripple monkey. I wil_ ”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Mia slapped the back of head hard that the sound echoed

“ Ahhhhhh…. Stop hitting me okay! ”

“ Shushhhhh… How could you do this to a young poor girl ”

She asked still looking really agitated

“ It was a mistake okay… I didn’t mean for this to happen okay! ”

Lee Chun said whilst still robbing the back of his head

“ So you hit her with your worthless thing until she ended up needing a wheelchair?”

She said fuming and Lee Chun misinterpreted what she meant by thing

He thought she was referring to his car not knowing she was referring to his d**k as the worthless thing…

“ My thing isn’t worthless okay, and besides I only hit her once, just once ”

He said and Mia grow even more mad

“ You liar! How can you hit her just once and she ended up in a wheelchair, you most have been drilling her all night and demanding unthinkable styles ”

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She said and he looked really confused

“ Huh… drill? All night??…?? ”

Lee Chun finally realized his sister was saying totally different thing from him

but before he could say anything to clarify matters Mia had jumped on him and started beating him up

“ I have told Dad and Mom that you will kill a girl some day but they won’t listen to me now see what your over sexual activities has resulted to, you d**khead… Dummy… nincompoop ”

She kept saying amid slaps and kicks

“ Ouch.. Ahhhh… Ohhhh…. ”

Lee Chun kept crying and it seems he was dancing some kind of funny dance step as he kept changing his hands movement

Touching his head, arms, back, legs, and stomach. All places Mia was hitting him at

I kept laughing silently but then I decided that Lee Chun has suffered enough at least for this morning

“ Sister stop!!! ”

I screamed on top of my lungs that it felt like the glass house would collapse

Mia stopped inflicting pain on her brother and turned to look at me and I wheeled myself slowly to them

“ I can’t have s*x with this big head dummy. I and your brother never had s*x. That can’t happen cus I find him really disgusting rather your brother here was driving recklessly and he ran me over ”

I said

“ Oh… Is that what happened? ”

Mia asked looking silly and I nodded

“ You see! You see!… You have been hitting me for nothing… Ohhhh my back hurts so bad…my head… Ouchh… ”

Lee Chun kept whining

“ Oh shut up… You still deserve all the beating you got… Why where you driving recklessly huh? What if she had died?.. Just go away before I decide to beat you up again ”

She said and

“ Heyyyy….You just thank you stars that you are my elder sister unless I would have_ ”

“ You would have what? ”

Mia said cutting him short and walking close to him

“ Nothing ”

Lee Chun quickly stated

“ Good, very good cus I have every right to beat some sense into your brain. Don’t think because you are a boy or taller than me means I won’t whoop your a$$. Cus I will continue whooping your a$$ that will never change even when you are a 100 years old and using a walking stick ”

She said and Lee Chun muttered some words angrily before looking at me with a mean stare like I was the one who had been beating him up since

I just chuckled and wheeled myself closer to his older sister Mia. He can’t touch me if I stay close to her

“ I have to get out of here, this house!

Byung-ho let’s get going. Come let’s go ”

Lee Chun said walking to the door

“ B..but you haven’t even showered yet and you ain’t putting on proper clothes ”

Byung-ho pointed out

Lee Chun glanced at himself but he still didn’t change his mind “ Just come with. I will shower and change in your place. Better still let’s go to a massage parlor. One don’t need to be dressed properly to get a message. I think I really do need a massage after the serious beating I just received plus I can’t stand these annoying people ”

He said glancing at me and Mia with bad eyes

“ Okay…. Goodbye sister Mia ”

Byung-ho said bowing his head “ Goodbye Ji-a ”

He said smiling warmly

“ Goodbye Byung-ho… Please do come back another time ”

I said and he nodded before leaving with his friend….

_____________ ⏲️

Location: Massage parlor ( private section )

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

I lay alone, naked on the massage bed, face down and tummy flat with just a white clean towel covering my loins

Byung-ho was in a separate room from mine as we both booked a private message session..

“ Good morning Mr Lee ”

I heard a sweet voice say

I raised my head up to find that a pretty young lady has just entered into the room wearing only a seductive red robe

I smiled then rested my head back

“ How are you feeling today Mr Lee? ”

She asked placing one of her hands gently on my back

“ All my body hurts bad ”

I said

“ Oh my!

Then I guess hands and fingers won’t take this pain away ”

She said and just then I saw her robe dropped to the floor…

Afterwards I felt two soft substance with pointing mouth touching my back… In case you are still guessing what it was

It’s b**bs and nipp**

She kept using her b**bs to massage my back…

“ How are you feeling now Mr Lee? ”

She asked

“ I think I’m feeling a little better ”

I said enjoying the feeling of her b**bs

“ Tell me how this makes you feel ”

She said then she moved one of her hands into the towel… straight to my d**k and started stroking it

“ it feels great ”

I groaned out smiling….



Episode 16


😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

“ ahh…ahh…ahh…ahh ”

I was moaning and groaning softly as the pretty lovely Masseuse kept on stroking my d**k gently while her bre**ts were still pressed against my back

“ How are you feeling Mr Lee? Hope you are enjoying our services? ”

She asked sounding as if she was rendering some kind of professional service

“ It’s going on well but you can do better, if you know what I mean ”

I said and she smiled loudly

“ Oh Mr Lee

I guess you won’t be needing this anymore ”

She said then stopped stroking on my d**k and threw the towel that was covering my nak*dness to the floor

“ Will you be so kind to turn around Mr Lee ”

She said politely and I did what she asked turning around

My back laying flat on the bed, I was staring at her beautiful sexy body, her bre**ts were really big with equally big nippl**

I stared at her from her br**sts down to her W shape pu**y, back up to her b**bs then face

That’s when I caught her licking her lower lips as she stared at my massive d**k

“ Do you like what you seeing huh? ”

I asked arching one of my eye brows

She gave me a naughty smile then crouched down and start sucking on my co*k….

After a good sucking that lasted for 15 minutes she climbed on top of me sitting on top of her throne

“ Ahh…Ahh… ”

She moaned out softly as she slowly started riding me in a passionate way, twisting and moving her waist and hips around d**k in circular motion

I just kept my eyes exchanging from her face to her bouncing b**bs

“ Are you enjoying it Mr Lee huh?… Ahh… Tell me… Ahh… How do you rate our services… Ahh… Yeah… D**k so good… ”

She kept asking me silly questions while riding my d**k

I guess she is trying to look like she was offering just a service and wasn’t enjoying it herself but she couldn’t help to confess my d**k was so good. Afterall no one f**ks the s*x god that don’t confess how good my d**k was…..

As she was riding me I was gently removing my hips up making her bounce the more and it was driving her crazy

“ Oh So f**kinh great… Oh yeah.. Yesss…. You are so sweet Mr Lee.. Ahhhh…”

She stopped asking me silly questions and now wss complimenting my d**k

But it’s time to make this bit*h just scream like a psycho…

In a second I had flipped her over and she was the one lying down now on the bed, flat on her back

She gasped as I started feasting first on her lips… Neck… Then her big b**bs before I pathed her legs open…sliding my massive d**k into her

“ Ahhhh ”

She moaned out with her mouth wide open and I planted my lips on her open mouth.

Kissing her deep with one hand on her b**bs squeezing it while my d**k kept on thrusting in and out of her honey pot and she kept on moaning into my mouth….

We didn’t stay long in that position as I brought her down and made crouched down both hands holding firmly to the bed edge making her lovely a** shoot out facing me

This is where her screaming beings…

In a standing a position, one of my hands place on top of her a$$ while the other hand holding on to tightly to her long hair… I slammed into her ass, with one great thrust that the collided of our body created a loud sound, as my d**k went deep into her juicy hole

“ Ahhhhh ”

she moaned out loudly

I slammed into her the second time, this time more harder than the first, pulling her hair even harder as if I wanted to rip it off her skull

” Ahhhhhh… Ohh my goddddd! ”

She screamed out

Then I kept on slamming into her ass hard as fast, thrusting deeper and deeper….

And this time I was the one doing the questioning

“ Are you enjoying it? ”

I asked while banging her

“ Yesss….. F**kkkkkkk ”

“ Have anyone ever f**ked you this good before? huh? ”

“ Noooo…you the besttttttttt… Ohhh f**kkkk ”

She screamed and i slapped her ass

“ should I stopped? ”

“ pleasess…don’t.. stoppp… don’t f**king stopppp ”

“ Are you enjoying my service? Are you? Huh ”

” Yessss….. I loveeeee… your d**kkkkk “….

I kept asking silly questions while banging her hard from the back and she gave an answer to all my questions

Responding with the very top of her voice as her screams traveled far away from the private section to all areas of the massaging parlor and even beyond

“ Yessssssss… F**k me!…. Ride me!….Oh yessss… I love it…. Oh yes, that’s the spot…. F**king s*x goddddd “……

☺️ Byung-ho’s POV ☺️

I was busy enjoying a good massage therapy on my back and lower body with a earphone plugged into my ears listening to cool Korean music

I was truly enjoying the lady soft touch on my back it was making me feel really relax. Maybe coming to the massage parlor was not sure a bad thing afterall

Even though I would still have preferred not to come because I wanted to spend a little bit more time with Ji-a to know how she was faring

Ji-a, such a funny girl. She and Lee Chun’s elder sister seems to know how to make my friend Lee Chun suffer

So funny what happened to Lee Chun this morning. As I thought about it I couldn’t help but smile while enjoying the sweet music and massage…

But then I stopped feeling that soft touch on my back for a while. I turned around to see that the Masseuse attention was somewhere else, away from me as if she was listening to something

“ What’s going on? ”

I asked as I removed the earphones from my ear and she didn’t need to tell me what was going on because as soon as the earphones came off I started hearing what she was hearing

Moans and screams of a female in deep pleasure, straight away I know it is my best friend Lee Chun’s doing

“ This guy will never change ”

I muttered sitting up straight on the bed

“ You know the person making my colleague scream that way? ”

The Masseuse asked me with much eager eyes

“ Yes… That’s my best friend Lee Chun ”

I answered giving her a weird look

“ Oh my!

That’s Lee Chun?… The s*x god ”

She said sounding really excited

“ Yeah..Yeah

The s*x god. What a silly name ”

I muttered laying back on the bed

“ Oh how I wish_How I wish I was the one in the other room getting f**ked by the s*x god ”

I heard her say and I just shook my head

Every girl in South Korea wants to get f**ked my Lee Chun, every girl except Ji-a apparently…

“ You say you are his friend right? And there is a saying, bird of a feather flock together..”

She said and I turned only my neck and head to look at her face

I wanted to know where she was heading with this

“ So? ”

I asked staring at her

“ Well I’m thinking if youf friend is a s*x god, it means you most be like a s*x demi god right? So… Can we do what they are doing

Like… can you make me scream as loudly as your friend is making my colleague scream? ”

She said

Like did she seriously just offered my s*x????

She is sexy and pretty quite alright but I think she is going crazy

“ Nope, I can’t

I am no demi s*x god or anything like that, I’m not even that good at it. So No

Can you please continue with the massage you were paid to do. Thanks ”

I said resting my head back flat and… seconds later I felt her hands on my back but she muttered somethings angrily….

_______________ ⏲️

Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

Time: Evening

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

“…I think I love Mia, she is so sweet and loving plus she is so cool, didn’t you see how she beat up her silly brother early in the day.. ”

I said talking to Kyung-gu while drying up the washed plates with a clean dry towel

He smiled loudly “ You know you don’t have to do that right, you are a guest in this house, and guest don’t do chores. So please don’t stress yourself I will dry them myself ”

He said while doing the dishes in the kitchen sink

“ This is no stress at all, I want to help. I have been sitting all day idle and I’m bored to death

I need to do something, please allow me assist you, please please pleasesss ”

I pleaded making a puppy face and he smiled

“ Alright you can BUT if you feeling weak just tell me so you can go and rest ”

He said and I nodded

“ And oh yeah madam Mia is pretty cool ”

He said and I smiled widely

“ Yeah really cool “…

Everything was fun until….

“ Hey one leg, cripple! ”

Someone shouted and we both turned around

It was Lee Chun’s girlfriend Min-seo, the one that was screaming so loudly last night, she had just entered into the kitchen

“ Come over here cripple or are you deaf. I said come here now! ”

She barked at me….




That was some massage therapy Lee Chun had 😋😋

Byung-ho as the s*x demi god 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Oh poor Ji-a

It seems she has more enemies than friends 😪

What could possibly be Min-seo’s problem 😡😡😡

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