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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

He’s a korean sex god Episode 13 & 14

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He’s a Korean S*x god 😋

Hide your Wives!

Episode 13

18+ rated contents



😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

After having a great hard s*x with Mia’s pretty friend I chased her out of my room like she had leprosy before dozing off

🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌 🌄

“ Arhgg ”

I yawed stretching out my arms and legs in my king size bed before opening my eyes

I glanced over at the transparent glass wall and saw it has gotten quite dark outside, the sun had disappeared and the beautiful moon has taken it’s place up in the sky

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And little beautiful glittering stars surround it. I am not the one to admire nature but I most say the night looks really beautiful tonight…

Getting down from the bed, I picked up my top that was lying on the bed and wore it. I picked up my phone also and I walked to the door_

But I stopped to stare at my beautiful self in the standing mirror for some lengthy seconds… Then I left the room heading to one of the many sitting rooms feeling happy on how handsome I am…

Outside my room, I had my head buried in my phone as I walked through the passage way

I was busy going through my social media accounts.

My Instagram followers had just clocked 100 million followers and I just opened the account just 6 months ago. One of my recent picture just gotten more than 10 million likes already in the space of 1 day

‘ Watch out Ronaldo, I will be breaking your record sooner than you think. Very soon I will be the most followed human on Earth

I said inwardly with a cheeky smile_ but just then I collided with a moving object

“ Sorry Master Lee ”

An annoying voice quickly apologized

I raised my head up in a bad stare, glaring angrily and irritated by the stupid young female servant, while she was just busy apologizing and looking really scared to death

She had collided with me with the food trolley she was pushing

“ Are you blind or something? Do you want to injure me! ”

I shout at her

“ I am sorry… I’m so sorry Master Lee… ”

She apologized bowing her head down severally like a agama lizard

I really didn’t have time for her unless I wouldn’t have let her off easily

My eyes drifted from her annoying face to the large tray on the flat table trolley that contained three covered up steal bowl with its covers. One medium size and two smaller bowls

The medium size at the middle and the two smaller ones at each sides of the medium size bowl

A fanciful small glass plate was placed on one side of the tray with two chopping sticks lined together close to it

A transplant big jug, half filled with water was also on the tray, two glass cups by it side and a orange juice container was laying flat on it’s belly

All the items in the tray were arranged orderly…

I know all the female servants have c crush on me and this particular maid is quite pretty but not pretty enough to get my attention and even at that. I don’t fancy maids and poor girls

“ Where are you taking this to? ”

I asked with my eyes still staring at the covered bowl

“ I am taking food to the guest ”

She quickly replied

“ which of the guest? ”

I asked

“ The one who came with you earlier today, guest room 5. She haven’t had anything to ear since she arrived neither as send for anything to be brought to her

It is Kyung-gu that asked me to prepare this for her and go give her ”

She replied staring down at my feet

“ Oh I see ” I exclaimed softly

So this meal belongs to the little cripple monkey girl, not that she resembles a monkey – she is quite pretty, really pretty infact but she behaves just like a monkey a wild one at that

“ Open it up. All of it ”

I ordered and she did revealing the contains of the bowl

The medium size bowl contained. Samgyeopsal ( flat slices of grilled pork belly, garnished with lettuces leaves, garlic and chilli paste )

One of the smaller bowl contained Korean Ox bone soup ( simmered soft Ox bones with flesh. Mostly served alongside Seolleongtang )

And of course the last bowl contained Seolleongtang ( few light noodles, slice of beef and green onions )

These are all quite tasty dishes and as I stared at the food a devilishly idea came into my mind, a sort of pay back

I’m thinking of poisoning the food, well not a poison that will kill her, I’m no murderer but I’m thinking of a poison that would make her have running stomach

Yes that would teach her a good lesson…

I was loving my idea but then I thought, what if by poisoning her I now worsen the situation of her leg then she will have to stay longer in the house course I know she would surely want to run to the toilet like her life depends on it even if her legs are damage with the type of running stomach I’m planning to give her.

I am starting to think poisoning her food isn’t such a good idea. But what else can I do to her to teach her a lesson, something that will make her suffer??

Think… Think… Think

I smiled as what I think is a great idea came to my head

“ Come with me to the kitchen ”

I said to the female servant walking ahead of her and she started following me at my back

But I stopped when I noticed she had left the trolley containing Ji-a’s meal

Frowning “ Bring that with you dummy! ”

I said swearing

“ Sorry Master Lee ”

She apologized and quickly run to the trolley wheeling it along….

We got to the kitchen and it was time to put my ideas in place

“ I want you to add more pork into the bowl, infact change the bowl into a much bigger size and fill it up with pork meat

Also grill a full chicken, add more noodles. Don’t forget the beefs….. ”

I just kept giving orders and she did as I asked

________ ⏲️

30 minutes later, everything was set

The tray was now completely filled with lots of different dishes as if a banquet was being held

“ Now I want you to take this to her, serve it to her. And listen carefully to what I’m about to say now

You most tell her she will have to finish every single dish on this tray you understand. It’s a most she finish everything. Tell her it’s a house transition she most do ”

I said but the maid was just looking at me really confused

“ B..But there is no way she can finish all this, no one can finish this I doubt if even three grown men can eat this much ”

She said and she was really annoying me

“ Did I ask for your opinion. Just do as I asked ”

I barked and she flinched

“ Sorry Master Lee… I am on my way ”

She said then started wheeling the trolley out of the kitchen..

Cripple monkey girl would surely have indigestion for sure. I smiled devilishly as I followed the female servant….

I stood by the door away from eyes view when the maid went into Ji-a’s room with the large tray of food

They talked for a while and she passed the message to her that she had to finish everything on the tray before she came out

“ I did what you asked of me Master Lee ”

She said smiling like she wants some kind of reward for that

“ Okay, then off you go

Go, go, go ”

I said in a low tone gesturing for her to get out of my sight which she did with a sad face

I didn’t want that monkey cripple girl Ji-a to know I was hiding by the door, cus I want to peep at her while she eats. I want to see her suffer

I am sure the sweet food will soon turn to a real punishment. She most be crying inside thinking how she would finish all those dishes…

The door was open slightly and from there I watched her where she was seated on the bed and the tray of food by her side..

But I was kinda surprised when I saw she had a happy look on her face, she was even excited

She started rushing all the food at once especially the meats. chicken, pork, beef and ox ribs

Licking the paste off her lips while making a seductive exclaim that sounded more like moans to me

“ Ahhh… So sweet… Ochhh… Yummy… Oh yeah ”

It was really shocking to me as how she was devouring the whole dish like they were air and the sounds she was making plus the way she was licking her lips were making me feel both hungry and horny at the same time

“ What kind of girl is this ”

I muttered

I did this to punish her but it’s clear she is enjoying herself instead. I am the one punishment myself here by watching her eat cus I don’t understand what I am feeling really. I feel so weird

“ oh yeah… Sweet ”

She exclaimed with her mouth full of chicken fresh

After swallowing she licked her lips again in a seductive manner and it was like torture for me watching

I couldn’t continue watching again so…. I opened the door wide

“ What do you think you doing huh?

Stop licking your lips right now… And what’s that annoying sounds you making with your mouth! ”

I yelled at her and she just stared at me looking confusedq


Episode 14


💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

After using the bathroom and hours of admiring my beautiful new room my tummy started speaking to me as usu

“ Ouchhh

I am really hungr

I then remembered that Kyung-gu said if I needed anything I should pick up that phone and make my reques

so I wheeled myself to the landline phone placed on top of small beautiful drawer close to the bed, I planned to do just tha

As I wanted to make the call I started feeling really shy and embarrassed. I might be poor but I have never had to beg for my foo

I have always worked for my meal, I really don’t like begging and this feels like beggin

My fingers were already on the phone but then I let go and lay on the bed, however my stupid stomach didn’t let me res

It kept making noises and inflicting me pains reminding me I needed to eat but I ignored it like I often do…

3 more hours passed and at this point I was freaking hungry, I could really swallow a whale and that was when a beautiful girl entered into my room carrying what I will call heaven with he

I have never seen so many foods in my life before and when she told me I had to finish everything I was jumping inside with great joy but didn’t show it much on the outside because it seems she was pitying me over the food. I didn’t know why thoug

But woth the way she looked at me, something didn’t feel quite right but I wasn’t too bothered about that as i couldn’t wait for her to leave the room so that I pounce on the mountain of food and do justice to i

Once she left the room I couldn’t hide my happiness and joy, I started eating and chewing like a mad gir

I was eating loudly but I didn’t care, I was alone anyways so let me eat like a king, better still let me eat the way a begger would eat a king’s food

But just then someone barged into the room and I was totally embarrassed only to find out it was that big head boy Lee Chu

He came in and started spitting a whole lot of nonsense. I don’t really understand what he was saying really. But I know he was just looking for what will make me angr

“… Stop doing that okay… stop making those sounds you making and will you please stop licking your lips

He said as I was still licking the juicy paste off my mout

“ What’s your problem huh?

I asked because I am really confused. I don’t know what he want

“ You

You are my problem… How can a normal human being finish that amount of food? Are you some kind of magician? Was that a magic trick? Tell me where did all the food go to?

He said and I glanced over at my tummy, his eyes followed min

“ No, that’s not possible, all those food can’t enter into that tiny tummy. There most be some kind of hole in your stomach were the food you eat magically disappear into a basket elsewhere

He said and he was sounding really seriou

“ You are sick.. Can you leave now let me continue eating my food in peace

I said as there was still some food in. The tray. Some slices of pork meats, beef and chicken laps and I want to eat them al

“ What food huh

This wasn’t supposed to be a meal but a punishment, you ought to be rolling on your bed, hands on your tummy crying of indigestion by now you weren’t supposed to enjoy this

He said frowning at m

I now get why the made was looking me with just pity, Lee Chun has brought so many food as a punishmen

What a fool

“ Essssh…. You are losing it big head. I was the one involved in an accident but it seems you were the one that hurt your head because you are sounding really dump or perhaps you have always been dum

A big head dummy. Tell me when has sweet food turned into punishment. Please give me such punishment such as this please

I said making a mocking laughter before I took one chicken lap and started eatin

“ Ooohm… Yummy…. So sweet

I said licking my lips and I saw him swallow his saliv

“ Stop doing that

He complaine

“ No

I said taking another bite, licking my lips even more while making pleasurable sounds to

“ I said stop

He yelle

“ I said Noooo

I yelled back then resumed chewing on the chicken lap amid licking of lips and pleasurable sound

“ Why won’t you stop doing that! I said stop it!

He yelled looking really frustrated that I started thinking maybe he had some kind of allergic reaction to the sounds I was making with my mout

“ Why?

I asked wanting to kno

“ Cuz… It’s so loud. It’s disturbing me and the peace of the whole house. And you should stop licking you lips because… because it’s irritating and disgusting

He said and I rolled my eyes when I knew he had no tangible reason. He is just being annoyin

“ You seriously speaking of disturbing huh? When you were making your girlfriend scream so loudly that I wished I wss deaf. You are the disgusting one here and I will keep on making my sounds and licking my lips

I said and started making pleasurable sounds even more than before licking my lips with my full tongu

“ hmmm… Yeahhhh… So sweet..

But then I noticed he was just staring intensely at my lip

I began wondering why he was looking at my lips like that, hope he doesn’t want to try and kiss me again like he did in the hospita

He dare not try that cus if he does I will put this spicy sauce into both of his eye

“ Heyyyyy

What you looking at huh? Leave now. Go! Go!

I said pointing to the doo

“ Huh? Are you forgetting this is my house. This whole place belongs to me including that bed you are sitting on now cripple monkey

He said and I hisse

“ Who you calling cripple monkey? Huh? Have you forgotten so soon about this my magic fingers, they have started inching me again

I said flexing my ten fingers at his face and he quickly placed his left hand on his left cheek as memories of how painful my slap was hit hi

Frowinig “ You think you so tough right? You think because your palms are as hard as an iron and your stomach is an endless pit I will be scared of you huh? Then you don’t know me at all

He said then started walking towards the be

“ Heyyyy… What are you doin

Stay back. I’m warning you

I yelled but he ignored my threats and kept coming close that I became scare

I swallowe

He placed one knee on the bed and then the other. He had climbed the bed and my heart was racing fast wondering what he wanted to do to m

“ Heyyyy don’t come close, I’m warning you. This time I will use two hands on you

I warned as a last resort for him to back off but that didn’t scare him as he kept crawling on the bed, coming more closer…I started shifting back

Immediately I started thinking about how loud his girlfriend was screaming earlier on. My own cry will be louder than hers but no one will come to my rescue since they are used to the sound of girls screaming. Weird peopl

He had come very close to me… But then I didn’t know he had other plans different from what I was thinkin

He quickly took as many chicken laps and porn slice his hands could carry and jumped out of the be

“ Heyyyyy you rascal!… bring back my food!

I yelled angrily but relived at the same tim

Thank God he wasn’t after my bod

He started laughing mockingly while eating my meat

“ Yummy yum, it’s really sweet… Yummy… Hmm.. yummy

He kept mimicking my sounds and it was super annoyin

I picked up one full chicken lap and throw it at him…

“ Ahhhhhh

He screamed out as it hit his forehea

“ Out!

I yelled at him and he immediately ran out of the room…

_____________ ⏲️

Next day

Location: Lee’s Mansio

☺️ Byung-ho’s POV 😚

“ Good morning Mrs Wung

I greeted one of Lee Chun’s servant bowing down as I made my way into the sitting roo

She is an elderly lady, about same age with my mother if not older and my mom has always thought me to respect my elders no matter their backgroun

“ Byung-ho

She called out happily “ Are you here to see your friend Lee Chun?

She aske

“ No actually. I’m here to see Ji-a, have you seen her?

I asked politel

“ Ji-a? Who is Ji-a

she asked looking los

I don’t blame her really, the house is too large she might have not seen her plus most of the servants here run shift so maybe she wasn’t here yesterda

“ Don’t worry Mrs Wung I will ask someone else

I said and just then I saw Lee Chun’s elder sister Mia coming down the stair

“ Good morning Sister Mia

I greeted bowing my hea

“ Good morning Byung-ho

She greeted back smiling bowing her head slightly too…

“ Please I’m here to see Ji-a

I said again and she also had a confused loo

“ Ji-a?.. who is she?

I was about explaining when I saw a male servant wheeling Ji-a from one of the passage way into the sitting roo

“ Byung-ho!

She called out my name happil

“ Ji-a

I called out her name with a smile walking to meet her…

“ Who is this beautiful young lady, you look so pretty… But what happened to you? What happened to your legs?

Mia aske

“ Lee Chun

Ji-a replied with a sad face and before she could explain further Mia had misinterpreted her and had already come to a conclusion of her ow

“ What!!! You mean my brother did this you. He had s*x with you until he damage your legs!!!…

We tried to explain but she didn’t want to hear any explanation whatsoever she just kept screaming Lee Chun’s nam

“ Lee Chun! Lee Chun!… I will so kill him today… Lee Chun!!!….

“ What? Why are you screaming my name so loud this early morning huh?

Lee Chun said coming into the scene…




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